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Two Blokes Talking Tech #351 - Apple Anniversary for iPhone and App Store

It's been ten years to the day since the iPhone launched in Australia so Stephen and Trevor take a trip down memory lane to remember the amazing innovations of the decade, plus, at the same time the App Store turns 10 - with a whole new economy created it's hard to ignore. Fortnite breaks into the real world - your way to stay hip with the kids, NBN choices seem limited in a recent survey, so what should people be looking for? Aussie Ben Simmons is the cover star for the next NBA2K game, and...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #350 - Getting Stephen up early

Trev rocked up to Stephen's place early today to record the 350th episode of Two Blokes Talking Tech - and there is - as always, lots to talk about. The end of DVD's and CDs at KMart and what it means for the DVD business, plus Stephen's views on why Discs are still better than streaming. Boost in data for Boost customers plus some sweet international calling deals too - GMail privacy woes and what it really means, Amazon Prime's big Aussie sale is coming up, NVIDIA has a little gaming box...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #349 - Optus gives up on the world cup

Well, like groundhog day the boys are discussing Optus again and their World Cup Woes and they've handed SBS all the live games, plus this week in Tech News Vodafone shakes up their NBN plans with no up front costs and no contracts and a solution to keeping your landline number too. Oppo's new R15 and their Bali deal as well as an innovative new Find X phone as the boys realise Oppo is doing pretty bloody well right now in Australia. Parents and their knowledge of kids online playing games...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #348 - Telcos, Streaming and free delivery

Stephen and Trevor cover all the streaming woes Optus has had, looking at the bigger picture - what does it mean for the industry? Telstra has their share of issues today with a small outage getting national attention just a day before they announce huge changes to the business including massive job losses. Amazon launches it's PRIME subscription service in Australia giving new free shipping options to Aussies, Apple's dramas with the ACCC and warranties, Circle from Disney launches in...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #347 - Streaming show reviews

This week the boys are back in Australia talking all things World Cup and Streaming, plus some insight into how Sports Streaming can and does not work and what might the future hold. The world's biggest gaming launches are happening in LA the two blokes have a wrap of the big news, Sonos have announced another smart speaker this time a soundbar, Stephen sold his car and the service he used might just be worth a look! Virgin has WiFi on all international flights now and Trev tested it out,...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #346 - Live from WWDC 2018

Live from the Apple Podcast Studio in San Jose at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference, Stephen and Trevor have all the news on iOS, macOS, WatchOS and TVOS - everything you need to know about how your Apple devices will be changing in the months ahead.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #345 - Apple WWDC Preview plus all this week's big tech news

Apple's annual developers conference is on next week in San Jose, the blokes are heading there so this week we look at what's happening, what's coming, what to expect - will we see new hardware? Or will it be a software only event? Plus iOS 11.4 is out, with new features including updates to the capabilities of HomePod for Stereo Pairing and Multi-Room. Virgin Mobile is dead, or dying, so what's happened and why? eBay takes on Amazon before they are forced to, SOLO the movie is out,...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #344 - HTC continues the Squeeze plus Telcos under fire

Telstra has had a shocking week - their network failed, customers are outraged - so what are they to do? Plus Optus is copping it from Fenech who is worried his crap internet will continue if he sticks with Optus on the NBN. HTC's 2018 Flagship phone is called the U12+ and it's a plus size with the U11 squeeze, enhanced from last year to make it even smarter. LYF mobile launches - for who though? Plus, are you paying to much for your mobile plan - likely the answer is yes. And Stephen's...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #343 - Live from Samsung's connected home with all the tech news

Stephen and Trevor are this week in a Bondi penthouse where Samsung is demonstrating their full connected home experience, from Fridge, to TV, Robot Vacuum and Washing Machines it's all happening. Plus they discuss the new Norton Core WiFi network protector, Youtube's new Music app launching next week - why and what's new? and Telsyte looking at the booming growth in IoT devices off the back of all the smart speakers being sold, Kaspersky opts for transparency over rumours and Xbox...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #342 - A waterfont mansion with Logitech

Google has gone full skynet with a robot/computer that can communicate, not just speak, but converse like a human being! It's insane, awesome, and a touch scary. Huawei's P20 is coming and it's spectacular, D-Link finally have a mesh router solution for your home, Samsung has your whole home covered with new Fridge, Washer and Vacuum's coming, ZTE is on the brink of collapse, Uber-like as you need it phone services could be the future - and, the minute reviews.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #341 - May the 4th be with you with all the tech news

Telstra and Vodafone have launched Unlimited data plans, Stephen and Trevor unpack just how unlimited they are, who would need them and the controversy around the concept of unlimited. Plus, password dramas at Twitter and how risky the password use online is, LG launches a new flagship and it looks sensational, NSW to introduce cameras to detect mobile use in the car, Pocket Casts acquired by US Public Radio, Car Next Door for your car rental needs and the Minute reviews


Two Blokes Talking Tech #340 - You've still got a landline?

