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Solving big problems with small teams




Solving big problems with small teams






Jonny Williams — What is Delivery Management?

Jonny Williams works at Red Hat as an agile Delivery Lead, and he joins Tiny DevOps to cut through the confusion surrounding "Delivery Management". In this episode... Guest Jonny Williams, Agile Delivery Lead at Red Hat Web site: https://delivervalue.uk/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonny-williams-83433836/ Resources Book: Delivery Management: Enabling Teams to Deliver Value Watch this episode on YouTube.


Gorjan Jovanoski — Saving the planet, one server at a time

Gorjan Jovanoski is the co-founder of AirCare, the mobile app that helps you know what you breathe. He joins me to tell the story of founding AirCare, and share some of the surprises, good and bad, along the way. In this episode... Guest Gorjan Jovanoski AirCare web site Watch this episode on YouTube.


Oshri Cohen — What kind of CTO do you need?

Oshri Cohen is a fractional CTO with a diverse background, currently working with four companies. He joins me on the show to cut through some of the confusion surrounding the Chief Technical Officer role. In this episode: Guest Oshri Cohen LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oshricohen/ Website: oshricohen.me Watch this episode on YouTube.


Paul Cothenet — Observations on observability

Paul Cothenet of Patch.io joins me this time to discuss war stories implementing observabillity at two small startups. In this episode… - How to choose an obervabillity tool/platform - Why AWS doesn't provide the best observability platform - Teaching the team to use observability - How to convince stakeholders that observability is valuable - What would you miss the most if your observability platform was no longer available? - The business value of a good observability solution - Making observability metrics easy for management to use - What does it all cost? - Advice for getting started Resources Rands Leadership Slack: https://randsinrepose.com/welcome-to-rands-leadership-slack/ Guest Paul Cothenet Twitter: @paulcothenet Company, and jobs: patch.io Watch this episode on YouTube.


James McShane — Is Kubernetes right for your small company?

James McShane is the Engineering Director at SuperOrbital and has been working with Kubernetes for about 6 years, in a large number of environments. He joins the show today to help unpack whether Kubernetes is a good choice for your small company. - What is Kubernetes, and what problems does it solve for you? - Choosing Kubernetes means choosing a set of problems. - Which application architectures match well with Kubernetes? - Which problems Kubernetes doesn't solve well for you. - How to handle your application data layer when starting with Kubernetes - Some of the differences between the big three's Kubernetes offerings - Should you hire experienced Kubernetes engineers before adopting Kubernetes? - Why is Kubernetes controversial, and how can a newcomer cut through the hype? - Common newbie mistakes - How does price figure into the decision to choose Kubernetes or not? - How to learn Kubernetes if your employer isn't using it Guest James McShane Twitter: @jmcshane Engineering Director at SuperOrbital.io Watch this episode on YouTube.


Dave Mangot — Should you deploy on Fridays?

Dave Mangot is a speaker, author, teacher, and Silicon Valley veteran. His focus is helping private equity portofolio companies use their technology organization to maximize growth, and he joins me today to discuss the contentious topic of Friday deployments and why you definitely should do them and why you definitely should not do them. Confused? In this episode Resources Article: Deploy on Fridays, or Don't Book: Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and Dave Farley Talk: How Complex Systems Fail by Richard Cook (Velocity 2012) Book: Project to Product by Mik Kersten Book: Out of the Crisis by W. Edwards Deming Guest Dave Mangot Web site: https://www.mangoteque.com/ LinkedIn: mangot Twitter: @davemangot Watch this episode on YouTube.


Tod Hansmann — Observability as an engineering enabler

Problem solver Tod Hansmann of Catalyst joins me to discuss "observability": What it is, why it means different things to different people, and how to get started if it's new for you. In this episode: Guest Tod Hansmann Twitter: @todpunk LinkedIn: Tod Hansmann Catalyst Resources Book: Site Reliability Engineering Watch this episode on YouTube.


Jason Adam — A conversation about trunk-based development

Jason Adam is a software with a non-traditional background in biology, business development, and data analytics. Now he's active as a developer, and on the lookout for proven practices he can introduce to his team. On this episode we talk about Trunk-Based Development, and the related topics of continuous integration and deployment, infrastruture as code, and much more. In this episode Resources Continuous DeliveryDomain-Driven DesignWorking Effectively with Legacy CodeClean Architecture Guest Jason Adam Web site & newsletter: functionalbits.io Have a topic to discuss on the show? Let me know! Want a private consultation? Borrow my brain. Watch this episode on YouTube.


Tiny DevOps is back! Plus a couple announcements

The Tiny DevOps podcast is back! Plus a couple of announcements. Sign up for the Lean CD Seminar. Check out the Boldly Go channel. Watch this episode on YouTube.


Jac Hughes — All about Scrum, when you should (and shouldn't) use it, and how to get started

Since leaving the Royal Navy about 7 years ago, Jac Hughes has found himself drawn to the world of Scrum and agile software development. He now runs Everyday Agile, an agile coaching and training business based in the UK. In this episode Resources Book: When Will It Be Done? by Daniel S. Vacanti Blog series: Story Pointless (Part 1 of 3) by Nick Brown Podcast: Scrum Master Toolbox Guest Jac Hughes LinkedIn: jac-hughes Everyday Agile YouTube channel: Everyday Agile Watch this episode on YouTube.


