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Riverdale Chapter 28: Jughead is Fox Mulder

It's time for Riverdale Chapter 28 - There Will Be Blood. The season takes a step away from horror to jump into the even more terrifying genre local politics as the Lodge's suggest Fred Andrews run for mayor. We also find out that Clifford Blossom had a secret will along with a twin brother. Plus, we get a visit from Polly who brings her twin babies with her and gets to meet her apparent creepy half-brother. Meanwhile, Jughead is on the case! The boy wonder is investigating issues around...


Riverdale Chapter 27: Margs, Makeouts & Manipulation

Welcome to Riverdale's Chapter 27 - The Hills Have Eyes. We catch up with our core four who end up going on a cabin getaway at the Lodge Lodge out in some small town in the woods. Don't worry though - lots of famous people have houses there. Secrets are revealed. Makeout sessions are had. Loyalties are questioned and some dudes break in and threaten the lives of Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead. Back in Riverdale, everyone seems stoked about a viewing of the movie Love, Simon! It's a...


Riverdale Chapter 24 - Video Gigalo A-Go-Go

Well, here we are at Riverdale's Chapter 24: The Wrestler. Prepare yourself for our storyline hopping as we breakdown this episode. We talk about Hiram "The Ram" Lodge's beef with Archie along with the apparently genetic dark inside disorder. We also chat about how the Lodge's do business, debate about how Mayor McCoy spells her first name, and talk about Jughead being a moron. We also change our minds about Toni Topaz. Plus, Cheryl and Penelope Blossom steal the show, which wasn't hard...


Riverdale Chapter 23 - Computer Labs, Textbooks and Flushing Toilets

Welcome back, Sticky Pals! We jump into Riverdale drama with the news that Southside High is closing immediately because of an apparent meth lab in the basement. So that means our favorite Serpents are now going to Riverdale High School. Veronica tries to keep things positive in order to help out Lodge Industries. Cheryl and Reggie don't take kindly to the news of their new classmates. Jughead finds a new hill to die on for a short time. Archie gets approached by a Special Agent. And Betty...


Riverdale Chapter 22 - Hard Candy Christmas with Nana!

Grab your American Excess Black Card, we’re headed to Spiffany’s on a holiday shopping spree in Riverdale’s Chapter 22 – Silent Night, Deadly Night … aka Hard Candy Christmas with Nana! We break down this season’s midseason finale by talking about Black Hood misdirects (we’re thinking another 90210 alum could be the Hood!), Nana’s triumphant return (she knocks it outta the park with a great line), and the core four’s lack of chill. Plus, the finger of accusation and how to skin a person!...


Riverdale Chapter 21 - Betty Throws the Worst Parties

Overcrowding at the clink means FP Jones gets released so that means it's time to party in Riverdale Chapter 21 - House of the Devil -- aka Betty Throws the Worst Parties. That's right. Betty throws another awful party and this one is a retirement party for FP. A retirement from what? The Serpents. Because that's how you get out of a gang ... a retirement party complete with karaoke. Elsewhere, Archie and Veronica take over Jughead and Betty's investigation of the Riverdale Reaper. And the...


Riverdale Chapter 20 - Grab Your Duffel Bag Kill Kit

Hey y'all! It is time to talk about Riverdale's Chapter 20 - Tales from the Darkside -- aka Grab Your Duffel Bag Kill Kit. Riverdale gives us intersecting story lines this time. This means we got to hear Cheryl say: "Out of my way, Bert and Ernie" not once but twice! Kevin plays a milk-drinking patsy. Jughead and Archie lift what looks to be a very heavy crate with zero strain. Penny Peabody makes her devious return. Plus, we see FP in jail still looking fine.


Riverdale Chapter 19 - The Sugarman Cometh

Welcome to Chapter 19 - Death Proof -- aka the Sugarman Cometh. This episode of Riverdale is jammed pack full of sweet goodness! We see the return of FP Jones for a brief scene where he inevitably has to spell things out for dopey teens. Also, we learn a bit more about the elusive Ghoulies. Plus, we toss in a bit of Grease ... or maybe Grease 2? At any rate, let's do it for our country and breakdown this episode!


Riverdale Chapter 17 - Everybody Gets Wet

Welcome to Riverdale's Chapter 17 - The Town that Dreaded Sundown -- aka Everybody Gets Wet! During our breakdown of this episode, we talk about breaking codes, breaking hearts and breaking skin! Things get darker in the town with Pep and then wetter. And that means boy fights. Join us as we chat about the episode and how funding budgets work -- because who doesn't want to talk about that?!


