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Listen to the latest Unified Communications, Collaboration and CX Technology News & Conversations

Listen to the latest Unified Communications, Collaboration and CX Technology News & Conversations
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Listen to the latest Unified Communications, Collaboration and CX Technology News & Conversations








Out Loud: How to Leverage the Power of Emerging Technologies

There is huge hype surrounding emerging technologies within the communication and collaboration industries. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT and big data all get a lot of attention but are businesses really able to apply these technologies to help improve their processes yet? Taking the complexity out of technology and applying its benefits with easily quantifiable metrics is key now for any technology vendor. In today's episode LogMein join us to tell us how it helps its...


Out Loud: How AMC Technology Helps with Charitable Challenges

Some of the most important organisations globally are those most invested in helping their local community's or global causes. Registered charities and non-profit organisations play a crucial role providing critical services and funding to those most in need of assistance. With their focus on reinvestment, not profit, often the funds available for technological investment can be reduced. Charitable organisations, however, have the same requirements and demand for the benefits that technology...


Out Loud: Mitel the Sports Technology Specialists

Sports teams and franchises represent some of the world's most beloved organisations. Just like all businesses sports specific industries have vital technology requirements. Mitel have been providing cutting edge communication and collaboration solution to sports teams, and franchises, for decades and Mitel join us in this episode to discuss its work most recently with Major League Baseball for its London Series event. Technology plays a critical role in various aspects of sports...


Out Loud: The Inside Track on Xarios Dimensions

Analytics is a hugely important area of any customer experience technology platform. How can you be sure that your organisation is providing the best service possible if you aren't reviewing and subsequently improving your CX provision. Xarios know how to help service providers and end customers by providing cutting edge analytics with more than 20 years' experience in the industry. At this year's KAZOOcon conference Xarios launched Dimensions, its fully cloud native solution utilising the...


Out Loud: “60% of Small Businesses Unaware of UC” – Ribbon Research Reveals

Market research can often unearth some fascinating insights into technology trends and misconceptions. Ribbon Communications have revealed the findings from its latest market research survey. In this podcast Ribbon join us to explain more about the survey and unveil some of its most interesting results. The wide ranging research uncovered results that elude to a huge opportunity for those operating within the UC and collaboration markets. The study also allows us to compare technology...


Out Loud: AI Key for Enterprise Virtual Assistants

Over the last two years there has been a huge boom in the uptake of virtual, or digital, assistants within consumer markets. The success of products like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home have led to millions of households around the world utilising the tools to enhance all sorts of tasks from playing music, setting reminders and controlling appliances. So often with emerging technologies this sort of functionality is now starting to permeate the business world. Using tools designed for...


Out Loud: May News Update

Presenter Patrick brings you the latest news update from 2019. The UC Today News Update will bring you regular videos and podcasts summarising the biggest stories from the worlds of unified communications, collaboration and customer experience.


Out Loud: Transforming Voice Data Using Artificial Intelligence

The primary communication method used between businesses and their customers is still voice. The rise of omnichannel communication has increased the mediums by which customers can communicate, but voice still leads the way providing the richest interactions. Being able to fully utilise and analyse the data gleaned from voice interactions is critical for businesses to understand and enhance their own performance. Red Box is a global leader when it comes to understanding and leveraging the...


Out Loud: Growing CPaaS Market Key for Ribbon

There is a lot of hype within the industry about the potential for CPaaS, communications platform as a service, to transform business communication globally. Leading communications specialist and software provider, Ribbon Communications, has recently unveiled the results of a global survey analysing the procurement plans for organisations of all sizes. The results show that around the globe businesses are looking to the latest technology platforms to enhance their business processes and...


Out Loud: Genesys to Utilise Google AI Across Its Platforms

Contact Centre providers throughout the industry are looking for ways to enhance their platforms to improve potential CX provision for end customers. Many are looking to emerging technologies to provide the next generation of innovation that will drive improvements. Google Cloud Contact Center AI is pioneering development in the sector looking to improve customer experience as well as streamlining operational efficiency. Customer experience and contact centre technology specialists Genesys...


