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45: Perfect Hearts Beat Loud

On this episode, FriedPapita Hearts Beat Loud starring Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemmons. Myte talks about the new-age novela Mi Familia Perfecta. The cabrona y chingona also get into dealing with the rough news that seems to be coming in on the daily, as well as shows that have helped them see the light as of late. Leave us a review so we know there's someone listening! You can also let us know on Twitter & Instagram (@CYCpodcast) or Listen to additional content on...


44: Pariah Pride

This week we're highlighting the severely underrated, QWOC writer and director, Dee Rees! FriedPapita covers the 2011 film Pariah, a film that holds a very special place in her heart. Myte covers the critically acclaimed Mudbound, the story of two very distinct families who are bound by shared land. They also discuss QPOC pain in the media and whether or not it still has a place there. Listen to additional content by us on Follow us for updates on Twitter and...


43: Into the Lady Loving Badlands

This week FriedPapita covers Atomic Blonde, the queer, lady 007 we've all been waiting for! Myte gets into the AMC series Into the Badlands and all the dystopian greatness that comes with it. Stay tuned for rants on the current state of action movies and more. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @CYCpodcast Listen to additional content on #atomicblonde #intothebadlands #supportbrownpodcasts


42: Lemon Drops With Cierra Caballero

On this week's episode we talk to our local webseries and YouTube expert, Cierra Caballero of PopNerdTV! We go into depth on Twenty, The Other Love Story, and the lesbian YouTuber dating drama we've come across. Cierra is the co-star and co-showrunner of Berenice and Irene, a future production of Teasers can be found on PopNerdTV's YouTube channel and on (as well as the full show notes and links). Follow Cierra @OwlHorror on Twitter and...


41: A Year On My Block

Happy (early) Podaversary to us! We have reunited to celebrate one full year of podcasting and connecting with so many amazing people. We talk about shows we're looking forward to and dish out our thank you's, FriedPapita covers the 2015 film DOPE, and Myte talks about what makes Netflix's On My Block unique. Next week's episode is exclusively on For full show notes and links go to Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @cycpodcast...


40: Thunder and The Chi

We're throwing it back just a bit to Myte's time at ClexaCon, where she met Nafessa Williams and attended her panel! Myte talks about how impressed she was with Black Lightning (available to stream on Netflix and officially renewed for season 2, she called it!) FriedPapita talks about her love for Lena Waithe's The Chi and why we should all give it a chance. For full show notes visit our website: For extra content check out Follow us on...


39: ¡Madre mía!

This very special episode features FriedPapita's amazing mother! They talk about everything from identity, colorism in Mexico and the U.S., and an immigrants experience, to learning English by watching TV and what representation means to a different generation. Myte and FriedPapita catch up on Childish Gambino's This Is America and the Brooklyn Nine Nine renewal! Find full show notes and links on our website Sign up for additional content from us on...


38: Pynk Hearts for The Fosters

Myte is joined by John Arrow of TGI Femslash, a gal pals convention, to talk about the Freeform series The Fosters! Myte takes the opportunity to talk about her favorite character, Ximena Sinfuego, and John talks about the amazing representation that Elliot Fletcher, or Aaron, provides for the transgender community. They also discuss ClexaCon and TGI Femslash, two queer as hell conventions. Myte and FriedPapita catch up on Janelle Monae and rant about Dirty Computer for wayyy too long :)...


37: The Grey Space of Shonda Rhimes

Myte and FriedPapita join forces this week to cover the extraordinary woman that is SHONDA RHIMES! They give their two cents on the latest addition to her repertoire, Station 19, which has a Latina as the lead. We also get into the queer and POC representation in How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, and Grey's Anatomy. Find our full show notes on Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @CYCpodcast Leave us a review with TV and film...


36: Santa Cristela de Tampico

We're throwing it back to when Myte and FriedPapita were inhabiting the same space! This week we discussed the impact that Cristela Alonzo had on us while watching her short-lived television series, as well as her amazing Netflix stand up special, Lower Classy. We get really into how classism has affected us and talk about our career feels! Find show notes and links on our website Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat @CYCpodcast Like and rate us on...