Chapter 16 - The Red Circle of Ring Worm

The latest chapter of Riverdale demonstrates how teens make bad decisions. Ethel walks along in the dark. Kevin goes crusin'. Betty gets super preachy. And Archie starts The Red Circle, which is your typical school sanctioned watchdog/vigilante teen boy squad. Plus, more weirdness with Veronica and her mom, Polly heads for The Farm, and the Black Hood informs Riverdale that the town will pay its price for all its many, many sins! Good times abound!


Riverdale Chapter 15 - Archie is the Sun

Hey friends! Welcome to the breakdown of Riverdale's Chapter 15: Nighthawks It's time for the gang to save Pop's just like the Save By the Bell crew saved The Max! Cheryl is difficult - what's new. Archie thinks someone is attacking everyone he cares about in life. And Veronica hashes it out with Hiram and Hermione ... for now. That and so much more


Riverdale Chapter 14 - A Boy and his Motorcycle

Join us as we break down the Season 2 premiere of Riverdale – aka Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying. The gang has a new crime to solve as Archie deals with the traumatic shooting of his dad, Fred Andrews (LUKE PERRY!). We experience time in Fred’s Head while Cheryl casually mentions a terrible fire at her family’s estate, Thornhill. Hiram Lodge makes a creepy return and Jughead rides a motorcycle! All this and more this time on Drag the Riverdale!


Riverdale Episode 13 Recap

The gang ties up mysteries while Jughead makes a jump to the Southside, where he uses another pay phone. Welcome to Riverdale’s first season finale – aka Chapter 13: The Sweet Hereafter. This finale is action packed with Cheryl going off the deep end and the town celebrating its 75th anniversary with a pretty lackluster jubilee. We also end on an upsetting cliffhanger. Plus, many milkshakes were had!


Riverdale Episode 12 Recap

Hold on! It’s Riverdale’s Chapter 12! We discuss where you found a pay phone these days along with the saddest scene of the series to date and get judgmental about Jughead’s mom. The Drag the Riverdale team comes up with backstory for Sheriff Keller and why he’s so bad at his job. Archie and the Gang enlist Kevin and his boyfriend Joaquin to do more digging and stumble upon a dead Serpent in a tub.


Riverdale Episode 11 Recap

Who needs school when you’re busy running the paper, planning homecoming, solving a murder, and writing sappy music? We dive into Riverdale’s Chapter 11 – To Riverdale and Back Again. Archie’s friends tell him his songs are too much of a bummer for Homecoming. Veronica is still mad at her mom and worried that her dad, Hiram, killed Jason Blossom. But Skeet Ulrich/FP Jones gets by Sheriff “Hold On” Keller.


Riverdale Episode 10 Recap

Join us for Chapter 10 of Riverdale aka The Lost Weekend and for Southside Syrup Serpents! It’s party time in Riverdale as Betty throws a surprise birthday party for Jughead, who doesn't care about his birthday. Archie gets depressed about his parents’ divorce, drinks his feelings, throws as kegger, and drunk dials his dad. Veronica also drinks her feelings. All the while, Ethel wonders if she can use the bathroom.


Riverdale Episode 9 Recap

We get up close and personal in Riverdale's Chapter 9 with some of the inner workings of the Blossom Syrup industry as Cheryl looks to Archie to replace dead twin Jason (not creepy at all!). Plus, Ethel gets more to do! The girl reads a full on emo poem she wrote causing Veronica to be concerned and give Ethel some of her castoff clothes and accessories. How thoughtful (!?).


Riverdale Episode 8 Recap

Welcome to Chapter 8 of Riverdale! We get the Teen Boy Crew hard at work on the SoDale construction site. Allegedly the Serpents attack Moose! We get an awkward baby shower complete with feuding families and a crazy, gypsy-blooded Nana Blossom! Plus, a dramatic speech from FP Jones aka Skeet Ulrich.


Riverdale Episode 7 Recap

Hydrate, girl! It's Chapter 7 of Riverdale! Sleuthing Betty and Jughead run a search party to find Polly. Sheriff Keller says "HOLD ON!" We ponder who exactly covers a news conference when the people giving the news conference run the local newspaper. Dramatic speeches abound!


Riverdale Episode 6 Recap

It's Chapter 6 and everyone in this episode of Riverdale is getting smooched ... except for Veronica who ends up having a legit reason to be mad with her mom, Hermione Lodge. We also talk about Josie and the Pussycats drama and more about Archie's not so great songs.