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6: Scandalously Good Finales

Scandal is over and Mark stuck it out for the whole ride. He has thoughts. He and Shreya also discuss some of their favorite seasons finales of all time and the game changing ending to Jane the Virgin's fourth season.


5: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "The Box" and our Favorite Comedy Bottle Episodes

The Sterling K. Brown Fan Club commences again as we talk about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the recent standout episode, "The Box." We also talk about some of our favorite bottle episodes from other TV comedies.


4: Everything Sucks!, 90's Nostalgia and Reboots and The Simpsons/Apu Controversy

We share some spoiler-free thoughts on Everything Sucks!, talk about some recent reboots and what does and doesn't work when rebooting a show and whether or not there are any shows we'd like to see come back. We end with a discussion on The Simpsons and how they've responded to the controversy surrounding Apu.


3: This Is Us, Rise and Comfort TV

This week, we break down the things that work and don't work on This Is Us, talk about what a mess Rise is and discuss some of our favorite comfort TV.


2: Good Girls, Female Directors, #WomensHistoryMonth

In episode two, we talk about NBC's Good Girls and we mark the end of Women's History Month by discussing some of the advancements made by female directors and some of the best work being done behind the camera. Make sure to rate and review us on iTunes:


1: Jane The Virgin, Guilty Pleasures and Our TV History

In our debut episode, we discuss the current season of Jane The Virgin, whether or not it should be considered a guilty pleasure (and what even IS a guilty pleasure?) and we introduce ourselves a bit by sharing about the shows that transformed us into the passionate TV fans we are. Our sound levels were a little off this first time out but we worked to make it sound as good as possible. The end result is pretty good (better when you listen with headphones) but we promise it'll improve with...


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