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Where's The Remote?: End of the 2017-18 TV Season

Do you like Into the Badlands? Chele does too. Atlanta? Tea and Leona have got your back. Grown-ish? Get on over here already! The 2017-2018 season has ended, and we’re back to chat about shows we loved, and shows that just didn’t make the cut for us. Come check out what we decided was amazing, too boring, or just a waste of our time. We all have our favorites that don’t always cater to the others; why don’t you see if yours made it to the list. There were some really good shows this season,...


Where's the Remote?: The Expanse S3 E6

Season 3 Episode 6: Immolation Kat and Chele are talking about episode 6 of The Expanse’s third season. Come check out what we have to say about the crazy things that happened to Mao and Strickland, Mei and Prax’s reunion, and Naomi taking her leave from the crew, stay tuned to hear about how we feel for the fate of The Expanse and don’t forget to keep supporting this awesome show! #SaveTheExpanse


Where's the Remote?: Into The Badlands S3 E4

Season 3 Episode 4: Blind Cannibal Assassins This time we’re discussing the fourth episode of Into the Badlands third season. Gaius has finally been introduced. Blind assassins with only one joke, who purposely burn their eyes out of their own sockets, ooh! MK getting lost in a forest AGAIN, and The Widow trying to team up with someone to “change the Badlands” AGAIN. Come join us to hear some more of Chele’s theories, Kat’s humor, and Chele not breathing from laughing so hard, and the stuff...


Where's the Remote?: The Expanse S3 E5

Season 3 Episode 5: Triple Point This week Kat and Chele are talking about the fifth episode of the Expanse’s 3rd season. Join us as we chat about what ProtoKotoa is up to these days, how Prax is just losing his marbles so far, the mutiny on the Agatha King, and how we feel about SYFY’s latest news of cancelling the show. #SaveTheExpanse


Where's the Remote?: Into The Badlands S3 E2 and E3

Season 3 Episode 2: Moon Rises, Raven Seeks Season 3 Episode 3: Leopard Snares Rabbit Sorry for the wait, guys! Kat and Chele are back with another discussion about AMC’s hit series, Into the Badlands. This week they will be discussing what’s happened so far in episode 2 and 3 of the third season. Come join us to hear more of Chele’s theories, how Kat thinks things are going to play out, and just to have a good laugh and fun time.


Where's the Remote?: The Expanse S3 E3 and E4

Season 3 Episode 3: Assured Destruction Season 3 Episode 4: Reload This week we had to double up, sorry! In today’s episode, Kat and Chele recap episode 3 and discuss episode 4 in this season of The Expanse. Join us for a speedy review of episode 3 by Kat, fun theories that you might enjoy by Chele, and their overall casual, hair-brained banter.


Press Rewind:: Quick Change

The bank robbery was a success, but getting out of New York City to enjoy the spoils has become quite the conundrum for Grim, Phyllis and Loomis. Is bicycle jousting really a thing? How the heck do you get on the BQE? Join us as Leona, Kat, and Chele discuss the misadventures of the three hapless bank robbers as they try to escape from New York to paradise.


Where's the Remote?: Into The Badlands S3 E1

Season 3 Episode 1: Enter the Phoenix In this episode of Where’s the Remote? Kat and Chele chat about the return of AMC’s hit series Into the Badlands with the start of its third season. We talk about how cool Tilda is, M.K. and his insane flip to drugs and sex, The Widow and how she has become Miss Lonely, and Sonny and Bajie back together to take Azra by storm, probably. Tune in, to listen to Chele’s theory, and Kat describe this episode in probably the strangest way possible that you...


Where's the Remote?: The Expanse S3 E2

Season 3 Episode 2: IFF In this week's episode of Where's the Remote, Kat and Chele discusss what happened in the second episode of The Expanse's third season. We discuss how we feel about Errinwright, whether or not Anna Volovodov will survive for the rest of the series, and how long Chrisjen and Bobbie will be hanging out with the main cast.


Where's the Remote?: The Expanse Recap Seasons 1 & 2/S3 E1

Recap S1 and S2/Season 3 Episode 1: Fight or Flight This week, Kat and Chele will be talking about SYFY's hit series, The Expanse. The Expanse is based on the series of novels by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck (writing under the pseudonym James S. A. Corey). It's about a world hundreds of years in the future, where people from Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid belt face problems that could lead to an all-out war or worse as they struggle to gain peace amongst themselves. We briefly recap seasons...


Press Rewind: The Joy Luck Club

In honor of Women’s History Month, your friends at Fandom City are discussing the classic film, The Joy Luck Club. Chele, Leona, and Kat chat about the meaning of family and importance of culture within this moving adaptation of Amy Tan’s best-selling novel. They delve deep into the gravity of female connection in familial, platonic, and even in competitive situation. Join us as we revisit (and in Kat’s case discover) an all-time favorite.


Where's the Remote?: This Is Us S2 E18

This Is Us S2 E18 - The Wedding Leona, Chele and Tea, discuss episode 18 of This Is Us.


Press Rewind: The Last Dragon

“Who’s the Master?!” “Catches bullets with his teeth?” “You sure look like a master to me.” If you know any of those lines, then you’re in for a treat! If you don’t, then it’s time to find out. We’re commemorating Fandom City’s 100th podcast with a Press Rewind episode discussing the 80s cult classic, “The Last Dragon!” Come join Leona, Rachele, and Tea for an exciting discussion and find out if Bruce Leroy still has that glow, after 33 years. Hint: he does.


Where's the Remote?: This Is Us S2 E17

This Is Us S2 E17 - This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life Leona, Tea, and Chele discuss episode 17 of This Is Us.


Where's the Remote?: This Is Us S2 E16

This Is Us S2 E16 - Vegas, Baby Chele, Tea, and Leona discuss episode 16 of This Is Us.


Fandom City Cinema - Black Panther

Chele,Tea, and Leona have a spoilery discussion about the new Marvel hit, Black Panther.


Where's the Remote?: This Is Us S2 E14 and E15

This Is Us S2 E14 - Super Bowl Sunday This Is Us S2 E15 - The Car Tea and Chele chat about episodes 14 and 15 of This is Us.


Where's the Remote?: This Is Us S2 E13

Tea, Chele, and Leona discuss episode 13 of This Is Us.


Press Rewind: Tombstone

To celebrate the Sheriff's birthday month, we got together to discuss the cult western classic--and one of her favorite films--"Tombstone"! Join us as we talk cowardly cowboys, hot, pale guys, and wicked mustaches.


Where's the Remote?: This Is Us S2 E12

This Is Us S2 E12 - Cloone Tea, Leona, and Chele discuss episode 12.


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