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This is the Visual Developers podcast hosted by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker! From maker interviews to tutorials and more, we're here to talk about all things no-code. #nocode

This is the Visual Developers podcast hosted by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker! From maker interviews to tutorials and more, we're here to talk about all things no-code. #nocode


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This is the Visual Developers podcast hosted by Matt Varughese, Lacey Kesler, and Ben Parker! From maker interviews to tutorials and more, we're here to talk about all things no-code. #nocode








First impressions: Softr

https://www.supermegapack.comaking a call for peopleEverything you need to know about no-codeadds conditional logiclaunched a new podcastWix Editor XtweetreplySheetscon is comingkanban and gallery views available in iOS2020 Golden Kitty awards are now openletting in early sign upseasier screen creationlive preview in the builderannounces their $8 Million Series Aduplicate table columns in CodaVisualJoe BrownAlan Podemski


An interview with Carri Craver

raises 140 million Series B41 new list customization optionslist of top companiesGoogle form settingsFinsweetAlex Iglesias Piñolcreate invoices with Zapier and Google DocsMembershipsHintsTypeform now in betaconversational formsnow supports REGEXlaunches January 31North Dallas Open Coffee ClubCarri on NBChereAppGyverPetiteGreetOn Deck No Code Fellowship


An interview with the Pixel Geek

launches it Enterprise programa new wing within Experts: Enterprise Partnersnested symbolslaunching a new 21 day coursemake your Webflow site more accessiblenow has script templatesAirtable is hiringan integration with Circle Appconnects with Amazon Honeycode toocrossed 1k+ paying communities within their first yearintegrates with Outseta for setting favoritesChris also brought in SarwechnocodelyticsCreator Grantsworking on accessibility friendly color palettesSuper Mega Webflow...


The December no-code roundup

Cyber Week saleWebflow’s Design MondayHTML & Markdown stylingZapier and IntegromatNo Code Coffee Clubneed more womenWINChow to make a 3D gamenow has SSO Integration with Circle Appgiving away paid subscriptionsbuilding a Google Analytics Glide AppAdalo + Metaranxbig batch of closed beta inviteshorizontal chip listweb app functionalityupdates for Novemberhas a live workshop this weekStacker developmentSlack for 27 BILLIONnew “How To” sectionTailwind builderTailwind UI ComponentslistMakerpad’s...


The November no-code roundup

organize assets with foldersimport multi-reference items via CSVreleased the Auditor Panelenable tablet/desktop moderecapped a lot of recent updatesannounced new featuresA lot of Glide updatesrandom picker componentposted a blog articlearticle about their community and supportBubbleMakerpadpartnered together to launch a monthly challengelaunched the no-code censusweekly Bubble quick tipsshowcase code on your sitetroubleshoot formulasseries on scripting in Airtableimport Boosters in...


The no-code tools we’re most excited to try

now has variant pill selectorsWebflow has billboardshas horizontal listslaunched a doc about launchesCoda marketing videomark columns as protectedBubble Office Hours!Kieranavailable on Substackbuilt his site using Notionget Sam’s Notion templateuse Superconnect to Google Sheets and Airtablemasterclass at the California College of the ArtsTally.soTypeformIndexOutsetaAppGyverServicebotPorySoftrMetaranxWebflowMackenzie’s TweetBildrBannerBear


Coda's new Notion import feature

new product typesDigital Dollar StoreOTTP-SFiPhone 12 widths in the DesignerIntegromat has been acquiredCelonisCelebrating New MilestonesAda Lovelace DayAdalo’s Next ChapterInterviewFuture is No-codeThe Future is No Codetweet threadDavid’s tweet thread about 3 Reasons Why No-Code ExplodedYou can now assign roles to your app’s userstweet threadAATT (Newsletter)tweet about no-code liststweet about no-code dev rolestweet about working in someone else’s no-code projectEdgar AllanMax JolesCoda...


The most underrated Webflow features

McGuire BrannonFirst, Last, Even, Odd StylingE-commerce DiscountsFoxyCartShopifywon an awardRaymmar TiradoNoCodeDevs NewsletterEpisode 2 of The Flowmingo Showmath column can now do calculationslaunched an Alfred custom search directoryPoryAirtableAlfred AppKeyboard MaestroStreamDeckUnqork hits $2B valuationSign in with GoogleNo-Code AwardsT-30 AwardsMemberstackParabolaget it here@visualdevfm


A first look at Google Tables

tweetedWebflowWebflow UpdateAirtable UpdateHow to Schedule Google Calendar Events right from within Airtable14 Resources We Use When Creating No Code AppsGlide Update: Add deep links in your appGlide Update: New event picker for datesLacey'sIndie Hacker's no-code community groupRosieWINCPory: Turn your Airtable into a WebsiteSamMakerpad's 30-day ChallengeMakerpad is teaching you how to build a communityZeroqode Conference: Register hereGoogle released an Airtable Clone......


Best build strategies when using Webflow

Zoom PrototypeSarkis BuniatyanHaypiFinsweetBest Integration or Add-onVivek ShuklaBest Social Impact ProjectSTEAMCycleThe MountaineerAmit PatelBest Cloned Project or Use of a Pre-built TemplateShariar Azad EvanWebflow Update: Control font display settings for faster loadingBuilt-in text accessibility contrast checkerCat NooneStarkListen to our episode with herWebflowbuilding your own custom tasksyour own personal app“Make a Clone” challengeStopwatch componentLottie componentMinimum...


An interview with Alex Yaseen

Notion’s APINotion.vipintegration with Slacktweetlaunched his communityAlt TextZap Details


Using code in your no-code project

In this episode, Ben, Matt and Lacey discuss how and why to use code in your no-code projects. Ben also breaks down his process for using code in his projects and shares great resources to give you a head start!


An interview with David Adkin

In this episode, Ben, Matt, and Lacey chat with Adalo founder, David Adkin on the new Adalo Marketplace Components! David also shares some updates and news about what's next.


A recap of our AMA from the Stanford no-code class

In this episode, Ben, Matt and Lacey share about being speakers at Stanford's first no-code class and the questions that the students asked regarding no-code tools. And, as always, we cover everything new in no-code!


Getting over the fear of getting started

In this episode, we do the usual no-code roundup and also discuss how to get over fear of starting. Ben, Matt and Lacey each share their own experiences with failing and winning with product launches and how to get over the fear of starting.


Webflow vs Editor X

In this episode, we discuss the differences from Wix's Editor X and Webflow. Ben got to play around with Editor X and was surprised by some of the functionality. We break down what types of projects Editor X may be suitable for and which projects seem to be better if built on Webflow.


Memberstack vs. Memberspace vs. Firebase

This week we're discussing MemberStack vs. Memberspace vs. Firebase. We each use our different backgrounds and projects to share which one is our favorite and when you should Memberstack, Memberspace or Firebase in your projects!


Passive Income with No-Code Ecommerce Tools

In this week's episode we cover the no-code round up and how to start a business with little startup money using no-code tools. We recommend some tools to check out, as well as ways you could get an online business up and running in no time!


The End of Elliot

In this episode, we talk about everything new in no-code. Then we dive into the end of Elliot E-Commerce. It's always a bummer when a company or tool calls it quits, especially in the no-code space. Matt had his heart set on using Elliot and so we talk about the timeline and lament the end.


An Interview with Joe Krug

In this episode, we're back with all that's new in no-code. A lot has happened in our time off and we try to catch up. Also, Matt and Lacey talk with Joe Krug of Finsweet about all the amazing tools and resources he's launched, how to pronounce Finsweet, and so much more!