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S3E6 - "The Climb" + Bill and Alex's Favorite Mandy Moore Movies!

Bill is back from vacation and we get back into our core cast groove and discuss Episode 6, "The Climb"! We go over Bill's experience skiing on a "Triple Black Diamond" slope (9:15), we comment on House Frey's fashion choices (19:35), Bill and Alex talk their favorite Mandy Moore movies and we talk about "Lil' Balbo", Rocky Balboa's rapper son (29:25) and last but not least, we share our selections for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (41:52). Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the...


S3E5 - "Kissed by Fire" + Jaime & Brienne Hot Tub Time Machine Scene!

Britney Somaine, who is ironically "Kissed by Fire" joins us yet again as we discuss Episode 5, "Kissed by Fire"! We talk about how since the Hound is so afraid of fire, he should do a Glade Plugin commercial (2:36), how Stannis's wife keeps her stillborn babies in jars full of Mountain Dew (22:03), we break down the Jaime and Brienne hot tub scene (26:10) and last but not least, we share our selections for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (44:52). Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the...


S3E4 - "And Now His Watch Is Ended" + Britney Subs In & Daenerys Takes an Unsullied Army! DRACARYS!

With Bill on vacation in Puerto Rico, Britney steps in to snag all the glory as we discuss Daenerys and her ability to be a BOSS! We talk about how Jaime's hand necklace isn't much different than Flavor Flav's clock (2:33), we mourn Lord Commander Mormont but celebrate Craster's demise (30:14), Alex points out the Unsullied joining Dany was like the famous Mighty Ducks' "QUACK!" rally (39:19) and of course, we share our selections for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (41:03). Britney will...


S2E3 - "Walk of Punishment" + Arslan Mirza Returns! True True True!

Arslan hangs around a little longer as we sail through another episode of Season 3! Arslan makes an Asian joke because Alex can't count (1:23), we discuss how Hot Pie's bread looks more like a Triceratops then a Wolf (20:13), Bill quotes "Dumb & Dumber" and Alex gets it (24:19), Bills pun comes in "handy" (42:27) and finally we get to our top picks for the "Wins" and "Dicks" of the week where I go off on the cast for giving me crap for my DOTW selection (48:20). Our show can be found on...


S3E2 - "Dark Wings, Dark Words" + In-Studio Guest Arslan Mirza!

Our good friend Arslan touches down after a long stretch living on the island of Antigua to join us for the latest episode of the "Old Sounds and the New" Podcast. Alex cites Harry Potter for the first time (6:28), we go over how the Freefolk Warg's name sounds like a style of Italian pasta (27:21), Arslan almost convinces me that Cersei can warg (28:30), we talk about Arya's choice of kills was like impulse buys at the grocery store checkout line (31:53) and finally we get to our top...


S3E1 - "Valar Dohaeris" SEASON 3 PREMIERE!

After a short break after Season 2, the core cast returns! We discuss Sir Braun's former glory as a member of a boyband (21:58), we land on the beautiful landscape of Astapor being filmed in Detroit, Michigan (42:53), we honor a poor Unsullied's lost nipple as the "Boob Count" gets really confusing (49:39) and finally we end the show with our classic nominations of the Win of the Week, and most importantly, the Dick of the Week (51:36)! Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the...


S2E10 - "Valar Morghulis" + In-Studio Guest James Morales Part 2! SEASON FINALE!

Our resident Dothraki James Morales joined us yet again to celebrate the culmination of Season 2 of the "Old Sounds and the New" Podcast. We discuss the resemblance between Pycelle and John "Herbert" Silverbird from "Family Guy" (9:26), we analyze the esoteric themes and motifs regarding the shit Tywin's Horse took in the Throne Room (12:11), James teaches us how to say "Winter is Coming" in Dothraki (31:37) and finally James points out out Walder Frey is likely the Crypt Keeper prior to...


S2E9 - "Blackwater" + In-Studio Guest James Morales! Queue the Jumanji Drums!

Our Dothraki friend James Morales blessed us with his presence for S2E9 - Blackwater and so rightfully pointed out the similarities between the Hound's burned face and the melted cheese of an Elios Pizza (10:22). In this recording we sift through the Battle of Blackwater and talk about the impact of Jumanji drums on wartime morale (14:15), how Stannis Baratheon is the closest living character we have to Captain Morgan (22:20), the "lack of a sack" our our great King Joffrey (33:49) and...


S2E8 - "The Prince of Winterfell" + Bill Expresses His Love for Cersei...

Despite opening up the show talking about our High School shop teacher's crime history, we get super analytical up in this bitch. We give friendly advice for people with complicated names on how to order food in public (18:35), Bill expresses his dying wish of wanting to "slay bitches" like Yorin from the Knights Watch when he is on the verge of death (22:07), we predict what actually may come out of Sam's "Horn of Winter" if he ever decides to blow it (28:26), and Bill takes it too far...


S2E7 - "A Man Without Honor" + Alex Thinks "Roseanne" is My Aunt...

We finally are getting the Jaime/Brienne duo we have been waiting for all season! In this episode, we somehow discuss in detail the past tense of "bang" (12:54), we set off a cannon for Roseanne's show and Alex shares that he thought she was me or Bills Aunt (25:55), I compare Theon Greyjoy's face to that of Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins (43:01) and finally, Alex does the most flawless Ygritte impersonation anyone has ever heard (44:36). Be sure to tune in for S2E8 - "The Prince...


