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Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy

Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy


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Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy




Toon Bouten, Tado – 59

What’s it all about? Heating, cooling and energy efficiency! Don’t switch off! This stuff is so important, and I’m glad to focus on technologies and leaders across the cleantech sector. We all have a part to play, and Tado is a cool German start up doing great things to address the inefficiency of home heating and cooling. And Toon is an experienced CEO happy to share successes and mistakes and the challenges of scaling and working with original founders. About Toon Bouten Before joining...


Cat Newman, Limejump – 58

That the cleantech industry is so dynamic is one of its biggest appeals, and its biggest challenges. At Hyperion our goal is to help the world’s best cleantech companies find the talent to achieve their goals and ambitions, and to help founders towards their desired exit. I interviewed LImejump founder, and former CEO Erik Nygard on a previous episode, at the time Hyperion were supporting him to hire a COO. That process went well, and Cat Newman was hired into the role, so well in fact that...


Emily Reichert, Greentown Labs – 57

Since first expanding the Hyperion Executive Search activities into the US over the last three years, I’ve been very aware of the awesome job Greentown Labs do at supporting, nurturing and releasing into the world some amazing cleantech companies. Some of which have gone on to be our clients. So with the announcement of their expansion to Houston, I though it would be a great opportunity to hear the story from CEO Emily Reichert About EMILY REICHERT Dr. Emily Reichert serves as Chief...


Joe Zhou, Quidnet – 56

My team at Hyperion Executive Search have loved building teams for some of the amazing companies being funded by Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Long durations energy storage is a genuine game-changer, and after a recent $10million fundraise I was delighted to ask Quidnet Energy CEO Joe Zhou to share his, and their story. About Joe Zhou Joe Zhou is the CEO of Quidnet Energy, which commercializes a breakthrough in geomechanical pumped hydro for energy storage. Prior to Quidnet Energy, Joe...


Ben Pullen, Generation.e – 55

Ben is typical of most of us cleantech entrepreneurs, swimming against the tide and trying to bring the world with us. He shares his story from university, through business and personal triumph and tragedy, to the future of smart mobility and cleantech events, conferences and networking, via some super fun Tesla roadtrips. About Ben Pullen Ben is the Co-Founder and CEO of Generation.e which is a unique and impactful business which blends audiences and experiences to inspire transformation to...


Tomas Kemtys, Contrarian Ventures - 54

I first met Tomas at an eMobility event in the UK a few years ago. His passion and enthusiasm, as well as the fact his firm, Contrarian Ventures are one of the most active cleantech VCs out there at the moment, made him an ideal person to share the views of the VC at this challenging time. The good news is deals are being done, and money is there to be deployed across the investor community. We share some passions about cleantech, emobility and working with awesome founders and...


Juraj Ulehla, Voltia – Episode 53

After last week’s episode we return to the ground but stay with eMobility. Last mile deliveries have never been more needed, as we’re currently so reliant on home deliveries. It’s also fair to say cities, mayors and citizens are quite liking the clean air and lack of both air and noise pollution, I can only expect the successes of Voltia and others in this space will continue. That said, when I first spoke to Juraj some time ago, it was his entrepreneurial story that stood, out. We discuss...


Val Miftakhov, ZeroAvia - Episode 52

As you’ll know I feel a fair amount of guilt over the amount of flying I typically do. Not an issue at present, but as we discuss on this episode, despite the present situation, aviation is on a fast-upward trend, and has a huge environmental impact. So it was a pleasure to speak to Val Miftakhov to see just how close we are to electric flight, at least on a regional level. It was also interesting to hear his thoughts on hydrogen in transport generally, and why he feels aviation is the area...


Alisa Murphy, Petr Mikovec & David Hunt – Cleantech Heroes

I really excited about this campaign, #Cleantechheroes It’s an opportunity for me to give back to, and support the sector I love so much, and that has and continues to do so much for me. There is so much content and advice out there at the moment around COVID-19 and Working from home. It can be a lot of noise and distracting at times. Cleantech heroes is about cutting through the noise and offering some direct, one to one, support, experience and advice to founders and cleantech heroes...


Gideon Van Dijk, Chargetrip – Episode 50

I was introduced to Gideon by co-founder Pieter Waller. I met Pieter at the rEVolution event in Amsterdam two years ago. It’s been fascinating to watch their growth, including an A-round of fundraising, and a partnership with Porsche. Gideon share some really valuable insights from that journey, in particular we talk luck and resilience! About Gideon Van Dijk Gideon is CEO and Co-Founder at Chargetrip, a company accelerating the advent of sustainable mobility by developing the missing...


