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Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy

Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy


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Leaders in Cleantech is a weekly podcast with host David Hunt speaking to Cleantech CEOs and industry leaders about their trials, tribulations, successes, failures and future predictions for #cleantech #emobility #energystorage #renewables #smartcities #circulareconomy




Juliet Davenport, Good Energy – 78

In my early days in renewable energy Good Energy were one of the few companies out there providing customers with clean energy to the consumer. They were a pioneer and inspiration as I co-founded my solar business. Now, many years later I have had the opportunity to have CEO and Founder Juliet Davenport share her founding story, and much more besides. An engaging and passionate climate activist, entrepreneur and climate scientist makes for an interesting story and set of experiences. I hope...


Dr Graham Cooley, ITM Power – 77

What’s it all about? Green Hydrogen! I’ve been aware of Graham and the work of ITM for some time, since meeting their Germany team at Power to X event in Dusseldorf, and seeing the scale of their recently expanded manufacturing capacity, I thought it would be a great time to have CEO Dr Graham Cooley on the podcast. Hydrogen is still in some ways contentious, but as I’ve said many times, it’s about the right tech solving the right problem. There is much to be done to replace grey/dirty...


Lubomila Jordanova, Plan A Earth – 76

Lubomila Jordanova is a cleantech force of nature. A passionate founder, leader and connector of people. I’ve enjoyed working with Lubomila via the Greentech Alliance, and seen how she has built and raised funds for the innovative Plan.A Earth platform, and transitioned the business during Covid. She has a great story and energy, and was delighted to be able to share that on the podcast. About Lubomila Jordanova: Lubomila Jordanova is the founder and CEO of PlanA.Earth, a Berlin-based...


Michael Sachse, Dandelion Energy – 75

What’s it all about? Addressing the heating issue through geothermal energy, even at a domestic level. I’ve seen Dandelion growing, and raising funds and thought it is a technology we haven’t yet covered on the podcast, so I was delighted when Michael agreed to join me and tell his, and their story, and how heat pumps are one more solution in our armoury. About Michael Sachse: Michael Sachse is an experienced executive who has previously scaled start-ups through periods of rapid growth....


Greg Jackson, Octopus – 74

What’s it all about? Going Double Unicorn in 5 years, and still knowing you are still only at the beginning of the journey! I speak to tech founder and CEO of Octopus Energy Greg Jackson about how he used tech as the platform to disrupt one of the industries most resistant to, and in need of disruption- energy supply. With a focus on technology solving problems, and driving down costs, AND a focus on creating cultures which support and empower people to be their best and most creative. I...


Craig Evans, ESS – 73

What’s it all about? Flow batteries have had their technical and commercial challenges over the years, so it’s good to see that the technology is really starting to get traction in that 6-12 hour storage category. It’s also good to hear a good traditional ‘started in my garage’ cleantech start-ups story, just watch for the EPA. This week I talk to Craig Evans about scaling a the flow battery technology and company of ESS Inc. About Craig Evans: Craig Evans is the President and CEO, and a...


Gretchen Bakke, Author – 72

One of the biggest challenges I face is trying to keep up with all the great books my guests recommend as part of the show. One that I absolutely loved and found incredibly useful was The Grid: The fraying wires between Americans and our energy future. After the recent black outs in Texas I thought it a great time to speak with the author Gretchen Bakke, and ask why that happened, what needs to change, and what opportunities that creates for cleantech start-ups, scale-ups and VCs. I’m...


Vaitea Cowan, Enapter – 71

Green Hydrogen! It’s hard to do or read anything in the sustainable technology sector without hearing about Green Hydrogen at present. What part does hydrogen have to play in the clean energy and mobility transitions? I’ve been working recently with hydrogen founders and entrepreneurs and I’m really intrigued as to where and how we could or should utilise hydrogen in the decarbonisation mission we share in the sector. Having had CEOs of fuel cell and hydrogen flight companies on the podcast...


Dr. Christian Thiel, Energy Nest – 70

I first spoke to Christian about joining on the podcast over two years ago, we planned to do so at the Hyperion office in Munich, time and pandemics conspired against us. But with so much happening in the space, and so much need for long duration energy storage, I didn’t want to wait any longer, seeing the progress they are making as a company, so I’m delighted to return to one of a few favourite topics, long duration energy storage. I hope you enjoy the episode. About Dr. Christian Thiel:...


Sarah Ellerby, Nova Pangaea – 69

Those who listen to the podcast will know I’m a big fan of the electrification of everything, but I’m also a (clean) technology agnostic, and in the drive to reduce fossil fuel consumption, sectors like hydrogen and biofuels may have a significant part to play. This week I talk with the very passionate and driven CEO of a biofuel company that recently made a game-changing breakthrough. Sarah Ellerby has a great story to tell. Take a listen. About Sarah Ellerby: Sarah is the CEO of Nova...