Lots of Amazon Alexa news this week with the launch of the Echo Spot, as well as new devices from UE the Blast and Megablast and Sonos have an Alexa Update too. Plus, Telstra's big fine for premium billing dramas, Landline phones are still a thing, but not after 2037, Amaysim hand Huawei Australia a drama - launching the P20 here early as a Grey Import, just what is a grey import and should you do it? The Spacetalk watch for kids of a very specific age and Stephen's Minute reviews


Two Blokes Talking Tech #339 - Telcos suck at customer service

It's official, again - Telcos suck at customer service. Complaints are coming into the TIO at over 400 a day proving the telcos don't know how to help people with issues, Stephen and Trevor break it all down. Plus the NBN, yes the NBN - speeds are up, Kogan is involved and it's all happening. TVs TVs TVs and more TVs - the 2018 models are coming to stores so there's never a better time to buy a TV or wait for the latest and greatest, plus Optus officially goes unlimited and eBay makes life...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #338 - Tech news from Facebook to NBN, Apple and Solar

This Facebook story drags on, what can you do, how do you stay on top of things, how can you lock down your profile and privacy . Apple has new gear all focussed no Education, the NBN is in the news with FTTC launching and their CEO leaving, Stephen is in the news for his Solar Panels and battery, Optus launch their 5G demo on the Gold Coast, Trev gets into online gaming with Far Cry 5 and the minute reviews.


Two Blokes Talking Tech #337 - Trusting Facebook, Google Home's Aussie sporting knowledge and all the week's tech news

The news this week is all about Facebook, our privacy shattered, our data used in political marketing so what has been compromised ? The blokes discuss, along with the update to Google Home which gives some solid Aussie sporting knowledge. Aussie Broadband opens the books on their data and congestion with public graphs, Huawei's Mate 10 has a secret feature that will please your mates, Apple's event next week - what to expect and why - and Telstra's super fast Samsung Galaxy S9. And our...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #336 - Foxtel ditching cable, Samsung's invisible TVs and all your tech news

Foxtel is ditching Cable TV and going 100% satellite in a bid to cut costs, and reduce downtime for customers - Trevor has the scoop, plus Samsung's new TVs - picture quality not the primary discussion point so what new features might get you buying a new TV. Fitbit ads a new watch and a kids tracker, Apple has announced WWDC and the blokes speculate as to what might come at that show. The NBN has a new monthly report showing good progress but there's still issues, and Optus ups the data...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #335 - Live from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Trevor and Stephen are in Barcelona for the annual Mobile World Congress trade show, this week they run through all the latest news and releases - brand new mobile phones from Samsung, Alcatel, Nokia, Sony and more and they share their thoughts on each and possible pricing and availability details - everything you need to know from MWC 2018!


Two Blokes Talking Tech #334 - Celebrating 7 years of Two Blokes Talking Tech

The Seven year itch? The blokes have been at this for seven years, some reflection then onto the news of the week. Texting and driving is in the spotlight again, and we discuss why, what needs to happen and what tech there is to prevent it. Samsung gets Commonwealth Bank before Apple for their Samsung Pay system, Could Seven be planning to charge for HD content on their catch up app? Would you be willing to pay for yet another streaming service? The local tour app Roamin allowing you to...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #333 - Fast Bank Transfers, Drone Flying Quiz and all the week's tech news

There's a new payment game in town, the banks have joined together to create a new faster transfer platform with immediate payments for us all - great news, but bloody hell why has it taken so long? DJI introduces the drone flyer quiz before you can fly here in Australia and the blokes think its fantastic. Samsung's next phone is out there for all to see, lots of new info we can run you through - the mobile phone repair service that comes to you, Fox Sports entry into eSports with the...


Two Blokes Talking Tech #332 - Samsung's Big Event in Rome and Apple's HomePod launch

The blokes are in Rome with Samsung for the South East Asia and Oceania Regional forum, this week they discuss all the news from Samsung, the latest Frame TV, soundbars, updates to Family Hub Fridges and the fully connected smart home. Plus, Apple's HomePod has launched, Trev has been to San Francisco and gives some insights into the detail Apple have gone to in developing the product but just what is it lacking? How romantic is Stephen? he thinks giving a breathalyser is cool for...