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Small Podcast lessons (less than 9 minutes) with big value to help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast from Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson

Small Podcast lessons (less than 9 minutes) with big value to help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast from Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson


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Small Podcast lessons (less than 9 minutes) with big value to help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast from Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson








Should I Join a Podcast Network?

You get an email asking you to join a network. You're flattered. You need to think about this. Do I need to change my feed? Talk to someone who is on the network and get before and after numbers How do they select new network members? What gets your fired? Who owns the content if you decide to leave? Will they redirect your feed if you decide to leave? Full notes and bonus video at


Is Your Podcast Missing Love From Google?

Today we are going to talk a little about Podcast SEO - (Search Engine Optimization) There are types of players that media hosts provide that are often called: There are WordPress plugins like Simple Podcast Press and Fuse Box but I'm also talking about the players you get from our media host. Especially one that provides multiple episodes (which is what we are primarily focused on today). Those players are in what is known as an "iframe." The bottom line as while that player looks like...


Can a Video Be a Podcast?

First things first, let's explain technically what a podcast is: A program delivered via RSS. This can be audio (typically mp3), video (typically m4a), or a pdf file. So technically YES, you can have a video podcast NOT ALL APPS WILL PLAY IT Google podcasts and pandora won't do anything with it, while apps like Overcast and Stitcher will play the audio, but not show the video, and Apple Podcasts will play the video and others will as well. There is a list on WHAT I ADVISE...


How to Tell How Many People Subscribe To Your Podcast

How many subscribers does my podcast have? Just this morning, I've had three people email me this question this morning (and I heard it on my last coaching call). The answer is: you can't. There's no actual way to get that number. YouTube Vs Podcasting Everybody bring up subscriber counts because of YouTube. Realize YouTube is centralized. If you're watching YouTube, you're watching it on YouTube. Podcasting is different, you have an RSS feed (see the mechanics of podcasting). You can...


Is Your Podcast Future Proof?

I had one of my editing clients as me if I could edit an episode from a few months ago. In the episode, they had talked about a webinar that they were doing that month. Now that the webinar was long past, they felt it just didn't make any sense. That is how I got the idea for this episode. Future Proof Your Podcast Anytime you mentioned a date be sure to include the year (as some people may hear this episode years from now). Then throw in the additional information, "If you're listening to...


Can You Say Your "Why?"

I was working with a client, I'll change things up a bit. Let's say they were interested in help people "Do More," or "Be More Productive." Who could use that content? College Students Parents There are many more, but let's limit the list to the two above. You Need to KNOW your WHY? There are many reasons to start a podcast. These include: In this instance, the person wanted to make some money with their podcast by promoting some digital products. That's fine. Now let's look at our...


Before You Pay to Promote Your Podcast - DO THIS

I was in a Facebook group and someone asked, "What are your tips for getting more listeners to your podcast?" and the very first comment was, "Marketing.. Facebook ads" and while there were other decent suggestions, many of the suggestions were BUYING promotion (Facebook, Google Ads, etc). It wasn't until I left a comment that someone brought up making sure your content is good. Here is what I wrote: Create content that is SO GOOD, that your audience has no choice, they HAVE TO share it...


Charging Your Podcast Guest An Appearance Fee?

Supply and Demand The "law" of supply and demand is this: The more demand there is for a product, the more you can charge for it. There are many things that lead and boost demand, and that is outside the scope of today's show. In general, you are delivering value (or perceived value) If you raise the price more and more, the demand may go down (as it doesn't deliver as much value for the price). Cover Charge When I was a musician, some places I played would charge a "Cover Charge" which...


How to Do An "Ask Me Anything (AMA)" Episode

Oscar Trimboli asked me, "Hey, do you have anything about doing an Ask me anything sometimes called AMA's. That type of episode?" Well, there are a couple of things to think of number one, for this to work you need an audience. So this is the first thing you need is an audience. The next thing is the tools, and I always recommend that you have your website's setup to accept any kind of input. So I've got a voicemail number from I've got an email address. I also have...


Why Isn't Apple Displaying All of My Episodes?

Think of it Like a Store Front One of my hobbies is music. I remember as a young child going into or walking by a music store, and there were a few different guitars in the front window and I was like, Wow, look at those guitars! Those are awesome. And then I walked through the door into the store, and there was wall to wall guitars and I was like, holy cow. Look at this. Now, you might be saying, Dave, that's a cute story and all but what does that have to do with podcasting? Well, I've...


