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S4E9 - "The Watchers on the Wall" + Jon & Ygritte Should Have Stayed In That Cave!

For the first time since S2E9 - "Blackwater", this episode is 100% focused on one area, the Wall! It's an all out battle for Castle Black and the Night's Watch really comes up big guarding the realms of men. We talk about how Samwell did "damn well" (12:29), (SPOILER AHEAD) we say a sweet goodbye and send a cannon off to our favorite "Wildling", Ygritte (29:43), Alex gives one of the most savage and bloody death counts since the Red Wedding (37:44) and of course we select our top choices for...


S4E8 - "The Mountain and the Viper" + Tyrion's Trial By Combat with James Morales + Original Music from Bill Daily!

Our boy James Morales joins us this week to break down Tyrion's Trial by Combat and he does so in EPIC fashion! While there is an original acoustic song performed at (47:54) that pertains to rape and murder, chill out. It's all for comedy and the Rolling Stones did it in in 1969 so give us a break. All you need to know is that the bells ring at (37:42) and we give our pre-fight predictions ringside. If you stick around long enough, you'll even get to hear Bill refer to the Mountain's squire...


S4E7 - "Mockingbird" + Lysa Arryn "Falls" for Littlefinger & Bill Opens the Moon Door!

We break down the aftermath of Tyrion's trial and discuss the murder of "bat-shit crazy" Lysa Arryn! We discuss how Daario is "Thirsty Spiderman" and climbs a damn Pyramid "The Office: Parkour" style (22:17), we have another extended conversation about Podrick's Payne's Dick (31:32), Bill enlightens us on what it sounds like when opening the Moon Door in the Vale (44:44) and we tackle our top choices for the "Win" and "Dick" of the week! (47:11). Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and...


S4E6 - "The Laws of Gods and Men" + Tyrion's Trial! Court is in SESSION!

The is an episode where Emmy's were won... Peter Dinklage delivers a phenomenal performance and we're here to break it down one savage remark at a time. In this episode, we discuss the likelihood of the stone statue of Braavos having testicles (7:02), Tyrion's trial kicks off (23:22), Peter Dinklage wins an Emmy (28:31), and we review the details of Tyrion's so called "confession" (31:25) and last but certainly not least, we review our picks for the "Win" and "Dick" of the week! (52:16). Our...


S4E5 - "First of His Name" + The Hound is an Irish MMA Fighter!

We are officially halfway through Season 5 things are really heating up all over the map. In this episode, we somehow refer to how Bill Cosby got hit with a hotdog bun his first day in prison (20:46), we discuss how the late Jon Arryn had what Bill refers to as a "One-Titty Fetish" (24:18), we learn that The Hound is actually an Irish MMA Fighter (32:11), and of course, we review the "Win" and "Dick" of the week! (52:16). Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the Google Play Music...


S4E4 - "Oathkeeper" + Lady Olenna Really Gets Around!

The season is getting juicy and we are approaching Tyrion's trial! In this one, we discuss how beautiful Bronn's voice is in his hit single "Up on the Roof" (15:04), we discuss how Olenna was a "ho" in her prime, and she FULLY admits it, (22:04), Bill gives us a new purpose for undead white walker babies (44:16), we talk about how many nails you need to crucify 163 slave masters (45:27), and of course, we review the "Win" and "Dick" of the week! (46:06). Our show can be found on Apple...


S4E3 - "Breaker of Chains" + Dany "Donkey Kongs" the City of Meereen!

Bill is married, Alex is older, and Dan has two less teeth! After a LONG delay the cast of the "Old Sounds and the New" Podcast is back to business! We talk about an awkward scene where you learn "...If the coffin is a rockin', don't come a'knockin'." (13:11), we admire Shireen and her savage jokes towards Davos (24:16), we mourn yet another instance where "Jorah the Explorer" is reminded of his home in the "friend-zone" (37:03), we discuss how Dany "Donkey Kong'd" the SHIT out of the slave...


S4E2 - "The Lion and the Rose" + Purple Wedding with the Wedding Crashers, Brit and Jill!

Another wedding is here! The Wedding Crashers, Britney Somaine and Jill Chiacchio, join us to help us celebrate and break down this momentous occasion. We talk about Stannis' "Beach Barbecue" (22:13), we get down at our favorite royal wedding (29:38), Alex sings "We are the World" after Joffrey takes his last breath (49:48) and we review the "Win" and "Dick" of the week! (58:14) Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the Google Play Music Store, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher...


S4E1 - "Two Swords" + Bill Gets Cocky with his Chicken Puns...

Season 4 is among us! We talk about our favorite Lannister pickup lines (24:11), how the Cannibal Thenns are actually Vegan in the books... (26:41), we ponder what the fuck a "Lommy" is (31:36) and Bill "winged" it with his array of awesome chicken puns! (33:42) Don't forget our classic "Win of the Week" and "Dick of the Week" nominations for the Season 4 Premiere (39:52)! Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the Google Play Music Store, Spreaker, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and...


S3E10 - "Mhysa" Season Finale! + Win/Dick of the Season Reveal & SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS!

This is by far one of our most exciting episodes of the core cast yet... We talk about how when it comes to Joffrey, Robert is NOT the father (19:55), how Davos should be referred to as the "Thumb of the King" (34:55), and Bill squeezes a triple Ygritte pun! (39:04). We also do the Win/Dick of the week (45:09), announce the winners for the Win/Dick of Season 3 (49:27) and we make special announcements! (54:14). We can't wait for Season 4! Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the...


