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Two Blokes Talking Tech #374.2 - CES 2019 Wrap

What a show, the biggest tech show in the world is wrapping up, so the boys look at a whole bunch of products that caught their eye over the last few days, enjoy the last CES 2019 podcast thanks to Netgear and Uniden.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #374.2 - CES 2019 Press Day

The big names are out with news and products, so Trevor and Stephen digest and dissect what came from LG, Hisense, Samsung and Sony on Press day at CES 2019


Two Blokes Talking Tech #374.1 - CES 2019 Kicks off

Live from Las Vegas, Trevor and Stephen have just attended CES Unveiled to see a range of new and exciting products. From The belt that tracks activity and waist line, to the bicycle vest with airbags, the sleep solutions, cat feeding with facial recognition, smart speaker light switches, bread vending machine, eye testing, clothes folder, smart beer fridge and the useless robot. It's all here.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #373 - End of year edition

Looking back on the tech of 2018, the best phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and everything else, plus a look forward to 2019. Thanks for listening this year!


Two Blokes Talking Tech #372 - Steve has the NBN!

Stephen finally has NBN and his experience getting connected is a lesson for Optus, the telcos and customers getting FTTC, but the good news is, it's flying. Freeview is now on your browser, so there's an easy way to watch live TV just using your web browser. Huawei are helping deaf kids learn to read with a new app using AI, the app that helps you save someone else's life by stopping them from texting and driving, the smart cricket bat sensor to help you with your swing and Tom Cruise's...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #371 - Commonwealth Bank and Apple Pay?

It's not the April Fools episode. But get this, Commonwealth Bank has announced Apple Pay for its users! that's right, from January - Apple Pay! Crazy - we discuss what went on and how it went down. Google looks back on the year so the blokes stroll down short term memory lane, Oppo tops the Canstar charts, Stephen goes Water Droning, XMAS ideas for all at this last minute time and some reviews of course!


Two Blokes Talking Tech #370 - 5G, Smart things, Apple and Vodafone

Telstra 5G is getting serious, and we're really almost ready to see our first real device on sale - Trev's seen it and we're expecting more in early 2019, plus Samsung brings SmartThings devices to Australia - first off - Victoria through RACV, the blokes discuss this partnership and what it means. Vodafone offering multi plan loyalty to customers with more than one plan, from 5% to 20% discounts. Apple Music coming to Alexa, an affordable smart speaker alternative for Apple users - plus...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #369 - Kayo's knockout punch

It's official, Kayo Sports is your online streaming sports destination with loads of sport and all the apps it's seemingly too good to be true - but it's real. Plus the blokes have taken a good look at Hisense's new OLED TV - what's good what's not and would you buy one? Robot guides and our direct experience, are we paying too much for Netflix on the global scale, Tap and Go comes to public transport in Sydney, Optus launch an interesting - if not a touch confusing Apple Watch deal, and...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #368 - 8K TV is good for your brain

The blokes are in Korea, and it's action stations as 8K starts to hit the street - we've talked a Brain Scientist about why 8K and higher are good for our brains, and what our brains can do to make more from the higher res picture. Plus, outdoor Wifi, more important than you think - the Fitbit for Cows from the CSIRO, Huawei's first Aussie laptop, the Matebook X Pro, Logitech's interesting iPad accessory, the high tech coffee mug, Telstra's real steps to 5G and the minute reviews


Two Blokes Talking Tech #367 - Mobile Data Wars - OLED Deals and more

Fresh from Hawaii Stephen is back and the tech news keeps rolling, Boost, Kogan & Amaysim are head to head with new data deals for the prepaid lovers and it's great data value. Hisense is in market with OLED TVs at great prices, but we also uncover some cracker deals on LG too. NBN is making changes in the bush that should be a thing for everyone perhaps, Alexa skills you can make yourself, Telstra's new affordable Tablet for kids, the Foldable phone future and Trevor's minute reviews.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #366 - Apple's Event News and Huawei's shot across the bow

All the news from the Apple Event in New York - an all-new Mac Mini, but who's buying them, the refreshed but not entirely all-new MacBook Air, plus the big news being the iPad, USB-C, Pencil redesigned and way more power - what's the blokes views on all this! Plus Huawei's Mate 20 - more impressive than ever, with some standout features and a stunner of a camera, Steve's car got an Upgrade - that's how it should be right? The games coming to Playstation Classic that have even Trev...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #365 - No More Queues at Apple Stores?

