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"Traumatic Party Stress Disorder"

"Hi, I'm Rod, and I like to party," is a line from a very funny movie. It's also what Eliza would say, if one of her nicknames was Rod. Eliza loves to party, and Henry? Henry. . . not so much. One might even think that might create a conflict that leads to trauma, stress, AND disorder! It's Tuesday, and that means it's time to hit pause on Blues Traveler's "Run Around" and hit play on another episode of "Selfie Valuation". Listen to this while drinking, while in the office, or both! All that...


"Here's This Guy" Commentary

This week Beth and Evan discuss the merits and relative value of Henry's girlfriend, the jewels of Julia, if you will. As it turns out, Allison Miller could have contributed a lot more to the show. Then again, everyone could have if "Selfie" hadn't been faced such an early demise. Please feel more than free to send an email to to let either of the two co-hosts know what an incredible job Evan did at mimicking Julia's syntax and intonation. You obviously have...


"Here's This Guy"

A new significant other can put a lot of strain on a friendship, though Evan and Beth can say with confidence that they haven't allowed such to affect their ability to podcast together. For Henry and Eliza, however, it's a different story. The jolly ginger giantess suffers from an attention deficit disorder, and the rebranding wunderkind must determine for himself whether or not all women truly have green eyes. This week things are low on sizzle, but the stakes are high, so tune in to see...


"Never Block Cookies" Commentary

Have you been on the lookout for a podcast focused on a 2014 sitcom that veers wildly off into a deep dive on the portrayal and desirability of Asian men in American media? If so, that is pretty cool. You sound like a person with impeccable taste. There is also the chance that this is right up your alley, because co-hosts Evan and Beth are further dissecting an episode of "Selfie" that features the hottest scene to date. Somebody get John Cho and Karen Gillen a couple of honorary Bachelors...


"Never Block Cookies"

Much like the cops played by Seth Rogen and Bill Hader in "Superbad", Evan and Beth are not here to block, but to guide listeners through yet another episode of ABC's "Selfie". They sadly do not, however, discuss their favourite cookies (that's next week!). Henry and Eliza's friendship starts to heat up to a scorching 350°F (175°C), the perfect temperature to create delectable baked goods and get this co-host to vent his shirt collar. In her search to find him love, will she discover that...


"Even Hell Has Two Bars" Commentary

Evan experiences his own special kind of hell this week when he comes to recording having only gotten two hours of sleep. That's the mildest kind of play on words when it comes to this episode's title, and the best a still-sleepy brain could come up with. This episode is a roller coaster in the absolute truest sense of the word, with one co-host wildly stopping and starting, the energy yo-yoing as both do their level best to consider how the fifth episode of "Selfie" affects the trajectory...


"Even Hell Has Two Bars"

This week Beth and Evan learn that you can lead a marketing exec to water, but you can’t make him want to do anything else but ride a horse. That’s a messy play on a common idiom, but it’ll make a lot more sense once you listen to this episode! Henry and Eliza are out of the office, and things are starting to heat up! Or maybe that’s just because Henry is fully wearing jodhpurs and a riding jacket by the pool. The duo get to know more about (and see more of) their boss’s family than they...