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A totally underprepared recap of the 2018 Emmys

Hey did you watch the Emmys? we sure didn't but we are going to recap them anyway. The Awards, the hosts, the fashion, and the fact that Atlanta was robbed! We go through all the winners, and all the losers, and also talk about how Atlanta got robbed! So join us till the music plays us off, Did I mention Atlanta was robbed! Subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting ap! Also make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple Podcasts! Like us...


Trailer Trashed 7

Trailer Trashed 7 is here, Bryant and Corey tackling some topics in the news this week, talk about some buzz words and watch some new trailers. Questions are answer like Do you like terrible Freddy Kruger impressions? Do you like a decent Blair Underwood impression? and do you remember LA Law? all that and more..........bad impressions


Half Cutscene: Double Dragon

Intalksicated reviews has a exciting new theme, we decided to jump into the rich history of video game movies. Corey is joined by Austin from Extra Life HFX to talk about the 1994 Scott Wolfe vehicle Double Dragon. These two double Dragons in their own right (or mind) answer questions like How many films did this movie rip off? How did the distant future of 2007 stack up? and how vague can a movie actually be? also a brief history of the game series! Subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on...


Trapped in the Closet (Chapters 15-21)

Corey and Bryant are back in the closet with the farther adventures of Sylvester. The Monster in the closet R. Kelly keeps turning out chapters and we answer questions like Does R. Kelly really think he is funny? Is there a problem Sylvester wont try and solve by pointing his gun at it? Do the chocolate owls have complete control of Bryant? tune in to find out.


90's Proof: The Big Hit

90's Proof is finally back with one of the most 90's movie of all time The Big Hit, Bryant and Corey rewatch a movie that has all the worse 90's tropes and also answer questions like How did Mark Wahlberg get any other acting roles after this? How much cocaine did Lou Diamond Phillips do filming this movie? and was Cisco the most popular name in the 90's? Also we relive some of our favourite Arsenio Hall moment.


Movie Group: Birdemic, Shock and Terror

With the host out sick we had to reach into the vault of our sister channel Intalksicated to dust off a old episode of the movie group Birdemic: Shock and Terror. With a score of 19% on rotten tomatoes, this movie is described as a "low budget romantic thriller", this movie was so bad we struggled to stay on topic. Our tangents are our coping mechanism to deal with the train wreck that is this movie.


Crisis on Infinite Opinions: Luke Cage season 2

Sweet Christmas Crisis on Infinite Opinions is back. Corey and Norm head back to Harlem to talk about their favourite hero for hire in his newest Netflix season. They answer questions like What can Norm say and not say? Do any female characters get along in this universe? Do you need subtitles for this show? Subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting ap! Also make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple Podcasts! Like us on Facebook and...


Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 9-14 (feat Mike McQueen)

Corey and Bryant are once again are Trapped in the Closet this time they have company, Joined by Mike McQueen they not only are talking Trapped in the Closet but also touch on R Kelly's new song "I Admit". Chapters 9 to 12 bring up questions like Cant we say the M-Word? is behind the fridge a good hiding place? How ride or die is Twan? Did they just forget what happened in the first chapter? Tune in to find out. Subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite...


Trailer Trashed 6 (feat. Harper McCormack)

Back with another Episode of Trailer Trashed! This time Corey is joined by Intalksicated host Sarah, and very special guest Harper McCormack to talk about a hodgepodge of up coming movies. This week we watched AquaMan, Shazam, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, 8th Grade, Unfriended: the Dark Web, Boy Erased, Life Itself, and I Still See You. Subscribe to InTalksicated Reviews on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting ap! Also make sure you subscribe to InTalksicated Podcast on Apple...


Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 5-8

Bryant and Corey are back breaking down the R Kelly Opus Trapped in the Closet chapter by chapter, and if you didn't think it couldnt get crazier well buckle up cause we get a chain smoking cop, Condom wrappers, real and green screened houses, blood, cheating, laughing, coughing, R Kelly signing in a female southern accent, more cheating, pulling guns, and Tron! Download to hear us breakdown the craziness.


Crisis on Infinite Opinions: Ant-man and the Wasp

Corey is joined by Evan for another instalment of Crisis on Infinite Opinions on Ant-Man and the Wasp. We watched the 20th entry in the MCU and answer questions like Is Paul Rudd the most charming man on the planet? Is Evangeline Lilly the most photogenic person on earth? Is Michael Douglas the crankiest person ever?


Trailer Trashed 5

Corey is once again joined by his 90s/80's Proof co-host Bryant to view 6 movie trailers "The Catcher was a Spy", "Siberia", "14 Cameras", "Welcome to Marwen", "Mandy" and the next movie on deck for 90s Proof "The Curve". They give their thoughts of the up coming movie as well jumping off topic as much as possible.


Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 1-4

Bryant and Corey decided to jump back into the R Kelly musical soap opera "Trapped in the Closet", the first 4 of the 33 part opus and answer questions like Should this be called Monster in the Closet? Are we supposed to take this serious? How badly can we re-singing all the lyrics?


Trailer Trashed 4

Corey is once again joined by his "Date Night" co-host Jen for another round of Trailer Trashed. This week they watched "Dumbo", "Bad Times at the El Royale", "Skyscraper", "Little Women", "White Boy Rick", "2036 Origin Unknown", and "Creed 2" download to see if we rate these movies a theatre, home, or no watch.


Trailer Trashed 3

Corey is joined by his "Date Night" co-host Jen for another round of Trailer Trashed. This week they watched "First Man", "The Spy who Dumped Me", "Halloween", "Widows", A Star is Born", "Mission Impossible: Fallout", "The Girl in the Spiders Web", and "Upgrade" download to see if these movies are a theatre, home, or no watch.


80's Proof: Number One with a Bullet

80's Proof is back and bring us the buddy cop movie Number One with a Bullet. Bryant, Corey, are joined by Mike (who choices to watch the movie while recording) to talk about this Billy Dee Williams Robert Carradine action flick and answer questions like Is Billy Dee's character a straight up psychopath? Why would you cast Robert Carradine as the cool cop? Is eating raw streak out of the plastic container cool?


Trailer Trashed 2

Trailer Trashed is back this time with 90/80's Proof co host Bryant Thomson to talk about some up coming movies, and one from the past with Corey. Trailers like The Seagull, Uncle Drew, Blackkklansman, Another Soul, The Champion, Superfly, and the trailer for next weeks 80's Proof episode.


Drinking Alone: Deadpool 2

Drinking Alone is back and Corey is here to give his thoughts on Canada's own Wade Wilson in his sequel Deadpool 2, but did everyone involved give "Maximum Effort", regardless its safe to say its gotta be better than Wolverine: Origins (Fun fact: one of the main show runners on Game of Thrones wrote that terrible movie). Plus another round of "Pairings". Alright it time to make the chimichangas!


90's Proof: Sidekicks

90's Proof is back with the Chuck Norris (Well he is top billed) movie Sidekicks. Podcast sidekicks Bryant and Corey dive into this 92 classic (?) and answer questions like, Was Jonathan Brandis typecast as a asthmatic? Is Joe Piscopo on the Juice? Are bricks easier to destroy if they are lit on fire?


Crisis on Infinite Opinions: Avengers Infinity War

Corey, Evan, and Norm assemble to review a little arthouse movie called Avengers Infinity War. Ten years in the making Marvel Studio brings us one of the most ambitious movie of all time, but does it live up to all the hype? or is it a over stuffed mess?