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A podcast about cybersecurity, trust, and today's threat landscape.

A podcast about cybersecurity, trust, and today's threat landscape.


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A podcast about cybersecurity, trust, and today's threat landscape.




Episode 3: What it Takes to Improve Gender Diversity with Shelley Zalis

Companies are failing to retain and advance women, and at the same time, they need women to succeed because, as we all know, diverse workforces typically perform better, are more innovative, and generate higher profitability. What can businesses do to improve gender diversity….and overall performance? Our guest, Shelley Zalis, CEO and founder of Female Quotient, shares what businesses must do to hire and keep more women in their organizations and what her organization is doing to close the...


Episode 2: Narrowing the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap with Dr. Talitha Washington

The technology sector, including cybersecurity, is facing a daunting challenge: a shortage of skilled workers. Organizations are trying to bridge the gap by increasing their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and expanding their candidate pools to underrepresented groups. In this episode, our host, Michelle Barrett-Chang, Head of Global Customer Engagement for SAP, and guest, Dr. Talitha Washington, Director of the Atlanta University Center Data Science Initiative, discuss how...


Episode 1: Trust and Verify with Tim McKnight

Welcome to the first episode of The Trust Corner, hosted by Elena Kvochko, Chief Trust Officer at SAP. Today, more than ever, we need trust. Customers need trust. Employees need trust. We think about trust in our banks, our credit card companies, and our technology platforms. We expect these keepers of our most valuable personal information and our valuable corporate information to have our backs, to make us secure in a perilous world, to keep our data safe. In this episode, Tim McKnight,...