Morgan Craft — Is a fractional CTO right for your company?

Morgan Craft is a New York-based former software engineer and CTO, and currently a founder and Fractional CTO. He joins me to discuss the concept of a fractional CTO, why they're growing in popularity, and how to decide whether one is right for you. In this episode Resources What is a Fractional CTO?Rand's List Leadership Slack Guest Morgan Craft Web site: MorganCraft.com LinkedIn: mgan59 gitBabel Watch this episode on YouTube.


Stacy Cashmore — The painful crawl through the morass of past shortcuts

Stacy Cashmore has the interesting title of Tech Explorer DevOps at Omniplan, which means she has free reign to do what she thinks she needs to do! In this episode, we talk about a big rewrite decision she made, and the results of this decision, good and bad. In this episode isalwaysResources Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon The DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim, Patrick Debois, John Willis, Jez Humble The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim Guest Stacy Cashmore Twitter: @Stacy_Cash Web site: stacy-clouds.net Watch this episode on YouTube.


Bryan Finster — The One Agile Scaling Framework to Rule Them All

Bryan Finster returns to Tiny DevOps, this time to explain the amazing benefits of his new Scaled Agile DevOps Maturity Framework (SAD MF), the silver bullet that you, and literally everyone else, should be using. In this episode Resources Scaled Agile DevOps Minimum Viable CD and (Tiny DevOps Episode #21) Guest Bryan Finster LinkedIn: bryan-finster Medium: https://bdfinst.medium.com/ Watch this episode on YouTube.


Matt K Parker — Radical Collaboration, how Radical Enterprises do it, and how you can, too

More and more organizations are adopting a "Radically Collaborative" approach to business. Matt K. Parker, author of the new book A Radical Enterprise joins me to discuss what this means, why it's desirable, and how to begin adopting these practices in our own organizations. In this episode Reinventing OrganizationsTeam of Teams Resources A Radical EnterpriseHOW reportHigh Output ManagementReinventing OrganizationsTeam of TeamsCorporate RebelsHow to Run A Radically Collaborative Meeting In 3 Easy StepsTurn the Ship AroundHumanocracyThe No-Limits EnterpriseHolacracyCorporate RebelsMattKParker.comGuest Matt K. Parker Web site: MattKParker.com Email: matt@mattkparker.com Watch this episode on YouTube.


How can I best prepare for a job interview? And other DevOps career Q&A

In this episode, I tackle some questions from listeners, and provide my own answers to your DevOps Careers questions: Resources The Daily Commit: Knowledge Options Send your questions for an upcoming Q&A episode to jonathan@jhall.io. Watch this episode on YouTube.


Joy Ebertz — All About Feature Flags

Joy Ebertz is a Principal Software Engineer at Split. She focuses on the technical vision for the backend team, and she joins me today to talk about some of the obvious, as well as not so obvoius ways in which feature flags can be used on projects of any size. In this episode Resources Split.io Blog: 7 Ways We Use Feature Flags Every Day at Split Guest Joy Ebertz Blog: https://jkebertz.medium.com/ Twitter: @jkebertz LinkedIn: joyebertz Watch this episode on YouTube.


Jonathan Hall — The Butterfly Effect: How a Single Bit Changed My Career

This week I share the story of a single bit gone wrong back in 2006, which launched my career on a new trajectory of root-cause analysis, continuous improvement, and DevOps. Resources Blog: Joel on Software Book: Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers Book: Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck Book: Clean Code by Robert Martin The Joel Test Talk: 10+ Deploys Per Day (12:45) The Jonathan Test Lean CD Bootcamp Presentation Slides and notes Watch this episode on YouTube.


Lynn Thames — What do software development and manufacturing have in common? Agility.

Lynn Thames' business Excel Software Services, helps manufacturing and distribution companies with software automation. She joins me to help answer the question: What does software development have in common with manufacturing? Her answer: Agility. In this episode Resources Book: The Phoenix Project Book: The Goal Value Pricing Guest Lynn Thames Excel Software Services Watch this episode on YouTube.


Emily Omier — How to "sell" open-source

Does your company produce open-source software? Are you considering doing so? Emily Omier helps open-source startups with product positioning, and today she joins me to discuss how you can position your open-source project, if you have one, and help you decide if you should have one. In this episode: Guest Emily Omier emilyomier.com Cloud Native Startup podcast Positioning Open Source blog Twitter: @EmilyOmier Watch this episode on YouTube.


Adrian Stanek — Think In Baby Steps

Adrian Stanek, of Bits in Motion, joins me to relate his success story of transforming his organization's software development process via baby steps. We discuss his old architecture, why it was problematic, and the strategy he employed to gradually replace it with a new, more modern micro-frontend-based architecture. Adrian also shares where improvements are still needed, and his planned next steps to get there. Resources Daily Email: Why most Agile Transformations fail Strangler Fig Application by Martin Fowler Lean CD Guest Adrian Stanek LinkedIn: adrianstanek https://adrianstanek.dev/ bitsinmotion Watch this episode on YouTube.