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Rebel Scum Radio - Solo Movie Review

Rebel Scum Radio – Solo Movie Review Website: (all new) Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ Podcast: Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, PlayerFM, mixcloud In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio: Spoiler review of Han Solo – our thoughts on the film and what its box office result means for the future of Star Wars Character Reviews • Han Solo – Alden Ehrenreich • Lando – Don Glover • Chewy • Qira – Emilia Clarke • Dryden Vos – Paul Bettany •...


Rebel Scum Radio - The Last Jedi Movie Review

Well we thought this file was lost but we have recovered it. Its a case of better late than never for our review of The Last Jedi record back in early March 2018. In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio: • Star Wars Last Jedi Review • Han Solo Trailer – first thoughts • Rebels Season 4 finale – what’s next for Team Filoni? • Thrawn book sequel to feature Darth Vader • Jon Favreau to direct Star Wars live action TV series • Hasbros Star Wars toys dive • Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Is...


Rebel Scum Radio - Roger Corman's 1994 Fantastic 4 Audio Commentary

This is Rebel Scum Radio's audio commentary of one of the worst (and in a way one of the best) super hero movies of all time - Roger Corman's 1994 The Fantastic Four. Simply start watching the movie from one of the YouTube link below at the conclusion of the intro music and adjust sync as required. Unreleased to the public and now a cult classic it is up there with our favourite 1970s Hong Kong Spiderman movies and 1988's Incredible Hulk Returns. Why was...


Rebel Scum Radio -Star Wars Celebration wish list, Episode 8+9 News, Iron Fist, Nintendo Mini S02E14

In the latest episode of Rebel Scum Radio we preview our wish list for Star wars Celebration Orlando this week, discuss the latest Star Wars Episode 8 and 9 News, Star Wars Rebels season 3 finale, Netflix Iron Fist discussion, Nintendo Mini hands-on review. Website Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube iTunes, Soundcloud, stitcher, TuneIn, mixcloud, spreaker Episode 9 to have carries fisher using existing footage...


Rebel Scum Radio - Episode 8 News, Star Wars Rebels, Indy 5, Matrix Reboot + Doom Porn S02E13

In the latest episode of Rebel Scum Radio we talk about the latest Star Wars Episode 8 News, Star Wars Rebels, Indiana Jones 5 release dates, Matrix Reboot news plus Robot Doom Porn - we are all doomed!!! Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Luke's first words revealed to Disney shareholders Episode 8 SPOILERS -...


Rebel Scum Radio - 2017 TV Show Preview Episode - S02E12.5

In this Episode of RSR we discuss our most anticipated shows of 2017. Cursed with recording problems we have finally got it together as we originally recorded it at the start of February. So we have called it episode 12.5. Show links are below: Toys That Made Us An 8-episode Netflix documentary series about the history of important toy lines. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 & 4 Having established a secret...


Rebel Scum Radio - Star Wars News & Hasbro Rant S02E12

Rebel Scum Radio - Season 2 Episode 12 Well Gizmo and his gremlins conspired against us and we need to re-record our TV preview coming out this weekend. But lots of fun to be had here! First Image of Han Solo cast released – about to start filming Han Solo basic details – Han, Chewie, Lando


Rebel Scum Radio Mega-Movie Special 2017 - S02E11

Rebel Scum Radio Mega-Movie Special Well we had some technical difficulties which delayed this podcast massively but the good news is you get the mega movie podcast and mega TV podcast all in the one week as Rebel Scum Radio resumes regular transmission, Carrie Fisher ALF actor dies age 76...


Rebel Scum Radio - Rogue One : A Star Wars Story Special (**SPOILERS**)

In this special holiday edition of Rebel Scum Radio we discuss the latest Star wars film Rogue One including: CGI - is it a problem in Rogue One Our favourite characters in Rogue One The Rogue One soundtrack We rank the best droids in Star Wars Rogue One Cameos and Easter Eggs How well Rogue One blends in with A New Hope and Star Wars Rebels And where we rank Rogue One as film overall in the lexicon of Star Wars films and much much more Rogue One Trailer...


Star Wars News + Strange Portals and Giants on Catalina Island - Rebel Scum Radio

In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio: - Star Wars Rogue One & Star Wars Rebels Toys - Star Wars Books coming out for Xmas - The Prequel Strikes Back Documentary - Stranger Things – Season 2 - The New Batman Villain - Catalina Island Mysteries Website: Social: facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, twitch, tumblr Podcast: Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn *** Star Wars News *** Star Wars Rogue One & Rebels Toys...


Star Wars Celebration Europe + San Diego Comic-Con Highlights - Rebel Scum Radio

In this episode of Rebel Scum Radio: - Star Wars Celebration Europe Highlights - Star Wars news from SDCC 2016 - SDCC Highlights news from DC & Marvel - Transformers Combiner Wars - Netflix Stranger Things - Suicide Squad Website: Social: facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, twitch, tumblr ****Opening**** Transformers Combiner wars Star Wars News Star Wars Celebration Europe Highlights 1. Vader in Rogue One...