Out Loud: What's Behind Mitel and Talkdesk's Partnership?

Contact centre is one of the communication industry's most innovative sectors. In this episode we are joined by both Mitel and Talkdesk to discuss the latest announcement, that they will partner to provide an enhanced enterprise contact centre solution. At first the partnership might sound like a strange marriage Mitel, giants in the traditional communications market, and Talkdesk, new kids on the block in CCaaS provision, but dig a little deeper and all sorts of benefits appear. The...


Out Loud: April News Update

Presenter Patrick brings you the latest news update from 2019. The UC Today News Update will bring you regular videos and podcasts summarising the biggest stories from the worlds of unified communications, collaboration and customer experience.


Out Loud: Mio Scoop Collaboration Innovation Award

Enterprise Connect is arguably the biggest event on the unified communications and collaboration calendar. Collaboration technology and platforms are taking a more prominent role every year and 2019 is no exception. With the rising popularity of platforms like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Teams and Slack, more and more organisations are finding themselves in the difficult position of having to select a single platform to move forward with, but what if they didn’t have to choose? Mio enables...


Out Loud: Reviewing Collaboration Week NY 19

Industry events and trade shows often encounter the same issues, they are expensive and inconvenient for vendors, sponsors and attendees alike. The concept behind Collaboration Week NY 19 was to rectify some of these issues by providing a smaller, local and more focused event to provide everyone involved with the benefits whilst avoiding some of the usual draw backs. The event provided the opportunity for attendees to visit manufacturer, service provider and end-user venues in the New York...


Out Loud: What's Next in UCaaS?

Technology trends impact all areas of business as they permeate and enhance the platforms that they operate. UCaaS platforms are becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking to leverage the benefits they can offer in terms of functionality and flexibility. But what are the latest technology trends that are going to impact the next generation of UCaaS platforms? In this episode we try to find out by examining the next wave of technological developments that will transform the...


Out Loud: The Next Generation of UCaaS Innovation

Unified Communications as a service, or UCaaS, is now a well-established market globally. Organisations understand the potential benefits of 'as a service' or cloud delivery models which offer them the flexibility, scalability and security to stay ahead of their competition. Another huge benefit to such a model is the ability to quickly uptake and deploy new features and functions, as well as incorporating multimedia communication methods. As UCaaS is now established as the primary growth...


Out Loud: RingCentral React to Gartner Ditching UC Magic Quadrant

Last week UC Today bought you the news that Gartner, the world's leading research and advisory company have scrapped their magic quadrant for unified communications. Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) refer to a series of market research reports that rely on data analysis methods to demonstrate market trends, such as direction, maturity and participants. The unified communication quadrant has been stagnating for quite a while and the news that Gartner are now scrapping it hasn’t come as a surprise...


Out Loud: Balancing Customer Experience and Security with Comm100

Providing customers with exemplary experiences is undoubtedly hugely important for businesses. Now more than ever customer experience is one of the most crucial differentiating factors for organisations to stand out from the crowd and get ahead of their competitors. Providing great experiences isn't always easy and organisations must consider the security and privacy implications of the latest innovative platform that could improve their service provision. In today's episode we speak to the...


Out Loud: Using Mobile Identity in CPaaS, with TeleSign

During January we focused on some of the emerging technology trends within CPaaS platforms and now we hear about another potential development from TeleSign. Telesign are one of the world's leading providers of global customer identity and engagement solutions and they have been pioneering work around mobile, or phone, number identification. The premise of being recognised by a brand by your phone number rather than a username, or other detail, has various advantages and we explore some of...


Out Loud: Transforming Cloud Collaboration with Telstra

Being able to offer customers a truly reliable, scalable and secure collaboration platform isn't always easy for resellers and service providers. Choosing the right platforms to invest in and then having the capability to provide them as a global solution are often hurdles too high to overcome. As one of the world's leading providers of telecommunication networks Telstra are determined to help their partners do exactly that. That’s why they have been working with Cisco to develop a cloud...