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Taking the mystery out of hosting so you can be the master of your domain.

Taking the mystery out of hosting so you can be the master of your domain.


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Taking the mystery out of hosting so you can be the master of your domain.






Interview with Bryan Muthig, CEO of A2 Hosting.

Interview with Bryan Muthig, CEO of A2 Hosting.


WPVR, can help you get started with Virtual Reality tours in WordPress.

What is a Virtual Reality Tour? A Virtual Tour is a simulation of a real location. It is often made with media that would include a 360-degree camera and can mix text, video, audio and much more. Virtual tours provide the user a way to explore locations from the comfort of their home, business or […]


Status of PHP in Web Hosting. WordPress 5.1.1 is out. Gutenberg block add-on with 19 ready made blocks.

Today on Episode 29 Web Hosting Podcast. The status of PHP and web hosting. WordPress 5.1.1 has been released with some great improvements. A gutenberg block add-on with 19 ready made blocks. The status of PHP and hosting. I found a few articles regarding the deprecation of PHP before 7.1 and that relates to the […]


My Depression, WordPress 5 is released, google page speed

Today on episode 28, Web Hosting Podcast. Where have I been and what is going on with the podcast? Have you taken the jump to WordPress 5 yet, if not then you are going to want to ensure you do a few things first. Google Page Speed is up to some new tricks with images. […]


Are websites becoming irrelevant? With Megan from websites503.com

Today on episode 27, Web Hosting Podcast. I sit down with Megan of websites503.com and discuss the current state of websites. Are websites really needed in a world of apps, social media, and smart devices? Are website going to be extinct or irrelevant in the coming years if not already? Are websites becoming irrelevant? With […]


WordPress 5 release date, Social Media experiment and CloudFlare turns 8.

Today on episode 26, Web Hosting Podcast. WordPress 5 gets a tentative release date. I discuss a social media experiment I tried. And cloudflare celebrated its 8th birthday in style by releasing some great new features and services. WordPress 5 has a tentative release date of November 19th, 2018 Release Notes This date could […]


cPanel tools you will use most often.

Today on episode 25, Web Hosting Podcast. Some of the most common cPanel tools you will use after you signup. Did you know there is a app for cPanel access that also includes webmail? We will be going over installing, and then configuring the app which is available for both iOS and Android. cPanel App […]


Google pagespeed insights headache.

Today on Episode 24, Web Hosting Podcast. Are you obsessed with page speed ranking? Speed is always a great thing to have but the realization is, getting that perfect score is almost impossible with a website. Megan joins me to discuss some things that may cause your site to be slow. We also dive into […]


Backup WordPress with UpdraftPlus and hide the WordPress login url with WPS Hide Login.

Today on episode 23 Web Hosting Podcast. Google Chrome 68 is now out and marking sites that do not use https as not secure. We cover a great backup plugin for wordpress called UpdraftPlus, this free plugin with premium options is a great way to ensure you have a regular backup of your WordPress site. […]


IDNS deceptive practices, IGTV is now live, cPanel now supports git.

Today on episode 22 of Web Hosting Podcast. iDNS misdirection, this is a public service announcement for the alleged service provided by iDNS. This company may send out actual mail to you in an attempt to trick you into renewing your domain name with them. IGTV (Instagram TV) is now live, did you even notice? […]


PCI DSS Changes to TLS and Chrome 68 marks sites as not secure.

Today on episode 21 Web Hosting Podcast. PCI (Payment Card Industry) changes that have come into affect. These changes make a dramatic shift to the encryption standard that you may not be aware of. If you are on a older operating system, and even some new ones, you may be left out in the cold […]


Beginner steps to launching a new website.

Today on episode 20 of Web Hosting Podcast. Beginner steps to launching a website. We will cover all the steps needed to go from concept to launch, for the beginner. It is now easier than it has ever been to get a brand new website online and serving content. Have you wanted to make the […]


Is VR, virtual reality, part of your website design strategy?

Today on Episode 19 of Web Hosting Podcast. Is VR, virtual reality, part of your website design strategy? You could be missing out if you are not. With the release of the Oculus Go last month, high end VR experiences have come to the masses. You can take advantage of this by including VR elements […]


Harden and secure wordpress, using managewp.com and GDPR.

Today on episode 18 of Web Hosting Podcast, I continue the discussion of the wordpress hack dissection. I have been asked, since the last episode, about ways to harden and secure a wordpress install and what I recommend to do about managing updates. Also in this episode, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Are you ready […]


Dissection of a WordPress hack.

Today on episode 17 of Web Hosting Podcast, Megan and I, dissect a website hack we have been working on. We discuss the how, the what and ways to prevent future hacks. We also discuss the defacement of webhostingpodcast.com and how I recovered the site so quickly. And remember those quick tips I use to […]


Opus Interactive on location interview

Today on episode 16 of Web Hosting Podcast, I venture out on location to talk to Shannon and Eric about their company Opus Interactive. We also now have a phone number for the podcast for you to call into. Opus Interactive is located in Hillsboro, Oregon at the Infomart Datacenter, this is the same world […]


How is your web host possibly failing you?

Megan Ferrell of websites503.com joins me to discuss, How is your web host possibly failing you? Security communication – security (awareness of vulnerabilities), transparency of security information. Notification of security changes in the industry that could affect you and your potential customers. This would include things like PCI, GDPR , SSL/TLS changes just to […]


Robert Indries of dgstudio.com is our special guest to talk marketing, development and hosting.

In this episode I talk with Robert Indries of dgstudio.com about marketing, development and web hosting. dgstudio.com is a full service creative agency for your business brand and website. Robert, gives some great advice about getting your marketing brand out there. He provides several tips for things you can do for free as well as […]


Migrating your site to SSL : HTTPS with installatron. Useful website tools to use for your site.

Useful website tools to use for your website. https://www.ssllabs.com/ This is a useful site to check your site for proper ssl settings. You will get a grade once the report is done. An “A” is the best, while a “B” would be acceptable, you should really try and get the “A” grade. I would also […]


Commonly used web hosting terminology.

I discuss some of the more basic web hosting terminology used. This is the link I used for the glossary of terms. This episode may be a little basic for some listeners, but I want to make sure that everyone knows the terminology and language that we talk about. My hope is to bring some […]