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Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy

Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy


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Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy




Janelle Wang, Acton – 95

What’s it all about? eScooters, eBikes, last mile solutions and all things Micro-mobility. Great to see how design thinking and innovation applies not just to technology, but to company cultures and business models. This week I talk about the challenges and opportunities for micro-mobility and mobility as a service across cities in various parts of the world, and how building an innovative company culture has helped Acton grow rapidly and globally. About Janelle Wang: Co-Founder and CEO of...


Dr. Alex Ivanenko, HyPoint – 94

What’s it all about? Electric Flight!! We had just before Christmas an episode on battery flight, we turn our attention again to fuel cell Hydrogen powered flight. This is one of the use cases in transport I do see hydrogen having a big part to play. I talk technology, timelines, talent, and territory ( I like alliteration!) with CEO and Co-Founder Alex Ivanenko of Hypoint, developing the powertrains for regional electrified aviation. I hope you enjoy the episode. About Dr. Alex Ivanenko:...


Alex Gruzen, Witricity – 93

What’s it all about? Wireless charging!! We accept this as obvious for our smart phones, but less so for cars and vehicles of all types, but it was a flat phone battery that inspired the technology behind wireless charging leader Wi-Tricity. I speak with CEO Alex Gruzen about the technology, applications, and how close we are to simply driving over a charge pad, walking away, and coming back to a full battery. It’s far closer than you may think. About Alex Gruzen: Alex Gruzen is the CEO of...


Duncan Grierson, Clim8 Invest – 92

What’s it all about? Never a more important time than to think about where you spend your time (working time) and where you put and spend your money. This week I speak to serial cleantech investor and entrepreneur Duncan Grierson about his new venture, Clim8 Invest, and cleantech/fintech company making ESG investing readily available and much more transparent. I hope you enjoy the episode. About Duncan Grierson Duncan has 20 years as a cleantech entrepreneur and venture investor. He is now...


Jeff Bishop, Key Capture Energy – 91

What’s it all about? I love how Jeff and Dan have built Key Capture Energy to be a leading player in the utility scale energy storage sector since founding not many years ago. I first met and worked with Jeff Bishop three years ago, and we recorded one of the early episodes of the podcast. So much has changed in the business and the sector I wanted to share that journey, and Jeff’s thoughts and insights for energy storage for the next three to five years, and his insights into important...


Francis Wang, NanoGraf – 90

More energy dense, faster charging batteries. Batteries, or any energy storage of all natures, are so critical to the ongoing energy and mobility transitions. One of the areas that doesn’t get much thought, but is so critical, is material science, the materials which enable bigger, better, faster, more efficient batteries. This week I speak to Francis Wang, CEO of Nanograf. From PhD to entrepreneur and CEO, he has a great story to tell, and some superb insights into both the startup...


Stephen Fitzpatrick, Vertical Aerospace – 89

What’s it all about? The electrification of transport continues at pace (literally and metaphorically), and one of the most interesting areas of growth, particularly for those who have to deal with high levels of local and regional road traffic congestion, is electric taxi’s. One of the leading pioneers in this sector is Vertical Aerospace. I was able to speak to founder and CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick ahead of his hot footing to New York to ring the bell on their NYSE public Listing on 16th...


Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot – 88

What’s it all about? Extreme fast charging of electric vehicles! I love batteries, and cars, and of course electric vehicles, and I’ve been watching Storedot for some time, and how they are creating batteries that can charge a car fully in 5 minutes. Now I don’t mind a 30-40 minute charge whilst stopped at a service station, or trickle charging at home, but for some people it’s still a barrier to entry, and faster charging will remove another excuse for adoption, and make it easier for us...


Jules Besnainou, Cleantech for Europe – 87

What’s it all about? I first met Jules through his work at Cleantech Group, but was delighted when I saw, via a number of VC contacts, that he was leading the Cleantech for Europe initiative. I’ve worked for and with many of the VC’s involved, and their portfolio companies. This is a great initiative, with the mission to help the EU lead the race to net zero by putting innovation at the center of the public policy debate, and building bridges between the EU’s cleantech community and...


Lukasz Bednarski, Lithium: The Global Race for Battery Dominance and the New Energy Revolution – 86

What’s it all about? In a nutshell, Lithium! So much is spoken about the supply and availability of Lithium, and about the Lithium battery sector, from availability of source material, the impact of extraction, and of course the geopolitics of lithium and battery supply. There is no doubt these are huge topics, with a significant impact on how and if we can make the transitions to clean energy and mobility that are essential to the future of our economy, society, and the human race’s...


