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Your invitation to learn with us on the go as we talk to SAP experts, course instructors, and innovative thought leaders.


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Your invitation to learn with us on the go as we talk to SAP experts, course instructors, and innovative thought leaders.




Episode 28: Learn Automation Techniques with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for SAP Software Solutions

In this episode, I will have a conversation with two guest experts from Red Hat, Ricardo Garcia and Markus Koch. Automation has become a key feature in current IT organizations. Software technology End User demand is constantly increasing driven by changing market conditions and the democratization of IT. IT organizations must react faster and more flexibly with limited resources as they tend to IT infrastructure requirements. Automation helps to reproduce complete software deployments and system configurations much faster with considerable error reductions. Red Hat’s Ansible Automation Platform allows for the administration of the entire lifecycle of RHEL servers such as patching, security fixes, subscriptions, Red Hat Insights, and the SaaS that makes sure that all the RHEL hosts are compliant with Red Hat’s and other vendors’ recommendations (like SAP) based on their respective customers policies. Red Hat’s Ansible technology can be an effective solution that can help SAP Basis Administrators manage automation workflows across multiple SAP Software solutions.


Episode 27: Learn the Ropes of Coding with ABAP

Welcome to openSAP Invites. I'm your host, Elena Lucarelli, and in this episode, I’ll be talking to two guest experts from the SAP Global Developer and Community Relations team, Mamikee Kanneh and Rich Heilman. We’ll talk about the basics of ABAP, why it’s worth learning, and where to start your learning journey.


Episode 26: Learn SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that combines business intelligence, enterprise planning, and augmented analytics. In this podcast episode, we will discuss topics related to augmented business intelligence such as modeling, story creation and analysis, augmented analytics, and analytic applications.


Episode 25: Learn the Basics of SAP Business ByDesign

Welcome to openSAP Invites! I’m your host, Elena Lucarelli. In this episode, I’m talking with Rainer Zinow, one of the content experts for our openSAP courses on SAP Business ByDesign. Rainer discusses the beginning of the collaboration with openSAP, why should customers and partners take the courses and what the SAP Business ByDesign team has planned for 2022 on openSAP.


Thought Leaders Episode 20: Keeping the World Safe Through Online Learning

Welcome to a special Thought Leaders episode with Heini Utunen in which we discuss how the World Health Organization’s online learning platform facilitates the transfer of public health knowledge for emergencies on a massive scale. Heini takes us behind the scenes and shares how it felt to be in the position of providing trusted information in an emergency response. She tells us how she and her team took over responsibility for being first, fast, and frequent in providing fact-based information about the situation in a timely manner for those who needed it.


Episode 24: Learn How to Improve Your Communication with Sketching for IT Business

Learn how basic sketching skills can improve your communication with your team and your customers as we talk about the openSAP course “Be Visual: Sketching Basics for IT Business."


Episode 23: Learn How SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Can Help Move SAP Workloads to the Public Cloud

Learn about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the leading Linux platform for hosting SAP workloads, including SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4HANA.


Episode 22: Learn How to Speed Up Your Implementations of SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

Learn how to speed up implementations with the package configuration manager, a business configuration tool that uses SAP Best Practices and qualified partner packaged solutions to automate many of the standard configurations that are common across customer implementations.


Episode 21: Learn How to Communicate Mindfully and with Confidence

Learn how to become a better, more mindful, and more confident communicator. Improve your professional communication skills and overcome your fear of public speaking.


Thought Leaders Episode 19: Reimagining an Inclusive Workplace: What Being a Great Dinner Host Can Teach Us About Diversity

In this laid-back episode, we discuss the complexities of navigating our different cultures, values, and biases. Learn how becoming a better dinner party host and ensuring everyone feels welcome at your table can help you to improve your working relationships too.


Episode 20: Learn How to Build Better Products with a Human-Centric Product Backlog

Learn how to integrate the human perspective into software development and build better products as we talk about the openSAP course "Building Better Products with a Human-Centric Backlog".


Episode 19: Learn About Building Applications with SAP Business Technology Platform and Microsoft Services

Learn about the partnership between SAP and Microsoft and how you can get started with building your own applications with SAP Business Technology Platform and Microsoft Services.


Thought Leaders Episode 18: Discover the Inspiration Behind Coworking Spaces

​Meet Lone Aggersbjerg to discover the inspiration behind coworking spaces, the flexibility of hybrid working models, and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in the midst of a pandemic.


Episode 18: Learn About Extensibility Concepts Using SAP Extension Suite

​Learn about extensibility concepts, the different extension types available, and focus on event-driven extensions with SAP Extension Suite.


Episode 17: Learn the Latest on SAP's Climate 21 Initiative

​​Learn how SAP's Climate 21 initiative is helping customers minimize the CO2 footprint of their products, operations, and supply chains.


Thought Leaders Episode 17: How to Provide an Experience That Delights Your Customers

​Meet Jeannie Walters, writer, speaker, and CEO of Experience Investigators to understand your customer’s journey, develop a CX strategy that delights, and learn how to drive action with results through customer journey mapping.


Thought Leaders Episode 16: The Economic (and Human) Power of the LGBT+ Community & Their Allies

​Meet Jens Schadendorf, economist, author on D&I and CSR topics, and an independent LGBT+ diversity researcher and learn about the economic (and human) power of the LGBT+ community and their allies. We discuss his latest book “GaYme Changer: How the LGBT+ Community and Their Allies Are Changing the Global Economy"​


Thought Leaders Episode 15: Pride in the Workplace

​Discussion on D&I, corporate social responsibility, and the LGBTQ+ community at SAP. How can we all work together to achieve equality, respect, and shared success in our professional and personal lives?


Thought Leaders Episode 14: How to Inspire and Empower Equality in IT

Learn from Senior Vice President, SAP User Enablement and Managing Director of SAP Labs India, Sindhu Gangadharan, how to support a society where talents and skills outshine everything else.


Thought Leaders Episode 13: Augmented Reality for Inclusive Learning Experiences

​Learn from Cheryl Bayer and V.R. Ferose how education can be brought to life with augmented reality by creating deeper and more inclusive learning experiences for people of all abilities.