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The speed of technological change continues to race ahead at breakneck speed, but it will never move this slowly again. In 2024, businesses and their employees will be expected to get to grips with AI, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Extended Reality, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Sustainable Tech, Green Computing, Cybersecurity, 5G, Blockchain, Crypto, IoT, Autonomous Everything, Human Augmentation, Data Sovereignty, Privacy, AI ethics and the Digital Transformation of everything. Navigating these uncharted digital waters can feel daunting and overwhelming for business leaders, IT teams, and employees in every sector. Especially when scrolling down newsfeeds full of hype, buzzwords, and confusing technical jargon/acronyms. Does this sound familiar? Welcome to Tech Talks Daily, a podcast uniting business and technology. Tech Journalist Neil C. Hughes brings you the latest insights into business technology, digital transformation, and the evolving business landscape and IT. This technology podcast focuses on real-world applications and business strategies around digital transformation. From AI's impact on business operations to navigating the complexities of cloud computing and cybersecurity, Neil explores how technology reshapes industries and redefines personal and business success in 2024. The lineup of guests includes tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and even the occasional celebrity who has walked the path of tech innovation. High-profile guests share their startup stories, their journey through digital transformation, and how technology has revolutionized their businesses and lives. Whether you want to understand how to harness technology for business growth or stay informed, Tech Talks Daily is your daily dose of inspiration and insight. Join the conversation and be part of a community shaping the future of business and technology.


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The speed of technological change continues to race ahead at breakneck speed, but it will never move this slowly again. In 2024, businesses and their employees will be expected to get to grips with AI, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Extended Reality, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Sustainable Tech, Green Computing, Cybersecurity, 5G, Blockchain, Crypto, IoT, Autonomous Everything, Human Augmentation, Data Sovereignty, Privacy, AI ethics and the Digital Transformation of everything. Navigating these uncharted digital waters can feel daunting and overwhelming for business leaders, IT teams, and employees in every sector. Especially when scrolling down newsfeeds full of hype, buzzwords, and confusing technical jargon/acronyms. Does this sound familiar? Welcome to Tech Talks Daily, a podcast uniting business and technology. Tech Journalist Neil C. Hughes brings you the latest insights into business technology, digital transformation, and the evolving business landscape and IT. This technology podcast focuses on real-world applications and business strategies around digital transformation. From AI's impact on business operations to navigating the complexities of cloud computing and cybersecurity, Neil explores how technology reshapes industries and redefines personal and business success in 2024. The lineup of guests includes tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and even the occasional celebrity who has walked the path of tech innovation. High-profile guests share their startup stories, their journey through digital transformation, and how technology has revolutionized their businesses and lives. Whether you want to understand how to harness technology for business growth or stay informed, Tech Talks Daily is your daily dose of inspiration and insight. Join the conversation and be part of a community shaping the future of business and technology.








2812: Getting Digital Adoption Right With Apty

Are we too quick to invest in technology without fully understanding how to integrate it into our daily workflows, or do digital adoption challenges simply reflect the growing pains of a rapidly evolving digital landscape? Today on Tech Talks Daily, we delve into these questions with a special guest, Krishna Dunthoori, CEO of Apty, a leading digital adoption platform that's reshaping how enterprises onboard new hires and navigate the complexities of digital transformation. Krishna brings a wealth of experience from the front lines of software value realization, having guided Apty in its mission to streamline operations and enhance efficiency through guided experiences and analytics. In this episode, we explore the multifaceted challenges enterprises face with technology integration and user experience. Krishna will share insights into how Apty's platform enhances the onboarding process for new employees, significantly impacting their productivity and engagement from day one. We'll also discuss the importance of optimizing existing technology investments within organizations and how Apty ensures business process compliance during critical digital transformations. With success stories that illustrate the tangible benefits of effective digital adoption, Krishna will highlight the evolution of digital adoption platforms and what the future holds for businesses striving to keep pace with technological advancements. As enterprises continue to navigate the digital landscape, choosing the right solutions for their needs becomes paramount. Krishna will shed light on the key factors that businesses should consider when implementing a digital adoption platform, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum return on investment. Join us as we uncover the intricate dance of integrating technology into our work lives, the role of digital adoption platforms in facilitating this process, and the visionaries like Krishna who are leading the charge towards a more efficient, engaged, and productive digital future. How can organizations balance the rush towards digital transformation with the need for thoughtful integration and adoption strategies? Share your thoughts and experiences as we navigate the digital adoption journey together.


