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"The Rocketeer" [S2: Episode 11]

"Alternative fiction" is a fun genre that doesn't get much play in recent years, but this forgotten Disney classic (based on a famous "alternative" comic book from the 1980's) joins real, historical figures like Howard Hughes and Greta Garbo with fantastical elements like pulp hero characters and a futuristic jet-pack! By listener request this time - it's The Rocketeer! ---------------- Find us at: Facebook: TheStoryCauldron Twitter:...


"The Sandlot" [S2: Episode 10]

Summertime's almost over, but before it's gone, the Story Cauldron guys are taking this week to dive into one of America's favorite past-times: baseball! Not only do we take a sports-themed look into Joseph Campbell's monomythic Hero's Journey, but we dive into the legend of the Great Bambino (with a bit of biblical cryptozoology)! You're (not) killing me (this time), Smalls - it's The Sandlot! ---------------- Find us at: Facebook:...


"The Great Mouse Detective" [S2: Episode 09]

It's rare to find a Disney movie with drunken revelry and a clear case of murder, but this week's film wouldn't be Bobby's favorite without it! We're diving into Victorian literature (and a bit of a French fairy tale) to explore a classic mystery that will seemingly never stop being remade. The game is a foot - it's The Great Mouse Detective! ---------------- Find us at: Facebook: TheStoryCauldron Twitter: @StoryCauldron Instagram:...


"Stranger Than Fiction" [S2: Episode 08]

This week, Anthony's birthday means one of his favorite films gets the Story Cauldron treatment, so you know what that means: complicated philosophy words and hard-to-pronounce names! We've got Heidegger and "dasein"! We've got Barthes, Kierkegaard and de Unamuno! And they're mixed up with an unstable tax accountant, an anarchical baker with a heart of gold, and an author with a literary murder streak - it's Stranger Than Fiction! ---------------- Find us at:...


"A Special Birthday Episode" - [S2: Episode 7]

It's been 52 weeks since we launched this experiment, so we're celebrating with a little time off! Kind of. It's Wednesday and we know that you need your Story Cauldron goodness, so Anthony jumps on here to talk a little about the last year, the next year, and how you can participate the future of this project. Thanks for the support over the last twelve months - here's to the next twelve! ---------------- Find us at: Facebook: TheStoryCauldron Twitter:...


"The Last Unicorn" [S2: Episode 06]

From Harry Potter to various mythologies to My Little Pony to...the Bible? There's one magical creature that's almost universally adored - the unicorn! In this episode, the guys are joined by their good friend Julie to talk about 1982's tribute to this bit of cryptozoology that also dives into some Norse myths, Christian symbolism, and Basque linguistics that Anthony still can't pronounce - it's The Last Unicorn​​​​​​​! ---------------- Find us at: Facebook:...


"The Wizard of Oz" [S2: Episode 05]

Despite having spent the entire summer helping to put on a junior production of the title, The Story Cauldron guys decide to tackle their oldest movie yet as Bobby, Anthony, and Garrett discuss American fairy tales, contrapuntal narratives, the merits of allegories, and turn-of-the-century populistic monetary policy! Follow the Yellow Brick Road, folks, it's The Wizard of Oz!


"Brave" [S2: Episode 04]

What do you get when you cross Robin Hood, Gaelic deities, Scottish history, and a bit of beastly mythology? This time, the latest episode of The Story Cauldron Podcast! The guys are back in the Disney wheelhouse with a look at one of the newer princesses in the pantheon - get ready to change your fate, it's Brave!


"Independence Day" [S2: Episode 03]

It's been 22 years since Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum saved the world, but we've not forgotten! On this special holiday episode of The Story Cauldron, the guys talk about aliens, both H.G. and Orson Well(e)s, and the possibility that there might, in fact, be life on other planets. Let's kick the tires and light the fires, Big Daddy - it's Independence Day!


"The Avengers" [S2: Episode 02]

We may have just celebrated a wedding here at The Story Cauldron, but this episode is far from romantic! Instead, Anthony, Garrett, and the newly-married Bobby explore the history of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, going all the way back to the myths of ancient Greece! Are you excited for Ant-Man and the Wasp next week? Remember how the MCU started this week - it's The Avengers!


"La La Land" [S2: Episode 01]

It's a brand-new season and we're kicking things off with a tribute to classic Hollywood! From Singin' in the Rain, to Rebel Without a Cause, to Pulp Fiction, Bobby, Anthony, and Garrett discuss movie musicals, emotional endings, and the difference between an homage and a reference. It's another day of sun: we're back in The Story Cauldron with La La Land!


Episode 27 - 300

It's been almost 2500 years since King Leonidas made his last stand at the Battle of Thermopylae, but how accurately have our movies and comic books portrayed that story? Today, we dive into the history of a history movie (well, a 20-percent-history movie, at least); go tell the Spartans, passerby - it's 300!


Episode 26 - Groundhog Day

The blizzard has ended and it's TIME (get it?) for the Story Cauldron guys to take a look at everything from The Twilight Zone and Nietzschean thought experiments to religious philosophy (Purgatory? Reincarnation? The Devil as an insurance salesman?) and folk legends about magical rodents; it's (sure as heck-fire) Groundhog Day!


Episode 25.5 - The State of the Podcast 2018

We're at the end of our sixth month of The Story Cauldron Podcast, so Bobby and Anthony take a few minutes to update everyone on how things are going (and where we're headed next)! Another huge thank-you to YOU for supporting us by listening and sharing these episodes!


Episode 25 - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

This week, the Story Cauldron guys dive into a different kind of pond to explore how the unique stylings of auteur filmmaker Wes Anderson spin out a new version of Moby Dick as a tribute to Jacques Cousteau; no need for revenge here - it's The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou!


Episode 24 - Treasure Planet

Everyone loves pirates; everyone loves space ships - put them together, and you've got a basic equation for something spectacular! This week, we dive deep into a steampunky interpretation of one of Robert Louis Stevenson's classics (which some nods to Shakespeare, Poe, and Douglas Adams along the way). This one's got the makings of greatness for sure - it's Treasure Planet!


Episode 23 - The Princess Bride

It's a new year, but an old movie on this episode of The Story Cauldron! By listener request ("As you wish!"), we're exploring historical pirate legends, medieval romance genres, polydactyly, and Anthony's new favorite word: 'bildungsroman.' This one's not inconceivable, folks - it's The Princess Bride!


Episode 22 - Frozen

To round out 2017, the Story Cauldron guys pick a fight with each other about the lasting merits of the mega-wave animated sensation that mixed two parts Hans Christian Andersen with one part Disney magic (and a twist of contrapuntal narrative structuring) to make literally billions of dollars. Can Garrett thaw Anthony's icy heart? Find out this week (and hear two very special guest spots!) - it's Frozen!


Episode 21 - Die Hard

Now we have a Christmas episode, HO-HO-HO! In the spirit of the holiday season, we're talking about action heroes, Shakespeare, Stanley Kubrick, and the Night Before Christmas. Come out to coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs: it's the greatest Christmas movie ever made - Die Hard!


Episode 20 - Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Have you bought your tickets for the new Star Wars movie yet? Well, get set for The Last Jedi by returning to the roots of our favorite galaxy far-far-away! This week, the Story Cauldron guys dive into Eastern philosophy, Kurosawa films, Joseph Campbell's Monomyth, and the dark, twisted confines of George Lucas' creative mind - it's Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope!