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Ben Aiken - Fitness, Gymnastics, Life

Ben Aiken is a fitness trainer, certified CrossFit coach, and all around fantastic human being. We sat down and spoke about his journey through fitness, coaching, and fitness for the everyday desk worker. He gives me some great tips on how to deal with stress, being tight, and most importantly - SLEEP. We get into a lot of great information for people just getting into fitness and for those who have been doing it for a long time. One great thing he mentions in the interview is the WHOOP...


Wes Bos

This episode is sponsored by VueSchool. Check out for 20% off an annual subscription. VueSchool is what I personally use to take deep dives into Vue.js. I've used it for over a year now - it's the perfect way to learn how to use Vue.js. Whether you need it in your current tech stack, or what to build an entire application with Vue, this is the absolute best way to learn. In this last episode of my Creator Series, I sat down with Wes Bos to discuss how he's built a...


David Heinemeier Hansson

The co-founder of Basecamp and creator of Ruby on Rails is with me on the show today. David Heinemeier Hansson and I sat down to talk about how he creates, works out, his philosophy on work and life, and what's it's like to write 4 books! Side note: this episode may change the way you think about a lot of things. It sure did for me. I'm not going to write a lot of show notes for this episode because you just have to listen. It's a great conversation where David dives deep into each question...


Dave Rupert - Creator Series Part 3

This is the third installation of my Creators Series where I interview web professionals who consistently create content for the web. I sat down one early Monday morning to chat with Dave Rupert about life in Austin and at his company, Paravel. Dave is also the co-host of the Shop Talk Show podcast which has been around for 8 years now. Dave is about as genuine as they come and it really shows in this interview. One of the most interesting things we talk about is open source projects. He...


Adam Wathan - Creator Series Part 2

This is the second episode in the Creators Series where I chat with content creators from across the web. Adam Wathan is no stranger to creating products that provide real value for web developers. With the recent release of his latest book, we chat about how he co-wrote with another author, testing your ideas before launching them, and how he got his start as a self-employed full stack developer. We had a great chat all about creating content, Tailwind css, his podcast, and even his...


Scott Tolinski - Creator Series Part 1

I sat down with full-stack developer, Scott Tolinski. He's the creator of Level Up Tutorials and host of the web development podcast, In our chat we discover what led Scott to start making video tutorials and how he grew his YouTube following to over 250K. He tells me about his break dancing career (super interesting) and what he's working on as a full time, self employed content creator. This is the first in a series of podcasts I call the "Creator Series" where I interview web...


Pricing, Building Businesses, and Coaching with Jason Blumer

I sat down with Jason Blumer to chat about pricing, being a business coach, how to price your service based products, and much more on the top of being an entrepreneur. You'll pick up a lot of useful tips from Jason on the thought process behind being a good entrepreneur. We get into lots of things in this episode including: Check out his LinkedIn profile for more information about Jason.


A Chiropractic Perspective with Dr. Andy Wright

Talk about turning points in your life - Andy had a soccer injury in high school which is how he ended up at a chiropractor. But it wasn't his back that was hurting, it was his knee! The chiropractor instantly helped his knee feel better - and this was the turning point that made him say, "I want to do this". That single moment shaped the entire path for Dr. Andy Wright's life. During our conversation we cover the typical injuries that happen for people with desk jobs as well as active...


Mark Johnson, CTO of Pathwright, Developer, and Educator

Education is something we all need, but few of us want to do. Mark Johnson's company, Pathwright, makes online education easy for anyone to do. We recorded this episode on Facebook Live and had a chat about how he and his twin brother built this successful company, how he continues to educate himself, and the business of education. pathwright.comtiltmaps.comMyers Briggs personality testEnneagram If you're in the world of Javascript, we also chat about React, GraphQl. ALSO, big thanks to...


Dan Mall on Optimizing Your Day, Pricing, The Hollywood Business Model, SuperBooked and More

If you've been around the web industry for a while, you may have heard of Dan Mall. He's a creative director, designer, and overall great guy. We dive into some great topics like what motivates him and keeps him going, how he structures his very busy work day, how he prices his work, and the "Hollywood" business model. During the call we reference a few things like his podcast that he used to run with Jason Blumer. When talking about optimizing your day, Dan mentions Benjamin Hardy, who can...