2811: Unlocking AI's Potential: BAE Systems at the Technological Forefront

In a world where the boundaries between digital and physical increasingly blur, how is artificial intelligence (AI) transforming the defense landscape? Rob Merryweather, Group Technology Director at BAE Systems, returns to Tech Talks Daily to discuss the groundbreaking impact of AI in defense and beyond. Rob Merryweather, positioned at the helm of technology strategy within BAE Systems, plays a pivotal role in harnessing technology to fuel collaboration, innovation, and business growth. With a rich history of leading multi-domain integration across land, sea, air, space, and cyber divisions, Rob's insights offer a unique vantage point on the evolving role of technology in defense. This episode will explore how BAE Systems, leveraging partnerships and open architectures, creates what they term "decision advantage" – turning actionable information into strategic power on the battlefield. We'll delve into the transformative applications of AI, from natural language processing and autonomous systems to developing intercept behaviors that protect critical infrastructure. Rob will share how AI is not just about automating tasks but is pivotal in enhancing performance, speeding up capability development cycles, and, ultimately, shaping a future where technology and human decision-making coalesce more seamlessly than ever. Expect to hear about AI's opportunities to automate mundane or complex tasks, thus enabling human operators to concentrate on critical decision-making processes. We will also touch on the excitement surrounding AI's potential, the pace of technological advancement it allows, and how ethical frameworks are being integrated to guide this rapid evolution. Rob's journey, from fostering cross-division collaboration to his current focus on marrying the agility of AI startups with the robust assurance frameworks of a leading defense company, offers a compelling leadership narrative at the technology frontier. As we navigate these discussions, we invite you to reflect: How can the defense sector and broader industries leverage AI to enhance operational efficiency and ensure ethical, sustainable growth? Please share your thoughts and join the conversation as we unpack the transformative impact of AI with one of the industry's leading figures.


2810: Interview with IBM UK & Ireland Chief Executive About AI Adoption

Are UK businesses leveraging AI effectively to stay competitive on the global stage? To explore this critical topic, I invited Dr. Nicola Hodson, Chief Executive of IBM UK&I, to share her invaluable insights on AI adoption within UK enterprises and the steps necessary to ensure the UK's competitive edge in technology. IBM's recent Global AI Adoption Index reveals a stark reality: while over a third of large UK enterprises have embraced AI, with another 40% experimenting, the UK still trails behind global leaders like India, China, and Singapore. This discrepancy poses a significant challenge, especially after the Global AI Summit's ambition to position the UK as a forefront player in AI innovation. Dr. Hodson will delve into the nuances of the report, highlighting the critical barrier of AI skills shortage facing UK companies and how this impediment can be overcome. She'll discuss strategies for fostering responsible AI development that doesn't compromise safety or ethics, closing the AI and tech skills gap, leveraging technology to bridge the productivity gap, and rethinking cybersecurity in the AI era. This episode promises to shed light on the current state of AI adoption in the UK and explore how embracing technology can propel UK businesses to global competitiveness. We'll examine the implications of the AI skills gap, ethical AI development, and the transformative potential of technology in driving business innovation and productivity. As we navigate these complex topics with Dr. Hodson, we invite you to reflect on the role of AI in your industry or business. How can AI serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth in your domain? Please share your thoughts and join the conversation as we explore the future of AI in business, guided by one of the leading voices in the field. What steps can your organization take to adopt AI and do so responsibly and competitively on a global scale? Let's discuss.


2809: Rackspace and AI: Crafting the Next Wave of Digital Transformation

How is the digital transformation landscape evolving, and what role does generative AI play in reshaping industries and business practices? In today's episode of Tech Talks Daily Podcast, we're joined by Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Officer at Rackspace Technology, to explore the dynamic journey of digital transformation and the pivotal moments that are setting new benchmarks in the tech world. Rackspace Technology is celebrated for its innovative approach to cloud services. Gartner's Magic Quadrant recognizes it as a leader and is at the forefront of empowering businesses through every phase of their digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is more than a buzzword; it's a continuous process of change and adaptation. Jeff sheds light on how Rackspace Technology is navigating this landscape, emphasizing the importance of managing apps, data, security, and multiple clouds to reach the cloud and innovate and maximize IT investments. As we delve into the conversation, we'll uncover the key takeaways from the generative AI boom, including its role in infrastructure modernization, empowering industries like healthcare and government, and the importance of a curiosity-driven, continuous learning mindset for thriving in an AI-augmented future. Jeff also addresses the critical balance between leveraging AI to empower employees and the steps toward automation, underscoring the importance of responsible AI principles that are symbiotic, secure, and sustainable. From exploring AI's impact on social good initiatives to reimagining traditional business roles and enhancing efficiency across sectors, this episode is a deep dive into how companies can navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and digital transformation. As we explore these topics, we'll touch on the real-world implications of data privacy, regulation, and the essential governance and security controls necessary for responsible AI deployment. Jeff's insights provide a roadmap for businesses looking to leverage AI as a tool for innovation and a catalyst for meaningful change and growth. In a world where the promise of tomorrow is shaped by the technological decisions of today, how can businesses ensure they're not just keeping pace but setting the pace? Join us as we explore these questions and more, and don't forget to share your thoughts on how digital transformation and AI are reshaping the landscape of your industry.


