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DANNY : DE HEK aka “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” – I’m a YOUTUBER, PODCASTER, EDUCATOR, BLOGGER a person of influence, I’m that guy who knows everybody and I’ve put together my website to show what I’m passionate about. I’m a firm believer of omnipresence!


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DANNY : DE HEK aka “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” – I’m a YOUTUBER, PODCASTER, EDUCATOR, BLOGGER a person of influence, I’m that guy who knows everybody and I’ve put together my website to show what I’m passionate about. I’m a firm believer of omnipresence!






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Join me, Danny de Hek, aka The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as we uncover the truth behind the latest scandal in the cryptocurrency world on today's live stream of "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger." We're diving headfirst into the chaos surrounding the highly anticipated Boomerang MVP launch. Originally slated for March 1st, then postponed to April 2nd, 8th, 20th, and finally May 3rd, the constant delays have raised serious doubts about Boomerang's credibility. But that's not the only red flag. Recent developments have exposed troubling issues with Boomerang's development process. Despite assurances from the team, a visit to their supposed testing website, testing.app-boomerang.trade, triggers a warning from MetaMask about deceptive site warnings and phishing scams. While Boomerang brushes off these concerns, MetaMask support confirms the legitimacy of the warning, advising users to steer clear of the site and the company behind it. During our live stream, we'll dissect the latest communication from Boomerang's spokesperson, Shavez, examining claims of API response time improvements, UI enhancements, and scalability breakthroughs. Are these advancements genuine progress or merely a smokescreen to mask deeper problems? Furthermore, we'll investigate reports of a troubling lag between Boomerang's UI and Aggregator websites, potentially causing failed transactions. Is this lag solely to blame, or are there more sinister forces at play? We're demanding transparency and accountability from Boomerang as we seek answers to these critical questions. Support my mission to expose crypto scams by fueling my content creation with a virtual coffee on BuyMeACoffee at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dehek. Your generosity keeps me motivated and ensures that I can continue fighting for financial justice in the crypto world. If you want to take a stand against crypto scams and support my work directly, please consider sending donations to the following deposit address using USDT on the BNB Smart Chain network: 0x41874280aa32a2eebf29f497afba9c46b4b27650. Join me live as we uncover the truth and protect fellow investors from falling victim to the next crypto Ponzi scheme. Together, we can make a difference. Want to create live streams like this? Check out StreamYard Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Support the Show.


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Unlocking Crypto 101: Mum & Dad Investor's Guide!

Welcome, crypto enthusiasts, to a special edition of The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger series! I'm Danny de Hek, your Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, and tonight I've got a powerhouse cohost with me – none other than Rob Woolley, aka the CryptoSage of critical thinking! - SUBSCRIBE to the CryptoSage YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@robwoolley?sub_confirmation=1 tap the notification bell 🛎 please share, like and comment. @robwoolley - SUBSCRIBE to the DANNY : DE HEK YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@dehek?sub_confirmation=1 tap the notification bell 🛎 please share, like and comment. @dehek If you’re interested in supporting me and my YouTube Channel, I would greatly appreciate any contributions to my MataMark Crypto address: 0x98315dc7483bB8E165c84dA951E43B3149d08911 Your generosity means a lot, and I’m thankful for your consideration. Join us in this eye-opening session, 'Crypto 101: Know the Basics,' where we're on a mission to demystify cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As passionate advocates against scams, we believe in creating awareness with a touch of humour – because, let's face it, you can't take this stuff too seriously! What to Expect: Overview of Cryptocurrencies: "In this session, we'll break down the essentials of what cryptocurrencies are and how they function. It's Crypto 101 – a crash course for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts!" Decoding Blockchain Technology: "Ever wondered about the magic behind blockchain? We've got you covered. We'll simplify blockchain technology in a way that even your grandma would understand! 🧓" Importance of Fundamentals: "Why is it crucial to know the basics before venturing into the crypto world? We'll discuss the importance of understanding the fundamentals and how it can be your shield against potential scams and pitfalls." Interactive Q&A: "Got burning questions about crypto basics or looking for advice? Drop your questions in the comments, and we'll tackle them! This is your chance to engage with two crypto enthusiasts who are here to help." Get Ready to Laugh and Learn: "We're injecting a healthy dose of humor into this session because learning about crypto doesn't have to be dry and boring! Join us for insights, laughs, and a community-driven approach to crypto education." How to Participate: Subscribe, Like, and Comment: "Make sure to hit that subscribe button, give the video a thumbs up, and share your thoughts in the comments. Your engagement fuels our mission of creating a safer crypto space!" "Get ready for an unforgettable session of Crypto 101 with The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger and the CryptoSage! Don't miss out – set your reminders, grab your favorite crypto snack, and join the conversation. Together, let's navigate the crypto world smarter and safer. See you there!" #Crypto101 #CryptoEducation #CryptoAwareness Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Support the Show.


