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Dawson's Speak: A Podcast About Dawson's Creek


A Dawson's Creek podcast where Traci Lee and first-time viewer Charles Lam take deep dives into the classic teen soap. Imagine we're just chatting in the cafeteria the next morning after the episode aired. We'll even share our snacks.


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A Dawson's Creek podcast where Traci Lee and first-time viewer Charles Lam take deep dives into the classic teen soap. Imagine we're just chatting in the cafeteria the next morning after the episode aired. We'll even share our snacks.




Reunion Happy Hour - #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe (ft. friends from the Dawson's Creek Podcast Universe)

Sit back, grab a drink, and join us as we wish a happy 23rd birthday to "Dawson's Creek" with another #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe collaboration episode! Our friends at Dawson's Creeps, Dawson Black, and Creek of the Week share their #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe lessons, and then we chatted with Julia and Erin of Dawson's Critique about their new book, "I Remember Everything: Life Lessons from Dawson's Creek."


Brunch Reunion - Dawson's Creek Comes to Netflix (in the U.S.)

So you want to watch "Dawson's Creek" for the first time but hate spoilers? After 3 years of doing just that, Charles has some advice for you! (The spoiler-filled part of this podcast begins at 17:06, so stop listening there!) We're excited to re-introduce ourselves, as well as to share some updates about what we've been up to. Plus, more on #DawsonsCreekTaughtMe, episodes we're excited to re-watch, and Traci's Leery house in The Sims 4.


Reunion - Four Months Later

You know how after everyone graduates and everyone's back home for the holidays and you meet up at an Applebee's? That's what this episode is, except it's four months later and we're still in the midst of a global pandemic – so why not dust off the old mics and get to chatting? We answer new "Dawson's Creek" questions, complain about "Iron Man 3," argue about cereal, and share some of the things we've been doing/watching/listening to since we "said good night, but not goodbye."


Graduation - Our Series Finale

Three years later ... and our journey has come to an end. We recap "Dawson's Creek," talk about some of our favorite moments and episodes, and go through some of your emails, voicemails, and questions. We love you and thank you for being part of Dawson's Speak. "We'll see you soon, child."


Bonus Episode - How We're Passing the Time in Isolation

Surprise! We know we said you'd hear from us in 2 weeks for our "graduation" episode, and that's still coming next week... But right now, we wanted to take a few minutes (OK, more like 40 minutes) to talk about ways we're passing the time right now. Our world is in a scary place right now and it's uncharted territory for most of us. Be safe, wash your hands, and enjoy our recommendations for what we're listening to, watching, and reading :)


623 & 624 - All Good Things ...Must Come to an End

We made it to the series finale! And nothing in it was spoiled for Charles!! FIRST: This is not our LAST episode! SECOND: We are so, so, so grateful to everyone who's come on this journey with us as we finally get to jump 5 years ahead and see what our favorite verbose teens-turned-young adults are up to. We know that the world feels a little bleak right now, but hopefully this very long episode can provide a little levity <3


Study Hall #14 - Season 6 Recap

Yes, we talked for a long time about a not-that-great season. It's because we're just savoring our remaining episodes! We discuss our favorite moments and favorite episodes (and brush past our least favorite one!), and Charles makes his final series finale predictions...


622 - Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption

Season 6 has come to an end and the show has brought us home to Capeside. With the help of his friends, Dawson gets started on his movie; Pacey runs into someone from his past; and Jen, Jack, and Grams say their official goodbye to the Creek. And, most importantly... Joey finally goes to Paris!


621 - Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

We're back! And we're bringing it home to Capeside... Dawson, Pacey, and Joey find themselves in a familiar place after Pacey tells Dawson his money is gone. Also, Grams' secret is out as Jen's mom comes to town and they all make a plan to move to New York.


620 - Catch-22

We must be nearing the end because that was a fast wrap-up of 5 characters... The Jeddie/Jetty is officially done, Pacey's job turns upside down, and Jack is back to being single. Come for the rants, stay for Charles' illogical predictions!


619 - Lovelines

We don't wanna wait...to be done talking about this episode. Oh, "Dawson's Creek," what happened here... How did this happen? Why did this happen?? Justice for Jack/David!!!


618 - Love Bites

Love does bite! The Poey hits a rock, Dawson struggles to convince Gail he doesn't need a back-up plan, and Jen discovers Grams' secret. Also, Paula Cole's love of Whole Foods and a Creek of the Week podcast update from one of the hosts himself!


617 - Sex and Violence

#DawsonsCreekTaughtMe not to trust men with broad shoulders. Also, that the Hollywood of the early 2000s doesn't like heartfelt coming-of-age stories! It's a good thing there's the Creek to fill that void <3


616 - That Was Then

Happy 2020! We're in the homestretch now... Dawson and Pacey are back in Capeside for very different reasons, and Joey has to babysit Harley. This episode is steeped in nostalgia, so you know we enjoyed it. Also, Mr. Gold returns! That was unexpected.


615 - Castaways

The one where Pacey and Joey get stuck in a K-Mart all night and are forced to have a conversation (and a fight) that we've been waiting for for almost two seasons...! Also: GOODBYE GOATEE!


614 - Clean and Sober

Time for a house party! Drunk Joey makes everyone play Spin the Bottle, Pacey and Jack worship a new TV, and we say goodbye to Emma (much to Charles' disbelief). Dawson and Audrey also go through some good healing at rehab as they stalk Toni Stark (not to be confused with Tony Stark).


613 - Rock Bottom

Road triiiiip! Featuring...Seth Rogen? Season 6 continues its weird and winding journey as Joey, Eddie and Audrey head west; Dawson struggles with exerting authority on set; and Jen tries to find love for Grams. And honestly? We're not into any of it.


612 - All the Right Moves

Does this episode have all the right moves? There's no Dawson, and barely any Jack or Jen, so we're not too sure... but we do find out a little bit about what happened to Eddie, we see Pacey continue to soar at his seemingly shady job, and Audrey continues to spiral.


611 - Day Out of Days

The structure of this episode was weird, and we feel like there should've been an episode between this one and the last ... but nevertheless, we had fun talking about the movie business and aquariums! Also, Charles makes predictions about Pacey's goatee.


Study Hall #13 - Interviewing Each Other

We're taking a mid-season break to get to know each other "on pod." Does Charles *actually* like "Dawson's Creek"? What surprised Traci the most about doing the podcast? Will we talk at all when this series is over??