2808: The AI Imperative: How Safeguard Global is Redefining Work and Leadership

Is the future of work already upon us? In this thought-provoking episode of Tech Talks Daily, I sit down with Duri Chitayat, the Chief Technology Officer at Safeguard Global, to explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence in reshaping how we approach work, innovation, and leadership in the digital age. With a rich background in developing disruptive AI tools, Duri offers invaluable insights into accelerating innovation through "quick innovation sprints," fostering a culture of continuous improvement and leveraging creative problem-solving to unlock new possibilities. As we delve into the conversation, Duri sheds light on AI's pivotal role in redefining work dynamics, emphasizing the importance of human strengths such as creativity, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence—areas where automation has yet to tread. He argues that by investing in strategic planning, leadership, and clear communication, companies can harness AI to support their mission and core values and foster a competitive edge in the ever-evolving business landscape. However, the path to AI integration is fraught with challenges. Duri outlines three major hurdles tech leaders must navigate: overcoming the limitations of legacy systems to make data more accessible for AI applications, bridging the skills gap in the burgeoning field of AI, and cultivating a company culture that embraces change and innovation. With one-third of CIOs already deploying AI technologies and more on the cusp, understanding these dynamics is crucial for any organization looking to thrive in the age of AI. Join us as Duri Chitayat provides a roadmap for tech leaders to navigate the complexities of AI implementation, offering a blend of strategic insights and practical advice to make the AI development process a resounding success. How can companies balance the drive for innovation with the need


2807: The AI Pathway: Nikola Mrkšić's Journey from Serbia to Silicon Valley

Have you ever wondered about the incredible journeys that lead innovators to the forefront of technology? In this episode of Tech Talks Daily, we dive deep into the life and work of Nikola Mrkšić, CEO and co-founder of PolyAI and one of the brilliant minds behind Apple's Siri. From selling books on the streets of Serbia to earning a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing from the prestigious University of Cambridge, Nikola's story is a testament to where determination and passion for technology can lead. Join us as Nikola shares his early experiences of selling his own science fiction stories in Belgrade, igniting a spark for innovation that would eventually lead him to contribute to one of the most famous digital assistants in the world. We'll explore his decision to study computer science at Cambridge, a pivotal moment that set him on a path towards AI and technology entrepreneurship, and his insightful reflections on nearly leaving it all for investment banking. Nikola will delve into the challenges and triumphs of starting PolyAI, from learning how to sell and implement enterprise software at scale to building human-like voice assistants that are revolutionizing customer experience and contact center operations. Discover how PolyAI's technology not only enhances efficiency but also empathetically bridges the gap between human and artificial communication, seamlessly transferring customers to human agents when needed and improving overall satisfaction. We'll also discuss the rapid advancements in AI, particularly in understanding human emotions and context, and debunk myths about AI turning against humanity. Nikola's vision for PolyAI aims to automate repetitive tasks in contact centers, enhancing the human role rather than replacing it, and ensuring that technology serves to improve our lives and businesses. Hear firsthand from enterprise customers and consumers who have been amazed by PolyAI's conversational AI technology, often without realizing they're interacting with an AI. This episode promises to be an enlightening journey through the evolution of AI in customer service, seen through the eyes of a leader who's lived it from the streets to the pinnacle of technological innovation. As we unravel Nikola Mrkšić's remarkable journey and the groundbreaking work of PolyAI, we invite you to reflect on the human aspect of technological advancement. How do you see AI and human collaboration evolving in the future? Share your thoughts and join the conversation as we explore the possibilities together.


2806: The Story Behind The New AI Budgeting Tool to Replace Mint

Are you seeking a fresh perspective on managing your finances? In today's episode, we delve into the innovative world of Piere, an intelligent budgeting app redefining personal finance management. Join us as we sit down with Yuval Shuminer, Piere's visionary founder and CEO, to uncover the story behind this groundbreaking platform. Yuval Shuminer, with her rich background as a consultant at BCG and an alumna of the Wharton School, embarked on a journey to transform personal finance through Piere. Drawing from her own experiences and the challenges of managing finances in bustling NYC, Yuval saw the need for a tool that tracks spending and provides personalized financial insights and guidance. Piere stands out with its user-friendly interface offering two-tap budgeting, automated reconciliations for shared transactions, and a unique feature to pool money for group purchases or holiday savings. Throughout our conversation, we'll explore the core features that set Piere apart from traditional financial management tools, including its use of AI to offer tailored advice and simplify budgeting for everyday expenses and life's bigger adventures. Yuval's journey from conceptualizing Piere in her living room to being quoted in major financial publications highlights the app's impact on users seeking financial clarity and independence. As we delve into Yuval's background, the inspiration behind Piere, and the app's key differentiators, we'll discover how Piere empowers individuals to achieve their financial goals confidently. Whether planning a trip to Burning Man or navigating the holiday season without breaking the bank, Piere offers the tools and insights to make informed financial decisions. What does it mean to have a personal financial assistant at your fingertips? How can Piere change the way we think about and manage our money? Tune in to gain valuable insights from Yuval Shuminer and learn how Piere could be the key to unlocking your financial freedom. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with personal finance apps. Have they transformed the way you budget and plan for the future? Join the conversation and let us know your perspective.