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Introduction to "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger"

Join me, Danny de Hek, aka The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, in this exclusive live session where I pull back the curtain on my journey into the world of fighting crypto Ponzi schemes and scams. In this video, I shared the story of how a friend's tempting investment opportunity sparked my mission to protect everyday investors. I've been featured in the prestigious New York Times, earning the title of The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, and now, I'm on a mission to expose and shame those behind crypto scams. In this Introduction, we'll delve deeper into my entrepreneurial journey, from hitchhiking around New Zealand with just a laptop and a camera to my current role in helping countless individuals avoid falling victim to Ponzi schemes. I receive messages daily from people who've lost money to scams, and I'm here to name and shame anyone involved in these deceitful schemes. But that's not all – I'm building a community to empower mom and dad investors, keeping things simple with a motto: "It's not rocket science; it's de Hek science." Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, hit that thumbs up to support the cause, and drop a comment to join the conversation. Your engagement is crucial as we gear up for the next video in the series, where we'll break down the basics of cryptocurrency. Let's create a safer crypto space together! 🚀💪 #CryptoSafety #ProtectYourInvestment #TheCryptoAvengerLive Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Support the Show.


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Cult Unveiled: Shannon Dominguez's Shocking Memoir of Growing Up as a Jehovah's Witness

Join us for a gripping live discussion as we uncover the truth behind the veil of the Jehovah's Witness religious cult. In this Exclusive YouTube Interview, we delve deep into the life of Shannon Dominguez, a courageous mother of two, who endured the challenges of growing up within the confines of the Jehovah's Witness community. Now an esteemed activist, Shannon dedicates her life to assisting others in breaking free from the shackles of this false religion. In this compelling conversation, we explore Shannon's personal journey, shedding light on the complexities of her upbringing and the struggles she faced within the Jehovah's Witness community. Learn about the intricacies of cult life, the psychological impact of religious indoctrination, and the resilience required to break free from its grip. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the realities of life within a closed religious group and discover the empowering story of one individual's journey from victim to advocate for freedom of belief. "The Salvation Sentinel" implies someone who is actively safeguarding and rescuing others from harm, in this case, rescuing individuals from the detrimental effects of the Jehovah's Witness cult. "Sentinel" refers to a vigilant guardian or protector, someone who keeps watch and acts as a first line of defense. "Salvation" points to the act of saving or delivering individuals from danger or distress. Therefore, "The Salvation Sentinel" represents Shannon Dominguez's role as a guardian, helping others find their path to safety and freedom from the Jehovah's Witness cult. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Support the Show.


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Truck Driver Richard Rudecki EXPOSED the "We Are All Satoshi" Ponzi Scheme as a Scam! #TruckDrivers

Prepare for a gripping story of revelation and redemption! In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Richard Rudecki, a dedicated truck driver who steered into a treacherous cryptocurrency storm, only to emerge as a true hero of the road. We caught up with Richard after he had pulled over his truck for a crucial mission: to expose the "We Are All Satoshi" Ponzi Scheme for what it truly was—a scam! TIMESTAMPS / CHAPTERS Introduction 00:00:00 Truck Interview with Richard Rudecki 00:01:16 We Are All Satoshi Testimonial 01:29:11 Conclusion 01:29:29 - Buy DANNY : DE HEK a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dehek LINKS - Unmasking Scammer Sam Lee: Exposing Shocking Scam Tactics in LIVE Zoom Meeting - Scam Lee is DONE!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKc34ltuPnc - Coerced / Fake Testimonials: Seasoned Scammers' Rinse & Repeat! #WeAreAllSatoshi #SamLee #Shavez (SHORT) - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/roBdqNhBDrs ️ An Interview Like No Other ️ Our hour-and-a-half conversation with Richard is a rollercoaster of emotions, insights, and incredible discoveries. This interview is not just about a truck driver's journey but a profound exploration of cryptocurrency scams and the resilience of the #truckdrivers community. The Journey Begins Discover how Richard, like many others, initially believed that "We Are All Satoshi" was a legitimate investment opportunity. He even invested in three miners, hoping to strike it big. But something didn't add up, and this is where our story begins. Texts and Testimonials Before our interview, I had been texting Richard, urging him to watch my content and listen to my warnings. In a jaw-dropping YouTube short, we played a testimonial where Richard Rudecki had endorsed the Ponzi scheme, "We Are All Satoshi." Answers Revealed This video is where Richard shares his journey and answers the burning questions you've all been waiting for: Initial impressions of the "We Are All Satoshi" scheme. The turning point that made him question its legitimacy. How my content played a role in his investigation. The key findings and red flags that raised his suspicions. The emotional turmoil of realizing he was ensnared in a Ponzi scheme. The challenges he faced in breaking free and recovering lost funds. His invaluable advice for others facing similar situations. How this experience transformed his views on crypto investments. The lessons and insights he's sharing with our listeners. Any legal actions or reports made against the scheme. The personal and financial impact of his journey. Essential warning signs and red flags for crypto investors. Richard's future plans in the crypto and blockchain industry. Join us on this thrilling ride as we uncover the truth with Richard Rudecki, the Truck Driver turned Cryptocurrency Crusader! Share your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe for more eye-opening content. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Support the Show.