S2E6 - "Old Gods and the New" + Joffrey Gets BITCHSLAPPED!

Joffrey [Lannister] Baratheon gets his skull ROCKED! Nothing makes a GoT episode sweeter than that. In this installment, the earliest "Win of the Week" award is given 6 minutes into the episode making "Old Sounds and the New" History (6:27), I do my famous ET Impersonation (10:54), and Bill names me "Dick of the Week" for sharing the fact that "Froot Loops" is actually spelled with two "O's"... he didn't know (47:35). Somewhere in all the madness we talk about Theon's poor life choices and...


S2E5 - "The Ghost of Harrenhal" + Stanley Tucci Cameo!

It's not every episode that Bill works in 3 GENIUS puns! This week we ponder over the glory that is the scenes between Arya Stark and Tywin Lannister. We discuss the possibility of Leo DiCaprio performing inception on Theon to take Winterfell (19:11), Stanley Tucci's role as Caeser Flickerman in the Hunger Games series takes over the episode analysis (30:19), and Bill works into the conversation the name of a classic breakfast cereal an he didn't get the recognition he deserved (35:15)....


S2E4 - "Garden of Bones" + Barbara Bush Sendoff! (We Called her "Laura" All Episode... SHAME!)

Don't judge us. We were in the heat of the recording and referred to the late Barbara Bush as Laura Bush... multiple times... but hey, thats why this isn't our day jobs. I'm happy to report Laura Bush is alive and well but soon, Renly Baratheon may not be... In this episode, Bill goes all Helga G. Pataki talking about his bubblegum statue of Joffrey Baratheon (10:26), we discuss the logistics of a hard rain drowning Margaery Tyrell due to her poor choice of wardrobe (16:11) and thanks to...


S2E3 - "What is Dead May Never Die" + Stephen Hawking Cameo! (Too Soon...)

Tyrion Lannisters rule over Westeros as acting Hand of the King is getting political and we have gotten together once again to spill the beans on all things GoT. In this episode, Bill exhibits perfect timing with his need to cough (2:25), I equate my experiences with my dietary choices to the current lifestyle and hostile environment of Sansa Stark (22:18), and Bill drops what may be his weakest pun yet (37:37). Catch us every Sunday as we speed through the old sounds of the popular HBO...


S2E2 - "The Night Lands" & Alex Gets the Asian Glow!

The War of Five Kings is beginning and Alex takes us through it drunk off of Bill's Irish Whiskey! In this episode, Alex makes an awful joke comparing a character from the Nights Watch to Kurt Cobain (35:09), Bill brings up the age old argument over the pronunciation of "Syrup" (37:45), Game of Puns comes back for another edition (this one about incest...) (39:19) and our Dick of the Week nominations get literal (54:26). Catch new episodes of "Old Sounds and the New" every Sunday on...


S2E1 - "The North Remembers" SEASON 2 PREMIERE!

Season 2 is underway! We keep the hype train rolling and in this premiere, somehow, beyond any imagination, we reference Joe Dirt (16:35) and thanks to Craster talk about how it is possible to be your own Grandfather (21:09)... We also compare the "Stannis the Mannis" and Selyse dynamic to that of Trump/Melania (28:11) and Bill gives one of his most savage puns yet as he compares Baratheon bastards to onions.... (39:31). Join us every Sunday for new episodes as we prep for Season 8!


S1E10 - "Fire and Blood" + In-Studio Guest Brando(n) Castro! SEASON FINALE!

Brando joins us again for the Season Finale and oddly, so does the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush... We celebrate the end of the season in epic fashion as we say goodbye to Khal Drogo but hello to 3 Dragons! Bill impersonates President Bush (18:10), we cover Greatjon Umber's "White" MLK Speech (23:08), and finally Bill gets in a double pun (39:56). Catch us each Sunday as we tear through Season 2!


S1E9 - "Baelor" + In-Studio Guest Britney Somaine! CALL THE BANNERS!

This was a tough episode to get through... Thankfully, Britney was there to ease our pain. SPOILER ALERT! We toasted the life of Ned Stark, an honorable man that is gone far too soon. To lighten the mood we make fun of Mirri Maz Duur a.k.a. "Senior Citizen Snooki" (34:58), Alex mentions his love for black taint (38:10), we celebrate the life of Arya's dinner pigeon (50:55) and finally hold hands as Ned whispers his last words... CALL THE BANNERS!!!


S1E8 - "The Pointy End"

Aside from jacking up our intro fade-in music, our Maester Alex killed it on the soundboard! This episode brings out talks of Bill's LEGENDARY Senior Design Project (19:45), Alex's true feelings about Theon Greyjoy (23:07) and our "not-so-favorite" lady of the Vale Lysa "One-Titty" Arryn (27:00). Khal Drogo FINALLY shows us his Mortal Combat moves (39:15) and we spend a good 5-minutes discussing Hodor's incredibly impressive anatomy (47:24). Get ready for Episode 9!!!


S1E7 - "You Win or You Die" + In-Studio Guest Brando(n) Castro Part 2!

Our special guest Brando(n) Castro returns to talk Episode 7! Bill decides he's going to "Take the Black" (34:27), Alex gets so hype from the Khal's speech he decided he's going to invade North Korea (45:30) and Bill's musical talent shines with an incredibly long jingle about the pros and cons of playing the Game of Thrones. We had so much fun we almost forgot to name our picks for Dick of the Week! The Season 1 Finale approaches!