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The officially unofficial podcast for AMC's Mad Men. News, Episode Recaps and Analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Mad Men TV series.

The officially unofficial podcast for AMC's Mad Men. News, Episode Recaps and Analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Mad Men TV series.
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The officially unofficial podcast for AMC's Mad Men. News, Episode Recaps and Analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Mad Men TV series.






Interview with Mad Men Editor Tom Wilson

Hey there, long time no talk Mad Men, huh? I’m here to officially say that we’re not going to be doing the Mad Men retrospective we discussed on the wrap up podcast. Bummer, I know, but! We do have a cool piece of content that was going to be part of that coverage, a behind the scenes…


Season Seven Wrap Up

Well, now it's the time for teary good byes and fond farewells. Except, we're still going to be releasing podcasts about Mad Men for another, oh, eight months or so. Tune in and found out our thoughts on the ending of Mad Men, the future of our Mad Men coverage, who's "okay" and who's "not okay", our favorite episodes, songs, and seasons, and how Mad Men stacks up against it's Golden Age of Television competition. We'll be back in a few days or weeks with an interview of Tom Wilson, editor...

714 – “Person to Person”

Jim and A.Ron think the end of the finale episode of AMC's Mad Men, entitled "Person to Person", leaves a lot of room for interpretation, for both cynicism and optimism... What was our take? A little bit of both, to be honest. Listen to hear us talk about how we felt watching Mad Men come to a close, the parts that tugged our heart strings, the parts that had us squealing like school girls, saying our goodbyes to our favorite characters, and paying our ultimate respects to one Matthew...

713 – “The Milk and Honey Route”

Jim and A.Ron are here to help you sort through the complex feelings we're all getting at the prospect of Pete getting the happiest of potential Mad Men endings, as we unpack the tragic and yet strangely hopeful penultimate episode entitled "The Milk and Honey Route"... We discuss small town hustles, German cannibalism, Betty's dignity and grace in the face of genuine crisis -- no, really! -- Sally's forced evolution into the role of mother, and Duck's high stakes game of career poker with...

712 – “Lost Horizon”

Jim and A.Ron here to dish on the latest episode of AMC's Mad Men, "Lost Horizon"... We discuss Joan's heroic stand against truly awful institutions, Weiner's strong troll face, debate Don's intentions towards "Birdie", Peggy blowing the doors clean off the hinges of the McCann Erickson office, Roger's roller derby, lots of great feedback from fellow fans, and much more. Two more to go, people! Savor it!

711 – “Time and Life”

Hello there! Would you care to discuss the latest Mad Men, episode 711, "Time and Life"? Well, you've come to the right place, friend... We discuss Lane Pryce directing the latest Pete Punch, Peggy and Stan's epic summit on gender relations, how it feels to root for Pete ("not great, Bob!"), the Weiner's judo move he pulled on us as the audience, and where we're going entering the back half of the back half of season seven. All this, and tons of superb feedback from what is in our humble...

710 – “The Forecast”

This edition of the Happy Hour looks at the episode "The Forecast", which is number 710 of AMC's Mad Men... In which we discuss Don and Betty in a race for creepiest teenage predator, ponder the future, ask if the emptiness is a problem, watch the one man 70's fashion show that is Joan's hot date Richard, and watch Mathis flame out of advertising in the most spectacular and entertaining way possible. We typically get stellar emails for Mad Men, but this mail bag might be historically...

709 – “New Business”

We're not sure what to think about Mad Men episode 709, "New Business", and maybe that's an intentional choice by the Weiner himself, who co-wrote the episode... We discuss the mysteries of missing teeth, phantom cab rides, Pete's improbably use of "Jiminy Christmas!", Stan's amateur pornography, and Peggy's refusal to take a walk on the wild side. All this, tons of your great feedback, and much more!

708 – “Severance”

We discuss Mad Men behaving badly, Sepinwall's Greater Billy Pilgrim Theory of 7B, the awesome, and yet sad, triumph of Ken, the magnificent bastard that is Stan Rizzo, check in with a bunch of feedback from our army of correspondents, and much, much more. Enjoy!

Season 7b Preview!

We recap where we are at the start of the season, and give our hopes and fears for our favorite characters, then consider some of your feedback on same. Can the Weiner stick the landing? Is that even an important question for a show like Mad Men? What would failure look like, anyway? Who's hooking up, who's left standing, what kind of man will Don/Dick ultimately be in the final assessment? All this and more as we gear up to give the series the send off it deserves. See you Sunday night!

Mid Season Seven Wrap Up

Hello everyone, it’s that bittersweet time where we sign off of the Happy Hour until next spring. But what a season it was! Join us as we discuss what we thought of the season, it’s themes, where this season ranks with the others, looking at the rest of 1969 in US history and seeing if…

707 – “Waterloo”

Jim and A.Ron are not ready for Mad Men to go away for a year, and it’s a bittersweet cast covering episode 707, “Waterloo”. We discuss the future of the agency, how much we care, Sally’s outlook on love and how Don and Betty have shaped it, Harry being a day late and a dollar…

707i – “Waterloo”

That was an episode of Mad Men. So many epoch shaking events packed into a mid-season finale, you have to wonder what kind of ammo Weiner has in his can for next season. Did you like it? Are you pumped for next season? What do you make of the bizarre closing minutes? Jim and A.Ron…

706 – “The Strategy”

A.Ron and Jim talk about the instant classic Mad Men episode, number 706, “The Strategy”. We discuss Lou’s goddamn Tiki bar, again, and its evil idol, Bob’s arrangement, what’s really going on with Buick, and our growing disdain for Cutler. All this, plus your great feedback! If you want to give us a shout out,…

704 – “The Monolith”

This week’s episode of Mad Men, “Monolith”, is chock full of references to “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Did you catch them all? Find out as Jim and A.Rongo off the deep end in discussing fatherhood, metaphor, Satan’s first name, Lloyd, and where the buck stops at this office. All this and your characteristically fantastic feedback,…

703 – “Field Trip”

In this episode, focusing on Mad Men 703, “Field Trip”, a lot goes down. Megan and Don break up, then maybe get back together, SC&P and Don make up, then maybe not get together, Peggy is awful, Joan seethes, Bert gets trod on, a Harry is kind of awesome in his sleazy way. Oh, and…

702 – “A Day’s Work”

Welcome to our coverage of episode 702 of Mad Men, “A Day’s Work”. In it we discuss racism, sexism, oranges o’ death, troubled father/daughter relationships, Dawn and Shirley’s spin off series, and much more. All this and a dash of your feedback to complete the dish! If you want to give us a shout out,…


701 – “Time Zones”

Jim and A.Ron are back to discuss Mad Men season seven opener, “Time Zones”! In particular we touch on Megan’s chompers, Pete’s new Pit, Peggy’s brother in law, Mark Buffalo, Magg’s forgiveness, your awesome feedback, and much more. If you want to give us a shout out, or otherwise give us a piece of your…

700 – Season Seven Preview Cast

Jim and A.Ron are back to talk about the upcoming season of Mad Men, which will be split into two seven episode parts, one beginning this Sunday, and another starting the spring of 2015. How will 1969 treat Don and company? Find out our thoughts and predictions as we discuss a lot of fan questions…

614 – Season Six Wrap Up – Mad Men Happy Hour

This is it! The final podcast of the season! It’s a bittersweet symphony as Jim and A.Ron talk about major events in season six, predictions for next year, and consider one last round of our awesome listener feedback. A couple of links for your enjoyment… The Vietnam War parallels of Detroit/Chevy