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Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 68 - S4E08 - Legends of To-Meow-Meow

After Johnny breaks it off with Desmond, a time wave ripples through history with sweeping changes. Charlie gets her powers back, but her and John never join the Legends and the effects on its members are surprising, to say the least. Charlie and John attempt to surgically change the timeline and hilarity ensues. Contact Information If you want to join in the discussion, you can submit feedback via email to Please submit all feedback by 7:00 pm eastern on...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 67 - S4E07 - Hell No, Dolly!

When a killer doll frames voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, the Legends travel to New Orleans to set history right. The trip triggers some emotional memories for John-o who goes rogue and triggers a cataclysmic time event. If you want to join in the discussion, you can submit feedback via email to Please submit all feedback by 7:00 pm eastern on Wednesdays following the show. You can also join the Facebook group at And you can...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 66 - S4E06 - Tender is the Nate

The Heywoods visit the Waverider for a surprise visit and take Hank on a ride along to 1920s Paris. Ava shows Mona the ropes and the two form an unlikely friendship with Nora. Synopsis While Mona is late for her first day at the Time Bureau, Sara pays a surprise visit to her girl on her birthday! While Sara is busy distracting Ava, Hank enters her office forcing Sara to hide quickly and collect her belongings while Hank reviews budget numbers. While Sara rushes off to return the...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 65 - S4E05 - Tagumo Attacks!!!

Filmmaker Ishiro Honda brings a giant octopus to life using a magical diary that turns artists’ inspiration into reality. While the Legends figure out how to keep Tokyo from being destroyed in 1951, Team Time Bureau hires a new employee when their magical wards ransack the Bureau. Synopsis Ishiro Honda “discovers” a giant octopus in the Tokyo bay while filming, which sends up a magic alert to the Waverider. The octopus will eventually destroy the city if the Legends cannot find a way to...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 64 - S4E04 - Wet Hot American Bummer

Swamp Thaaaang attacks Camp Ogawa...NOT! A vampiric witch is kidnapping children and draining their life force in a 1990’s summer camp. Ava joins team Legends in the field as they go undercover as camp counselors to uncover the magical fugitive. Synopsis Ava and Sara are attempting to have a quiet movie night when Sara realizes the horror movie they are about to watch is brand new to her. Sara tries to ask Gideon (forgetting she is at Ava’s place) and Gideon calls her cell phone instead....


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 63 - S4E03 - Dancing Queen

The Legends track down a magical being in Punk Rock London 1977 which turns out to be a shapeshifter. Ray infiltrates a band that causes London to fall into anarchy to find the person behind the kidnapping of the Queen of England. Synopsis Back at Time Bureau headquarters, a magical blip in the timeline is detected and Nate explains that a punk rock band called The Smell has kidnapped the Queen and her crown jewels. After the Queen is committed to an insane asylum, Britain falls into...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 62 - S4E02 - Witch Hunt

The Legends contend with an evil fairy godmother hiding in Salem 1692. The Puritans, who are not known for their accepting nature, are to execute Jane Hawthorn when magic intervenes. Synopsis Using the knuckle bones of a saint, the Legends can now use their time seismograph to find magical fugitives. They find their latest quarry in Salem 1692, and as luck would have it, Constantine has decided to join Team Legends (sans costumes). While the team investigates magic at the heart of a...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 61 - S4E01 - The Virgin Gary

In typical Legends fashion, the season premiere introduced a magical season with a blood thirsty unicorn massacring hippies at Woodstock. John Constantine joins the Legends to send the bloody beast straight to hell with the help of the Virgin Gary. Synopsis The season starts five months after the Legends defeated Mallus and it appears to be business as usual as the Legends continue to track down anachronisms and repair history. The Time Bureau even throws a surprise party to...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 60 - S4E00 - Preseason Kickoff

Welcome back, Legendaires! It is time to take a look at all the news leading up to Season 4 and, of course, our theories and hopes for Season 4! So hop back on-board the Waverider as we get ready to time jump into Season 4. Legends of Tomorrow returns to the CW, Monday October 22, 2018 at 9:00/8:00c. Extras SyFy - Everything We Know about Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Legends of Tomorrow - Extended...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 59 - Dragon Con Legends of Tomorrow Fan Panel

Harley attended Dragon Con over Labor Day 2018 weekend and participated as a panelist on the Legends of Tomorrow fan panel. We had a great discussion, starting with a Beebo poll, and got so lost in the discussion we had to stop mid-conversation. Overall, it was a great time and we are thankful to the American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media track at Dragon Con for letting Harley represent Tomorrow's Legends. Contact Information If you want to join in the discussion, you can submit feedback via...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 58 - SiberCast Promo

Hey Legendaires! Flash here wanting to tell you that my new show SiberCast is released! I hope some of you loyal listeners will join me over there to discuss the thing we are passionate about! Thanks so much!