32: Viva La Representation!

Myte had the privilege of having Viva La Round Girls on the show! They talk about the lack of representation for round girls and the sprinkles that they've found throughout the media. FriedPapita calls in for a speed-round of questions! Check out to contact us, follow us, and listen to us. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: @CYCpodcast Any concerns or requests can be sent to Extra content can be found on our...


31: Queer Heroes and Runaways

Myte and FriedPapita are joined by Cordarian to talk about some of their favorite queer heroes that started out on the pages of a comic book. We mainly discuss the Hulu series Marvel's Runaways, but we also get into Black Lightning, The Legend of Korra, X-men, and more. Find out how we feel about changing a character's canonical sexuality, social media, and how television is adapting comics into series'. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat: @CYCpodcast Like and review us on...


30: Unbreak Our Dallas Hearts

It's a #supportbrownpodcasts crossover! De Colores Radio joined Myte and FriedPapita to talk about representation, colorism, the sexuality spectrum, and most importantly - how Myte met Eva. Listen to the iconic Rafa gunshots, Pat opening up about being weird, and FriedPapita's major jealousy! This is the Dallas tea you've been waiting for. Follow De Colores Radio @DeColoresCo! Don't forget to rate and review. We're on Instagram, Twitter, and SC: @CYCpodcast Support us...


29: #InclusiveScreens

Myte interviewed two more queer and latinx artists! First up is Chucha, an Oakland based artist who talks to Myte about struggling to find yourself in the media and how digital media has helped. Chucha can be found on Instagram @La_Chucha and on Second is Pamela Chavez, a queer, Costa Rican illustrator who is working on her first animated short! They talk extensively about her project, her love for "Viernes Girl" by Aurora Guerrero, and more. Pamela's work can be found...


27: One Gay at a Time pt. 2

The sequel to episode 2, "Anything for Elenas" is here! One Day at a Time has stolen out hearts with it's second season. FriedPapita tells us what exactly got the tears flowing and Myte talks about how the second binge made her feel. FYI: we start the episode off spoiler-free and formally apologize for the pronoun struggle. Follow us on Twitter, IG, and SC: @CYCpodcast E-mail us at Follow us on Patreon for extra content!...


26: Our Familias

This week we are covering family! FriedPapita talks about rewatching a childhood favorite, Mi Familia, and what it means to her now. Myte covers the short-lived television series American Family (also known as American Family: Journey of Dreams) and the vast amount of topics it covered in just a few episodes. Of course, we had to bring in some of our own family's experiences, too. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: @CYCpodcast. E-mail us your "should have been gay" characters...


25: Call Me Shameless

We finally get to say Happy New Year! Kind of. Back in Dallas, FriedPapita and Myte watched the Golden Globe nominated Call Me By Your Name and are now taking the time to review it! Myte pairs this with the long-running show Shameless. This is our second long distance recording (a few pre-recorded eps are coming your way) and we hope it's as enjoyable as it usually is. Let us know what you thought of the episode in a review or on Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat @CYCpodcast. E-mail us with...


24: Huerta y Jane, Las Feministas

This week is about Las Feministas! While talking about the Dolores Huerta documentary and The CW's Jane the Virgin, Myte and FriedPapita get into the complicated nature of non-diverse people creating diverse media. They also discuss having to unlearn anti-feminist values and the struggle of getting a decent education in Texas. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat @CYCpodcast E-mail us: #JanetheVirgin #DoloresHuerta #feminism


23: Y Tu Gael También

Go back in time with us to discuss the iconic Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal! Today we're switching it up by having FriedPapita tell us about the Amazon Prime original show, Mozart in the Jungle! Myte follows this with a film that put Gael on the map, Y Tu Mamá También. #MozartintheJungle #YTuMamaTambien #GaelGarciaBernal


22: Queen Latifah's Claws

FriedPapita renews her hood card by watching and reviewing the Queen Latifah classic, Set It Off! Myte pairs this with the TNT show Claws, starring Niecy Nash. They also find the value in watching trashy reality television! Twitter, IG, SC: @CYCpodcast E-mail: #SetItOff #Claws #QueenLatifah #BGC