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The mission of Wingnut Social is to provide you, the interior designers, the decorators, the stagers, and architects with the knowledge and techniques needed to step up your digital marketing game, and to help you fasten your brand in this ever-competitive, digital age.

The mission of Wingnut Social is to provide you, the interior designers, the decorators, the stagers, and architects with the knowledge and techniques needed to step up your digital marketing game, and to help you fasten your brand in this ever-competitive, digital age.
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The mission of Wingnut Social is to provide you, the interior designers, the decorators, the stagers, and architects with the knowledge and techniques needed to step up your digital marketing game, and to help you fasten your brand in this ever-competitive, digital age.






Why You Need a PR Agency with Andrew Joseph

Everybody wants to get featured in a magazine or booked as a speaker, but how do you do it? On today’s episode of the Wingnut Social Podcast, Darla and Natalie turn to one of the industry’s best to get some answers: Andrew Joseph. With over twenty years in the world of publishing and public relations, Andrew Joseph is an experienced and strategic asset for home and design brands as well as designers looking to position themselves in a busy market. Andrew started his career at Conde Nast...


Is Your Website Attracting Your Ideal Client with Franziska Neuman

Building a website ain’t what it used to be, and while many designers may want to rely on third-party platforms like Houzz to serve as their calling cards, you need a solid personal site. Why? Franziska Neuman explains on this week’s episode. Franziska Neuman is an interior designer whose work with small spaces in New York has landed her appearances on HGTV and the Oprah Winfrey Show. And her company FZK Franziska specializes in helping interior designers build amazing websites that not...


How to Be an HGTV Star with Abbi McCollum

For some, getting onto HGTV is the holy grail of design. But whether you want to be a TV star or just want to be featured on the HGTV blog, in the magazine, on their social media, you’re not going to want to miss this week’s guest: HGTV VP Abbi McCollum. Abbi McCollum is the vice president of social media and convergence for Discovery Inc.’s home and travel channel category. She is charged with creating a bridge between the on-air programming team, the marketing team and the digital team....


How to Get Your Foot in the Door with Potential Clients with Alex Berman

Sometimes you need to step out of the design world to get a fresh perspective. That’s why our guest this week is Alex Berman. Alex is the chairman of experiment 27 and has a keen eye and insight into marketing that designers may find refreshing. Alex Berman is the CEO of experiment 27, and something of a YouTube star. Experiment 27 specializes in getting clients meetings with big brands and Fortune 500 companies. But on his B2B marketing YouTube channel, Alex dispenses amazing advice to...


How the Heck Do You Get Featured in Magazines with Vanessa Helmick

Getting your work published in magazines can really set your interior design career on a steep trajectory. But how do you do it? And what work do you need to put in before submitting? Designer and recent cover girl Vanessa Helmick has you covered. Vanessa Helmick is the owner and principal designer of Fiore Interiors in Portland, Maine. She was born and raised in California, but moved to the Northeast 10 years ago where she has established her firm as one of the best in the region. Her work...


How to Market Your Design Business in These Changing Times With Crispin Butterfield

If there’s one thing that’s a constant in marketing, it’s change. The way interior designers market their firms now, compared to just a few years ago, is worlds apart. Today on the show we have someone who’s done it all, and successfully, Crispin Butterfield. Crispin Butterfield is the creative force and mastermind behind Urban Theory Design in Kelowna, British Columbia. Even though she’s still a young designer, she’s been in business 15 years, and caters to high-end clients, particularly...


Should You Be Doing E-Design? With Chaney Widmer

Depending on whom you ask, e-design is either the next evolution for interior design, or a bubble that has already burst. But no one is savvier about online design than the guest on today’s episode, Chaney Widmer. Chaney Widmer started Mix & Match Design Company in 2015 with the goal of making interior design affordable and accessible to everyone. Her company uses online tools to make interior design services less expensive and less intimidating. Last year, Chaney expanded to start offering...


Are Showrooms Worth It for Interior Designers? with Cheryl Kees Clendenon

Having a showroom can be an amazing calling card and home base for interior designers. But is it worth the overhead and the headaches? On today’s episode, Cheryl Kees Clendenon answers all your questions about showrooms. Cheryl Kees Clendenon is the owner and lead designer of In Detail Interiors on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Her innovative work has earned her firm more awards than any other firm on the Gulf Coast, and Cheryl is also an accomplished business coach to interior designers. On...


How to Market Your Home Staging Business with Marianne Cherico

Marianne Cherico has owned and operated a home staging company in New England for more than 20 years. She’s also a professional development coach who has helped countless entrepreneurs level up their businesses. She is also a bona fide ginger, making this week’s episode a little dangerous for Darla as she faces two soulless gingers for the first time. What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect with Marianne Cherico Marianne ChericoFire Up Your Home Staging...


