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Episode 30 – The Rockford Files Pilot

After a short delay we are back! This week we are meeting Jim Rockford for the first time on The Rockford Files. A young woman, played by The Bionic Woman herself, Lindsay Wagner, wants Jim's help to solve her father's murder. Jim is reluctant and actually quits several times, but finally takes the case after notices some dummy tailing him in a giant red Cadillac. We get a fight in the men's room, a chase through the desert and a plane getting shot down by a hand gun. It's pretty exciting...


Episode 29 – Speed Racer, The Great Plan

Our first animated show! We go back a little farther in time to try to catch up with Speed Racer and his friends, and the powerful Mach 5, of course. Speed is a born racer but his dad won't let him race, probably because we see many drivers die in this episode alone. Pops Racer has designed a powerful new engine, quits his job and almost has his plans for the new engine stolen. Speed joins a race to win money so his dad can build his prototype. And, as often is the case, some bad guys get in...


Episode 28 – The Greatest American Hero, The Beast in the Black

Since it is almost Halloween we are talking about a special episode of The Greatest American Hero. In this episode Ralph and his students are due to clean out a spooky house to sell the items inside for a class gift. But, it turns out the house is haunted, or something weird. Ralph walks into another dimension in the house, gets beaten up, and Bill is possessed by a realtor. Just listen, it makes a little more sense. I think. Thanks to Johny Cisco for the recommendation on this episode....


Episode 27 – Taxi Pilot

It's our first sitcom on the podcast! This week we go to the Sunshine Cab Company to peek in on the lives of our favorite cabbies on the classic TV show Taxi. Alex, Bobby, Tony and Elaine are all cab drivers with bigger dreams. Well, I guess Alex is honest with himself that he's a cabbie for life. They all have to deal with loud-mouthed Louie the dispatcher who is probably one of our favorite characters. In this episode we meet the crew and follow the guys on a road trip to meet Alex's...


Episode 26 — Starsky & Hutch Pilot

This week we meet Starksy & Hutch, two tough cops working in a tough city. We don't know what city it is but it's tough, just look at it. Just so you don't get confused, and people do in the show, Starsky is the one with the dark hair and giant sweater. Hutch is the other one. Got it? Someone put a hit out on these two and they have to figure out who and why. But is that what is really happening? Come listen and find out. Questions? Comments? Email us at mikes@iusedtowatchthis.com or...


Episode 25 – The Six Million Dollar Man, The Return of The Bionic Woman

This week we go back to where it all began for us, The Six Million Dollar Man. We are checking in on Steve in season three as his legs are damaged and he is whisked away to the Bionic Hospital where he spots Jamie! Was it really her? He was on a lot of drugs. Turns out, yes, Jamie did not die at the end of the last episode we watched. She was resurrected by the power of TV ratings, and with some help from a handsome young doctor. Jamie lost her memory, of course, and kind of falls for the...


Episode 24 – Magnum P.I. 2018

Magnum is back! This week we did something a little different, we watched a current TV show. It's a reboot of the classic Magnum P.I. so we had no choice but to watch and discuss it. In this reboot Magnum has to help the family of a friend who was murdered, which is not too different than the original pilot. However, there are a lot more explosions this time around. Is Magnum the same without the mustache? Listen to find out! Questions? Comments? Email us at: mikes@iusedtowatchthis.com and...


Episode 23 – Battlestar Galactica Pilot, Part 2

Let's finish up this movie. We left off with the last remaining humans on some space casino planet, but you could tell something sinister lurked underground, so to speak. Now we have to find out if the humans make it off the planet with out getting eaten by the insect people or just blown up by the Cylons. For some reason one of the human counselors who just saw their planets destroyed wants to lay down their arms again to make peace. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Also,...


Episode 22 – Battlestar Galactica Pilot, Part 1

Take a trip out to space with us as we discuss the Battlestar Galactica pilot movie, at least the first two-thirds of it. Baltar betrays the humans and helps the Cylon robots attempt to wipe out humanity. But, thanks to Commander Adama, some people and a few ships survive. After their planets are destroyed, this rag-tag fleet of space ships heads out to find the mythical planet Earth. First they need fuel, build a robot dog for some kid, and gamble on a casino planet. Listen and it will all...


Episode 21 – The A-Team, Black Day at Bad Rock

We go back to see what The A-Team is up to this week. B.A. has been shot by somebody, Faceman is possibly responsible, but luckily they stumble upon some small town doctor who can help them. Of course they end up in jail (a theme here lately), escape, but come back to help the sheriff fight off a motorcycle gang. Why is the motorcycle gang terrorizing the town? Why does it seem like this episode takes place on the old Bonanza set? Listen to possibly find out the answers. Questions? Comments?...