2805: Digital Intimacy: Building Brand Loyalty in an App-Driven World

How do brands cultivate meaningful relationships with their consumers in an era where digital convenience reigns supreme? This intriguing question forms the backbone of our latest episode with Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Airship, a leading innovator in mobile app experiences. What makes a consumer choose to share their personal details with a brand? According to Airship's groundbreaking Mobile Consumer Survey, which spans 10 countries and 11,000 participants, personalized interactions and special incentives are the answer. This comprehensive study sheds light on the evolving consumer preferences in the mobile app landscape, revealing that 77% of UK consumers are willing to share their interests for a more tailored engagement with brands. Ease of use and life simplification emerge as the top motivations for app usage, overshadowing traditional lures like deals and rewards. Thomas Butta delves into the insights gleaned from the survey, offering a deep dive into what consumers truly seek from their interactions with mobile apps. He reveals that beyond the allure of deals and loyalty rewards, consumers are drawn back to apps that offer ease of use (42%) and simplify their lives (29%). Yet, despite these enticing benefits, a staggering 49% of consumers are ready to delete an app after just a few uses, highlighting the critical importance of first impressions and the ongoing exchange of respect and reward. Butta also explores the delicate balance between personalization and privacy, noting that while consumers are open to sharing their data for benefits, there's a fine line between personalized engagement and intrusive overreach. The survey findings underscore the necessity for brands to establish a rapport with consumers from the outset, emphasizing the value and improvement an app promises to bring to their lives. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of building brand loyalty in the digital age, guided by the expert insights of Thomas Butta and the revealing data from Airship's Mobile Consumer Survey. From the key reasons behind app deletions to the evolving trends in consumer engagement, this episode offers a comprehensive overview of the landscape of mobile consumer preferences and how brands can navigate it to foster lasting relationships. As we ponder the future of mobile engagement and the role of AI in scaling personalized interactions, we invite you to share your thoughts on how brands can better connect with consumers in this digital era. How can businesses leverage these insights to meet and exceed consumer expectations, fostering loyalty and connection in the process?


2804: Smartling's AI Revolution: Bridging Language Gaps in Business and Beyond

Have you ever wondered how leading global brands effortlessly communicate with customers worldwide in their native languages? Today's episode peels back the curtain on this fascinating process as we sit down with Bryan Murphy, CEO of Smartling, the company at the forefront of AI-driven translation and localization technology. Is the language barrier the last hurdle in your company's race to global expansion? Discover how Smartling's innovative LanguageAI platform is revolutionizing how businesses approach new markets, making translation hurdles a thing of the past. With clients like Canva and Pinterest under their belt, Smartling's impact on global communication strategies is undeniable. Bryan shares how his company leverages AI to enable seamless localization and scaling, helping brands reach millions of non-English speaking users with unprecedented efficiency. Smartling, recognized as the leader in translation management systems by CSA Research and the top-rated system by users on G2, employs a data-driven approach to slash translation times and costs while maintaining the highest quality. This episode dives into the mechanics of Smartling's platform, which combines automation, neural machine translation, and generative AI to deliver human-quality translations at half the cost and time. Bryan explains the intricate process of localizing content for different markets, from the importance of maintaining a brand's voice across languages to the challenges of translating for B2B versus B2C audiences. We'll explore how Smartling's AI advancements, including using generative AI models like GPT-3, enable the creation of fluent, culturally relevant content that resonates with a global audience. Join us as we discuss the transformative power of AI in breaking down language barriers, facilitating global expansion, and cultivating a more connected world. Whether you're a business looking to scale globally or fascinated by the intersection of technology and language, this conversation with Bryan Murphy offers invaluable insights into the future of communication. As we navigate the complexities of global expansion, we invite you to reflect on the role of AI in overcoming the challenges of entering new markets. How can your business leverage AI-driven translation to communicate and connect with a global audience? Share your thoughts and join the conversation on the transformative impact of technology on global business strategies.