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Deciphering 'We Are All Satoshi' with Rob & Danny: Unearthing the Missing Pieces: WAAS Jigsaw Review

Welcome back to The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, where we're on a relentless mission to uncover and expose Ponzi schemes and scams within the crypto world. In today's episode, we have Rob joining us in the studio to dissect the perplexing world of "WAAS" (We Are All Satoshi) and uncover the reasons why we're waving goodbye to this dubious opportunity. Rob's recent video, "WAAS We Are All Satoshi Makes NO Sense. Why I'm OUT; Shavez, Sam Lee, Proof Of Reserve, Trustees etc," https://youtu.be/jWl5bjiSJEk serves as the launching pad for our deep dive into the heart of the matter. We take a magnifying glass to critical aspects like Shavez, Sam Lee (aka Scam Lee), Proof Of Reserve, Trustees, and more. After witnessing the rollercoaster ride this opportunity has taken in several videos, we've made the tough decision not to put our money on the line and certainly not to endorse it for others. But why, you ask? This video addresses the questions that need answers to justify WAAS as a legitimate investment, yet these questions have largely remained unasked. We invite you to engage in a lively discussion by sharing your thoughts in the comments below. Your perspective is invaluable, and your support fuels our mission. And, of course, don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on our quest to uncover the truth behind crypto scams. Join us as we unravel the mysteries together and shed light on the dark corners of the crypto world. Let's get the conversation started! In our 2-hour discussion, Rob and I delve deep into the world of individuals who make a living by promoting Ponzi schemes. We scrutinize the feasibility of "We Are All Satoshi" (WAAS) and expose the infamous Sam Lee, also known as Scam Lee, and others who have been implicated in promoting these questionable projects. Our ultimate goal is to provide clarity to those who are still on the fence, trying to determine whether WAAS is a scam or a legitimate opportunity. Together, we aim to arm the crypto community with knowledge, awareness, and the ability to spot deception from a mile away. Join us on this journey towards a safer, more transparent crypto space. Together, we can make a difference. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Buy Me a Coffee I’m on @buymeacoffee. If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee and share your thoughts. Support the Show.


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ViDiLOOK’s Collapse: Garrett Blakeslee Exposes Sam Lee’s Fraud, Scam & Betrayal Behind the Failure!

Join Danny de Hek, a.k.a The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as he dives deep into a candid phone conversation with Garrett Blakeslee, a key figure entangled in the ViDiLOOK controversy. (Download the PDF) See the TronScan: TFapLnpGa8W5qjqWBpoGUmzLuJS3Y6UP3 (TRC20) Buy DANNY : DE HEK a coffee DANNY : DE HEK aka “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” featured in the New York Times I invite you to Share your Experience with me! We have built a substantial database of individuals who are active promoters of Ponzi schemes and scams. We receive a significant number of leads from people like you who share their personal experiences. Rest assured, it’s strictly confidential, and we truly value your story. 😊🔒📝 ABOUT In this revealing video, Danny shares the unedited telephone recording with Garrett, shedding light on the accusations and evidence surrounding Sam Lee’s alleged fraudulent activities. Learn about Garrett’s role as a consultant, his salary, and the trail of financial transactions that suggest Sam’s control over ViDiLOOK’s funds. Discover the unraveling narrative of ViDiLOOK’s rise and fall, as Danny and Garrett discuss the power struggles within the company. Explore how Conrad Simon Swailes, ViDiLOOK’s CEO, battled to introduce legitimacy to the platform, only to face resistance from Sam Lee himself. Uncover the murky world of financial desperation as Sam’s attempts to preserve his lifestyle and reputation lead to shocking revelations. Learn about Dubai’s complex legal landscape and the obstacles it presents to bringing scammers like Sam Lee to justice. Delve into the intricate details of Sam’s shady practices, including allegations of misappropriation, questionable business ventures, and false ownership claims. Join Danny and Garrett as they discuss the impact of Sam’s actions on innocent investors and the desire to expose his deception. Gain insights into the broader cryptocurrency community as the conversation touches on Kalpesh Patel, Dubai visas, and the complexities of managing businesses in a foreign environment. With over 600 tokens created by Sam, explore the speculative world of illiquid assets and potential cryptocurrency involvement. As the truth unfolds, witness the desperation and strategies behind the scenes to counter Sam Lee’s actions and hold him accountable for his alleged crimes. But beware, as the conversation also raises concerns about safety, retaliation, and the risks involved in unmasking a high-stakes fraudster. Tune in to this eye-opening video and empower yourself with knowledge about the ViDiLOOK scandal, Sam Lee’s alleged fraudulent activities, and the individuals determined to expose the truth. Support the Show.


