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We sit down with instructors to talk about the latest and greatest in web development. These conversations will take you deeper into the human side of coding web applications and deliver insight that you might not expect.

We sit down with instructors to talk about the latest and greatest in web development. These conversations will take you deeper into the human side of coding web applications and deliver insight that you might not expect.
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We sit down with instructors to talk about the latest and greatest in web development. These conversations will take you deeper into the human side of coding web applications and deliver insight that you might not expect.




Get Comfortable Learning On Your Own With Khalal Walker

Khalal's first language was Java, he learned his it in school. He didn't like coding in school because all they did was learn algorithms and data structures. How many people have completely turned away from this amazing career where you get to build cool things like dad jokes in text messages simply because classes get structured around data structures, algorithms, and Java? New coders should take a step back before jumping straight to a Bootcamp. Take time to learn on your own to make sure...


Out With The 10x Developer And In With The 10x Mentor With Tracy Lee

Making technical decisions for your business when you don't have experience as a developer is difficult. It's scary to make decisions that you don't know the consequences of. Tracy got into development when at one point she had the freetime to take an HTML, CSS, JavaScript course online. Becoming a developer taught Tracy the importance of grouping her meetings so she could have uninterrupted blocks of time to get work done. Before, she didn't realize the impact that breaking people's flow...


Build Performant And Reliable Applications With Molly Struve

To executives, new features mean more money, but even if you had terrific features, they wouldn't be worth a thing if they only worked half the time. Reliability isn't something you want to put off until later after the project has grown, it will save you a lot of time and money if you factor it in from day one. Everyone has adapted to a speedy internet these days. Users leave if the site is taking more than even a few seconds to load. It's easy to get overly focused on features while...


Learn To Debug Properly And Ask Better Questions With Justin Samuels

How many of us still almost exclusively use when trying to debug something? It's okay, plenty of us do it that way, but you could be saving yourself a lot of pain and suffering by using the debugger and stepping through the execution. There are several advantages to using a debugger, you get a tighter feedback loop, a lot more information, and it allows you to go into places you wouldn't have even thought about. Now debugging can take you far, but there are times when we need another...


The Elegant System of Management - with Will Larson

Everything is a system, and every system is a box in another larger system. It's up to managers to think in systems to make choices and understand their consequences. The manager has an obligation to their team. The decisions of managers make a tremendous impact on folk's lives. But managers are only human. "When we go into school there's kind of this sense that authorities are these all-knowing kind of perfect figures that are responsible for everything." The reality is that managers are...


Emphasis on User Outcomes with Marisa Morby

Marisa Morby is a professional product manager. A common question she gets is "what's the difference between a product manager and a project manager?" There's a lot of overlap, but the difference is a product manager has to understand what needs to get done and why and be able to communicate that, and the project manager makes sure that everything stays on the rails and results in a cohesive product. Many teams put significant of focus on user outcomes. A user outcome is the ultimate goal...


Escaping the Software Trough of Despair - With Laurie Barth

When you are a consultant, you can't just learn a framework and then choose a place to work that uses it. Your clients will have their own needs and constraints that you're going to have to adapt to serve your client well. The constant learning can feel like a freefall. Constantly feeling dumb is panic-inducing. There's this trough of despair in software, where you swing between feeling like a genius and then going right back to despair. We can't just learn, but we have to learn well. It's...


Embrace Challenges With A Growth Mindset - With Veni Kunche

There are a few options for those trying to start a career in web development, teach yourself, join a bootcamp, or go to college. Veni chose the college route, she got a master's degree in computer science, which is awesome, but it didn't fully prepare her for web development. Computer science is primarily theory and it doesn't really prepare you for the engineering side of the job. There are only so many research positions where you'll get to applying your degree directly, the vast majority...


Gaining Freedom and Helping Others Find Success - with Pariss Athena

You don't have to be passionate about code to have a successful career as a developer. Pariss Athena talks about how it isn't the code itself that motivates her to get better at understanding it. It's what being good at code provides that drives her. The financial freedom code gives Athena enables her to give more to the people and communities that are important to her. Success to her is freedom and helping others find success too. She is working on the Black Tech Pipeline, a platform to...


How Vue Earns Its Beginner-Friendly Reputation - with Natalia Tepluhina

Vue has a reputation of being the most beginner-friendly framework, but that didn't just happen by accident. The Vue CLI is an excellent example. New developers often struggle with using the terminal and remembering all the commands. The Vue CLI provides a visual interface for the developer to generate a project. By making it easier for newcomers to make Vue projects, they've reduced the barriers to entry. Beginner-friendly doesn't mean basic. Many large-scale projects use Vue. Another...