2803: Securing Enterprise Data in the Generative AI Era

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, where does the balance lie between harnessing the power of generative AI and ensuring the security and privacy of enterprise data? This pivotal question sets the stage for our insightful discussion with Rehan Jalil, CEO and President at, a trailblazer in the realm of data security and privacy in the generative AI era. Is your enterprise ready to navigate the complexities of generative AI without compromising data security and privacy? Join me as I delve into the heart of this critical issue with Rehan Jalil. With a distinguished career at the helm of Securiti, Jalil brings a wealth of knowledge on the innovative strategies and technologies needed to safeguard sensitive information in a world increasingly driven by AI. From the pioneering Data Command Center that Securiti has developed, enabling the safe use of data across hybrid multicloud environments, to the nuanced challenges of data governance, our discussion spans the spectrum of securing enterprise data against the backdrop of generative AI advancements. We explore the myriad risks that accompany the generative AI era, such as privacy concerns, the generation of biased or inappropriate content, and the potential misuse of AI-generated materials. Jalil emphasizes the importance of governing sensitive data with robust policies, encryption, and a keen focus on data retention and deletion practices. Mitigating these risks requires cutting-edge techniques like differential privacy, synthetic data generation, and federated learning, all aimed at protecting data while fostering the responsible adoption of generative AI technologies. Jalil advocates for a collaborative implementation approach, highlighting the critical role of cross-functional teams in developing comprehensive data security policies and fostering a culture of continuous education on AI ethics and data privacy. As we navigate the conversation, Jalil underscores the need for a balanced approach to generative AI adoption, one that ensures benefits are harnessed without sacrificing control over data and privacy. He sheds light on the evolving landscape of risks and regulations, stressing the importance of adapting policies accordingly and promoting a culture of data responsibility and ethical AI practices. In a world where generative AI presents both immense opportunities and significant challenges, organizations must stay vigilant, embracing innovative solutions and collaborative strategies to ensure the secure and responsible use of AI technologies. Through the lens of Securiti's achievements and the insightful perspectives of Rehan Jalil, this episode offers a deep dive into securing enterprise data in the generative AI era. As we ponder the future of AI in enterprise security and privacy, we invite you to reflect on how your organization is preparing for these challenges. How are you balancing the potential of generative AI with the imperative of data security? Share your thoughts and join the conversation on responsible AI adoption.


2802: The Cohesity Approach: Transforming Cyber Resilience in the Age of Ransomware

Have you ever pondered the resemblance between a ransomware attack and a natural disaster? Each can bring operations to a sudden halt, plunging businesses into chaos. But what if our approach to ransomware needs to be revised? In this thought-provoking episode of Tech Talks Daily, I engage with James Blake, Global Head of Cyber Resiliency Strategy at Cohesity, to explore the necessity of a paradigm shift in business perception and response to digital extortion threats. This episode is not merely an exploration of ransomware; it's a deep dive into rethinking our responses to these digital threats. James argues that ransomware should be regarded with the same seriousness as natural disasters, advocating for a holistic strategy beyond traditional IT security measures. Drawing from his extensive workshops with business leaders and CIOs, he emphasizes the importance of a unified approach between security and IT teams, the critical nature of the initial response to an attack, and the evolving landscape of cyber threats. The discussion also touches upon the changing perspectives within boardrooms about cybersecurity, the integration of security and IT for effective ransomware response, and Cohesity's innovative approach to data management that empowers businesses against cyberattacks. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in cybersecurity, offering a fresh outlook on how companies can navigate the tumultuous waters of ransomware threats. As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, the strategies for defending against and recovering from cyber threats must evolve. The insights provided by James Blake not only illuminate the path forward but also challenge us to rethink our approach to cybersecurity. With ransomware likened to a natural disaster in its potential to disrupt business operations, it's clear that a new mindset is required—one that prioritizes resilience, preparation, and the integration of technology with strategic planning.


2801: Exploring Quantum Frontiers With BAE Systems

What does the future hold for defence technologies in an era where quantum computing, sensors, and AI are no longer just theoretical concepts but tangible realities? Neil Hughes invites Rob Merryweather, Group Technology Director at BAE Systems, to explore the groundbreaking impact of quantum technologies and AI in the defence sector. This episode promises a fascinating journey into how these advanced technologies are redefining capabilities, strategies, and the very nature of security and defence operations. Rob Merryweather brings a wealth of knowledge from BAE Systems, a leading company at the forefront of defence and security innovations. We delve into the revolutionary potential of quantum technologies, from quantum sensors that are setting new standards in navigation and anti-submarine warfare to quantum computing's role in reshaping the development and production processes within the defence industry. Rob will share insights into how these quantum advancements are not just enhancing existing capabilities but creating new paradigms of operational efficiency and strategic advantage. Listeners will gain an understanding of how quantum sensors offer unprecedented accuracy and reliability in geolocation, far surpassing today's GPS devices, and opening up new possibilities for exploration and interaction with the world. Rob will also discuss the transformative potential of quantum computing in tackling complex computational challenges, such as managing large fleets of autonomous vehicles and integrating multi-domain operations, offering significant operational advantages in the battlespace. Moreover, this episode will touch upon the critical role of AI in defence, from automating mundane or hazardous tasks to enhancing human decision-making processes. Rob will highlight BAE Systems' approach to leveraging AI across various applications, including flight controls, missile warning systems, and training modules, emphasizing the importance of ethics, responsible use, and the need for explainability in AI's recommendations to operators. As we navigate through these topics, we'll uncover the key opportunities that quantum technologies and AI present for the defence sector, focusing on performance enhancement, the acceleration of capability development, and the automation of tasks. Join us as we discuss the future of defence with Rob Merryweather and consider the implications of these technological leaps for global security, ethical considerations, and the balance between human and machine collaboration in making critical decisions. How are quantum technologies and AI transforming the defence landscape? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead? Tune in to this enlightening conversation and share your thoughts on the future of defence innovation. Check out the Sponsor of Tech Talks Daily. Step into the future of secure managed file transfer with Kiteworks. Visit to get started.