Do I Need To Add ID3 Tags To Your Podcast?

ID3 tags were much more important back in 2005ish. All the portable media players and tools used ID3 tags. What is an ID3 Tag? An ID3 tags is information stored inside your mp3 file. You can't see them, but some (few) apps use this information. This (currently) only happens when your file is removed from your feed and is not used by an app. EXAMPLE: Someone downloads your file to their computer and is listened to in a tool like Windows Media Player. The episode title, name of the...


Can You Have TOO MUCH Voice Inflection?

When you are podcasting you are talking to your audience, but you also have to realize there is a bit of "performance" mixed in. This is why you had people like Wolfman Jack and other people who were super high energy. Then you had people like Paul Harvey who had his own style, and really really long pauses. Some people get nervous thinking about this and get a little "sing songy" and end up accenting words in what some might feel are un-natural places. Today I play a clip of a newspaper...


What is a Libsyn Slug?

A libsyn slug is something you will be asked for when you sign up at ( Libsyn is short for Liberated Syndication - they are the largest podcast media hosting company). You can get a free month when you sign up using the coupon code sopfree. How is a Libsyn Slug Used? The libsyn slug is used as an ID for your Libsyn account. If you open a support ticket all you have to do is provide your slug and the support team can look up your account information. It is also used in the URL of...


Why Joe Rogan Got Paid

Today I talk about Joe Rogan who just got a guesstimate $100 million dollars to make his show available exclusively on Spotify. Why did they buy Joe? Because he is one of the top (if not THE top podcast). So why is he so popular? Joe has proven that good content is valuable. If you start your podcast today you're not going to get Joe Rogan money. Will you get Joe Rogan money in 11 years? In 32 years? There is only one way to find out. Starting a podcast is no hard. Starting a GOOD...


Everyone Can't Be Your Target Audience

As I record this, it is May 21, 2020, and we are still dealing with the pandemic. This resulted in a lot of zoom meetings. When I'm trying to help a new podcast, and I'll be trying to get them to tell me their target audience. "Oh, it's for everybody, " they say. I will answer, "Seriously, who is your podcast for?" They will again say, "everybody." But as I was in a zoom meeting, with about, I'm going to say twenty people instead of six, the bigger the zoom meeting, in many cases, the worse...


Obsessing Over Apple Podcast Reviews

People are hip to fake reviews. The general public is not that stupid when it comes to reviews. Review swaps result in really horrible reviews that are NOT helpful to the potential listener. A good review has details as to why something was good or bad. Reviews DO NOT help you move up the Apple Podcast Charts. Reviews are social proof - and that's it. When your audience isn't leaving you reviews, you might want to check on your content or your relationship with your audience. It takes...


What Wrong With My Podcast Formatting? No Links?

You've created an episode, you added links, you added some boldness, you added some formatting to your description. You send it out to the world and you go into Apple podcasts, and none of the links show up. Why is some of this missing? You look in Spotify and you're like, why is everything one giant paragraph that looks horrendous? That's not how I created it. Then you look at other apps and it looks perfectly fine. You think what do I have to do to make this look good? Here is the sad...


Take the Word PODCAST Out of Your Name

If someone asked me what was one of my Favorite books I wouldn't say "Platform Book." I would just say Platform. If someone asked what was one of my favorite movies? I wouldn't say "Caddyshack Movie." I would just say "Caddyshack." If someone asked what was one of my favorite magazines to read, I wouldn't say "Men's Health Magazine." I would say "Men's Health." So why do I see "The Ernie and Bert Podcast" as the title of shows? It seems like so many shows have the word PODCAST in the...


Should You Start a Video Podcast?

You are shooting video, should you turn it into a podcast? There are some pros and cons of video. First off, can your content exist without the video portion? Is this a "talking head" video? If so maybe it doesn't need to be video. Full show notes at


Don't Starve Your Audience

Do you use phrases like this? Before we get to ______ Without further adu I don't want to delay any further The Thin Line Between Teasing and Annoying It's one thing to take a quick 30-60 second tangent. It's a completely different issue when your tangents go on and on and the listener starts to wonder if you're ever coming back to the topic. Whatever the title of the episode is, people have tuned in to hear you talk about that subject. True Story I listened to the episode where the...