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A podcast about podcasts, Dick Clark will attempt to curate a running list of the funniest, most mind blowing, most time worthy podcasts from the infinite number of shows out there in the ethereal plane of the internet.

A podcast about podcasts, Dick Clark will attempt to curate a running list of the funniest, most mind blowing, most time worthy podcasts from the infinite number of shows out there in the ethereal plane of the internet.
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A podcast about podcasts, Dick Clark will attempt to curate a running list of the funniest, most mind blowing, most time worthy podcasts from the infinite number of shows out there in the ethereal plane of the internet.




Episode 35 - Pod Save America

This week, Reina and I drink liberal tears alongside the hosts of Pod Save America! Grab your resistance sweaters and join us, won't you?


Episode 34 - Song Exploder

This week, Reina and I dive into a podcast called Song Exploder where the host, Hrishikesh Hirway, sits with an artist and breaks down one of their songs into individual tracks. It's a fascinating look at how some of the most iconic songs of the last few decades were created. Please to enjoy!


Episode 33 - Queery

This week, Reina and I have the please of listening to a wonderful podcast all about identifying as LGBTQIA. Cameron Esposito (Put Your Hands Together, Take My Wife) interviews people from within the entertainment industry who identify somewhere along the LGBTQIA spectrum. The conversations are raw, informative and beautiful. We listened specifically to the episode with Stephanie Beatriz so sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation that Reina and I had about this amazing podcast!


Episode 32 - LeVar Burton Reads

This week, Reina and I are reliving our childhood alongside the one and only LeVar Burton! Anyone that was fortunate enough to grow up in the early 80's will know and love this man's dulcet tones and his passion for reading. Join us as we discuss episode 12 of the LeVar Burton Reads Podcast where he narrates Elmore Leonard's "No Man's Guns"!


Episode 31 - Revisionist History

We're back! After a brief (2.5 month) hiatus, we've returned full strength and ready to discuss more podcasts with you all. This week, we tackled Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell, specifically his episode titled The Basement Tapes. Give us a listen, check it out and tell us hello on the social media thingys!


Episode 29 - Homecoming

This week, Reina and I devoured an entire season of a beautifully crafted, narrative podcast called Homecoming. A Gimlet Media production, it includes the voice talents of Catherine Keener, David Cross, Oscar Isaac, Amy Sedaris and others. In our spoiler free conversation, we gush about using an audio only medium to tell an amazingly detailed and imagination filled story and how much my man crush on Oscar Isaac has increased thanks to this podcast. Grab a cozy blanket, some hot cocoa and...


Episode 28 - Terrible, Thanks For Asking

This week, Reina and I discuss an important podcast that tackles our pain, our awkwardness and our humanness in a (sometimes) funny/sad/uncomfortable way. Specifically, we discuss the episode titled "Semper Fi" and dive into the lost stories of our fathers, friends and relatives that truly are invaluable when trying to fully understand each other. Grab some tissues, your favorite comfort food and enjoy the conversation, won't you?


Episode 27 - Katy Says with Katy Bowman

This week, Reina and I discuss cardio, movement and holistic approaches to health and wellness! This podcast was suggested by my beautiful Other Reina and is a treasure trove of practical advice for all skill sets of exercise seekers. The podcast and accompanying books/website have research and science based approaches for people that are looking for ways to improve both physical and mental health and is definitely worth your time to check out. Please enjoy our conversation, won't you?!


Episode 26 - The Longest Shortest Time

This week, Reina and I are joined by two long time friends Matt and Jess Anderson to discuss the incredible parenting podcast called The Longest Shortest Time, specifically episode 60: The Accidental Gay Parents. This is the first of a 4 part series that details the inspiring story of a non-traditional family unit in all senses of the word. Please enjoy the conversation that we had about our own parenting experiences, the beauty of loving relationships wherever they're found and much more!


Episode 25 - 6 Month Recap

This week, Reina and I look back at the first 24 episodes of Too Many Shows and pick our top 3 podcasts and the 3 that didn't quite make the cut after a relisten (Dick) or an introduction (Reina). We also hear from a few listeners to get their takes on what they've been listening to! Join us, won't you?