2800: Navigating the Agile Evolution With CEO Dave West

Are you fascinated by the ever-evolving world of agile methodologies and how technology shapes our approach to work? I sit down with Dave West, the esteemed CEO of, for an enlightening conversation on agile methodologies' past, present, and future. This episode promises a deep dive into the agile transformation journey, from the structured days of the Rational Unified Process to the flexible, principle-based frameworks that dominate today. Dave West, a key figure in the agile community and a pivotal force behind, shares his rich experience from leading the development of RUP at IBM/Rational to his influential role in shaping agile practices globally. With a career spanning key positions at Forrester Research and Tasktop, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge on scaling agile, the integration of emerging technologies, and the power of distributed teams. Listeners will be treated to an expert's view on how agile frameworks have transitioned from prescriptive methodologies to embrace a culture of empiricism, empowered teams, and continuous improvement. Dave will explore the significance of iterations, the pivotal role of empowered teams, and the constant alignment to outcomes that have stood the test of time in agile methodologies. Moreover, this episode will explore how emerging practices like design thinking, lean startup, and coaching reshape agile teams today. With the advent of AI technologies like ChatGPT, Dave discusses the potential for automating repetitive tasks, freeing up teams to focus on creative work that directly impacts customer needs and outcomes. As the conversation unfolds, discover how distributed teams can thrive with collaboration tools like Mural, Slack, and Zoom and how data analytics empowers teams like never before. Dave will also share critical insights on avoiding the pitfalls of "Water-Scrum-Fall," emphasizing the importance of genuinely empowering teams and measuring success based on outcomes rather than outputs. Dave offers timeless advice for aspiring leaders and agile practitioners: build relationships, be kind, continuously learn, and focus on helping others. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of agile practices and lead their teams to more incredible innovation and efficiency. As we explore the agile landscape with Dave West, we're reminded of the importance of adaptability and the continuous pursuit of improvement. How are you navigating the agile evolution in your organization? Join the conversation and share your experiences with us.


2799: How Prodoscore is Tackling Productivity in the Hybrid Workplace

Are you intrigued by how technology can enhance employee productivity in today's evolving workplace? Join us as Neil Hughes welcomes Sam Naficy, the visionary CEO of Prodoscore, to delve into the future of workplace productivity and the innovative tools shaping our work environments. In this engaging episode, we explore how Prodoscore's cutting-edge technology harnesses APIs, AI, and machine learning to revolutionize employee productivity tracking, offering insights and opportunities for companies to thrive in a hybrid work model. Sam Naficy brings a wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur with a remarkable journey from founding a pharmaceutical brokerage to leading the world's premier provider of intelligent video-based surveillance services. Now at the helm of Prodoscore, Sam shares how this platform is not just about monitoring productivity but fostering a culture of transparency, trust, and high performance within organizations. We'll dive into the balancing act between maintaining employee privacy and boosting productivity, debunking the myth of invasive surveillance technologies. Sam explains how Prodoscore prioritizes an employee-centric approach, providing individuals with the tools to understand and enhance their work patterns. Listeners will also gain insights from Sam's entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of focus, intuition, and the drive to innovate. From success stories highlighting Prodoscore's impact on government agencies to practical advice for young entrepreneurs, this episode is packed with invaluable lessons and forward-thinking strategies. As we shift towards more flexible work arrangements, tools like Prodoscore are becoming essential components of the modern tech stack, ensuring that productivity and satisfaction go hand in hand. How can leaders implement these technologies effectively to support their teams? What does the future hold for workplace productivity? Check out the Sponsor of Tech Talks Daily. Step into the future of secure managed file transfer with Kiteworks. Visit to get started.


