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WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).


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WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).








702 – Jack Jack Meets AI…Meets The Classroom

WELSTech is back! They may be a bit rusty, but Martin and Sallie are happy to be back at the podcasting desk and happy to be joined by edtech guest hosts, Rachel and Jason. The discussion focus is the currently “hot” tech topic, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its effect on education. They share details on […]


701 – E-Newsletters

On this episode of WELSTech, Martin and Sallie talk with e-news expert Amanda Klemp about the content and desired statistics for e-newsletter efforts. Plus, we share image resources and ideas for both church and school e-news to support the efforts. The picks this week are helpful for detecting ChatGPT content and for upping the ante […]


700 – Celebrating 700!

For the 700th time, welcome to WELSTech, a show about technology and ministry and where those two intersect! Martin and Sallie look way back to 2008 when the show started and explore the changing landscape of tech-in-ministry which they’ve observed through the years. Church texting platforms, fancy social media posts, and AI-generated text are some […]


699 – An Invisible Superpower

Things are lively on this week’s WELSTech as we return to our Incredibles of EdTech series. Tech infrastructure is the focus, and we learn about challenges and strategies for managing this invisible force. Outreach, working genius, chair wheels, and grammar are just a few of the other topics which fill to overflowing this episode. Enjoy! […]


698 – Lutheran Leadership Conf Special

Recorded in the Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Hilton, a site visited by President John F. Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth II (among others), WELSTech is covering WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership in style! Listen in as Martin and Sallie are joined by WELS Tech team member Dan Retzlaff to reflect on the mountain of […]


697 – 2022 In Review

Join Martin and Sallie for a look back at WELSTech 2022 featuring our favorite ministry resources, interviews, and picks. As we wrap up the 15th year of WELSTech, we look ahead to our upcoming 700th podcast and beyond, with lots more tech-in-ministry goodness planned for 2023! Events Tech-Enhanced Ministry summer series WELS Education Conference featuring […]


696 – Christmas Special: Christian Aid & Relief

Tis the season for the WELSTech Christmas special! Each year at Christmas we host an interview-only show with someone from the Center for Mission and Ministry to share more about their area of responsibility for WELS. This year Pastor Dan Sims joins the conversation as we talk about the work of WELS Christian Aid & […]


695 – Church Communication Plans

On today’s WELSTech Wendy Kuschel shares a preview of her upcoming session on communication planning happening at the WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership, and Martin chats with Nicole Balza about the Forward in Christ December feature on favorite Christmas hymns. You’ll want to explore the fun, interactive online experience they’ve created! The interview […]


694 – One Button Dissertations

WELSTech is back with our Incredibles of EdTech series. We welcome Rachel Feld to the discussion of multi-purpose tools that would make Elastigirl proud. MLC Spring registration is open, there’s still room for you at the Lutheran Leadership Conference, and picks of the week includes buttons for all things, including starting your car, and a […]


693 – Social Media Graphics

Thanks for tuning in to WELSTech! This week we have fun graphic design tools to share, both free and fee-based, which do the heavy lifting when it comes to creating social media graphics which look professional. The rest of the show is packed with goodies including Bible study resources, an affordable classroom document camera, Leadership […]


692 – Brainstorming!

WELSTech is coming to you this week from the offices of WELS Technology West, a.k.a., Sallie’s living room, as Martin and Sallie enjoy the rare circumstance of being in the same place for the recording. Today’s topic is brainstorming, and we have a myriad of tools to assist with the process. There are also multiple […]


691 – And 250 Episodes Later…

Welcome back to WELSTech listeners and to a very special returning co-host, Gail Potratz. Our discussion focus of the day is school technology planning. We have an exciting announcement about (more than one) lectionary in Google Calendar as well as picks to improve your focus and to create tech plans and more, with flair. Plus, […]


690 – The Incredible PICRAT

It’s a happy day on WELSTech when we welcome back Rachel Feld and Jason Schmidt for a new school year season of edtech-focused discussion! We have an incredible theme for the year, and we kick it off with a discussion of instructional design frameworks. Rachel has a site which makes instructional videos easy, Jason is […]


689 – da bomb diggity

Welcome back to the most awesome, cool, hip WELSTech podcast. We’ve packed this episode with lots of goodness, including interactive flat panels in the school and church, an open-source bibliography generator, live streaming guidance, and Google Classroom for Catechism. No doubt, it’s da bomb diggity! The interview & discussion Interactive Flat Panels – Chris […]


688 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: Ecosystems

The Tech-Enhanced Ministry summer series on WELSTech draws to a close this week with a discussion of the good and the bad of choosing to live in a particular vendor’s space, be it Google or Apple or Microsoft. There are also new options for creating QR codes and reasons to use them in ministry. Video […]


687 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: Mobile

This week’s WELSTech discussion is all about Mobile and the apps that support ministry, the latest installment of our Tech-Enhanced Ministry series. We also explore some lesser-known iPhone settings, a slick power strip replacement, and a collection of education app tutorial links. The discussion Mobile – The convenience, versatility, and plethora of ever improving […]


686 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: Personal Productivity

The Tech-Enhanced Ministry series continues with today’s episode of WELSTech, and Martin and Sallie share their favorite tech for being productive. Today’s show also includes discussion of photo albums for events or projects, smart bulbs, video production training, and media resources to support Bible lessons. The discussion Personal Productivity – A common thread throughout […]


685 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: PLN

Personal Learning Networks (PLN) are the topic of this week’s WELSTech as we march through our summer series on Tech-Enhanced Ministry. Listen for familiar and new tools for managing your network and curating information. Martin made one of the newest his pick of the week because he was so smitten. Sallie’s got you covered for […]


684 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: PKM

July kicks off with a continuation of the WELSTech summer series, Tech-Enhanced Ministry. In this episode we concentrate on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Plus, there’s lots to recap from last week’s WELS Education Conference including a slick conference app, digital citizenship resources for faculty, parents, and students, and a Ditch That Textbook inspired digital escape […]


683 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: Data Management

The WELSTech summer series Tech-Enhanced Ministry continues this week with a discussion of data management for the church and school office. Google drive rolls out keyboard shortcuts, Martin’s watching YouTube ad-free, and you can learn how to build a digital escape room. Sounds like a fun summer! The discussion Data management – Martin and Sallie […]