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Unmasking ‘Ultima’: Is it a Scam or Legit? Exposing Lady Jacqueline Clayton and Crypto MLM Schemes

In a relentless pursuit to unmask financial fraud, The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, DANNY : DE HEK, dives headfirst into the world of potential deception with a spotlight on "Ultima." With an impressive portfolio of over 400 Videos dedicated to exposing scams and Ponzi schemes, DANNY takes on Lady Jacqueline Clayton's attempt to lure him into yet another dubious venture. Join DANNY in this intense Zoom interview as he confronts Lady Jacqueline Clayton, a self-proclaimed multilevel marketer who has been blind to the harsh realities of her actions. Having already lost a substantial $45,000 USD in the collapsed Ponzi scheme HyperVerse, Lady Jacqueline Clayton brazenly seeks to pull DANNY into the web of the "Ultima" scheme. As the interview unfolds, DANNY meticulously dismantles Lady Jacqueline's claims and exposes the disturbing truth about "Ultima" and its founder, Alex Reinhardt. Armed with real-time research and evidence from credible sources such as the UK Mirror and BehindMLM, DANNY debunks the legitimacy of the scheme and its potential to be yet another Ponzi scam. Witness the tension rise as Lady Jacqueline Clayton's greed-fueled persistence clashes with DANNY's dedication to truth and integrity. Despite DANNY's passionate defense against scams, Lady Jacqueline remains steadfast in her blind pursuit of financial gain. Throughout the video, DANNY's commitment to safeguarding viewers against financial deceit shines brighter than ever. He delves deep into the psychology of greed that drives multilevel marketers like Lady Jacqueline Clayton to disregard the truth and relentlessly chase money. Join The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger in this gripping exposé as he battles against the allure of financial gain, greed, and the blind ambition of those who seek to exploit it. Brace yourself for a raw and unfiltered look into the world of scams and Ponzi schemes, as DANNY sheds light on the truth that marketers like Lady Jacqueline Clayton refuse to see. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and join the fight against financial fraud by subscribing, liking, and sharing this Video. Together, we can expose the truth and protect others from falling prey to scams. Support the Show.


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🎙️ Join us in this eye-opening episode as we delve deep into the astonishing tale of Keith Williams, a man once at the heart of a financial whirlwind – the enigmatic promoter of the infamous HyperVerse Ponzi scheme. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster as we uncover the shocking truth behind Keith's disappearance, his battle with a life-threatening illness, and the financial mayhem that left countless individuals in despair. In this riveting podcast and YouTube video, your host Danny de Hek, also known as "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger," sits down with a long-time anonymous friend and confidant of Keith Williams, who provides an unprecedented glimpse into the dramatic events surrounding this modern-day financial saga. 🔍 Unveiling the Mystery: With rumors of cancer as Keith's possible exit strategy, the truth takes a heart-wrenching twist. Discover the reality behind Keith's health condition, the grueling rounds of chemotherapy, and the poignant moments shared with his closest companions. 💰 The Lavish Lifestyle: Keith's life seemed to be one of luxury, with a sprawling £3 million mansion and extravagant parties. Explore the lavish lifestyle that led to both admiration and skepticism, as the line between success and scandal becomes increasingly blurred. 🕵️‍♂️ Behind the Scenes of HyperVerse: Through an insightful conversation, Danny and his guest shed light on Keith's involvement in HyperVerse. Uncover the complex web of intrigue, the friendships that endured decades, and the emotions of those who believed in Keith's vision. 🤔 A Heartfelt Confession: Delve into Keith's mindset as he grappled with the realization that the scheme he championed may have been a fraud. Hear firsthand accounts of his journey from trust to doubt, and the poignant moments that brought the weight of his decisions crashing down. 🌟 A Man of Contradictions: Keith Williams emerges as a man with both a strong moral compass and a complex legacy. Examine the intricacies of his character, his genuine intentions, and the difficult decisions that defined his path. 🚀 Unveiling the Truth: Witness the shocking revelations as Danny confronts the question that's been on everyone's minds – if Keith knew the scheme was a scam, why did he continue promoting it? Explore the uncomfortable truth and the surprising perspective that emerges. 🔔 Subscribe, Share, and Engage: Join us on this emotional journey as we unravel the multi-faceted story of Keith Williams – a tale of friendship, financial chaos, and personal struggle. Subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channel to stay updated with our thought-provoking content. Share your thoughts, engage in discussions, and let your voice be heard in the comments section. 🎧 Tune in now and be prepared for a captivating narrative that challenges perceptions and uncovers the unexpected truth behind the enigmatic Keith Williams. It's a story that will leave you pondering the complexities of human nature, trust, and the enduring power of friendship. Support the Show.


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Confessions of a Stutterer: LOST FOR WORDS - Unveiling the Triumphs and Trials of Communication

