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Writer/director Kurt Larson hosts this weekly exploration of what it means to be a Star Wars-watching, Disneyland-going, DC and Marvel comic book-reading, collectable-collecting geek, all while trying to remain a well-balanced adult pursuing a life-long dream.

Writer/director Kurt Larson hosts this weekly exploration of what it means to be a Star Wars-watching, Disneyland-going, DC and Marvel comic book-reading, collectable-collecting geek, all while trying to remain a well-balanced adult pursuing a life-long dream.
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Writer/director Kurt Larson hosts this weekly exploration of what it means to be a Star Wars-watching, Disneyland-going, DC and Marvel comic book-reading, collectable-collecting geek, all while trying to remain a well-balanced adult pursuing a life-long dream.




Stay Cool, Geek 189: It's a Good Time To Be A Fish-Man.

Is it a good time to be a fish-man? Kurt and Dave Jablahblahblahblah finally get together to discuss everything that's awesome about Black Panther! This turns into general Marvel talk- did Black Panther get us more excited about Avengers? Did the Ant-Man & The Wasp trailer make us laugh? Will The Fantastic Four show up in Infinity War? Moving on, we take a deep dive into whatever the heck is going on in the DCU- The Snyder Cut. Whedon out of Batgirl. Kristen Wiig cast as Cheetah....


Stay Cool, Geek 188: The Lando Question.

Super Bowl Trailers! Eh, they're okay. We talk about Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Deadpool 2, and of course... Solo: A Star Wars Story. Why does the Falcon look so clean? How do we separate the character from Harrison Ford? And how will Donald Glover pronounce "Han'? The guys also discuss the Oscar contenders, the beauty of Blade Runner 2049, and whether or not geek fandom is broken... KURT ON TWITTER KURT ON INSTAGRAM


Stay Cool, Geek 187: The Last Jedi is Kelly D

Original co-host and uber-producer Kelly Dolan is BACK! AND... HE MAY OR MAY NOT BE WEARING AIR JORDANS! Kelly catches the audience up on what he's been doing, digging, and delivering in the world. The guys then briefly discuss Marvel's Infinity War, Jurassic Kingdom, Disney's Fox acquisition, and It's a Wonderful Life. Then, it's on. THE. LAST. JEDI. We try to cover all the major narratives running amok in fandom, while also giving our own opinions on everything from blue milk to...


Stay Cool, Geek 186: Superman's Mustache

Kurt and the Millennials are back to debate the critical issues of the day... Justice League Review. Thor: Ragnorak Review. IMAX 3D vs 2D vs Standard Pepsi vs Coca-Cola Sunkist vs Fanta And more... KURT ON TWITTER KURT ON INSTAGRAM


Stay Cool, Geek 185: SHAZAM! And other DC heroes...

Dave Jahblahblahblah joins Kurt to go over a slew of news tidbits that have far reaching implications to a whole host of our favorite properties. STAR WARS! A new, original trilogy is being helmed by Rian Johnson, along with a live-action TV show. MARVEL EXPANDING! Could Marvel finally be getting the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four? And not only that, but also the rights to the original uncut Star Wars films. DC TROTS OUT JUSTICE LEAGUE! Justice League is upon us, and what do...


Stay Cool, Geek 184: Jedis, JJ, & Harvey

The Last Jedi has finally released a true trailer, and Jahblahblahblah is here to help Kurt break it down. Is Kylo turning good? Is Rey going bad? What is Luke's hair doing? Are the Porgs ruining it? Does Snoke look cool? Plus, the music, the shots, the anticipation! The guys also chat about the firing of Collin Trevorrow, the hiring of JJ Abrams, and who it could have been taking over the director's chair. Justice League is upon us... but are these DC super-fans happy? From...


Stay Cool, Geek 183: Clowns Run Amok in The Mummy

October is here! And that means a visit from our favorite Horror Host Hall of Famer, Dr. Gangrene! Thankfully, the guys have a slew of interesting horror topics to break down: Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to Halloween, The Walking Dead is upon us, IT is racking up dollars at the box office, and... well, The Mummy is out for rental. These two classic universal monster horror movie buffs try to dissect what went wrong with The Mummy, if they can fix it, and how they'd approach making...


Stay Cool, Geek: What's Been Going On?

An update from Kurt on his podcasts, his projects, and what's coming in the new year.


Stay Cool, Geek 180: San Diego Comic-Con Recap

Kurt, Cultspark Bob, and Jahblahblahblahblah break down all the biggest news and events from SDCC2017. Avengers Infinity Way Thor Ragnorak Ready Player One Bright Blade Runner Dr. Doom's standalone film Spawn Reboot Star Trek Discovery Krypton The Defenders Westworld The Walking Dead AND STRANGER THINGS!


