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WhichEV is a UK-based publication dedicated to electric vehicles. Our experts bring you news, reviews & features on everything related to EVs, from consumer to commercial, charging to infrastructure. We cover the entire ecosystem in a simple, honest way. This is our podcast!

WhichEV is a UK-based publication dedicated to electric vehicles. Our experts bring you news, reviews & features on everything related to EVs, from consumer to commercial, charging to infrastructure. We cover the entire ecosystem in a simple, honest way. This is our podcast!


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WhichEV is a UK-based publication dedicated to electric vehicles. Our experts bring you news, reviews & features on everything related to EVs, from consumer to commercial, charging to infrastructure. We cover the entire ecosystem in a simple, honest way. This is our podcast!






Are EV batteries big enough? WhichEV Podcast Season 2 Episode 5

Do EV batteries need to be bigger, or are they already big enough? In this episode of the WhichEV podcast, James and Stef discuss emerging technologies such as Theion's, which promises to triple the range available for the same size and weight as a battery today. This could end the much-discussed "range anxiety" once and for all. We also talk about exciting new releases including the Lotus Eletre, Kia EV9, Maseratie Grecale Folgore, Audi A6 Avant e-tron and Cupra Born. Music by Soonripe...


Is electric car racing any good? - WhichEV Podcast Season 2 Episode 4

Now that there are two electric racing series regularly on broadcast TV screens - Extreme E and Formula E - James and Stef discuss whether either one can really replace the excitement of petrol-powered competitions like Formula 1 in this episode of the WhichEV podcast. Or does electric racing provide something different to traditional motorsport? Music by Soonripe Collective.


Are EVs really less green than we think? - WhichEV Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

Environment Minister George Eustice has claimed that because EVs are heavier, they emit more tyre and brake pollution. But he's clearly wrong, particularly about the brakes. In this episode of the WhichEV podcast, James and Stef explain why Eustice's claims are incorrect, and how EVs really are the best way to make car transportation greener. Music by Soonripe Collective.


UK petrol crisis and Toyota's war on BEVs in WhichEV Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

With petrol pumps empty and queues round the block for those that are open, James and Stef discuss the recent events and how EVs have prevailed during the crisis. Stef explains why he loves his diesel car so much. They also talk about how Toyota's CEO seems to be in a war against battery-electric vehicles, which makes James and Stef sad. Music by Soonripe Collective.


James and Stef get Fully Charged for Season 2 of the WhichEV Podcast

Now Stef has returned from California, he and WhichEV editor James Morris had a chance to go on a date at Fully Charged OUTSIDE. They discuss the best bits, including the first Tesla Model Y in the UK, the Nissan Ariya, and an army of IONIQ 5s. They also talk about the Audi Q4 e-tron, which James has been driving for the last week. Music by Soonripe Collective.


CEO Fiona Howarth on the Octopus EV salary sacrifice scheme in WhichEV Podcast Episode 29

Octopus Electric Vehicles aims to make it cheaper to own an EV. WhichEV editor James Morris talked to CEO Fiona Howarth about how the company plans to achieve that, the current state of play with EVs, and whether hydrogen is really a viable alternative to battery electric. Music by Soonripe Collective.


The classic car EV conversion question: WhichEV Podcast Episode 28

This edition of the WhichEV podcast welcomes special guest Norman Crowley, founder of the Cool Planet Group and AVA, a leading force behind classic car EV conversions and major shareholder in Electric Classic Cars. Norman and WhichEV editor James Morris discuss the idea of converting classic cars to electric, including Norman's own Ferrari 308. We also discuss the value of putting electric engines in existing cars, as well as reimagining famous designs in electric form via a concept AVA...


Is BMW back, only this time electric? We discuss in WhichEV Podcast Episode 27

With the price announcements of the i4, and iX, is BMW committed to electrification again, and will it succeed? James and Stef discuss the possibilities. The i3 is continuing to please, and the iX3 is imminent, meaning electrification could be the next Neue Klasse for BMW, leading the company to a renewed future where it continues to dominate the luxury car market. We also consider whether Ford is making a similar play with the F-150 and Mustang Mach E. Music by Soonripe Collective.


Could Volkswagen really be the 'next Tesla'? We discuss in WhichEV Podcast Episode 26

Could Volkswagen really challenge Tesla in the electric vehicle market? Or is the ID.4 GTX too limited to compete with the Model Y? Does Tesla have too many technological advantages? Maybe Mercedes will pose a better challenge with the EQS. James and Stef get a bit too Model X-rated as they discuss the pros and cons in the latest WhichEV podcast. We also consider the value of VW's MEB platform, which can be found in the ID.4, Skoda Enyaq iV, and even Audi's Q4 and Q4 Sportback. Warburton's...


Is electric motor racing any good? WhichEV Podcast Episode 25

After the first Extreme E competition in Saudi Arabia, James and Stef discuss whether electric motor racing is actually any good, in the latest episode of the WhichEV podcast. They also ask whether the UK plug-in grant reduction was really such a bad thing, considering how many manufacturers have dropped their prices as a result, including Citroen, Peugeot, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW and even Tesla. Stef also explains how he went to Hawaii to research electric vehicles, not swim with turtles...