Join DANNY : DE HEK, The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as he interviews his friend Rob, a public speaker trainer who has a remarkable story to share. Rob has a bad stutter, but his speech skills are so impressive that you wouldn't believe he struggles with a speech impediment. In this engaging and inspiring episode of the "WHAT : DE HEK Podcast" (podcast.dehek.com) and "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger" YouTube Channel, Rob opens up about his personal journey with stuttering, debunks misconceptions, and provides valuable insights into living with and managing a stutter. CHAPTERS / TIMESTAMPS Introduction 00:00:00 Public Submission Part 1 00:03:29 Public Submission Part 2 00:28:09 Public Submission Part 3 00:36:02 Public Submission Part 4 00:49:45 Christchurch Speakers Group 01:33:24 Conclusion 01:52:00 Stuttering Analysed by Rob 02:02:27 The video, which spans an insightful 2 hours and 22 minutes, includes compelling clips from Rob's own YouTube video (https://youtu.be/Q9u8Z64J720) titled "STUTTERING ANALYSED! My McGuire Program First Day Video Broken Down. How I Tried To Hide My Stutter," where he shares a candid account of his experience. Additionally, you'll witness Rob's confident public submission at the Christchurch City Council public forum, discussing a proposed cycle way. Moreover, there's a captivating embedded clip showcasing Rob's expertise in speaker training at his own "Christchurch Speakers" program. Throughout the interview, Danny asks Rob thought-provoking questions that delve into various aspects of stuttering, including its impact on communication, emotional challenges, misconceptions, and the positive growth it has brought to Rob's life. Together, they explore strategies for effective communication and provide valuable advice for both individuals who stutter and those who interact with them. But it's not all serious-the conversation also takes a lighthearted turn with a series of funny questions. Rob shares amusing anecdotes, hilarious moments, and even reveals how he has used his stutter in a playful and comedic way. You'll be entertained by the unexpected twists, humorous misunderstandings, and memorable reactions that have occurred due to Rob's unique speech patterns. Join Danny and Rob in this captivating episode as they shed light on the challenges and triumphs of living with a stutter, fostering empathy, understanding, and effective communication. Discover the strength, resilience, and humour that emerge from embracing one's individuality. Tune in now to gain valuable insights from Rob's extraordinary journey! Support the Show.


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EXPOSING Internet Scam Bully STEPHEN MCCULLAH: $3.8M Defamation Case LOST! Shocking Lies UNVEILED

Welcome to Danny de Hek's YouTube channel, where he fearlessly exposes scammers and fights against injustice in the world of cryptocurrencies. Danny, also known as "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger," recently faced a daunting legal battle against a scammer named Stephen McCullah, who attempted to sue him for a staggering $3.8 million in the New Zealand High Court. In this gripping video, Danny shares the exhilarating news of how he emerged victorious in the David and Goliath-like court case. Just moments before a judge was set to review the security for costs, Stephen McCullah's lawyers abruptly discontinued the case. 😮 Danny takes this opportunity to express his disbelief at the baseless accusations and introduces a series of upcoming videos dedicated to exposing scammers like Stephen. During the first 26 minutes of the video, Danny presents compelling evidence that sheds light on the true nature of Stephen McCullah's actions. He shares snippets of recordings made by Stephen himself, revealing his cowardly tactics and attempts to manipulate the situation. Danny provides valuable context and dismantles false claims made by Stephen's legal team, debunking the notion that he had government support in the case. With passion and determination, Danny delves into the extensive documentation and correspondence related to the legal battle, demonstrating the meticulous preparation and dedication of his own legal team. He shares insights into the inner workings of the New Zealand legal system, highlighting the role of public defenders and the availability of legal aid. Throughout the video, Danny emphasizes his unwavering resolve to expose scammers and protect innocent individuals from falling victim to fraudulent crypto schemes. He invites viewers to join him on this thrilling journey by subscribing to his channel, enabling them to stay updated on future videos that aim to expose scammers and shed light on their deceptive practices. 🎥🔍 Join Danny de Hek, The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as he fearlessly fights for justice and takes down scammers one video at a time. Subscribe, hit the notification bell, and be part of the movement to protect the crypto community from fraudsters and ensure a safer investment environment for all. 📺🛡️💪 CHAPTERS / TIMESTAMPS 00:00:0000:00:5700:04:0200:07:0300:10:2100:26:1600:40:2700:59:45Support the Show.


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ScamDemic Unveiled: Exposing 28 Shocking Scams and Fortunate Schemes That Fooled Millions Worldwide!

Scams have existed throughout history and continue to evolve with new technologies and opportunities. They prey on people's desires, vulnerabilities, and lack of awareness. CHAPTERS / TIMESTAMPS Introduction 00:00:00 Snake Oil Salesmen 00:02:00 Ponzi Scheme 00:03:40 Nigerian Prince Scam 00:04:50 Pyramid Schemes 00:06:30 Bernie Madoff's Ponzi Scheme 00:10:30 Online Phishing Scams 00:11:33 Cryptocurrency Scams 00:14:20 Romance Scams 00:15:40 Identity Theft 00:17:56 Impersonation Scams 00:20:00 Miracle Cures and Health Scams 00:21:37 Psychic and Medium Scams 00:23:37 Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams 00:25:42 Get-Rich-Quick Schemes 00:27:26 Psychic Investment Scams 00:28:24 Cults and Religious Scams 00:29:19 Conspiracy Theories 00:30:44 Internet Hoaxes and Chain Letters 00:32:17 Psychic Detective Scams 00:34:02 Miracle Weight Loss Scams 00:36:44 Fake Charities 00:40:25 Home Improvement Scams 00:44:57 Psychic Animal Communicators 00:49:23 Fortune-Telling Scams 00:51:07 Timeshare Resale Scams 00:53:56 Fake Job Opportunities 00:56:51 Travel and Vacation Scams 00:59:37 Psychic Jewelry Scams 01:00:33 Conclusion 01:03:00 - If you're willing to treat us both to a cup, you can easily do so on @buymeacoffee ☕ at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/dehek Support the Show.