Episode 24 - The Thrilling Adventure Hour

This week, Reina and I go old timey radio with an expertly crafted podcast titled The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Fast paced, excellently written dialogue with foley, musical interludes and superior acting, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker have created a nostalgic world where listeners can lose themselves in interesting character and story developments and laugh along the way. We listened to an episode of Beyond Belief starring Paul F. Tompkins (you guys seeing a pattern here yet?) and Paget...


Episode 23 - The Let's Go Eat Show

This week, Reina and I discuss the first local podcast on the list! The Let's Go Eat Show is hosted by Bill Allred from x96's top rated morning show in Salt Lake City, Radio From Hell. It's produced by his son, Dylan and offers listeners a chance at getting to know people of interest from around the 801 (and beyond!) as well as introducing us to local eating establishments along the Wasatch Front. We listened to an interview with KRCL's Bad Brad Wheeler and his inspiring story about a...


Episode 22 - 99% Invisible

This week, Reina and I dive into a podcast that's packed with information, excellent production and a host with the silkiest, smoothest, sexiest voice in the biz: 99% Invisible. Specifically, we tackled an episode with Salt Lake flavor titled 240 - Plat of Zion. We discuss urban planning and how it relates to the 801 as well as throughout the world. So grab a lemonade, your tape measure and hard hat for our conversation, won't you?


Episode 21 - Pistol Shrimps Radio

I head a joke told to me at a bar once that went a little like this: What do you get when you take 2 improvisors who know absolutely nothing about sports, a couple of microphones, a women's recreational basketball league and an occasional guest star/friend of one of the improvisors who sits in and assists with calling each game they attend? Why, Pistol Shrimps Radio of course! Confused, I asked the person what the hell kinda joke that was to which they responded: ain't no joke, friend....


Episode 20 - You Are Not So Smart

This week, Reina and I listen to and discuss a series of episodes all about The Backfire Effect. You Are Not So Smart dives into the psychological reasons of why we hang on tightly to certain beliefs but are quick to change our minds when the stakes are lower. Do yourselves a favor and check out the entire podcast of YANSM on Boing Boing and please enjoy our conversation! Rate, Review, Comment...go, fight, WIN


Episode 19 - Politically Re-Active

This week, Reina and I discuss W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu's podcast titled "Politically Re-Active." It's a show both prescient and poignant given the political climate we now find ourselves in. Do yourselves a service and check out the entire list of episodes, especially since the new season came out a few days ago! Enjoy our conversation on the inaugural episode centered around dogwhistling and follow us on Twitter @toomanyshowspod!


Episode 18 - S-Town

This week, Reina and I do an extra long take on an entire series and not just one episode of a particular podcast. We discuss the ins, the outs and the arounds of S-Town, a 7 part look into the life of John B. Mclemore, the city of Woodstock, AL and...well...a lot of other things that I don't want to reveal in this short intro. Do yourselves a favor, listen to all 7 episodes and then enjoy our SPOILER FILLED conversation on this week's special episode of Too Many Shows!


Episode 17 - 2 Dope Queens

This week, Reina and I discuss one of the rare gems in audio podcasting that showcases both new and established stand-up comedians. 2 Dope Queens is hosted by The Daily Show's Jessica Williams and her hilarious friend Phoebe Robinson. This podcast is guaranteed to make you laugh your ass off every single week and has a ton of great performers, stand-ups and interviews! Please enjoy our conversation and check out 2 Dope Queens! Bonus: we come up with a new rating system and think it's way...


Episode 16 - Dead Pilots Society

This week, Reina and I listened to John Hodgman's excellent script titled "Only Child" that was brought back from the dead (i.e. lost in the sea of pilot scripts that never get made) but Ben Acker and Andrew Reich! Fantastic table read performances, hilariously told semi-autobiographical story about Hodgman's life, you will not want to miss doing the homework and then listening to The Queen and I discuss our reactions. Check it out, won't you!?


Episode 15 - Trends Like These

This week, Reina and I listened to one of my favorite, most trusted news sources in today's day and age: Trends Like These with Brent Black and Travis McElroy. Specifically, we tackled the episode titled "Emma Watson's Breasts, Travel Ban 2.0/GOP Healthcare Plan and Wiretapping Claims." (Phew...long title!) We get into the headlines, discuss Feminism and how all of our lives are affected by sexist policies. Have a listen, won't you?! Subscribe, rate, comment, let us know your thoughts!