The iPhone XR is out today, there was no queue at the Sydney Apple Store - are the queues over? Is online enough? The blokes discuss queuing of all kinds. Plus Huawei's Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro - best in class? too pricey? Channel 7 set to Stream the Tokyo Olympics in 4K, The Google Home and Alexa screens coming thick and fast, Mobile Muster encouraging you to fear not when it comes to your device data, Sony's new 4K projector and the Minute reviews


Two Blokes Talking Tech #364 - Seinfeld

In the second clip show of Trevor's break, the boys discuss wireless home audio, what's what and what's necessary in this market right now, plus the long awaited Seinfeld Chat - favourite episodes, moments, characters and all things Seinfeld, and a look at what tech goes into making a podcast!


Two Blokes Talking Tech #363 - The Clip Show

This week the boys have a broad ranging discussion about a few things on your mind - listener topics which include Travel Tech - what we like to see in hotels, what we carry when we travel and how to be prepared, plus Streaming services and streaming shows and the big topic of World Changing Technology - what tech has really changed the world?


Two Blokes Talking Tech #362 - iPhone Camera, Foxtel Now prices and Google Maps plus more tech news

The third in our 2018 "Cafe" Series episodes, the blokes are back with news of iPhone Xs' results in the DXOMark smartphone camera tests, Trev has news on Foxtel Now price rises and the programming coming to Foxtel 4K. Google Maps gears you up for the commute and has your music front and centre, Stephen visits a super smart apartment from driveway to kitchen, Xbox is coming out bundled with Fortnite - why? Stephen has Dogs and Dinosaurs and the minute reviews are all about STEM


Two Blokes Talking Tech #361 - 20 years of Google!

Google turns 20, can you believe it? What would the world be like without it? What was the progression from Garage to today - amazing story, a reflection on an internet age. Bathurst in 4K Baby! Trev is excited. Forza Horizon 4 looks great according to Trev, Amazon has a load of new devices, Nokia's 8110 tested and Arlo's new light - plus some mega minute reviews.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #360 - Apple Store queues, the end of them?

The blokes have been at the opening of the Sydney Apple store for iPhone Xs and Xs Max, how big was the queue?? What's the reason for the size of the queue and what's change. Thoughts on last week's launch event, thoughts on the phones and watches - plus news from GoPro with a new Hero 7 camera out - from LG with Google added to their 2018 TVs finally, and ANZ innovates at the ATM!


Two Blokes Talking Tech #359 - Foxtel you are mad!

Foxtel gives a great new feature, but makes it available only to a certain type of customer - seems to make no sense - the blokes discuss! Apple's event is in just a few days, what's planned, what's coming. The all-electric Mercedes Benz EQC - how's it compare to what's out there, does it kill Tesla? And what new features does Tesla have planned. Phones Phones Phones, lots of new ones coming which we discuss, and the new Bose smart speaker and soundbars. All that, plus the minute reviews.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #358 - Live from IFA Berlin

The two blokes are in Berlin for the annual IFA show where the latest gadgets and gizmos are shown off to the world - this week they look at 8K TV, Sony's news, Netgear, Translators and a whole lot more - plus, Apple confirms their September event!


Two Blokes Talking Tech #357 - Note 9 and Vodafone's business move

The Note 9 is out, what do the blokes think? How's it perform, what's the good and bad of it now you can get your hands on it. Vodafone is in talks with TPG to merge their businesses, why? What's in it for Vodafone - what's in it for TPG? Trev's excited about F1 2018 coming out, Steve's wondering why we don't make phone calls any more. THe blokes head to Berlin next week for IFA - what's happening, and what do we expect? Minute reviews, plus your chance to set the talking points for some...