2798: Bridging Traditional Finance with Blockchain Innovation

I'm delighted to welcome Petr Kozyakov, CEO and co-founder of Mercuryo, a global payments infrastructure platform, to share his invaluable insights on this transformative journey. Petr Kozyakov is a visionary leader with a deep understanding of the financial market, and his journey in FinTech began in the late 2000s. Throughout his career, he has held top management positions in payment companies, making him uniquely qualified to discuss the intersection of blockchain and finance. Our conversation with Petr delves into the potential of crypto payments as a fast and cost-effective solution, particularly for cross-border transactions. While cryptocurrency adoption is still in its early stages, Petr highlights the need for greater integration between crypto and fiat systems to unlock its full potential. Regulatory changes are also on the horizon, and Petr believes they are ultimately positive for crypto adoption as they legitimize the space and build trust among enterprises and consumers alike. However, he emphasizes the importance of businesses focusing on actual use cases that address genuine pain points rather than adopting crypto for hype. We explore the diverse use cases of crypto payments, from settling group expenses across borders to facilitating remittances with low fees and high speed. Stablecoins, in particular, are transforming the landscape by providing a store of value in countries with unstable currencies. Petr envisions a hybrid future of payments, where challenger banks become "crypto-first," seamlessly integrating crypto and fiat services. This integration will bridge the gap between crypto apps and traditional banking, offering users a holistic financial experience. Despite the immense potential, Petr acknowledges the challenges of implementing blockchain technology in payments. He advises businesses to take the time to understand the technology thoroughly and recommends starting with specific pain points before wholesale adoption. Strategic partnerships can also ease the transition for companies new to the crypto space. Join us for an enlightening conversation that explores the evolving regulatory landscape, the role of established card networks like Visa and Mastercard in crypto, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as blockchain innovation transforms the future of finance. Check out the Sponsor of Tech Talks Daily. Step into the future of secure managed file transfer with Kiteworks. Visit to get started.


2797: Sustainable Blockchain Revolution: Solana's Journey to Carbon Neutrality

In this episode, we venture into blockchain technology and sustainability, where the Solana Foundation has made significant strides. Amira Valliani, Strategy & Policy at the Solana Foundation, joins me to discuss their remarkable journey towards achieving carbon neutrality. Solana, known for its energy-efficient proof of stake blockchain, has emerged as a beacon of sustainability in the blockchain space. Amira reveals that Solana's carbon footprint is a mere 2-3% of services like Spotify. We explore how Solana consistently tracks its emissions and how the latest Energy Use Report showcases a remarkable 17% decrease in total emissions and a 25% decrease per transaction. One of the standout achievements is the Solana Foundation's innovative approach to carbon offsetting. Amira explains how they purchase verifiable carbon credits entirely on-chain, enhancing transparency and eliminating intermediaries. This approach reduces emissions and sets a precedent for the broader blockchain industry. Discover how the passionate Solana community has responded enthusiastically to these sustainability efforts, with many building climate-focused decentralized applications (DApps) on the Solana network. We dive into the technological aspects of Solana's energy efficiency, findings from the latest energy use report, and the challenges faced in data collection and normalization in the agricultural sector. Amira also sheds light on the partnerships and collaborations that have been pivotal in Solana's journey towards sustainability. With a focus on startups, academia, and enterprises, Solana aims to deliver innovative solutions and positively impact the entire blockchain ecosystem. Join us for an inspiring conversation highlighting the intersection of technology and environmental responsibility. Discover how blockchain can catalyze sustainability as Solana reduces carbon emissions and builds a greener future. Check out the Sponsor of Tech Talks Daily. Step into the future of secure managed file transfer with Kiteworks. Visit to get started.


2796: Cultivating Tomorrow's Farms: Land O'Lakes' Tech-Driven Agriculture Revolution

How is technology transforming the landscape of agriculture, making it more efficient, profitable, and sustainable? Today's episode delves into the exciting world of agricultural innovation and technology. Teddy Bekele, the CTO at Land O'Lakes, takes us on a journey through the cutting-edge initiatives that are reshaping the future of farming and ensuring a resilient and sustainable food system. Land O'Lakes, a renowned agricultural cooperative, is harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to provide hyperlocal, customized insights to farmers. Discover how these digital tools enable real-time decision-making in the field and empower farmers to optimize their operations. Our conversation also explores Land O'Lakes' commitment to sustainability. Teddy discusses how precision agriculture technologies such as GPS, sensors, and imagery are pivotal in promoting sustainable farming practices. Learn how Land O'Lakes quantifies sustainability gains, potentially monetizing them through carbon credits. Teddy unveils Land O'Lakes' digital transformation strategy, focusing on data, AI/ML, IoT, automation, and other emerging technologies. Discover how these innovations deliver actionable insights to farmers, strengthening connections across the food value chain. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the intersection of technology and agriculture and how Land O'Lakes is paving the way for a more efficient, profitable, and sustainable future in farming. Check out the Sponsor of Tech Talks Daily. Step into the future of secure managed file transfer with Kiteworks. Visit to get started.