How to Land High-End Clients with Debbe Daley

High-end, luxury clients are the white whales of the interior design business. But like Moby Dick, they’re difficult to land, and you may question your sanity once you get there. On today’s show, industry veteran Debbe Daley gives us a peek behind the bling. Debbe Daley has been in interior design for 30 years, working with nearly 700 clients, many of them high-end. Debbe has seen it all in the industry over the past few decades, and on today’s show she talks about how she approached...


How to Build Authenticity on Instagram with Shana Heinricy

Everyone says it: If you’re going to be successful on social media, you have to be authentic. If you think you know what that means, think again. Today, Shana Heinricy, Social Media Director for Wingnut Social, blows your mind. Darla and Natalie talk to Shana (on her own free will) about how to achieve authenticity in social media, and why it’s different than what most people think. In addition to being Wingnut Social’s director, Shana has a masters degree in communications, working toward...


Marketing Your Interior Design Business for Vacation Homes with Nicole O’Dwyer

There is a whole untapped market out there for interior designers that you may not even be thinking about: Vacationers. People who buy second homes need someone to help them beautify it. That’s where Nicole O’Dwyer’s expertise comes in. Nicole O’Dwyer is the owner of NS Interior Designs, and because she lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania, right by the Poconos, she specializes in helping with new home construction and second-home design. Nicole has worked hard to market her company to people...


What It Means to Be a Design Influencer with Adam Japko

The Wingnut Social Podcast has already definitively answered the question “Is Blogging Dead?” with a resounding no. And on today’s episode, Darla and Natalie talk with Adam Japko about how to be a design influencer through your blogging or your social media. Adam Japko is the founder of Esteem Media, home to leading national and local media brands in the luxury home design, gardening, and fine wine communities. Some of those brands include Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles and New England Home....


The Importance of Networking at Industry Events with Jane Dagmi

Networking can be sort of a dirty word, but don’t let that scare you off. Instead, think of it as building genuine relationships. And there’s no one more genuine, or more connected, than today’s guest, Jane Dagmi. Jane Dagmi is the editor of Designers Today, a great interior design magazine that all designers should be subscribed to. Jane has been in the magazine industry for more than 20 years, and as editor, her focus is less on the pretty pictures of interior design, and more on the...


Creating a Sustainable Design Business through Profit First with Michele Williams

Marketing is important to any business, but there’s maybe one thing that’s more important than marketing: profit. So on today’s podcast, we’re doing something a little different and talking about the Profit First approach with expert and fellow podcaster Michele Williams. Michele Williams is a certified Profit First professional who focuses on helping creative business owners grow the profit of their business. She’s the head honcho of Scarlet Thread consulting, and helps business owners fix...


Is Blogging Dead for Interior Designers? with Carla Aston

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to engage with potential clients and get your search engine optimization up to speed. So why does it feel like the last thing interior designers want to do? Today on the show, Carla Aston hits the reset button and tells you why you should be blogging. Carla Aston has had her own design firm since 2001 and has been an industry leader in blogging, with her “Designed with Carla Aston” blog being a must-visit destination for anyone interested in...


How to Gain Confidence in Your Marketing with Heather Havenwood

Marketing is essential to growing your interior design business. But a lot of times creative types (i.e. interior designers) suffer from a lack of confidence or what’s called imposter syndrome. Today on the show, Darla and Natalie tackle the problem head on with Heather Havenwood. Heather is a self-described serial entrepreneur, of Havenwood Worldwide, LLC and Chief Sexy Boss. She is regarded as a top authority on internet marketing, business strategies and marketing. Getting her start in...


Marketing Secrets for Your Interior Design Business with Michelle Binette

Marketing your interior design business is a business all its own. Social media marketing is essential, but so is marketing in real life, and spreading that all-important word of mouth. So on today’s podcast, we’re talking with someone who knows marketing inside and out, because she was a professional marketer before leaving her corporate job to begin her career in interior design. Darla and Natalie talk with Michelle about how her marketing career informs her interior design business, how...


Social Media Success Stories with Yours Truly

Social media is the biggest sea change to hit marketing in a long time, and there are few who would argue you shouldn’t have a social media presence. However, there are many who would argue about the return on investment for a business spending on social media. How can you be sure the money you’re spending is leading to actual client work? This week, Darla and Natalie open up their books and looks at what gigs they’ve gotten directly from social media. Now it would be easy to fudge the...


Why You Should Be Using Storytelling in Your Social Media with Susan Wintersteen

Sometimes social media feels like shouting into the void. Or even when you have an audience who’s responding to what you’re posting, it can feel like a beast that always needs to be fed. Sometimes you need to take a break from the pretty wallpaper photos and try storytelling. If you can tell a story on social media, then you can connect authentically and emotionally with an audience. Sometimes that’s a story about you, sometimes it’s a story about a client, but it’s always a story that...