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The mission of Wingnut Social is to provide you, the interior designers, the decorators, the stagers, and architects with the knowledge and techniques needed to step up your digital marketing game, and to help you fasten your brand in this ever-competitive, digital age.

The mission of Wingnut Social is to provide you, the interior designers, the decorators, the stagers, and architects with the knowledge and techniques needed to step up your digital marketing game, and to help you fasten your brand in this ever-competitive, digital age.
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The mission of Wingnut Social is to provide you, the interior designers, the decorators, the stagers, and architects with the knowledge and techniques needed to step up your digital marketing game, and to help you fasten your brand in this ever-competitive, digital age.






The Latest Instagram Statistics To Help You Highlight Your Brand

Instagram statistics can be pretty boring to wade through - so never fear, we’ve waded through them for you! In this mini-poddy, we’re bringing the most valuable takeaways of a recent Instagram study to your earbuds, so you can make better decisions about the way you use Instagram to highlight your brand. You’re going to learn about video, carousel image groups, optimal caption length, and get our take on the infamous Instagram hashtag debate. Listen, learn, and apply what makes sense to...


The Interior Design Instagram Formula That Generates 50 PERCENT Of Alisa Popelka’s Clients

A while back Darla noticed this gal - Alisa Popelka - EVERYWHERE on social media. She was especially rocking Instagram. It was like she had the Interior Design Instagram formula for success. And it turns out that wasn’t far from the truth. As the two got to know each other via social media they struck up an online friendship. That's when Alisa decided to crank up her Instagram strategy even more by signing up for the Wingnut Social strategy package. The results of adding what she learned to...


Money Can’t Buy What Superfans Bring To Your Interior Design Business

You may not have grabbed a copy of Pat Flynn’s new book, “Superfans” yet - Darla has it but hasn’t made space in her busy schedule to read it yet - but you need to understand the term all the same. A superfan is exactly what it sounds like - a person who truly loves the things you do, whatever that might be. They comment on your social media posts. They share your stuff with others, they even reach out to you directly from time to time via DM or email or whatever. This episode is about...


How An Interior Design Virtual Assistant Could Increase Your Profitability, with Brittanie Elms

As you’ll hear during the first part of this episode, just the thought of hiring an interior design virtual assistant stripped Darla’s gears a bit. That’s because there’s so much specialization, so many moving parts, and a ton of location-dependent stuff involved in design work. She couldn’t see how an assistant who’s not on location could be effective. But now she’s seen the light - thanks to Brittanie Elms. On this episode of Wingnut Social, you’re going to hear how Brittanie became an...


Turn Your Prospects into Super Fans with Bonjoro

Turn your prospects into super fans with Bonjoro When it comes to making a real and personal connection with clients, video connections beat email, text, or instant messenger, hands-down. And the impact it can have is powerful. But creating a personalized video is tough, from a time and technology standpoint. Until now. On this mini-poddy episode Darla introduces you to a fun new app she’s using called Bonjoro. You’re going to love this! What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut...


How Custom Furniture Design Could Be Your Ticket To Attracting New Design Clients, with Kelley Bishop

Many times, design projects need something special, something unique to set off the entire vibe of what you’re doing in a room. Enter custom furniture design. Yes, it sounds intimidating and like it might require skills you don’t have, but there are ways around that. Darla and Natalie’s guest on this episode is going to explain how you can pull it off. Kelley Bishop is the owner and designer behind Steel and Plank furnishings, a custom design furniture company that she started as a second...


Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest for Your Business

Tailwind is an incredibly helpful app that enables auto posting and more for Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest - we’ve been a bit neglectful of the platform for a while but since Instagram appears to be in kind of a lateral stall lately, Darla decided to jump back on to see what it might have to offer. Boy! There is a lot that’s happened with Pinterest in our absence! Take a few moments to listen, learn about Tailwind, Tribes, and Pinterest - and find out how you can join our new little Design...


How Choosing An Interior Design Niche Could Maximize Your Mojo, with Jen Obermeier

You may be aware that some designers choose an interior design niche, but have you ever considered doing the same in your business? There are many reasons (fears) NOT to niche down, but are they valid? This episode is a conversation with Jen Obermeier, a professional organizer who has learned how fulfilling and profitable it can be to drill down into a niche that enables you to do the specific kind of work you love, and to work with the exact type of people who fit you. Sound too good to be...


What To Do About Instagram’s Declining Engagement - Are Instagram Promotions Worth It?

There’s lots of complaining out there in social media land about buying followers. On some level we all kinda resent it, because getting followers used to be kind of automatic or organic. But no more - organic is going away. So instead of swimming against the tide of the inevitable Darla decided to go surfing - and tried out a 2 day experiment using Instagram’s promotional feature. And she reeled in 70 followers in two days. How? Glad you asked…(but you should listen to hear all the nuance...