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HEX: SCAM or LEGIT? Unveiling Truth About This Controversial Crypto! The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger

I've been receiving a lot of passionate messages from people about HEX, telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about. So, I did a search on OpenAI to find out if HEX was a Ponzi scheme. To my surprise, it told me it wasn't. 😮 I don't claim to be a crypto genius, but when I see their website claims... 🔎 HEX mining averages 38% returns a year. ⌛ 3+ Years of flawless operation. 💰 You mint your own rewards, no middlemen or minimums. (Mining HEX doesn't require any hardware or electricity!) 💲 10,000 HEX used to cost 57 cents. Now they cost $227. So, here's my take: if it involves crypto multilevel marketing, it's a scam. The fact that this company is only three years old seems like a bold statement. However, it's right in line with other Ponzi schemes like CashFX, NovaTechFX, and WEWE Global. Without more research, I'd say it's too good to be true, and my gut feeling says it's a scam. 😕 Over the last three days, three people have contacted me, telling me I don't know what I'm talking about regarding HEX. The same thing happened when I was exposing HyperVerse. It seems like these organizations have many accounts that shut down people trying to expose them. 🚫 It appears to be a pattern. I think better in patterns, and I never claimed my way was the only way, I'm very entrepreneurial, and I believe in selling a product or service for a profit and putting your money in the bank. It makes life a lot simpler than staking your money with a company that only has three years of history. I haven't done an in-depth dive on HEX because it takes a long time. 😅 But here's the thing: I'm here to name and shame anyone running a Ponzi scheme or a scam. I'm not here to help people find investment opportunities. So, I don't really want to publish anything that looks legitimate because I'm not a financial adviser, and I don't have enough knowledge about crypto. However, a few knowledgeable people have told me not to invest in any other crypto besides Bitcoin. ⛔ Bitcoin is limited to 21,000,000 tokens or coins, as you call them. All the other cryptos can simply create new tokens or coins at any time. What concerns me about HEX is that it offers unrealistic returns for people's investments, doesn't seem to have a product or service, and of course, the other side of it is... They pay a 20% commission to people who introduce new participants. So, remember, anything related to crypto and multilevel marketing equals a scam. I truly believe that this is one of the shadiest investments you could get into. ☠️ All the other arguments like "never invest money that you are not prepared to lose" just make me gag. It's a ploy they use to build trust with people. Another thing I discovered is that the guys who started HEX, Richard Heart, are not even using their real name (Richard Schueler). As far as I'm aware, they don't seem to have offices, nor are they a registered business. Are they declaring income? Do they pay their taxes There's a real ScamDemic going on at the moment, with billions of dollars lost to crypto scams. 😡 I'll do some investigation on HEX, but I'm not here to promote a crypto opportunity that I feel will vanish one day. Give me your thoughts, and I'll conduct an investigation. Please share your experience with me at https://www.dehek.com/contact/ Support the Show.


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HyperNation/HyperVerse: "NO LONGER FEASIBLE" Community Review Report – What's Next? Is it GAME OVER?

Welcome to today's video where we delve into the intriguing world of HyperNation, a once-promising platform that has experienced a dramatic downfall. Join us as we explore the factors that led to its demise, examine the incident timeline, and shed light on the challenges faced by its community. 🕵️‍♂️💥📆🤔 But that's not all. We'll also take a closer look at the Hyper Wallet Token, its value, availability, and the confusion surrounding its meaning. Discover how Pancake Swap comes into play and explore the intricacies of daily withdrawal limits, processing issues, and the importance of prompt issue resolution. 💰💭💳🔄🚫⚠️ Furthermore, we'll explore the lack of transparency in HyperNation's financial figures and official documents, raising concerns about liability and the total funds in HyperNation. We'll address skepticism about crypto MLM platforms and the implications of promoting other Ponzi schemes. ❓📊📜⚠️🕵️‍♂️💔 As we dive deeper, we'll uncover the stories of individuals who have realized HyperNation's true nature and are now searching for alternatives. We'll examine the role of multi-level marketers benefiting from the system and delve into the speculation surrounding VIP fives and potential money laundering. 🕵️‍♂️💡🔄💸💰🧐 Moreover, we'll discuss the legal liability of sponsors in Ponzi schemes, the impact of scams, and the challenges faced by sponsors in such circumstances. And finally, we'll explore the incidents that plagued HyperNation and reveal the transitioning plan in place. ⚖️🚫🤥🔍🔄 Stay tuned as we journey through each chapter, uncovering the truths and exposing the complexities of HyperNation's downfall. So without further ado, let's begin our exploration into the rise and fall of HyperNation. 🎢🔍📉 Join DANNY : DE HEK, the Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger! Our group is dedicated to unveiling illegal Ponzi schemes and scams, as well as calling out those who selfishly promote these get-rich-quick platforms for personal gain. If you're passionate about exposing fraud and safeguarding others, join us in our mission. Together, we can make a difference. Click here to join: https://t.me/PonziSchemeAvenger SUBSCRIBE to the DANNY : DE HEK YouTube channel tap the notification bell 🛎 please share, like, and comment. DANNY : DE HEK aka "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger" featured in the New York Times READ MORE Support the Show.