UK Government Plug-In Grant Reduction and VW Power Day - WhichEV Podcast 24

With the UK government reducing the plug-in electric grant and the maximum price eligible, James and Stef discuss whether this is going to stall the EV revolution, and whether Volkswagen's Power Day will have a more positive effect, particularly now Audi is no longer developing new fossil fuel engines. But with lots of great new EVs arriving this year, including the Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and MG Marvel, as well as Gridserve investing in the Electric Highway to fix UK motorway charging, is the...


E-bikes with special guest Ed Thomas from Mark2 in WhichEV Podcast Episode 23

We invited Ed Thomas, Managing Director of ebike company Mark2 to join us on the latest WhichEV podcast episode. WhichEV editor James Morris and Ed discuss the Swytch conversion kit, how ebikes fit into the emobility revolution, the different ebike designs and their strengths, escooters, and much more. But Stef stayed in California being woke. Music by Soonripe Collective.


Will they kill the electric car again? WhichEV Podcast Episode 22

The EV revolution may look unstoppable, but 20 years ago there was another great electric car on the market - until the manufacturer killed it. Could this happen again? With Ford planning to go electric in Europe by 2026, Jaguar Land Rover going electric by 2025, the VW ID.3 the second bestselling car in Europe across all fuel types in December, and BEVs now 6.9% of UK car sales, it looks unlikely. But there still many forces amassing against BEVs. James and Stef discuss the possibilities....


The problems with EV charging infrastructure - WhichEV Podcast Episode 21

EVs are starting to sell in considerable numbers, but the charging infrastructure isn't keeping up, with UK councils only planning to install 35 chargers each by 2025. This week, James and Stef discuss the current state of charging in the UK, including the report by Connected Kerb, which says that people will only be happy to switch to EVs if they have local charging. This has also been backed up by a recent MIT report, which also argues that a multi-faceted approach is the best one. But...


EV highlights of 2020 in episode 20 of the WhichEV Podcast

It's been a bumper year for electric vehicles, so Stef and James look back at the top stories and developments in the EV market across 2020 in the latest WhichEV podcast. We discuss the massive increase in EV sales in 2020, how EVs are now selling more than diesels in Europe, the Nissan Leaf turning 10 years old, the MG5 EV, Tesla Battery Day 2020, and VW's ID.3, which is part of Volkwagen's huge investment in electrification. GRIDSERVE opened its first electric forecourt, which will help...


Charging infrastructure and solar-powered EVs in episode 19 of the WhichEV Podcast

Charging infrastructure is the biggest impediment to EV adoption, but what if your car could recharge itself via its own solar panels, like the Aptera 3? Or will GRIDSERVE's EV charging forecourts help? Electric cars are almost good enough now, but people are still worried about how they can charge them. James and Stef discuss the issues in this week's podcast. Also how EVs caused COVID-19 and stole the US election for Biden. Horrible things. Music by Soonripe Collective.


The EV Battery Recycling Problem - WhichEV Podcast Special Episode 18

The UK has imposed a ban on sales of new internal combustion engines from 2030 as part of the plan to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions, which means that in the future we will see a lot of more electric vehicles on the road. In this podcast special, we explore how the batteries in electric vehicles do not last forever, and do have an ‘expiration date’ when the decay process starts. We ask what happens to these batteries once they are at the end of their lives? Gian Matteo Sacchetti...


#AstonGate and Toyota's new 2021 hydrogen Mirai in WhichEV Podcast episode 17

#AstonGate and the hate campaign by laggardly fossil fuel carmakers against EVs is the main focus of Stef and James's discussion in this week's podcast, which appears to have been prompted by the 2030 UK ban on new diesel and petrol car sales. We also discuss the chances of the forthcoming hydrogen fuel cell-driven 2021 Toyota Mirai and the company's announcement of a greater focus on battery EVs next year. Stef gets obsessed with pleasuring yourself in a Tesla, and so much more. Music by...


Should new petrol and diesel cars be banned in 2030? in Episode 16 of the WhichEV Podcast

Should new petrol and diesel car sales be banned in 2030? The big recent news is our main topic for this week's podcast. Stef and James tackle the fear and misinformation this announcement has provoked. EVs are getting cheaper while ICE gets more expensive. The ban could be mirrored in the USA by ZETA. But will any of this really matter when battery EVs become cheaper than ICE in a few years? We also discuss BMW's plan to move its ICE engine production to the UK and Austria. Music by...


Which EV Podcast, S01E15 - Does the iX mean a comeback from BMW?

Does BMW's launch of the iX and return to electric vehicles in general mean BMW is back on target to compete for the EV market? Or has BMW been too cautious, like Bentley and Aston Martin? Are we the only people that want to stop for a loo break on a long journey, making charging times in transit and massive EV ranges less important? We also discuss how diesels are now selling more in Europe and how 8 out of 10 cars sold in Norway are EVs, plus much more in episode 15 of the WhichEV podcast....