2795: Quantum Leaps: IBM and IDA Ireland Powering Ireland's Quantum Computing Surge

The Quantum Computing industry has been making waves in recent years, transitioning from theory to reality, and Ireland has emerged as a formidable player in this quantum revolution. This episode explores the quantum landscape, its opportunities, challenges, and Ireland's pivotal role. John Durcan, Chief Technologist at IDA Ireland, joins us to shed light on the quantum computing phenomenon. Quantum computers, driven by qubits, offer parallel computation capabilities that classical computers can only dream of. They've entered the era of "quantum advantage," where they outperform classical counterparts in specific tasks, particularly in fields like finance, life sciences, cybersecurity, and material science. The potential for breakthroughs in quantum simulation and optimization is staggering. But, as we delve into the quantum realm, we confront significant challenges. How do we make business leaders understand the value of quantum computing and incorporate it into their R&D roadmaps? John Durcan offers insights into the importance of addressing the quantum software skills gap and fostering education initiatives to equip developers for the quantum future. Dr. Juan Bernabe Moreno from IBM Research Europe/UK & Ireland joins the conversation to discuss Ireland's quantum journey. With its strong tech talent pool, investments in research infrastructure, and partnerships with industry giants like IBM, Ireland is poised to become a global quantum leader. We explore the outlook for the next five years, foreseeing an explosion of use cases, the increasing importance of qubit modularity and quality, and the thrilling race between quantum and classical algorithms driving major innovations.


2794: Securing Tomorrow: WatchGuard's Cybersecurity Predictions

Corey Nachreiner returns to our show to share his experiences and the remarkable work done by the WatchGuard Threat Lab research team. We kick off by reflecting on his journey over the past year, setting the stage for a deep dive into WatchGuard’s cybersecurity predictions for 2024. These predictions aren’t just speculative; they are a window into the future challenges and opportunities in the realm of cybersecurity. Corey discusses the intriguing concept of "Prompt Engineering," a potential vulnerability in large language models (LLMs) that could lead to significant data leaks. He elaborates on the growing trend of AI/ML-based social engineering, with a particular focus on phishing automation kits sold on the dark web, presenting a formidable challenge for organizations worldwide. We then shift our focus to the rise of AI-driven voice phishing (vishing) attacks. Corey explains how the combination of deepfake audio and LLMs could lead to an alarming increase in sophisticated vishing calls. The conversation also covers the vulnerabilities associated with the widespread use of QR codes, revealing the risks of what seems like a simple technology. A particularly fascinating segment delves into the emerging threats in the realm of virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR). Corey shares insights on how hackers could potentially steal detailed environmental data from VR/MR headsets, a concerning prospect for privacy and security. The episode also highlights the crucial role of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in addressing the cybersecurity talent shortage. Corey discusses how MSPs are leveraging automated platforms to double their security services, despite the skills gap in the industry. In closing, we explore the broader trends shaping the cybersecurity landscape in 2024 and beyond. Corey offers strategic advice on how organizations can adapt and prepare for these evolving threats. We also ponder over the future threat landscape, considering the impact of emerging technologies on cybersecurity. Check out the Sponsor of Tech Talks Daily. Step into the future of secure managed file transfer with Kiteworks. Visit to get started.


2793: Ripple - How AI and ML Powered Liquidity Hub Benefits Enterprises

How does the crypto world adapt and thrive amidst market volatility and technological evolution? In today's episode of Tech Talks Daily, we dive deep into this question with our special guest, Brad Chase. Join us as we explore the intricate dance of liquidity management in the crypto space, the rising influence of AI, and the unique solutions Ripple is bringing to the table. Brad Chase, a leading figure at Ripple, joins us to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, especially after recent setbacks like the FTX collapse. How is Ripple crafting a roadmap for liquidity management that the entire industry can follow? Brad will share valuable insights into Ripple's innovative approach, including leveraging AI and machine learning in their Liquidity Hub to benefit Ripple's medium and large enterprises. We delve into the evolving landscape where blockchain and AI intersect. Is AI set to disrupt the crypto industry, or will these two powerful technologies converge to forge a new path? Brad will share his perspectives on this exciting intersection, drawing from his extensive experience at Ripple. The conversation will also touch on the anticipated trends for 2024 in the crypto industry. What can we expect regarding advancements, regulatory developments, and market shifts? And importantly, we'll hear about Ripple's ambitious plans for their Liquidity Hub and how they aim to expand and enhance service in Ripple's year. What does the future hold for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as we navigate these turbulent but exciting times? Please share your thoughts with us, and let's continue the conversation. Check out the Sponsor of Tech Talks Daily. Step into the future of secure managed file transfer with Kiteworks. Visit to get started.