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Exposed: The Secrets Behind HyperNation/HyperVerse Ponzi Scheme Collapse - Fighting Back for Justice

🎥 Join Danny de Hek, renowned as "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger," in this captivating Video that uncovers the hidden truths behind various crypto Ponzi schemes and the collapse of HyperNation/HyperVerse. With a mission to protect unsuspecting investors and shed light on fraudulent activities, Danny takes you on a journey through the dark underbelly of the crypto world. 💡 Danny delves into the origins and mechanics of crypto Ponzi schemes, exposing the tactics employed by fraudsters to lure investors with promises of extravagant returns and leveraging the allure of cryptocurrencies. Discover the red flags and warning signs to safeguard your hard-earned money from these elaborate scams. 🔍 Take a deep dive into real-life case studies of crypto Ponzi schemes as Danny examines notorious scams, exposing the individuals and organizations behind them. Through detailed analysis, he reveals the tactics used to deceive investors and highlights the devastating consequences for those who fall victim to these fraudulent schemes. 🕵️ Danny shares his investigative techniques and strategies for uncovering crypto Ponzi schemes, teaching you how to identify suspicious projects, conduct thorough research, and collaborate with authorities to bring scammers to justice. Gain valuable insights into protecting yourself and the wider crypto community from falling prey to these elaborate schemes. 💪 Danny's focus is on empowering the crypto community to identify and combat Ponzi schemes. He shares practical tips on conducting due diligence, recognizing legitimate investment opportunities, and fostering a culture of transparency within the crypto space. Together, we can build a safer and more secure ecosystem for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 📺 Tune in to "Unveiling the Truth: Exposing Crypto Ponzi Schemes" and join Danny de Hek as he shines a light on the dark side of the crypto world, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to navigate this intricate landscape with confidence. Don't let scammers take advantage of your trust-stay informed, stay vigilant, and protect your investments. 💪🔒 SUBSCRIBE to the DANNY : DE HEK YouTube channel tap the notification bell 🛎 please share, like and comment. Support the Show.


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Unlocking Dyslexia's Hidden Superpowers: Embracing Strengths for Success, Thriving Beyond Challenges

In this inspiring and thought-provoking podcast episode, dyslexia advocate Danny de Hek shares his journey of embracing dyslexia and harnessing its power to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit. Join Rob and Danny as they delve into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs faced by individuals with dyslexia, offering invaluable advice and insights for teenagers navigating high school, contemplating university or career choices. TIME STAMPS / CHAPTERS Introductions 00:00:00 Danny's Experience with Dyslexia 00:00:16 Acknowledging Differences 00:00:32 Dyslexia and Communication Challenges 00:16:59 Accommodations in the Workplace 00:19:06 Dyslexia Challenges and Career Experiences 00:19:33 Dyslexia and Writing Assistance 00:22:22 Practical Skills and Theory 00:25:08 Dyslexia and Marketing Strategies 00:34:51 Dyslexia and Self-Perception 00:37:27 Advice for Parents of Dyslexic Children 00:39:48 Dyslexia and Stuttering 00:51:32 Using Notes and Mind Maps in Public Speaking 00:52:06 Dyslexia and Puzzle Analogy 00:53:31 Applying Yourself and Learning Techniques 00:54:42 Using Technology and Dictation 00:55:11 Writing Emails with Chat GPT 00:56:18 Shortcut Keys and Dealing with Spam 00:58:28 Richard Branson and Meeting Other Dyslexic People 00:59:53 Advice for Teens with Dyslexia 01:05:34 Utilizing AI Technology 01:06:26 Overcoming Limitations with AI 01:08:12 Communication Preferences 01:11:05 Final Statements and Closing Remarks 01:11:52 Dyslexia is a learning difference that affects millions of people worldwide. Often misunderstood and misrepresented, dyslexia can be a source of frustration and hindrance, particularly in academic settings. However, this podcast aims to challenge that narrative by highlighting the potential and unique strengths that come with dyslexia. Danny de Hek, a dyslexic entrepreneur, has defied the odds and harnessed his dyslexic brain to excel in various aspects of his life. Throughout the podcast, Danny shares his personal experiences and how he has transformed his challenges into opportunities for growth and success. His journey is a testament to the power of embracing one's differences and finding innovative ways to overcome limitations. One of the most significant breakthroughs for Danny has been the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI has revolutionized the way dyslexic individuals can interact with written information, making it more accessible and enabling them to communicate effectively. Through the power of AI, Danny has been able to transcend the traditional barriers of dyslexia, opening doors to new possibilities in education, career, and personal development. For teenagers grappling with dyslexia, this podcast offers a wealth of practical advice and guidance. Danny and Rob discuss strategies for managing dyslexia in high school, including the importance of self-advocacy, utilizing assistive technology, and seeking support from educators and peers. They emphasize the significance of recognizing dyslexia as a unique learning style rather than a limitation, empowering teenagers to embrace their strengths and pursue their passions. READ MORE... P.S. If you like this article, please click “like” or provide comment, as that will motivate me to publish more. Share and inspire. Thank you. Support the Show.


