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WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).


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WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).








657 – Caleb Schaewe

Our summer WELSTech interview series continues. This week we talk with recent Sem graduate, Pastor Caleb Schaewe, about the blessings and opportunities around a Christian’s use of social media and the pastor’s role in nurturing it. The interview A recent graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS), Pastor Caleb Schaewe was assigned to serve Shepherd of […]


656 – Dominick Olson

On this episode of WELSTech we kick off a series of interviews with recent graduates of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary on their tech-in-ministry related senior theses topics. First up, we look at the role virtual reality might play in future ministry efforts. The interview Pastor Dominick Olson recently graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (WLS) and was […]


655 – COVID In The Rearview Mirror

On this episode of WELSTech, we close out the school year with guest hosts Rachel and Jason by reflecting on lessons learned. The picks of the week cover everything from scheduling to audio books to texting tools, with a little gaming bonus as well. Rachel shares Bible lesson A/V resources she’s compiled and details about […]


654 – More iDols

On this episode of WELSTech we feature the second half of our iDols interview with Pastor Christopher Ewings. There’s also discussion of a hardware solution for fast internet, great deals on the Microsoft suite of tools, using Facebook Groups for private church connections, stock imagery, and newsletters. And our synod schools are sharing graduation and […]


653 – iDols

This week WELSTech welcomes Pastor Christopher Ewings and a discussion of the Christian’s relationship and use of today’s technology. Martin and Sallie go retro with picks and resources that have stood the test of time. And Sallie says good bye … to Wisconsin. The interview The ultimate technology guru – Pastor Christopher Ewings from Faith […]


652 – A Is For Amazing

This week’s WELSTech focus is missions as Marissa Krogmann from WELS Missions Promotion office shares details about an upcoming virtual event and more. Martin’s got just the ticket to take your OneNote use to the next level, and we’ll talk through 7 pages which should be on your church website. Ready, set, play! The interview […]


651 – Let’s Grow

This week on WELSTech we take a deep dive into the topic of school marketing with a great interview and discussion on the topic. Guest hosts Rachel and Jason have the perfect tools for designing your next social media post. Crisis planning resources and a call for presenters round out the episode. The interview and […]


650 – Forms Are Your Friend

Tune in to WELSTech this week for information on church and school communication using online forms. Martin and Sallie share retro picks of the week plus community feedback. And you’ll want to grab a link to the Martin Luther College Holy Week devotions … in song! The discussion Contact Us – Martin and Sallie discuss […]


649 – Great City Network

This week’s WELSTech includes a look at the offerings of Great City Network and the wrap up of The Post-Quarantine Church book discussion. There’s also chat about a Lenten podcast, texting in church, online giving, and capturing parent’s attention as they search online for school options. The interview Outside-the-box urban ministry – Pastor Kent Reeder […]


648 – Luck Is The Residue Of Design

We’re breaking tradition to bring you WELSTech on a Thursday this week, but no worries. The “hit parade” is here, just like always! Listen for details on NDI video streaming, unique opportunities to consider as your congregation emerges from the pandemic, a bit of basketball, suspended suspenders, and so much more. Join the conversation! The […]


647 – Rachel and Jason EdTech Favorites

WELSTech welcomes guest hosts Rachel and Jason for a discussion of our favorite edtech resources. Plus we share picks, events, discussions, and reports to supplement your tech-in-ministry efforts! The discussion The best in edtech – Our WELSTech edtech gurus extraordinaire – Prof. Rachel Feld from Martin Luther College and Jason Schmidt from the Oconto Falls […]


646 – The Post-Quarantine Church

Happy 13th anniversary to WELSTech! Today’s show includes a new book discussion, changes to Facebook, Edge browser features which may convert you, online collaboration resources for teachers and more. Join the celebration/conversation! The discussion To kick off the new year of podcasting, Martin and Sallie start a new book discussion of The Post-Quarantine Church by […]


645 – Looking Back At 2020

WELSTech wraps up year 13 of podcasts with a review of highlights from this pandemic year! The discussion Unprecedented – Martin and Sallie consider the blessings (and challenges) of tech in ministry as we close out 2020, a year like no other. Events 624 – Digital Ministry in a COVID-19 World WELS Easter Service & […]


644 – Five Below Cables

WELSTech is back with the final installment of our Atomic Habits book discussion as well as an interview about cyber security training for children. Martin and Sallie make their last picks of 2020, and we learn about captioning video calls. The beautiful Christmas concert from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary closes this last podcast before Christmas, and […]


643 – Mind Candy

Tune in to this week’s WELSTech for a great discussion of the 3rd Law of Atomic Habits. Stay tuned in for a little bit of Elon, Van Gogh, virtual team building, and hymn previews plus lots more WELSTech goodness to enhance your public and personal ministry efforts! The discussion Reduce friction – Martin and Sallie […]


642 – Screencast Tools and Tips

We’re giving thanks this week on WELSTech – for our WELSTech community and for our awesome edtech co-hosts, Rachel & Jason. Tune in for a lively discussion of screencasting as well as picks, resources, and feedback that are sure to enhance your ministry efforts. Plus there’s something new on WELSTech, and you don’t want to […]


641 – Make It Attractive

This week on WELSTech we share the story of one school’s largely digital rebranding efforts that gave them community recognition and a large enrollment increase. We also have more from our Atomic Habits book discussion, a couple of great picks of the week, free early childhood education resources and more! The interview Rebranding for Outreach […]


640 – Zoom Done Right

This week on WELSTech we talk about using Zoom video conferencing in ministry. The 2020 Gospel Outreach with Media Conference kicks off with some very interesting presentations, WELS Congregational Services has a brand new Evangelism kit to share, and we explore new software and app capabilities to make your ministry and life easier. The discussion […]


639 – Make It Obvious

Tune in for 52 minutes of WELSTech goodness including great tips on habit forming as well as special guest insight into the tech behind world mission work. There’s also recycling tips for old devices, Bible commentary discounts, church WordPress themes, and the perfect YouTube channel for budding videographers. The discussion Implementation and stacking – Martin […]


638 – Thoughts On Virtual Learning…Free Of Charge

A new era of WELSTech has arrived as we welcome not one, but two classroom technology correspondents to the guest host chairs on the same episode! We’re talking hybrid education along with picks of the week, community feedback, and all the other WELSTech goodness we can pack into our time together. The discussion New school […]