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A podcast of rants and bants with Si Jobling and James Norton. Some tech, some business, lots of nonsense.

A podcast of rants and bants with Si Jobling and James Norton. Some tech, some business, lots of nonsense.


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A podcast of rants and bants with Si Jobling and James Norton. Some tech, some business, lots of nonsense.




S3E33 - №33 - Where are all the buses? 🚌

In this week’s episode, we discuss the grand old days of the web and James brings yet another productivity solution. We have to apologise for the excessive swearing and terrible audio quality, although one may offset the other. 🗓️ THIS WEEK sports times templateTickTickThe PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital InformationWorkin’ Moms on NetflixMotherland on BBC 🗞️ AOTW Flash Is Responsible for the Internet's Most Creative Era “This interpretation of events is a key...


S3E32 - №32 - Coconuts 🥥

THIS WEEK Apple macOS and iOS remindersBlog about Rugby World Cup TimesGatsbyGhostGithub PagesAnchorCMSBlogspotPiano (house) lessonsApple delays iCloud Drive file sharing until next SpringThe Capture on BBC 🗞️ TOTW "Customized horn & movement sounds (coconuts being one, of course) coming to Teslas soon" @elonmusk, 6 Oct 2019 (reminds us of Monty Python coconut sounds) 📸 POTW Dyson tap on Instagram (plus all their other devices) Find out more at This podcast...


№31 - How'd You Like Them Apples 🍏

Show Notes Zero patronsRugby World Cup TimesAmazon AWS IOT button 🗞️ AOTW Apple just released iOS 13.1.2 to fix even more iPhone bugs 📸 POTW (View on our Instagram) Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


№30 - Summer Holiday Special (Part 2) ⛱

This week, Si and James break up their summer holidays for another bumper special. Article Of The Week Go for a meal and takeover the show with your very own episode as a Verbal Diary Patreon Picture Of The Week View on Instagram Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


№29 - Summer Holiday Special 🏖️

This week, it is our 2019 Summer Holiday Special. SOCIALS Tweet @verbaldiaryshow with #VerbalDiaryAreOnHolidayAndWereTakingABreakSoWeWontBeAnsweringYourTweets (Plus make sure you update Spotify to the latest version) Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


№28 - Alright Duck 🦆

Another animal-related episode title from Si & James - and this time they ponder what success might look like. THIS WEEK On The SideApple is reportedly giving up on its controversial MacBook keyboardThis Chrome extension lets you disguise Netflix as a Hangout to slack off at work AOTW It's Never Too Late to Be Successful and Happy by Larry Cornett Related: Recorded messages from celebrities with Cameo POTW View on Instagram Find out more at This podcast is...


№27 - Garage 🎧

What's the difference between UK Garage and Speed Garage? Listen in to find out. 🗒 NOTES House Finesse - #NileRodgers Disco Special 🗞️ AOTW A Unicorn Lost in the Valley, Evernote Blows Up the ‘Fail Fast’ Gospel 📸 POTW Available on Instagram Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


№26 - Mr Aluminium 🤖

Si's got a thing going on the side and we check in on James' JOMO before discussing the end of an era at Apple and M3 PL4T3 THIS WEEK Le FreakOn The Side AOTW Five Jony Ive designs you probably don't knowJony Ive, Apple designer behind iPhone and iMac, to exit company after 30 years POTW Visible on Instagram Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


№25 - Duck Cam 🦆

THIS WEEK Fiverr IPO?!Elon Musk's deleted Twitter accountsmart mattressring AOTW Why Mazda is purging touch screens from it's vehiclesByton POTW Si embraces JOMO Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


№24 - You Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks 🐶

In this week's episode, the old men moan about how complicated the modern world is. THIS WEEK ARTICLE OF THE WEEK "To be ready for that, I’m learning code and tools I probably should have learned a few years ago, but, as a rich man says of his servants, I always had people for that." - Jeffrey Zeldman, You got this. PICTURE OF THE WEEK SOCIALS Find out more at This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


№23 - Podnapped 👨‍💻

This week, James grabs hold of the mic and brings out the WWDC rants and bants DEVELOPER CONFERENCE OF THE WEEK The Talk Show with Craig Federighi & Greg Joswiak ATP live from WWDC Can iTunes #muzuk sync offline for traditionalist Si? New Dropbox plans MacOS Sidecar could kill Duet Powered by Shazam Sherlocking iOS 13 updates couldn’t fit in the Keynote Sign in with Apple is not limited to Apple Where is multi-user profiles on iOS? “It’s not going to be shitty packaging” PICTURE...


