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Interior Design Business Podcast: Wingnut Social

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The business podcast for the interior design industry, adjacent verticals, and the influencers and creatives who serve them. Hosted by interior design and digital marketing pro, Darla Powell.

The business podcast for the interior design industry, adjacent verticals, and the influencers and creatives who serve them. Hosted by interior design and digital marketing pro, Darla Powell.


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The business podcast for the interior design industry, adjacent verticals, and the influencers and creatives who serve them. Hosted by interior design and digital marketing pro, Darla Powell.






Profit First for Interior Designers - Episode 265

Mike Michaloqicz’s “Profit First Method” flips traditional methodology on its head. Most people subtract expenses from earnings and whatever is left is “profit.” But you started a business to profit, right? So you should take your profit first and use whatever is left to operate your business. It shifts your mentality, leans your business, forces you to be creative, and leads to profit. Dala Al-Fuwaires knows firsthand. She implemented the profit first method at her commercial interior...


5 Signs It’s Time to Revamp Your Interior Design Website - Episode 264

Do you avoid sending prospective clients to your interior design website? Is it outdated with little copy? Does your website bring in any leads? If your website isn’t working for you, you’ve got a problem that Katie O’Brien can help you fix. Katie O’Brien is a brand and website designer specializing in elevated branding and fuss-free websites for interior designers. In this episode of The Wingnut Social podcast, Katie shares the type of copy to use, the right way to direct a prospective...


How to ’Shock and Awe’ Potential Interior Design Clients - Episode 263

How do you attract the perfect interior design client? How do you decide what type of client will be the best fit? After 30 years in high-end commercial and residential design, Pamela Durkin now helps other designers create a business they love by teaching them how to attract their ideal clients. In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, she shares how to design your perfect client, how to leverage your network for referrals, and how to “shock and awe” potential clients so they become...


How to Leverage Amazon to Grow Your Interior Design Business - Episode 262

10 years ago, Robyn was a youth minister who couldn’t make ends meet. So she took $100 and started buying things at garage sales and reselling them on Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon. In three years, she turned that $100 into a million-dollar business: Marketplace Blueprint. Robyn started an agency six years ago to help businesses—everything from companies that are pre-launch to publicly-traded companies—be successful on Amazon. Robyn is now one of the foremost leaders on the topic of selling...


Be Irreplaceable: How You Attract Luxury Design Clients - Episode 261

What does it take to attract luxury design clients? HINT: It doesn’t require being pretentious. It has everything to do with offering irreplaceable value. What can you bring to a project that a client can’t find anywhere else? It’s about providing a luxury experience coupled with what’s uniquely you. In this episode of Wingnut Socal, Melissa Sacco shares what she offers to attract luxury design clients that no one else can. She’ll help you think through what makes you irreplaceable. What...


How Designers Become THE Source for Luxury Flooring - Episode 260

John Dupra co-created Revel Woods, a platform that helps designers provide their clients with a luxury floor sourcing experience. Revel Woods elevates the traditional process so interior designers can offer a high-end service that can’t be replicated. In this episode of Wingnut Social, John shares how you can become a Revel Woods pro and become THE source for your client’s customer flooring (and maybe even create your own custom line of flooring). What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut...


Does Your Interior Design Logo Reflect Your Brand Identity? - Episode 259

Your interior design logo is a direct reflection of you and your brand. If you wanted to hire a photographer but the photos on their website were blurry or out of focus, you wouldn’t hire them, right? As an interior designer or architect, you are being judged on your branding more than many other professions. Jason Byer—the Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Crowdspring—shares that strong brands attract more customers, justify premium price points, and build more resilient businesses....


Delegate to Scale Your Interior Design Firm Fast - Episode 258

Hendrickson Interiors was born in 2016 when a friend asked Julianne to help design a new build. Julianne had no idea what she was doing but loved picking out pretty things. The builder loved her designs and hired Julianne to work together on more homes. Before she knew it, she had more clients than she knew what to do with. Julianne had no business plan, no idea how to open an account with a furniture firm, and she was still teaching. After burning the candle at both ends for two years,...


Video Storytelling as a Marketing Strategy for Interior Designers - Episode 257

When Jude Charles was 17, he took a video production class. At the end of the year, Jude’s teacher handed him a yellow envelope and told him that he had to start a business. Inside was his first set of business cards. Since then, Jude has dedicated his life to helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs tell their stories. He firmly believes that “Stories aren’t just how we connect as people and human beings but story is what differentiates you from someone else.” In this episode of Wingnut...


