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A podcast devoted to agile and lean software development.

A podcast devoted to agile and lean software development.


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A podcast devoted to agile and lean software development.




Episode 147: Minimum Viable Airlines

Items necessary for "Minimum Viable Airlines" and your "Minimum Viable Project". These are the items that we agreed we would need before embarking on a project together. Do you have all of these before you begin a project? Destination - Project Vision Altitude - Depth of backlog Location - Progress (working software) Airspeed - Speed of delivery and speed constraints Fuel - Stories Captain or pilot - A leader Black box - Project data or metrics Landing gear - A clear and well worn path to...


Episode 146: The Developer Experience Manifesto

Join the guys as they, on the fly, create the Developer Experience Manifesto Picks Jason Book - “Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words of Influence & Impact” by Phil Jones - great insights and straights on how many of the simple things we say (including on this podcast) impact how people perceive and respond to what we say as agilists - Product (for virtual teams) Sococo - Provides a virtual office with different spaces for team collaboration, pairing, or...


Episode 145: Chaotic and Confusing

Scaled Agile and the similarities between hair styling and agilist. The Picks Craig New version of git, introducing git switch and git restore: Lee Pros and Cons of Scaled Agile Amos Rocketbook Beacons John My new podcast Dalio’s Principles: A Philosophical Examination


Episode 144: Inconsistent at Best

In this thrilling episode of This Agile Life, Jason asks for advice from Craig, Amos and Lee on what kind of metrics development teams can provide so there is some level of predictability as to new when features will be available to users or potential customers. Craig I Estimate this Talk will be 20 Minutes Long, Give or Take 10 Minutes by Noel Rappin, Concolic testing, * Concolic = concrete + symbolic...


Episode 143: Skinny Agile

Topics Marriage Workshop Skinny Agile Commandments: Working software, delivered in short intervals (weekly or more often) Every story has to be deployed when it’s finished Every story has to be valuable (to the stakeholders) and observable Picks Craig Jessica Kerr’s talk about Opera at Agile: Deliver, John This is 40,


Episode 142: Alone in the Ring

Jason and Amos in a steel cage match of death. Picks Tice Live Event - Play For Agile NA - September 26 - 29, 2019 - Corwall, ON - Multi-Day Open Space conference focused on collaboration for high performing teams - theme this year is: Growing Empathy through Play - Elevation of Privilege - Card Game for Threat Modeling - Open Source thanks to Microsoft - Model Your Threats - Amos GigCity...


Episode 141: Letting People Be Vulnerable

What to do when team members don’t want to follow the established team rules? How to deal with your emotions getting the better of you? How Craig prefers to work * Introverted, but likes to work with people * Thinking out loud * OK with taking criticism in public * Passive with ideas The only thing you can control is how you act/react (Amos has been seeing this, but Tice brought it up) Team-first development ( Vulnerability stories * Five Dysfunctions of...


Episode 140: Squad, Squad, Squad, Squad

How to tell how well your team is doing * Happiness * Productivity * Informed (communication) * Needed a break? * Learned/improved? * How many times did you feel pain? * Trust * Feeling important/useful * Self-organizing * Have you tried “all” the Agile practices? * Amos: team complains about chairs Picks John * Empathy Map exercise, Lee * Plickers - App for...


Episode 137: Geological Separation

Picks John * test && commit || revert with Kent Beck on * GTD, for $1.99 Amos * GullyTown Double Barrel Aged by Restless Spirits in Kansas City * A Philosophy of Software Design by John Ousterhout * Elixir Outlaws -


Episode 136: Natural Flow

Picks Craig * A critique of “the 5 whys” ( (not the one I saw recently, but similar) * Office Space scenes with the real Michael Bolton ( * Alchian-Allen effect ( Amos * People * Paper * Getting Things Done ( - David Allen


Episode 135: Shower Standup

Links Agile Connection ( Subway Map to Agile Practices ( Picks Craig Doug DeMuro car videos ( Auto Trader column called Oversteer Music without lyrics, but that I like 2Cellos ( Harp Twins ( Lee Agile Connection...


Episode 134: Ideas to Increase Agility in 2018

Special Guests Don Peters Marc Chouinard Topics Real-Time Team Improvements Setting Clear Objectives, Goals, and Working Agreements Try Pair Testing in 2018 Find Your Personal Impact / Motivation Picks Liftoff ( (Book) by Diana Larsen & Ainsley Nies – provides specific methods for “agile chartering” to help teams define their vision, and then write mission and mission tests to guide activities supportive of the...


Episode 133: Agile Tribal Council

Topics Leadership by example Picks Craig Clean Architecture ( by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin Building Evolutionary Architectures ( by Neal Ford and Rebecca Parsons John The Mother of All Demos (, presented by Douglas Engelbart 1968 The Five Dysfunctions of a Team...


Episode 132: Stockholm Syndrome

Discussion The standardization of agile process across an organization. Picks Lee 22 Scrum Master Anti-Patterns ( from Job Ads, blog post by Stefan Wolpers Nate Mellowcreme pumpkins ( The Greatest Generation ( Amos (channeling Tice) ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct ( How a Raccoon Became an Aardvark...


Episode 131: Great Bathtubs

The Discussion We discuss ways that you can create a virtual "Save Point" in your project, both technically and with your relationships. Picks Nate Audible Content Exchange ( Lee Welcome Inn Manor ( - B&B in Chicago Jason Jason’s Recommended Bed & Breakfast in Boulder, CO - The Alps Canyon Inn ( - (Lee thinks they have great bathtubs) - Let’s Be Awesome...


Episode 130: Intelligent Monkeys

Picks Amos Moon Monkey - Ginger Beer from Saint Louis’ Urban Chestnut Quixir ( - Property-based testing in Elixir Lee Artillery ( - performance testing tool Testing Pyramid ( - from Martin Fowler Craig Ansible ( Server builds/configs My server configs ( Linux or macOS software install/configuration My macOS configs...


Episode 129: What Happened

Links Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs ( Picks Jason The DevOps Lego Chocolate Game ( - a great way to learn about DevOps practices and how to apply them on your team Team First Development ( - 3-minute Improv games to improve team dynamics, collaboration and communication - all the essentials to...


Episode 128: Pickle Buckets

Recorded at the Rolla Brewpub ( Amos and Craig head out to a Brewery...Yes, a Brewery, and talk Josh Stacy, one of the co-owners of Public House Brewing Company. They talk about learning from our mistakes, continuous improvement, scaling, producing quality, and, of course, making beer. Picks Craig Being Employed ### Amos Farmhouse Ale ( ### Josh Voltron (


Episode 127: Someone Stank

Working from Home / Pairing Suggests on how to pair Mob Programming Picks Amos Maltopia, Hermitage Brewing ( Strange Loop ( ElixirConf ( Elixir Rocks Craig Ruby Conf (