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25: Lots of Witch Law with a Dash of Teen Angst

We've finished our binge of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and we liked it!….but we have some notes. Find out which characters were our favorites, which character (and actor) we didn't care for so much (we get a little mean, honestly) and find out what made Mark say "I'm alarmed to have this opinion." And lots of other thoughts about witch law, Satanism and what worked/what didn't.


24: Thanksgiving Week TV Recommendations

Sometimes you want to enjoy an episode about the holiday itself and other times you're just looking for TV to evoke certain feelings during the start of the holiday season. What shows or episodes do you like to turn on while the leaves change outside and you sit down with a plate of leftovers? Here are a few of our favorites and we'd love to hear about yours. Happy Thanksgiving!


23: Hollywoo Star, Bojack Horseman-What Do We Think of Him? Do We Think Things? Let's Find Out

It could be argued (and we pretty much do) that Bojack Horseman is the best show currently on TV. This week, Shreya talks about her love for the show, Mark talks about overcoming his animation bias to become a Bojack believer and we talk about all the hilarious and gut wrenching things that make this show so special and unique. We also talk about great guest stars, some of favorite episodes and story arcs and get into some of the controversies and how the show has evolved over the course of...


22: Our Favorite Scary TV and Halloween Episodes

Happy Halloween! We're back and talking about all the TV that's terrified us through the years plus some of our favorites Halloween episodes.


21: Philosophy and Fart Jokes (aka Why We Forking Love The Good Place)

There may be no show more ambitious or insightful on all of television than The Good Place. Not only is it smart, hopeful, challenging and daring, it also happens to be very funny.Using everything from very intellectual humor to low-brow jokes and brilliant sight gags, the NBC sitcom is always able to earn MANY laughs in the midst of it's heady subject matter. We love this show and are so excited about the new season so this week, we decided to talk all about it.


20: Mini-Episode: Sweater Weather and Fall TV

From the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to Julia Roberts' TV debut, we talk about all the new and returning TV we're most excited about coming this fall. What about the ones we're much less excited about? Yeah, we get to those too, plus the show that Mark thinks looks bad but knows he'll totally be watching.


19: A Marvelous Night at the Emmys?

This week at the Emmys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won big (a result we have very different feelings about) but The Americans was overlooked in key categories (we're both pretty rageful about this one). We talk about the show, the best moments, the many bad moments and all the biggest awards of the night.


18: Mini-Episode: Creative Arts Emmys and a Legendary EGOT

We're just days away from this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, but first up, we check in on the Creative Arts Emmys where three EGOTs were completed, Katt beat Sterling and Kenan had a reason to bust open the good orange soda. Oh, and also #JusticeForMegan


17: Don't Tell Mama

The performances, the visuals, Wind Gap, that ENDING, the teeth (!!). This week, we examine the HBO limited series, Sharp Objects, discuss what impacted us the most as viewers, consider what it means to be a "feminist fairy tale," and share our different views on the Camille/Amma relationship and different creative choices.


16: Insecure as Fuck

Shreya's been a fan from the beginning. Mark's a recent convert. This week they discuss HBO's critically acclaimed and highly tweet-worthy series, Insecure. From the tone to the music to the passion of the Lawrence Tribe, they cover it all.


15: TV's Will They Won't They Couples

Jim and Pam. Ross and Rachel. Sam and Diane. Cheering for (and sometimes having our hearts broken by) will they won't they couples is something every TV fan can relate to. This week, we talk about some of our favorite (and least favorite) from throughout the years and discuss some of the ways the trope has changed and can still improve.


14: Women Can Be Murderers Too! #Feminism

Killing Eve is one of the most talked about shows of 2018 and just won New Program of the Year at the TCAs. What is it about an eccentric psychopath and the the obsessive MI5 agent who's tracking her that has sparked such an enthusiastic fandom? We dig into this week as well as the aspects of the show that we most enjoyed (and the things we fear about its future).


13: Watching TV In A Post #MeToo World

Important strides have occurred within the past year due to the #MeToo movement and men in power are being held accountable. This week, we discuss how the movement impacts us as fans and how it affects the way we watch certain shows.


12: And The Category Is....Slaying

Pose just wrapped up its historic first season, so we talked about it! Has Ryan Murphy finally won Shreya over? What category would Mark walk in? How amazing is Billy Porter? We discuss it all. Plus, we talk some about Vida and the possibility of a Buffy reboot.


11: Putting The E in EGOT

Emmy nominations are out and The Academy got some things right! And plenty of things wrong. And why do they like Ozark so much? And why do they hate the CW?


10: Bold Storytelling and TV Camp

The Bold Type is back for season 2 and we're back with a new episode to talk about it! We also share some of our favorite memories from the ATX Television Festival.


9: Mail Robot, We'll Miss You Most of All

The Americans is over. The finale was amazing. We talk about all of the aspects of the show that have worked so wonderfully over the past six seasons and why that finale was so thoroughly satisfying.


8: Dear White People

In this episode, we take a deep dive into Netflix's Dear White People. The first part of our discussion, we offer general non-spoilery thoughts on the show and then we dissect the second season, sharing some of our thoughts on the most important themes and developments.


7: New & Improved (with Magic)

A non-spoilery discussion of our love for The Magicians, a show that Shreya feels really improved after its first season. We talk about some other shows that really found their footing in season two as well.


6: Scandalously Good Finales

Scandal is over and Mark stuck it out for the whole ride. He has thoughts. He and Shreya also discuss some of their favorite seasons finales of all time and the game changing ending to Jane the Virgin's fourth season.