Stay Cool, Geek 179: Disney & D23 Recap

D23 came and went with a ton of news, so it only seems right that Kurt bring in superfan Bart Scott to discuss all things Disney! The Last Jedi! Incredibles 2! Toy Story 4! A Wrinkle in Time! Wreck It Ralph 2! The Lion King! Dumbo! Mary Poppins Returns! Aladdin! Avengers Infinity War! And that's just the MOVIES! They also talk about all the new theme park news... Tron Coaster! GOTG attraction! Mickey and Minnie's Railroad! Toy Story Land! Ratatouille! AND STAR WARS GALAXIES EDGE!


Stay Cool Geek 178: Spider-Man Comes Home

In which Kurt & Mr. Marvel Tommy break down everything good, bad, and indifferent from Spider-Man Homecoming. Where does it stand against the other Spidey films? How was Holland? Is the Vulture a good villain for the MCU? Did anything distract from the story? Was Iron Man in the film too much? Were they missing anything? What were their favorite easter eggs? And how about those post-credits scenes? The guys also talk about Marvel heading into ComicCon, plus what is Fox up to with their...


Stay Cool, Geek 177: Han Solo Enters an Asteroid Field

In which Kurt and Jahblahblahblahblah discuss the firing of Lord & Miller from the standalone Han Solo movie. What does this mean? Should we be concerned? What does this say about Kathleen Kennedy? And what do we think of the Ron Howard hiring? The guys get fairly passionate about all things happening in the Star Wars cinematic universe, all while trying to stay cool. This leads to a larger discussion of Marvel films, branded content, and utilizing someone's specific creative talent...


Stay Cool 176: New Horizons and E3

In which Kurt explains his latest project, and how it involves the Stay Cool, Geek audience. He then turns the show over to Millennial Nate and Jake from State Farm as they break down all the latest games from E3. SPIDER-MAN! Skyrim! Monster Hunter! The return of Mario! Battlefront 2! Project Scorpio-urr XBOX one X? DragonBallZ! And, has The Last of Us really influenced every other mainstream game since its release?


Stay Cool, Geek 175: Wonder Woman

WONDER WOMAN IS FINALLY HERE! DC Dave and the Prism Princess help Kurt break down the good, the great, and the fantastic! NO, REALLY! They also briefly discuss Spider-Man Homecoming and whether or not there's too much Tony Stark, the Justice League Dark director removal, and why Joss taking over the Justice League is truly a moving gesture.


Stay Cool Geek 174: Star Trek and the road to Castlevania

In which Kurt and two self-described Trekkies/Trekkers go over the new Star Trek Discovery trailer. Does it look like Trek? Does it have too much action? Will they buy the CBS streaming service in order to see it? Castlevania is here, and its trailer is hitting all the geek nostalgia sweet spots of the guys. They talk about the brilliant marketing strategy of such a show, and ponder what other Nintendo animation shows could find their way to the Netflix library. Also discussed- GOTG v2,...


Stay Cool, Geek 173: Blade Running with Star-Lord

The Millennials are back, and they're here to shorten words! Come with us on another exciting edition of Stay Cool, Geek as we totes discuss GOTG Volume 2, Blade Runner 2, The Defenders, Dunkirk, and the Mumms! The guys also discuss the latest slang and music of their generations. Yes, really!


Stay Cool, Geek 172: David Fincher's New Teen Titans

In which we discuss The New Teen Titans, Unbreakable 2, World War Z 2, Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Hanna-Barbera, and millennials. There are also casual detours into the rock and roll hall of fame, Thundarr the Barbarian, Krypto the dog, GoBots, T2, Watership Down, Robotron, and the Legend of Zelda.


Stay Cool, Geek 171: The History of Luke Skywalker's Fashion Choices

Luke Skywalker has certainly had his fair share of interesting outfits in the Star Wars cinematic universe. From the blouse top to the dropped Jedi Knight collar and everything in between, Kurt and Jahblahblah break down the history of Luke's fashion. Specifically, the guys get fixated on Farmboy Luke's taped jeans. Also, the guys dictate what MUST be in the Rampage movie, and also discuss Star Wars Rebels, Drake, Degrassi, Krypton, and Cloak and Dagger.


Stay Cool, Geek 170: The Last Jedi in Seattle

In which Kurt and The Weasel break down all the excitement that is THE LAST JEDI! The trailer! The poster! The cool words Luke Skywalker speaks! Plus, they also discuss the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer and why Marvel just gets it. Even still, The Weasel explains his current malaise in regards to super-hero movies. The guys also sprinkle in thoughts on Jason X, The Fast & The Furious, Inherent Vice, and why or why not Walt Disney would be ok with the purchase of Lucasfilm.


Stay Cool, Geek 169: Batgirl vs Zombies

SUPER-SIZED GIANT ANNUAL EDITION OF SCG! ONLY 50 CENTS! Kurt begins the podcast with a reflection on S-town and the power of postcards. He then welcomes Jerrod from Chicago to discuss the shocking Joss Whedon-Batgirl developments. Finally, Cultspark Bob is here to lay down the law regarding The Walking Dead season finale. All this plus- Spider-Man Homecoming, The Defenders, Deadpool Cable casting, Venom, IT, The Mummy, and more!