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Trailer Trashed 4

Corey is once again joined by his "Date Night" co-host Jen for another round of Trailer Trashed. This week they watched "Dumbo", "Bad Times at the El Royale", "Skyscraper", "Little Women", "White Boy Rick", "2036 Origin Unknown", and "Creed 2" download to see if we rate these movies a theatre, home, or no watch.


Trailer Trashed

Corey is joined by his "Date Night" co-host Jen for another round of Trailer Trashed. This week they watched "First Man", "The Spy who Dumped Me", "Halloween", "Widows", A Star is Born", "Mission Impossible: Fallout", "The Girl in the Spiders Web", and "Upgrade" download to see if these movies are a theatre, home, or no watch.


80's Proof: Number One with a Bullet

80's Proof is back and bring us the buddy cop movie Number One with a Bullet. Bryant, Corey, are joined by Mike (who choices to watch the movie while recording) to talk about this Billy Dee Williams Robert Carradine action flick and answer questions like Is Billy Dee's character a straight up psychopath? Why would you cast Robert Carradine as the cool cop? Is eating raw streak out of the plastic container cool?


Trailer Trashed

Trailer Trashed is back this time with 90/80's Proof co host Bryant Thomson to talk about some up coming movies, and one from the past with Corey. Trailers like The Seagull, Uncle Drew, Blackkklansman, Another Soul, The Champion, Superfly, and the trailer for next weeks 80's Proof episode.


Drinking Alone: Deadpool 2

Drinking Alone is back and Corey is here to give his thoughts on Canada's own Wade Wilson in his sequel Deadpool 2, but did everyone involved give "Maximum Effort", regardless its safe to say its gotta be better than Wolverine: Origins (Fun fact: one of the main show runners on Game of Thrones wrote that terrible movie). Plus another round of "Pairings". Alright it time to make the chimichangas!


90's Proof: Sidekicks

90's Proof is back with the Chuck Norris (Well he is top billed) movie Sidekicks. Podcast sidekicks Bryant and Corey dive into this 92 classic (?) and answer questions like, Was Jonathan Brandis typecast as a asthmatic? Is Joe Piscopo on the Juice? Are bricks easier to destroy if they are lit on fire?


Crisis on Infinite Opinions: Avengers Infinity War

Corey, Evan, and Norm assemble to review a little arthouse movie called Avengers Infinity War. Ten years in the making Marvel Studio brings us one of the most ambitious movie of all time, but does it live up to all the hype? or is it a over stuffed mess?


Dudes on Dudikoff: American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

Spawned from 80's Proof we have a new theme Dudes on Dudikoff. Bryant, Corey, and Mike dive into the filmography of Michael Dudikoff, This week we watched "American Ninja 2: The Confrontation" and answer questions like Why is Jackson not the star of this movie? Is this the same script from the first American Ninja? is being a Marine all about catching the perfect wave?


Trailer Trashed

New Theme! The Movie Group (Corey, Evan, Jen, and Sarah) from The Intalksicated Podcast crossover on Intalksicated Reviews to talk movie trailers. Trailers varies from blockbuster, to hidden gem, to Oscar bait misfire, to WTF! and more. Also we get the opinion of the mysterious Silent R.


Wine List: Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 2

Part 2 of Wine List, our heroes have a civil war over what movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the best from 18 to 1. Corey, Evan, and Norm argue 10 years of movies and rank them all before Avengers Infinity War, Excelsior!!!


Wine List: Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 1

Wine List is back and our heroes have a civil war over what movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the best from 18 to 1. Corey, Evan, and Norm argue 10 years of movies and rank them all before Avengers Infinity War, Excelsior!!!


Bad Rap: I'm in Love with a Church Girl

New episode theme "Bad Rap" where we take a bad movie with a rapper in it! This week its the 2013 Ja Rule Christian movie "I'm in Love with a Church Girl". Bryant and Corey attack questions like? Is Miles Montaga the coolest guy ever? How much did Michael Madsen get paid to be in two scenes? and is Sandals Resorts the greatest place on earth?


90's Proof: Good Burger

Corey and Bryant are welcomed to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, but do they want to order? 90's Proof is back with this 1997 Nickelodeon film, and we answer questions like is Ed an alien or just "special"? Can Abe Vigoda save this movie? Did Oscar nominated movie "Get Out" rip off this movie? and who is a dude?


Crisis on infinite opinions: Jessica Jones Season 2

Corey, Norm, and Sarah dive into another season of everyones favourite alcoholic private investigative super hero Jessica Jones. We break down the season episode by episode and talk about what worked and what didn't, is this season better than last? and also do we want your Cray Cray?


Top Shelve: Fight Club

We have a new episode theme "Top Shelve" where we talk about some of our favourite movies. Instead of our usual scene by scene breakdown Top Shelve is more about a in-depth discussion about famous movies. This week we break the first two rules of Fight Club and talk about the 1999 David Fincher directed movie. Evan and Sarah join Corey to talk about his Favourite movie of all time. This is your life and its ending one minute at a time, so why not spend 63 mins with us.


Drinking Alone: Oscar Edition

Drinking Alone is back! Corey is here with his Oscar recap, who won, who he thinks should have won and why. Also would Corey like to thank the Academy? (spoiler no he would not)


You're Cut Off: The Cutting Edge

Scandalous Bonus Episode this time cut from the Cutting Edge we tell a alleged story of Corey and Bryant being taught by the illegitimate of a hockey great, did I mention this is a ALLEGED story (Plz don't sue us) feel free to contact me TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN


90's Proof: The Cutting Edge (Feat: Mike MacQueen)

At Intalksicated we're not quite ready for the Olympics to end so we decided to watch the '92 figure skating movie "The Cutting Edge". Bryant and Corey are once again joined by Mike MacQueen to answer questions like "Is everyone in this movie a jerk?", "Is figure skating the easiest sport to take up?", "Are we supposed to hate Hale Forrester?" plus we throw shade at everything that moves


Crisis on Infinite Opinions: Black Panther

We are on the road to Avengers Infinity War with the last stop being the highly anticipated "Black Panther". Corey and Norm review and answer the question is it Smooth sailing or a bumpy ride.


90's Proof: The Air Up There (Feat: Mike MacQueen)

90's Proof is back with the 1994 Kevin Bacon movie The Air Up There. Bryant and Corey are joined once again by Mike MacQueen to answer questions like Is it Jimmy Dolan or Jimmy Nolan? Has Kevin Bacon ever touched a basketball before this movie? Whats a better band name "Foxy and the Hooker" or "Zany Bacon"? Also hear Bryant's new song "I wear my jeans down in Africa"