Jigar Shah, Generate Capital – Episode 49

As you know by now, my first cleantech love and experience was in solar PV. At that time, creating my own solar business, Jigar Shah was an inspiration. Sun Edison really moved the dial forward for solar in the US and then across Europe and beyond. Now funding a range of clean energy and technology infrastructure projects, and a leading voice in the cleantech sector, I was delighted to have Jigar join me for this episode. About Jigar Shah: Jigar Shah is the President and Co-Founder of...


Doug Campbell, Solid Power – Episode 48

As you know, I’m a bit of a battery nerd, and we’ve had many great CEOs and experts in the subject on the podcast to date. I’d been very keen to have a conversation on the podcast with Doug Campbell, CEO of Solid Power for some time, solid state batteries being another big leap in battery evolution. I hope you enjoy the conversation. About Doug Campbell Doug Campbell is the CEO and co-founder of Solid Power. He established the company as a spin-out business of the University of Colorado...


David Hunt, Hyperion Executive Search – Episode 47

The podcast is all about the cleantech and start-up journeys of the leading CEOs and founders in the sector. For some time I’ve been told I should share my story, but whilst not exactly being a ‘wall-flower’ I’ve been reluctant to do so. But when a scheduled guest has to cancel, I thought this would be a good time to share my journey, trials, tribulations, successes and failures and hopes for the future. About David Hunt David Hunt is a prominent figure and thought leader in the clean energy...


Liam Berryman, Nelumbo – Episode 46

What’s it all about? As you will hear on the podcast I was introduced to Liam Berryman via a mutual friend and previous podcast guest, Michael Hopkins. I’m so excited about some of the unseen (literally) technologies that are playing such an important role in the fight against the climate crisis. Nanotechnologies are one such area, and this is what we explore on this podcast. I hope you enjoy the episode. About Liam Berryman Liam is CEO and Co-Founder at Nelumbo, a company making physical...


Giovanni Fili, Exeger – Episode 45

What’s it all about? I’ve always loved Solar and the concept of free, ubiquitous energy. Our episode this week comes from the CEO of a company that converts light at all levels into energy for the fast-growing wearables market and beyond. Wireless headphones that don’t need charging, ever, is just the start. I hope you enjoy the episode. About our guest Giovanni Fili is an experienced entrepreneur and private investor with more than 20 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and 10 years’...


Charlotta Holmquist, Blixt – Episode 44

I first saw Charlotta pitch Blixt at Ecosummit and was subsequently introduced via my friends at BayWa Ventures. I loved her enthusiasm, and I take my hat off to anyone that has founded, exited and founded companies on many occasions. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by her story. About our guest Charlotta has been an entrepreneur for 20 years and active in several roles setting up businesses in various sectors from e-Commerce to gaming and later deep tech in transformative energy. She loves...


Dr Pete Armstrong, Mixergy – Episode 43

I first met Pete Armstrong as he was pitching at the Ecosummit event in Berlin in 2018 and last year. The scale of the impact possible in transforming our heating and water storage systems in our homes blew my mind. I’ve always been so involved in the ‘electrification of everything’, so I’ve watched since with interest. Mixergy were also mentioned in a recent podcast episode with Robert Trezona of IP Group, one of their early (and follow on) investors. So I thought I’d invite Dr Pete...


Simon Acland, Green Angel Network – Episode 42

As you will have gathered from this podcast, I live in and love the intersection of clean technology and entrepreneurship. This passion, and my role as CEO at Hyperion Executive Search brings me into contact with so many fascinating people, and I love to hear and share their stories. On recent podcasts I’ve spoken to leads at cleantech VCs, Publicly Listed tech funds and soon Corporate Venturing entities, but today a very import part of the funding ecosystem are Angels and Angel syndicates,...


Kimmo Rauma, VP Danfoss Power Solutions – Episode 41

I first became aware of the work of Kimmo Rauma, and Visedo from my good friends at Life Size. I’ve long believed in the electrification of everything, though I’m always open to be persuaded otherwise! There are of course some areas where that is far more challenging. Heat is one, and long haul and heavy transport are two such areas. Kimmo has been addressing long-haul and heavy transport for many years, and it’s great to share his thoughts and how this problem is being solved. About our...


Mike Hopkins, Cleantech investor and CEO – Episode 40

What’s it all about? I first reached out to Mike as I saw the incredible work he was doing as CEO of Ice Energy. As you’ll know, as much as I love traditional battery storage technologies, I also have a passion for thermal storage solutions, and Ice Energy has a great product. I’ve kept in touch as Mike moved on to new ventures, and had the opportunity to meet recently in San Diego at Energy Storage North America. Here we extend that conversation, into some possible controversial territory....