№22 – Rants and Pants 👖

In this week's profane episode, Si has all the rants and James makes a political metaphor. THIS WEEK We have a new mic setup to try Derby County comeback to Dirty Leeds (reference The Damned United) SSE don’t mess with me EU elections upcoming – but how does it work?! What have we been watching or listening to? NOT GOT but Line of Duty, GLOW & Ozark ARTICLE OF THE WEEK Why WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure (by Pavel Durov from Telegram)


№21 – Preprepared Bants 😤

This week, James reads show notes to himself during the recording while Si wonders why he bothered. THIS WEEK A “ton of tons” in the Snooker World Championships Facebook apparently focuses on privacy TIL that pilots departing from California’s John Wayne Airport are required by law to cut their engines and pitch nose down shortly after takeoff for about 6 miles in order to reduce noise in the residential area below (🔗Reddit) According to our stats, 179 listens this week, up from 129...


№20 – Binary Accelerator 🚕

This week, Si and James catch up after an Easter break talking about the joys of podcasting and rants about air travel. ARTICLE OF THE WEEK Are podcasts killing music or just wasting our time?


№19 – That’s A Big Egg 🥚

This week, Si and James compare online subscriptions and rant about the point of April Fools. RECENTLY… James has found Apple News to be quite useful Si has snapped up a Spotify Family for Premium subscription for the free Google Home Mini Facebook is listening through their app and stored up to 600m user passwords in plain text ARTICLE OF THE WEEK Can’t mess with this: new Screen Cleaner in the Files app


№18 – Heavy Metal 🔩

This week, Si & James talk about mesh networks, behemoth organisations and railways. This Week Si enjoyed After Life on Netflix and Curfew on Sky James enjoyed the classic movie, Flight of the Navigator Article of the Week Antitrust: Commission fines Google €1.49 billion for abusive practices in online advertising Let us know your thoughts with hashtag #bigfines


№17 - Rap It Up 🏅

This week, Si and James get lyrical about rubbish weekends, empathy in the workplace and the origins of iPhone. RECENTLY… The Lego Movie 2 – The Second One ARTICLE OF THE WEEK > Empathy is described as not just understanding another person’s perspective, but truly putting yourself in their shoes and feeling those emotions alongside that person. 4 Reasons Your Remote Team Needs Extra Empathy At Work by Lauren Moon


№16 - A Near Miss ✈️

This week, Si and James talk about Sunday dinners, sensational aviation headlines and refuse collection. THIS WEEK Si’s “other podcast” of 14 years gets some attention Watching The Kid Who Would Be King ARTICLE OF THE WEEK The Independent and The Mirror both publish sensational headlines about “near-miss” flight-paths and “emergency” airplane stops (links redacted out of the principle of the matter)


№15 - Round Bottom 🍑

This week, Si & James discuss good whiskeys, The Monument, the ambiguity of emoji and flash cars. THIS WEEK Training has begun for this year’s Ultra Challenge The nicest whiskey ever – a 2003 single malt from Inverleven – only deserves to be served in whiskey flutes The Monument for the Great Fire of London ARTICLE OF THE WEEK > So far, the emoji and emoticons have rarely been important enough to sway the direction of a case, but as they become more common, the ambiguity in how emoji...


№14 - Rest Your Meat 🥩

After missing a week, Si and James return with some unconventional discussions about plummeting insect numbers, steak dinners and more movie homework. THIS WEEK More Apple Watch fun Upcoming holidays and walking challenges ARTICLE OF THE WEEK Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’