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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Scam Strategies SCAMMERS TOOLKIT UNVEILED! Avoiding Scams & Fraud

Join us for an insightful and informative YouTube video that explores the world of scammers and their tactics for deception and exploitation. In this video, we reveal the secrets of the scammer's toolkit and how entrepreneurs can use these strategies to build a legitimate and thriving business. We discuss the psychological tricks, marketing strategies, and sales techniques that scammers use to lure people into their fraudulent schemes. However, we also show how these same tactics can be adapted and transformed into powerful tools for building a business that is built on trust, credibility, and value. Throughout the video, we provide practical examples and actionable advice for entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business with integrity and ethics. We highlight the importance of building a strong brand, creating a loyal customer base, and delivering products or services that meet real needs and provide genuine value. If you're an entrepreneur looking for valuable insights and practical tips on how to build a successful business, then don't miss "What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Scammers: Unveiling the Scammer's Toolkit." Tune in to discover how to turn scam strategies into ethical and effective tools for your own success. P.S. If you like this article, please click “like” or provide comment, as that will motivate me to publish more. Share and inspire. Thank you. Support the Show.


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Why We Cant Resist Crypto Ponzi Schemes: Cognitive Biases Fool Our Thinking Not Greed Or Desperation

🎉 Welcome to the latest and most exciting episode of the WHAT: DE HEK Podcast and YouTube Channel! 🔥 Get ready to explore the thrilling world of crypto Ponzi schemes and the cognitive biases that make them irresistible. 💸💰 Join your favourite host, Danny de Hek, and special guest Rob (Noname) as they dive deep into the topic of how our brains can deceive us when it comes to investing in these schemes. 😱 In this episode, you'll discover the different types of cognitive biases that can impact our decision-making, making us believe in things that aren't true and keeping us invested in something that may not be a good idea. 🤯 From confirmation bias to hindsight bias, we'll explore how these biases can contribute to our investment decisions and how to avoid falling into their traps. By the end of this episode, you'll have a better understanding of the powerful forces that drive us towards crypto Ponzi schemes, and how to protect yourself from their allure. So, grab your popcorn 🍿, sit back, and join us on this exciting and thought-provoking journey into the world of cognitive biases and crypto Ponzi schemes! 💪 TIME STAMPS / CHAPTERS Introduction 00:00:00 Coin Market Bull 00:02:00 Cognitive Bias 00:11:30 Confirmation Bias 00:13:00 Loo Stop (1) 00:20:30 Availability Bias 00:21:00 5 Million Lost to Ponzi Scheme 00:22:30 Framing Effect 00:25:30 Danny Been Sued for 3.8 Million 00:35:00 Hindsight Bias 00:32:50 ViDiLOOK 00:35:16 Overconfidence Bias 00:40:00 Praise Jehovah 00:49:30 Danny is a Millionaire 00:51:00 Hanging onto Hope 00:52:30 Loo Stop (2) 00:56:00 HyperVerse 00:56:30 Passive Income Vs Old-fashioned Business 01:01:00 Focus on Real Business 01:06:00 Circle of Friends 01:09:00 Nigerian Scams 01:15:50 The Coronation of King Charles III 01:16:25 Texting Messaging Scammers 01:21:00 Conclusion 01:30:00 Support the Show.


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Jehovah Witness Religion Explained: Interview with a Shunned Apostate, Danny de Hek

Welcome to the latest episode of the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast, where we delve deep into thought-provoking discussions with a wide range of guests. In today's episode, we explore the controversial topic of the Jehovah's Witnesses religion with our special guest, a former member who has experienced the shunning process firsthand. Joining us today is Rob Woolley, who interviews our host Danny de Hek to get a better understanding of the Jehovah's Witnesses religion. Rob asks thought-provoking questions such as what happens when someone leaves the organization and how to manage when a Jehovah's Witness knocks on your door. Danny also sheds light on the three different types of pioneers within the organization and gives valuable advice for those considering joining or leaving the religion. Throughout the episode, we gain insight into the emotional journey of leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the guilt that can come with it. We also hear from the shunned apostate guest, who shares their experiences of being ostracized from their former community. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the Jehovah's Witnesses religion and the impact it has on those who leave. So sit back, relax, and join us for a thought-provoking and insightful conversation. Support the Show.


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The Latest Crypto Ponzi Schemes - Databank, ViDiLook, Validus, WEWE Global, StableDAO and GSPartners

Welcome to the latest episode of the WHAT: DE HEK Podcast. I am your host Danny, also known as "The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger". Today, I am joined by my co-host, Rob, as we catch up on the latest news in the world of cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes. As many of you may be aware, there has been a surge in fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency market, with new scams popping up all the time. In this episode, we will be discussing some of the latest Ponzi schemes that have been exposed, including Databank, ViDiLook, Validus, WEWE Global, StableDAO, and GSPartners. We will dive deep into the details of each scam, discussing how they operate, the tactics used to lure in unsuspecting victims, and the devastating impact they can have on people's finances and lives. As someone who has been featured in the New York Times for my work in exposing crypto Ponzi schemes, I am passionate about shedding light on this issue and helping people protect themselves from these scams. So, if you're interested in learning about the latest developments in the "scamdemic" of crypto Ponzi schemes, then you won't want to miss this episode. Watch the YouTube Video at https://youtu.be/9ARqfFIxWh0 SUBSCRIBE to the DANNY : DE HEK YouTube channel tap the notification bell 🛎 please share, like and comment. Support the Show.