Organizing a Conference to Combat Brain Drain in His Hometown - with J.C. Hiatt

J.C. Hiatt put together the conference MagnoliaJS in the town of Jackson, Missouri to help his community and combat the growing problem of brain drain in his state. MagnoliaJS is not only for his community, but it was put together with the help of it too. J.C. put it together, publically by using Github issues, blogging, and posting about it on Twitter. The community responds well when you are genuine and trying to do something good, and bringing them in and giving them a sense of ownership...


Figuring Out What's Next after Your Needs are Met - with Jason Lengstorf

What do we do when all of our needs are met when we are making seventy-five thousand plus a year, working for a company with some prestige, have a home, and don't have to worry about food. Jason Lengstorf wrestled with this after the company he was contracting with didn't have anything for him to do, but kept him around. New goals have to be set, and growth still has to happen. Jason discovered that what he wanted was to help other people grow in their personal and professional lives. To...


Get out of Your Head and Start with Your Users - with Janelle Allen

Teaching provides a learner with more information, but the information isn't the only thing that is required to teach effectively. Doing is almost just as essential as the information itself for the learner to solidify what was taught. Creating an effective learning path is challenging, and we tend to start from what we know and take it from there. Janelle challenges the tendency to start from our knowledge, and instead, we should start from where we want our learners to end up being and...


Building Vue Vixens With Education and Inclusiveness – With Jen Looper

Jen Looper, developer advocate and the founder of Vue Vixens, didn't study software development in college, she has a Ph.D. in French Literature. Her degree might seem unrelated, but it strengthened her ability to explain complex ideas as well as her overall communication abilities, skills that are essential for her role as a developer advocate. These skills also come into play in her work building the Vue Vixens community, which now has over 20+ chapters all over the world! The workshop...


Turning Technical Concepts into Approachable Illustrated Metaphors - with Maggie Appleton

There's a kind of "black box" mystery that surrounds illustrators and programmers, to someone who isn't one their skills seem like a form of magic, but to someone who is these skills are just the tools that they've been learning to use through time and hard work. Maggie is the course logo illustrator at, and she has the challenge of turning the concepts being taught in the course into something more visually concrete. The challenge isn't necessarily the drawing, but the research...


Being Curious and Facilitating the Success of Others - with Stacey Mulcahy

JavaScript fatigue is a topic that has been trending for a while now. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the constant influx of new technology, but it's also thrilling to learn the latest cool new thing! Stacey Mulcahy discusses how she embraces this deluge of technology by being a generalist, allowing her to make connections with more people than she would have if she specialized in one thing. Stacy is a Maker, a kind of tech-based DIYer and inventor. Creativity is, of course, important for...


Creating Authentic Content and Developing Yourself - with Emma Wedekind

Web development is a fantastic field where people, for little to no money, can self-teach everything you need to make a career, and it's amazing, right? That doesn't mean that there isn't a time cost though, it isn't easy, but the internet has an overwhelming amount of information that you can use to teach yourself. Authors who write this free content are the life-blood of the internet and provide an invaluable service to countless people. However, in the sea of information, it's easy for...


Heading Gatsby's Learning Experience and Bridging Gaps - with Marcy Sutton

Marcy Sutton is the Head of Learning at GatsbyJS, but what does that mean? One of Gatsby's core focuses is the community, and a part of that is making the experience with Gatsby as friendly as possible. A large part of making Gatsby friendly is having excellent documentation, so that learning and debugging experiences would be smooth. So the learning experience is smooth but what is Gatsby's potential on the web? Marcy talks about how Gatsby has the potential to make a huge impact....


Making Dumb Stuff That Makes Strangers on the Internet Smile - with Sara Vieira

Sara Vieira, developer advocate and professional maker of dumb shit, talks through why she does her weird experiments on the internet. Sometimes it is out of need, but honestly a lot of the time it is a random thing that she thinks of or something that someone says that brings up the idea, and she just has to make it. A lot of it is out of boredom, and also procrastination from other projects that she just doesn't want to do. Sara calls herself a lazy developer, but that doesn't mean she...


Developing Yourself While Teaching Others - with Ali Spittel

Today we are joined by Ali Spittel, a Software Engineer and Developer Advocate at, who speaks with us about: The skills she gained from a developer teaching job How she kept up on her coding skills without writing production code by doing daily code challenges Why she began to blog and how she made a habit out of it Blogging on a platform vs. having your own website Using visual feedback to teach beginners to code Involving herself in the local developer...