Episode 20 – Charlie’s Angels, Angels in Chains

We are talking about Charlie's Angels again this week. The Angels are undercover in a women's prison farm where they spend time digging up potatoes, and information on a missing woman. Oh, and it turns out the people running the prison are evil and basically forcing woman into prostitution. Yes, it gets dark quick. But, thanks to some quick thinking on Jill's part they manage to escape using those very same potatoes. How? Well, listen and find out! Questions? Comments? Email us at:...


Episode 19 – Hart to Hart Pilot

This week we meet Jonathan and Jennifer on the Hart to Hart pilot. If you owned a giant conglomerate, and were super rich, what would you do with your time? Sail the south Pacific? Buy a basketball team? No, you'd risk your life to solve murders of course! Jonathan and Jennifer are trying to find out why their seemingly healthy friend drove off a cliff after visiting some kind of health spa. Of course they have to go under cover and pretend like they don't know each other in the process....


Episode 18 – The Dukes of Hazzard, High Octane

The Dukes powerslide back into our podcast this week as we discuss The Dukes of Hazzard season 1 episode 5, High Octane. Boss Hogg asks Uncle Jesse to make some of his famous moonshine so they can win a contest and split the proceeds. Is Boss Hogg going to double-cross them? Are the Dukes going to double-cross Boss Hogg? Do we both perform some terrible math on this episode? Come listen and find out! Questions? Comments? Email us at: mikes@iusedtowatchthis.com and mikef@iusedtowatchthis.com...


Episode 17 – Fantasy Island Pilot

Smiles everyone! Here is our new episode! This week we are talking about the Fantasy Island pilot movie. Mr. Roarke and Tatoo are here to give the first guests of the series the fantasies they want. I guess you'd call them fantasies. None of these are fantasies either of your podcast hosts would ask for, not by a long shot. This movie is very dark and not at all like we remember, but it was still an enjoyable, if disturbing watch. Come listen and find out why! Questions, comments? Email us...


Episode 16 – Columbo, Prescription:Murder

This week we go way back to 1968. Neither of us were born yet, but we knew we had to start Columbo from the beginning. Yes, this week we are talking about Columbo, Prescription: Murder. Columbo doesn't have his wrinkled coat, and we don't see the old Peugeot, but this is still the same guy. He is a little more direct here, but Columbo still has that quality were he can make the murderer thinks he's not very bright, then he ends up trapping them in their own lies. Mike S. said this was the...


Episode 15 – The New, Original Wonder Woman Pilot

This week we go back in time to World War II. The Americans apparently only have one pilot, Steve Trevor, and he manages to get shot down over Paradise Island. The island has been hidden for over 1000 years but somehow the women know what a parachute is even though they aren't sure what a man is. One woman has to bring Steve back to America and save the world from the Nazi's. Princess Diana wins a challenge so she gets to be Wonder Woman, go to America, dodge bullets and take down a Nazi...


Episode 14 – The Love Boat Pilot

Come aboard, we're expecting you to listen to our new episode about The Love Boat. We watched The New Love Boat pilot which is kind of confusing, but it is the first one with the gang we all know and love. It turns out Captain Stubing was kind of a jerk in the beginning and the crew was terrified of him. A women that Gopher just met sneaks aboard and the captain spots her and immediately wants her at his table. Oh, and, spoiler alert, someone dies on the boat. This is supposed to be a fun,...


Episode 13 – Magnum P.I., The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii

This week we go back to Magnum P.I. to find out he is protecting a dog. Not his coolest case, that's for sure. Magnum and Higgins seem repulsed by the dog, but look at him, he's cute! Anyway, some mob guy and his bungling nephews are trying to steal the dog. Why? Well, you have to listen to find out. Twitter: https://twitter.com/iused2watchthis Email: mikes@iusedtowatchthis.com and mikef@iusedtowatchthis.com


Episode 12 – Knight Rider, Trust Doesn’t Rust

Michael Knight and KITT are back with us this week as we discuss Knight Rider season 1 episode 9, Trust Doesn't Rust. Somehow two drunk thieves manage to get into a secure museum and steal KITT's predecessor called KARR. He's kind of like an evil twin but maybe not intenionally evil? Will Michael and KITT be able to stop an equally indestructible KARR from robbing every bank and museum in town? Listen to find out! Questions? Comments? Email us at mikes@iusedtowatchthis.com and...


Episode 11 – The A-Team Pilot

If you have the money, and can find them, The A-Team might be able to help you out of a jam. That's right, this week we are discussing Hannibal and his team as they help Amy find her missing co-worker in the pilot episode of The A-Team. Who is the guy that is not Dirk Benedict playing Faceman? Why is B.A. hanging around kids in a junkyard? Why is Hannibal in a movie as a sea monster? Is Murdock really crazy? We try, and fail, to answer most of these questions. But, we have fun doing it....