4 Google Ads Tips for Interior Designers - Episode 256

What is a Google ad? How can you leverage Google ads to drive leads to your interior design business? How do you stand out against your competition? In this solo episode of Wingnut Social, Darla dives into the need-to-know basics of Google ads. It’s a great strategy—in conjunction with SEO—to drive traffic to your website and help you build your business. What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Resources & People Mentioned Stacey Martin WebinarEpisode #250 with Stacey Martin A...


Grow Your Interior Design Team The Smart Way - Episode 255

Is it time for you to grow your team? What are the signs it’s time to hire another team member? What process should you use to hire the best candidate for the job? Jamie Van Cuyk—the owner and lead strategist of Growing Your Team—is an expert in hiring and onboarding teams within small businesses. She shares some spectacular tips and strategies that you can implement immediately to grow your team the right way. What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect with Jamie Van Cyuk...


Metaverse Interior Design: The Future of the Design Industry with Tom Puukko - Episode 254

What is the metaverse? How will the metaverse impact the interior design industry? Is designing a virtual world the future of architecture and design as we know it? Tom Puukko joins Darla in this episode of Wingnut Social to have a conversation about virtual architecture and design. Don’t miss this futuristic conversation! Tom is a British entrepreneur who's been working in digital innovation since 1998. He founded interiors brand, a marketplace where artists monetize their...


No Interior Design Degree? KD Reid Shares His Take - Episode 253

Do you need an interior design degree to successfully run an interior design firm? If you don’t get a formal education, where do you get an education? KD Reid is a successful interior designer with a passion for art and architecture and a reputation for crafting beautiful and functional spaces. Guess what? Zero formal design education. He shares how he grew from intern to business owner in this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast! What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social ...


Attract Affluent Clients Doing What You LOVE with Melissa Galt - Episode 252

Are you an interior designer just clamoring to work with the rich and famous? Do you want to be the designer to the stars? If you’re ready to work with affluent clients, Melissa Galt is the business coach to turn to. She loves the business of design more than design itself, which is why coaching is 95% of her business. She helps designers learn how to earn more in less time—and love their businesses a whole lot more in the process. In this episode of Wingnut Social, she shares the unique...


It’s Time to Tackle Renovation Projects with Renée Biery - Episode 251

When Renée Biery entered the interior design industry, she thought everyone did renovations. It wasn’t until she moved back home to Delaware that she realized she—especially as a woman—was the anomaly. She had to work hard to show how much value she could add to a renovation project for both the client and the contractors. She believes that Interior designers CAN and should do more. In this episode of Wingnut Social, she shares how you can learn to master those tricky renovation projects...


Stacey Martin’s Formula for Rockstar Interior Design Presentations - Episode 250

Interior design presentations are not easy to knock out of the park. If you’ve spent hours on a presentation only to receive a lackluster response from a client, you’re not alone. Stacey Martin has a mind-boggling 95% approval rating—without revisions—on her presentations. What’s the secret to her success? She shares the mind-blowing systems and processes she uses in this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast! What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect with Stacey Martin...


Clean Design Home: Robin Wilson’s Incredible Story - Episode 249

Robin Wilson grew up in Austin, TX with awful asthma and allergies. Her parents found a holistic pediatrician that said, “You can raise a strong child or you can raise a child on strong medicine.” So she started swimming, biking, walking, track, etc. to strengthen her lungs instead of taking strong medication. Because of her background, she became an advocate for clean construction. Any number of things on a site can lead to an asthmatic episode. So she dove deep into hypoallergenic...


Change Your Mindset—Raise Your Rates [Danielle Hayden] - Episode 248

Does the thought of raising your rates leave you saying “Uh-uh, no way?” Are you worried that the covid-induced interior design “bubble” may pop? What if you raise your prices and the bubble does burst? These questions contribute to the mindset struggles designers face when considering raising their rates. So how do you determine if you should make a change? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Danielle Hayden shares some exercises that can help you make the decision. Danielle is a reformed...


Is a CoWorking Workspace Right For Your Design Firm? with Mara Hauser - Episode 247

The pandemic shutdown sent so many of us home to work but designers were a bit ahead of that curve, generally speaking, since many worked from home already. But regardless how we got there, home can become a bit lonely and distracting when it comes to productivity and accomplishment. How do you deal with it? Mara Hauser says a CoWorking space may be your solution. Mara is a designer herself. She guides her client’s big ideas into executable designs that focus heavily on brand-building and...


How To Develop Your Working Knowledge As A Designer, with Andrea Hysmith - Episode 246

One of the many challenges for up-and-coming designers (and those of us who have been in the industry for a while, too) is in the area of “working knowledge.” There’s a LOT to know and it seems like nothing but time is going to help you know it. But the guest on this episode proves that even though she’s been in the industry for over 20 years, there are clear things you can do to accelerate your learning curve. Andrea Hysmith of A.S.H. Designs (in Ellicott City, MD) is an Interior...