Mark Futyan, Anesco – 85

What’s it all about? It’s great to hear about start-ups, and those journeys, but we all know scale is what we want, it’s not easy, but you can have more impact and do more ‘good’ when you have scale. I’ve seen Anesco grow over the last ten years and make a real impact in the deployment of solar and energy efficiency in particular. It was great to have time to speak to the (relatively) new CEO Mark Futyan about the company culture, growth and plans for the future, as well has his thoughts on...


Nick Stokman, Rockstart – 84

What’s it all about? One of the things that drives me most is helping cleantech founders and start-ups to scale and bring great products and solutions to the world. I do this through the Hyperion Executive Search team, through mentoring for accelerators and incubators like Plug & Play, and Foresight Cananda, and through this podcast. This week I’m keen to share a great new Rockstart accelerator opportunity. Doors close to entry on 30th September, so take a listen, and see if this could be...


Fully Charged Live, Robert Llewellyn & Dan Ceasar - 83

What’s it all about? At last. With caution and compliance being followed, live events are back. I expect very many of the Leaders in Cleantech audience are familiar with the all things clean mobility and energy Youtube Channel Fully Charged. As well as having over 800,000 subscribers and 2 million monthly views, the Fully Charged team have also been running fantastic events, in the UK and Austin, Texas. Then Covid interrupted that flow. Now they’re back, starting in the UK in September 2021....


Greg Smithies, Fifth Wall – 82

What’s it all about? I was delighted when the Fifth Wall people reached out about the podcast. For some time I’ve wanted to address areas of the climate challenge, and areas of technology that are hugely important, but don’t often get much press or attention, including on this podcast. In particular the Built Environment is of enormous importance to us all on many levels, it is of course where we live and work, and because of that impacts not just our immediate lives, but as you will hear,...


Ben Irons, Habitat Energy – 81

What’s it all about? Energy Storage!! More importantly optimising and commercialising grid scale energy storage assets. I first met Ben at a conference in London some years ago. He has since gone on to co-found one of the leading energy storage optimisation companies, recently expanding into Australia and the US. We have a dive into battery tech, long duration storage, entrepreneurship, and internationalisation. I hope you enjoy the episode. About Ben Irons Ben is a co-founder of Habitat...


Toddington Harper, Gridserve – 80

Toddington’s is a fascinating story, if you want to know about his childhood of TV powered by Solar in the deserts of Bahrain, or why he’s named after a service station, listen to our first conversation (episode 15- link below), but on this episode we focus on the concept of ‘Sun to wheel’, using solar power and batteries to power fast charging of electric vehicles through Electric Forecourts and Electric Highway hubs. The Gridserve story is a great one, enjoy the episode. About Toddington...


Patrick Sheehan, ETF Partners – 79

What’s it all about? Money and People, the two main ingredients for a successful business (a damn good product/service is the other). More specifically it’s the RIGHT money and the RIGHT people. The right people is something we specialise in at Hyperion Executive Search, but I love to engage with passionate, experienced and mission driven VC’s and Investors who can provide money and so much more. The right money! Though Patrick expresses that all money is good! We talk about future trends,...


Juliet Davenport, Good Energy – 78

In my early days in renewable energy Good Energy were one of the few companies out there providing customers with clean energy to the consumer. They were a pioneer and inspiration as I co-founded my solar business. Now, many years later I have had the opportunity to have CEO and Founder Juliet Davenport share her founding story, and much more besides. An engaging and passionate climate activist, entrepreneur and climate scientist makes for an interesting story and set of experiences. I hope...


Dr Graham Cooley, ITM Power – 77

What’s it all about? Green Hydrogen! I’ve been aware of Graham and the work of ITM for some time, since meeting their Germany team at Power to X event in Dusseldorf, and seeing the scale of their recently expanded manufacturing capacity, I thought it would be a great time to have CEO Dr Graham Cooley on the podcast. Hydrogen is still in some ways contentious, but as I’ve said many times, it’s about the right tech solving the right problem. There is much to be done to replace grey/dirty...


Lubomila Jordanova, Plan A Earth – 76

Lubomila Jordanova is a cleantech force of nature. A passionate founder, leader and connector of people. I’ve enjoyed working with Lubomila via the Greentech Alliance, and seen how she has built and raised funds for the innovative Plan.A Earth platform, and transitioned the business during Covid. She has a great story and energy, and was delighted to be able to share that on the podcast. About Lubomila Jordanova: Lubomila Jordanova is the founder and CEO of PlanA.Earth, a Berlin-based...