Desmond Wheatley, Beam Global – 68

The mobility transition, and the electrification of transport! If that doesn’t get you excited perhaps you’ve found the wrong podcast!! Desmond Wheatley, a Scotsman in San Diego has a passion for this transition, and a great story to tell of the evolution of a cleantech business, he has lead for nearly ten years. Who saw the emobility transition ten years ago? Well, Desmond was one of a handful of hardy, optimistic souls that did, and has built this company to accelerate that transition. A...


Jorg Heinemann, EnerVenue – 67

I make no apology for starting the year back talking about batteries. EnerVenue caught my eye recently after a $12m seed round, but whilst they are a very young company, their technology has been used for many years, mainly in space! They now have a way to make their technology cost competitive and not so astronomical in cost (see what I did there?). Getting energy storage right, at all scales and for various use-cases is vital to a successful energy and mobility solution. Take a listen to...


Freerk Bisschop, Rockstart – 66

What’s it all about? My passion for helping cleantech start ups ot grow and scale has been a driving force behind founding and growing Hyperion Executive Search. On top of this in the last couple of years I have been working with an exploring both the cleantech VCs and global Incubators and Accelerators. You may have heard my recent podcast episode with Emily Reichart of Greentown Labs, one of the best known US Incubators. In this episode I talk to the clean energy Managing Partner at one of...


Andy Daga, Momentum Dynamics – 65

What’s it all about? Wireless Charging!! A concept that blows the mind of some, and yet it’s here and in operation. I met Andy Daga at a conference we were both speaking at, and I’ve wanted to get him onto the podcast ever since. From working on the Space Station, to working on irradicating fuel stations, Andy has a fascinating background, and company doing amazing things. I hope you enjoy the episode. About Andy Daga Andy is the founder and President and CEO of Momentum Dynamics. Andy’s...


Florian Mayr, Apricum Cleantech Advisory – 64

What’s it all about? Flexibility! The key to the clean energy transition is flexibility and all the other tools and services energy storage provides, the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of cleantech. I discuss the latest trends and activities, financial and technological with Florian Mayr. Florian is a regular speaker at cleantech conferences and shares some very valuable insights with me on this episode. About Florian Mayr Florian Mayr is a partner and the founder of the energy storage practice at...


Phil Caldwell, Ceres Power – 63

What’s it all about? Hydrogen vs Batteries!! Not at all. We’re (Clean) technology agnostic here. The challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss are enormous, and we need all the tools in the armoury to stand a chance. That said, it’s important we use the right tool for the right job, and that’s something I discuss with Phil Caldwell, CEO of Ceres Power, what is the best use case for fuel cells and hydrogen. We touch on the different challenges and advantages of leading a listed...


Dan Goldman, Clean Energy Ventures – 62

We’ve had the opportunity to speak to some of the pure play cleantech VCs in Europe over the last few months, this time I was delighted to reach out to Dan to share his thoughts from a US perspective. I really like Dan’s approach to both technologies and management teams, and his efforts and take on the diversity and inclusion issue. I hope you enjoy the conversation. About Dan Goldman: Dan Goldman is the co-founder and managing director of Clean Energy Ventures, a $110 million early-stage,...


Rupert Newland, Arenko Group – 61

I’ve been privileged to work with Rupert and his team over the last few years and to see the evolution of his business, as the energy transition and in particular the evolution of battery energy storage has seen challenges and opportunities. Here Rupert and I discuss that journey and how he sees the sector continue to evolve over the coming years. About Rupert Newland Rupert founded Arenko in 2015 to build a world class energy storage business. He is on the company’s Board of Directors and...


Simon Bushell, Sympower

What’s it all about? I love when small start-ups emerge from accelarators and incubators and start playing with the big boys, engaging with Utilities and large corporates. A partnership increasingly happening and increasingly collaborative, with great results. Here Simon Bushell, CEO of Sympower shares his start-up journey, milestones and thoughts on 100% renewables and an electrified mobility future. About Simon Bushell Simon is the CEO and one of the founders of Sympower. His mission is to...


Toon Bouten, Tado – 59

What’s it all about? Heating, cooling and energy efficiency! Don’t switch off! This stuff is so important, and I’m glad to focus on technologies and leaders across the cleantech sector. We all have a part to play, and Tado is a cool German start up doing great things to address the inefficiency of home heating and cooling. And Toon is an experienced CEO happy to share successes and mistakes and the challenges of scaling and working with original founders. About Toon Bouten Before joining...