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 57 - S3E18 - "The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly"

Goodbye, Rip. I’ll miss you. Synopsis We pick up right where we left the Legends last: Zambesi 1992. Mallus has just emerged in his true form and the Legends attempt to use the totems, individually, against him. Sara asks Rip for help and he uses a desperate gambit to save the team. He takes the time drive from the Waverider and shares an emotional goodbye with Gideon. While the Legends return to the Waverider, Rip confronts Mallus with the time drive and waits for it to destabilize,...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 56 - S3E17 - "Guest Starring John Noble"

Well, that’s it folks, Mallus is out of the time cage. Beebo help us all. Synopsis The team’s on double duty this week with Amaya attempting to rewrite history while Grodd attacks Barack Obama. The Legends make quick work of Grodd when Ray shrinks him down and puts him in a jar. Grodd’s failure keeps Mallus at bay, to Nora’s disappointment, but Damien realizes that once Mallus is freed, Nora will be gone. Worried, he reaches out to the Legends for help. If only Wally and Nate’s...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 55 - S3E16 - "I, Ava"

Gideon! Plot a course to Vancouver 2213. I have a sneaking suspicion things may not be as they seem… Wait, what do you mean Amaya went to the M’Changa Province 1992? Doesn’t she know that’s exactly what Mallus wants??? Synopsis After her battle with the Death totem and recent break-up with Ava, Sara is ready to take a break. Fortunately, Gary turns up before she can leave and announces that Ava has not been to work in a few days, which is basically unheard of. So, naturally, Sara and...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 54 - S3E15 - "Necromancing the Stone"

Sara wields the Death Totem and becomes the Death Witch after Mallus possesses her. She singles out the Legends and takes them down one-by-one only to be stopped by an unlikely hero: Heat Wave. Synopsis Sara wakes from a nightmare in which she is haunted by a little girl. Ava calms her down and they have the GF talk, where Sara awkwardly explains away her latest fling, John Constantine. Gideon interrupts at the worst time and announces the anachronisms are getting worse. Back to...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 53 - S3E14 - "Amazing Grace"

The Legends are all shook up this week as they head to Memphis to ensure Elvis records his first single and rock ‘n roll lives on happily ever after. In a surprising twist, Elvis becomes a temporary totem bearer, alerting the Legends to the presence of the sixth totem: death. Synopsis Elvis enters a pawn shop in 1950 and purchases a cursed guitar. Much like Harry’s wand, the guitar chooses the player and Elvis forms an instant and unlikely bond with the cursed guitar. Little does he...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 52 - S3E13 - "No Country for Old Dads"

After Ray is kidnapped by the Darhks, he has to team up with Nora to discover cold fusion (and avoid continued torture). Hilarity ensues as Nora and Ray get stranded in 1962 after confronting a younger, deadlier Damien and the elder Damien confronts himself to rescue them. Synopsis Wondering why all the dishes are still dirty, the Legends go about their morning not realizing Ray Palmer is no longer on the Waverider, until Gary plays a message from Ray. Apparently, Damien Darhk loves...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 51 - S3E12 - "The Curse of the Earth Totem"

Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me! Grab yer rum and hoist the Jolly Roger high, we’re on a quest for cursed treasure! Captain Jack Sparrow is off looking for more rum, so we’re tossing in with the Dread Pirate Jiwe to find buried treasure. Synopsis Ray, Amaya and Mick are debating where to find the five known totems and what the sixth totem might be. Ray tells them that the Fire totem is currently in Detroit 2018 and asks Sara if she’s ready to track it down. She declines, stating she...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 50 - S3E11 - "Here I Go Again"

Mama Mia! Here I Go Again! It’s Hedgehog Day, again. Hedgehog Day? You told me you would know what I meant if I said Hedgehog Day! This time loop is driving me crazy. I don’t know if I can keep doing this. Synopsis Zari remained on the Waverider while the rest of the team rescued a Waterloo recording from Napoleon. She takes full advantage of the Captain being away and in addition to performing maintenance, she uploads a program she designed to find a loophole in history that will save...


Tomorrow's Legends - Ep 49 - S3E10 - "Daddy Darhkest"

John Constantine joins the Legends in an unexpected quest to save Nora Darhk from the demon Mallus. The team loses Nora to the Order, preserving her future and our present, while Mallus gains a stronger hold over our Captain. Synopsis John Constantine breaks into an asylum to save Emily (aka Nora Darhk) and discovers something he was not expecting: the demon possessing Nora is Mallus and knows Sara Lance. Constantine tracks down the Legends in Central City and questions Sara about her...