S3E9 - "The Rains of Castamere" + THE RED WEDDING IS HERE!!!

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have not watched Season 3, Episode 9 - "The Rains of Castamere" of "A Game of Thrones" yet, we highly recommend you do before listening to our review. This episode is an all-out SLAUGHTER... The festivities begin at 34:09 We welcome our core cast in addition to Britney Somaine and Jill Chiacchio to help us endure this monstrous hit to the heart... Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the Google Play Music Store, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher and...


S3E8 - "Second Sons" + Gendry Cleary Forgot His "Safe Word"!

As we approach the end of Season 3, things get real... This week, we talk about Stannis and how his ability to sniff out blood relatives could put Maury out of business (9:11), we talk about how Gendry got leeches on his wang because he forgot to give Melisandre a "safe word" (14:28), we ponder why the King of Westeros finds it appropriate to fart in the Great Sept of Baelor (20:23), and we then get to our picks for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (37:12). Our show can be found on Apple...


S3E7 - "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" + Sex Advice from Tormund Giantsbane!

Episode 27 tackles everything from sex advice from Tormund Giantsbane to an off screen castration.. The core cast covers the Hound and his tendencies to play hide-and-seek (22:51), Bill enlightens us on the "O.T.P.H.J." (29:23), Bear puns become a thing (37:28) and we finally get to our selections for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (40:52). Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the Google Play Music Store, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and even TuneIn, especially on Alexa-Enabled...


S3E6 - "The Climb" + Bill and Alex's Favorite Mandy Moore Movies!

Bill is back from vacation and we get back into our core cast groove and discuss Episode 6, "The Climb"! We go over Bill's experience skiing on a "Triple Black Diamond" slope (9:15), we comment on House Frey's fashion choices (19:35), Bill and Alex talk their favorite Mandy Moore movies and we talk about "Lil' Balbo", Rocky Balboa's rapper son (29:25) and last but not least, we share our selections for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (41:52). Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the...


S3E5 - "Kissed by Fire" + Jaime & Brienne Hot Tub Time Machine Scene!

Britney Somaine, who is ironically "Kissed by Fire" joins us yet again as we discuss Episode 5, "Kissed by Fire"! We talk about how since the Hound is so afraid of fire, he should do a Glade Plugin commercial (2:36), how Stannis's wife keeps her stillborn babies in jars full of Mountain Dew (22:03), we break down the Jaime and Brienne hot tub scene (26:10) and last but not least, we share our selections for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (44:52). Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the...


S3E4 - "And Now His Watch Is Ended" + Britney Subs In & Daenerys Takes an Unsullied Army! DRACARYS!

With Bill on vacation in Puerto Rico, Britney steps in to snag all the glory as we discuss Daenerys and her ability to be a BOSS! We talk about how Jaime's hand necklace isn't much different than Flavor Flav's clock (2:33), we mourn Lord Commander Mormont but celebrate Craster's demise (30:14), Alex points out the Unsullied joining Dany was like the famous Mighty Ducks' "QUACK!" rally (39:19) and of course, we share our selections for "Win" and "Dick" of the Week (41:03). Britney will return...


S3E3 - "Walk of Punishment" + Arslan Mirza Returns! True True True!

Arslan hangs around a little longer as we sail through another episode of Season 3! Arslan makes an Asian joke because Alex can't count (1:23), we discuss how Hot Pie's bread looks more like a Triceratops then a Wolf (20:13), Bill quotes "Dumb & Dumber" and Alex gets it (24:19), Bills pun comes in "handy" (42:27) and finally we get to our top picks for the "Wins" and "Dicks" of the week where I go off on the cast for giving me crap for my DOTW selection (48:20). Our show can be found on...


S3E2 - "Dark Wings, Dark Words" + In-Studio Guest Arslan Mirza!

Our good friend Arslan touches down after a long stretch living on the island of Antigua to join us for the latest episode of the "Old Sounds and the New" Podcast. Alex cites Harry Potter for the first time (6:28), we go over how the Freefolk Warg's name sounds like a style of Italian pasta (27:21), Arslan almost convinces me that Cersei can warg (28:30), we talk about Arya's choice of kills was like impulse buys at the grocery store checkout line (31:53) and finally we get to our top picks...


S3E1 - "Valar Dohaeris" SEASON 3 PREMIERE!

After a short break after Season 2, the core cast returns! We discuss Sir Braun's former glory as a member of a boyband (21:58), we land on the beautiful landscape of Astapor being filmed in Detroit, Michigan (42:53), we honor a poor Unsullied's lost nipple as the "Boob Count" gets really confusing (49:39) and finally we end the show with our classic nominations of the Win of the Week, and most importantly, the Dick of the Week (51:36)! Our show can be found on Apple Podcasts and the Google...


S2E10 - "Valar Morghulis" + In-Studio Guest James Morales Part 2! SEASON FINALE!

Our resident Dothraki James Morales joined us yet again to celebrate the culmination of Season 2 of the "Old Sounds and the New" Podcast. We discuss the resemblance between Pycelle and John "Herbert" Silverbird from "Family Guy" (9:26), we analyze the esoteric themes and motifs regarding the shit Tywin's Horse took in the Throne Room (12:11), James teaches us how to say "Winter is Coming" in Dothraki (31:37) and finally James points out out Walder Frey is likely the Crypt Keeper prior to...