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Machine Learning on Code

Machine Learning + Natural Language Processing + Source Code = code2vec Francesc Campoy (@francesc), VP Developer Relations at source{d} joins us to talk about ML-assisted code review (Lookout) and the Public Git Archive. You'll learn how and why source{d} makes uses a dataset based on many GitHub repos available as public datasets to train its models and how "assisted code reviews" apply ML, image processing, and NLP concepts – like word2vec – to code. Francesc shares his favorite...


7 Tips for Creating Technical Content

Based on their experiences writing for various sites, hosting YouTube series, and organizing and presenting at conferences, Adron Hall (@adron) and Christina Warren (@film_girl) share their top tips for creating technical content, including the critical things that are easy to forget. You'll learn where they (and others) have gone wrong, so you don't make the same mistakes –and get the advice you need to capture – and keep –audience interest, without sacrificing practical, useful, and...


Open Source Project Spotlight: Binomial and Bionic Pancreas

Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt), Binomial co-founder, joins Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) to talk about their current projects. Stephanie covers the differences between CPU and GPU, how Binomial balances open standards with its paid products, and where to get started with open source image/texture compression. From Scott, you'll hear about open source in healthcare, including his personal experiences with diabetes technology, where to learn more, and ways to get involved. You'll leave...


Instrumenting Observability: Getting Started and Pro Tips

Systems are increasingly complex and distributed, and standard metrics, monitoring, and logging aren't enough: they catch known unknowns and send real-time updates – but what about what you don't know? How do you set up a system that helps you see what you care about now and prepare for what you'll want to know in the future? Christine Yen, Chief Product Officer and co-founder at, joins Lachie Evenson to break down how she thinks about observability - from the problems it...


Intro to Observability-Driven Development

How do you make decisions to flip feature flags or know if edge cases really matter? Who should care about observability? How do you build a culture around asking and answering questions about the software you create? Christine Yen, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, and Aneel Lakhani, VP Business Development, join Lachie to talk about observability, observability driven-development, and why they're so passionate about creating a community that gives everyone...


All About Go

Go has exploded in popularity and it's used in huge open source projects, like Kubernetes and Terraform, but what is it exactly? How does it compare to other programming languages? What problem does it solve? De facto Go expert Francesc Campoy (@francesc), VP Developer Relations at Source{d} and host of justforfunc, joins Brandon Minnick (@TheCodeTraveler) to talk about his experiences working on Go at Google, shifting from C++ to Go, "accepting the way of Go," plus highlights from his...


Giving Back: The Role of Ethics in Open Source and Online Communities

Technical and operational ethics are important, but they're only half of the equation: how do you put the community in open source, from mentoring others and encouraging members to network with others? Why does "giving back" matter? How do you find or become a mentor? Stephanie Hurlburt (@sehurlburt) joins Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) to talk about the concept of lending privilege, going beyond quickly reviewing pull requests and clear documentation. You'll hear how (and why) they've...


Distributed Systems, Demystified: Cassandra, DataStax demo and FAQ

Distributed system blog posts, podcasts, and presentations are everywhere, but understanding how to actually use various tools, projects, and services? Not so straightforward. Adron Hall (@adron), Developer Evangelist at DataStax, joins Christina Warren (@film_girl) to break down distributed systems, including what they are (and aren't), then dive into questions to ask as you design distributed data systems and how to weigh pros and cons. To help you visualize and get started, you'll...


How to Fix All the Things with Logging + Metrics + Error Tracking

Chloe Condon (@chloecondon), Developer Evangelist at, returns with Bridget Kromhout (@bridgetkromhout) to talk about all things observability -- and show us how you to get started with error tracking, create real-time alerts for the issues that matter to you, dive into stack traces to understand issues, and integrate with your favorite tools and services. Or, in other words: 3 am firedrills, mounting customer support tickets, and context switching as you debug? No. Spending more...


Getting Started with Cloud Native Infrastructure

Cloud native. What does it really mean? Why do you need it? How and where should you get started? Justin Garrison, Cloud Native Infrastructure, co-author, and Bridget Kromhout cover the what, when, why, when, and how of cloud native, including what Justin's learned from studying massive organizations and CNCF projects. We close it out with "Cloud Native Fundamentals: Kubernetes in 90 seconds" from AKS Program Manager, Ralph Squillace (@ralph_squillace). From questions to ask, to where...


How to Meetup: Hosting and Finding Community Events

Chloe Condon - Developer Evangelist at and creator of Sentry's scout-themed monthly meetups - and Jessica Deen share their tips for event hosts, presenters, and attendees, based on their experiences on both sides of the table. You'll learn the core components of promoting and hosting community events that developers love (and come back to, with friends), how to strike a balance between fun and informative to keep your demo audience engaged, and where to find the best meetups in...


How to Community: Anatomy of Successful Open Source Communities and Projects

If you've ever wondered how to be a better contributor, encourage more people to submit pull requests for your projects, or what makes the best communities successful, look no further. Jono Bacon, author and community expert, and Jessica Deen share their 4 "golden rules" for increasing contributions and incentivizing the right behavior, and Chris Dias gives his take on the VS Code team's vibrant community, plus ways to contribute, and demos his favorite VS Code features. You'll leave...


Treehouse discussion: submitting Spark jobs using Kubernetes scheduler on AKS

Follow the discussion between Lena and Bernd and learn about a new Kubernetes scheduler option in the latest release of Spark 2.3.0. Lena gives Bernd a quick overview of Spark, and shows him a hands-on example of submitting a job to run on Kubernetes cluster in Azure Container Service (AKS). They go over the necessary steps to prepare for job submission, as well as details of what happens when the job is being created, running or completed. In addition to learning about technical aspects...


Data ingestion, stream processing and sentiment analysis pipeline using Twitter data example

Follow the conversation between Lena and Suz and learn about setting up a data ingestion and processing system consisting of event producer, reliable event aggregation and consumer using Twitter client, Event Hubs and Spark on Azure Databricks as an example. Lena and Suz are also discussing alternative options for stream processing, and how it can be used for various scenarios, including IoT, and how to apply machine learning to streaming data by showing an example of sentiment analysis on...