Should An Interior Design Podcast Be Part Of Your Strategy? with Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole

Wingnut Social is an interior design podcast for designers - but there are other types of podcasts produced by designers that go at it from a different angle. Kendrac and Kole have been producing “Inside Design” (their podcast) for just over a year and are using it to a different end - to make themselves known for speaking opportunities and other industry-level events. Have you considered starting your own podcast? Should you? This conversation is laser focused - we’re talking with Joann...


The Top 5 Books to Inspire You and Your Design Business

Everyone needs a good book recommendation, but the problem is that everyone always recommends the same five business books. Today Darla makes some off-the-beaten-path recs that will help your interior design business. While Natalie loves the open seas and the sun, Darla would much rather be curled up with a book, so this episode is her five favorite books that have helped her in life and in business. The episode starts off with Do the Work by Stephen Pressfield, a book that will help you...


How to Market Your Interior Design Business with Packages featuring Mydoma Studio’s Stacy McKenna

There’s an old saying in business: If you don’t have a system for it, it doesn’t get done. Or we just made that up. Regardless, Mydoma Studio’s Stacy McKenna is on the show today, talking about how automation can help your bottom line. Stacy McKenna is an account executive with Mydoma Studio, a project management suite made by interior designers for interior designers. She has 12 years experience as both a design consultant and a furniture store owner. She has firsthand experience growing a...


Why You Should Go to High Point Market

You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen the Instagram photos, but is hitting up High Point Market worth it for interior designers? The answer, yes, on this week’s Monday Minisode (not poddy). Today, Darla and Natalie issue a public service announcement. High Point Market may not be until October, but you should be thinking about it and booking your hotel, etc., now, because lodgings go quickly. In fact, if you’re new to High Point, you can do what Darla and Natalie did their first year there,...


Should Interior Designers Become General Contractors with Nicole White

General contractors are a necessary partner when hiring trades to complete the project you designed. But what if you were a general contractor? Today, on the podcast, heading back to school with Nicole White. Nicole White is the principal of Nicole White Designs, which was recently voted a top Southern Florida design firm and one of 10 designers to watch by the Black Interior Designers Network. Nicole and her team specialize in renovation work and transforming client spaces. Nicole was born...


When to Hire for Your Interior Design Firm

On this week’s Marketing Monday Minisode, the Head Wingnut and the Hungry Ginger talk about the first time they delegated work. Darla was asked to do a 3D rendering of a room, and it took her way longer than could be financially justified. And after hiring out that work, and consulting with a copy of The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, Darla realized she should be focusing on the work that leverages her strongest talents. And nearly two years ago, Darla Powell Interiors made its first hire of an...


How Interior Designers Can Get Featured in Magazines with Sara Lynn Brennan

Getting published in magazines can be huge for an interior designer’s business? So how has one designer, who’s only been in the biz 18 months, been published so much? Find out on today’s episode! Sara Lynn Brennan is an award-winning entrepreneur, CEO and Principal Interior Designer at Sara Lynn Brennan Interiors, the first and only full-service interior design firm in Waxhaw, North Carolina who specializes in transitional design. She and her design-build team take spaces from bare bones to...


The Top 4 Apps for Interior Designers

Apps make life easier for you in 100 different ways. But for interior designers, there are four that can really be game changers. Darla and Natalie break them down on this episode. The first app the two recommend is a graphic design program that is cop- and firefighter-proof: Canva. Canva is an online app that’s plug and play and allows you to make pro-level graphics with a minimum of sweat. Up next is a task-tracking app that has made a huge difference at Wingnut Social, allowing everyone...


Could A Showhouse Be In The Future Of Your Design Career? with Corey Damen Jenkins

One of the most prestigious showhouse projects in the nation is the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse - a project that benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This past year Corey Damen Jenkins received a personal invitation to participate in the project - and the work his team did in that house was UH-MAY-ZING! In this episode of Wingnut Social, we talk with Corey about how he became involved with the project, what is typically involved in doing a showhouse project from a practical...


Is Your Design Business Missing In Google Local Search? You Need Google My Business

Let’s do a little experiment: search for “Interior Design YOUR CITY” right now on Google - and you’ll see Google Local Search listings right at the top. Is your business shown there? It SHOULD be… but if it’s not, never fear. This minisode is all about helping you get set up on what’s now called “Google My Business.” Listen to learn what Google My Business is and where it appears on search results, why it’s a good idea for you as a designer, how to set it up so that it’s accurate and...


Why You Should Be a DesignHound with Veronika Miller

Ever see pictures of an incredible event with, say, brands, designers, and a cupcake buffet? That was probably hosted by today’s guest, Veronika Miller, and you probably want to be a part of it. Veronika Miller is a kitchen and bath designer, and marketing specialist, who combined those two superpowers when she founded Modenus Media in 2010. Modenus is a marketing platform that seeks to pair designers and bloggers with forward-thinking brands. After years of hosting wildly successful blog...