Will Stewart on Video, Marketing & Branding

Will started as a web programmer back in the early 2000's. Then he discovered the power of video when it comes to marketing and branding. He's never looked back since. We dive into his incredible story with some really great insights toward the end of the show about living a productive life without stress. He also describes how he has built his client list and how he says no to the wrong clients. One of the biggest lessons to take from this episode is being selective with your clients....


Changing Habits Part 1 - Breaking Points and Motivation for Change

We get a little deep in this episode - and I love it. Have you ever had a breaking point in life that made you completely change something about yourself or your situation? It was probably pretty tough right? Or maybe you're still thinking about something you want to change but can't get the courage to do it. Well, in this episode we get into all that and more. “Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.” – Confucius Vision x Dissatisfaction + First Steps What does...


SLEEP and What to do About it

While we work on lining up our next interviews, I did a solo episode about sleep. I get into some fun (and horrifying) facts about lack of sleep and what you can do to fix it. I've been around the sleep industry for about 4 years now and have learned quite a bit. Here are a few things I talk about that you might want to look up: Lack of Sleep as it relates to low cortisol levelsAre Pets in the Bedroom a Problem?AyurvedaSleeping on Your Left Side


Nutrition with Brandon Simpson. Keto Diet, Fasting, and the Mental Aspect of Eating Right

Eating "right" is tough. In this episode we talk about why that is. We also talk about fasting, the Keto diet, supplements, Macros, and even the "Big Soda" and Sugar conspiracy. Here's a quick breakdown of the show: Big SodaFish OilMushroom CoffeeMCT OilEmergen-C


Dog Training and Fitness with Chris Buol of Off Leash K9 Training

If you own a dog, this episode is especially for you. I sat down with Chris Buol, owner of local franchise Off Leash K9 Training and all around great guy. We talk about how he mixes his work with CrossFit and vice versa. Chris tells me the path that led him to dog training and a few things dog owners do (and don't do) that should be corrected. Chris can be found via his website.enter link description here


Forming Connections - with Brandon Simpson. Recovering from Surgery, Rest and Recovery, Avoiding the Afternoon Crash, and Workplace Health

This is a new episode format called Forming Connections, where I have my co-host Brandon Simpson on the show. Brandon is a CrossFit coach, weightlifting and powerlifting instructor and way too knowledgeable for his age. Brandon is a CrossFit coach, weightlifting and powerlifting instructor and way too knowledgeable for his age. He is recovering from a hernia surgery and I had one about a year ago so we discuss what it's like to come back from a major surgery. We also get into:


Jem Young, Software Engineer at Netflix Talks Development, Fitness for Desk Workers, Life at Netflix and Much More...

I sat down with Jem Young, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Jem also teaches programming and is co-host of a podcast called the Front End Happy Hour. We dive into all sorts of topics and really get into some great topics towards the end of the show. We discuss what it's like to work at Netflix, the millions of users that he directly affects each day, how to stay motivated and mentally healthy while working a desk job, and many other topics. We dive into so many topics on this episode,...


Noah Ohlsen, Fresh off Regionals Victory

In this episode, I called up Noah Ohlsen to chat about his recent CrossFit Atlantic Regionals Victory and hear more about how he trains for competitions, his nutrition schedule and tracking, and his recovery process. We try to distill his favorite methods into something the everyday athlete can do in their own life. Show Notes Felix Gray Noah's favorite recovery techniques include: Marc ProNormatecRomwod


CrossFit in the Olympics? Gretchen Kittelberger on Functional Fitness, Being a Lawyer, and the iF3.

By 2028 it is Gretchen Kittelberger's goal to have functional fitness in the Olympics. How do you get a "new" sport into the Olympics? Very carefully. We dive into Gretchen's CrossFit Games experience, how she's a lawyer and actually worked for CrossFit, and how she created a non-profit organization to govern the sport of functional fitness. This episode almost turns into a "How I Built This" and it's an incredible story from a driven athlete. We dive into how Gretchen got her start in...


Lindy Barber - From Breaking Her Back to CrossFit Champion

Today's sponsor is RX Smart Gear - use coupon code PODCAST2018 for 15% off your next jump rope purchase on their website. Can you image breaking your back? Lindy can. In this incredible episode she shares her story of competitive fitness that she almost took too far. While performing a back squat she collapsed and was told she'd never lift again. Yet as we publish this episode, her team just won the Central Regionals event at the 2018 CrossFit qualifier. Lindy and I sat down to talk about...