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The view from MY side of the cockpit door. Aviation news and commentary from an active captain flying for a major US legacy airline.

The view from MY side of the cockpit door. Aviation news and commentary from an active captain flying for a major US legacy airline.
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The view from MY side of the cockpit door. Aviation news and commentary from an active captain flying for a major US legacy airline.




APG 348 – Are 4-Engines Dead?

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson NEWS [30:57.022] Skylease Cargo B744 at Halifax on Nov 7th 2018, Overran Runway on Landing [34:57.186] UPDATE: UTAir B738 at Sochi on Sep 1st 2018 [50:12.079] UPDATE: Lion Air Incident - AvHerald Update [1:05:19.315] Accident Bell 206B JetRanger N417WT, 04 Nov 2018 [1:09:44.925] First husband-and-wife duo to fly B-2 stealth bombers retire after making history [1:12:14.834] Napping American Airlines Baggage Handler Trapped in Cargo Hold on Flight to Chicago...


APG 347 – Biggles Flies Again

Photo Credit: kiwinz (Flickr) [21:29.769] A Continuation of our IFR Visual / VFR Pattern Discussion NEWS [1:14:49.222] Crash: Lion B38M near Jakarta on Oct 29th 2018, aircraft lost height and crashed into Java Sea [1:30:12.132] Small plane crashes on 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills [1:32:44.376] Military plane drops Humvee on Harnett Neighborhood [1:34:32.104] Passenger Opens Cabin Door on Plane Bound for St. Louis [1:36:49.200] Pilot Arrested, Accused of Having Gun in Carry-On Suitcase at...


APG 346 – The A340-600 Episode (Just For Nick)

NEWS [34:26.573] California guardsman killed in Ukrainian Su-27 crash [39:03.087] UPDATE: Report on Thunderbird Crash [46:09.101] Update: Qantas engine damage causes loud bang [48:42.603] Cypriot budget airline Cobalt has suspended operations [50:26.000] Accident: Argentinas A332 near Rio Branco on Oct 18th 2018, severe turbulence causes 10-15 injuries [57:27.548] Man Overdosed on Heroin, Spoke to God, and Went Looking for a Date on Southwest Airlines [1:00:15.168] The World's Largest...


APG 345 – That’s One Impressive Plane!

NEWS [42:15] Air India Plane Slammed Into Wall At 250 Km Per Hour But Continued To Fly [1:01:01] American Airlines Flight AA263 Diverted Twice for Emergency Landing [1:10:15] A Belgian air force mechanic accidentally opened fire on and destroyed an F-16 fighter jet while servicing another warplane [1:14:50] Worldwide F-35 fleet grounded temporarily for inspections related to crash [1:17:06] As Hurricane Michael Roared In, Some Expensive Air Force Jets Had To Be Left Behind [1:24:10]...


APG 344 – Beavers and Otters and Squirrels, Oh My!

NEWS [32:53] Dutch F-16 Fighter Jets Scrambled to Intercept KLM #KL452 [36:26] Runway Excursion Incident Boeing 747-4D7 HS-TGF, 08 Oct 2018 [42:18] Jet Airways B738 at Indore on Oct 1st 2018, airport "disappeared" without David Copperfield [51:27] Woman Removed from Flight Bound for Cleveland Due to ’Emotional Support’ Squirrel [56:01] Soyuz Rocket Launch Failure Forces Emergency Landing for US-Russian Space Station Crew [1:01:13] Singapore Airlines to Boost U.S. Presence with World's...


APG 343 – Water Slide!

PHOTO CREDIT: Saudia Videos NEWS [40:50] UPDATE: New Details in Fatal Jet Crash at Downtown Greenville Airport [54:20] easyJet Enters into New Partnership with Virgin Atlantic [56:18] Primera Air: Thousands Left Stranded as Another Airline Fails [1:00:52] Incident: Delta B763 at New York on Oct 1st 2018, Rejected Takeoff due to Airspeed Disagree, Brakes Catch Fire during Taxi Back [1:05:53] 'Hey y'all' — Passengers Don't Trust Pilots with Southern Accents Nearly as much as Midwestern Pilots...


APG 342 – NOTAMs are a Bunch of Garbage

PHOTO CREDIT: Pixabay NEWS [18:10] Incident: United B739 at Washington on Sep 17th 2018, rejected takeoff after ATC cleared aircraft to cross the runway [27:13] Incident: Arabia A320 at Sharjah on Sep 18th 2018, intersection line up departed in wrong direction [31:47] Two Killed When Small Jet Crashes onto Road at Downtown Airport, Breaks Apart after Landing [36:14] Volaris A320 near Los Mochis on Sep 26th 2018, turbulence injures 29 people [39:39] Incident: Canada A320 at San Francisco on...


APG 341.5 – Feedback Extra

FEEDBACK [8:37] Seth - EA-18 Growler Crash at Nellis [12:43] Liz - The FBI, Dorothy and Delta, oh my! How the Airline Flew a Pair of Famous Ruby Slippers [21:03] Andrew - FOLLOW UP - 1956 C182 to Belize (And a picture of Caravans in Saudi Arabia!) [23:18] Tom - Monitored Approaches [41:01] Capt Al - Feedback on Monitored Approaches [49:28] Capt Steve - Pilot Mistakenly Lands Plane at Old St. George Airport [52:38] Iva Ray - Piloting Private Jets and Ammar's Response [1:09:06] Liz - These...


APG 341 – D’oh!

PHOTO CREDIT: @cathaypacific (Twitter Account) [42:42] Get Rebecca's awesome CD by clicking here NEWS [1:04:13] Researchers at Simon Fraser University proved that respirator masks work effectively on bearded faces [1:09:12] UPDATE: UTAir 737 at Sochi - Overran Runway on Landing [1:15:19] Hawaiian A321N at Los Angeles on Aug 13th 2018, tail strike on landing [1:26:25] Unruly DJ threatens crew and passengers on JetSmarter flight [1:31:12] Air India 101 incident at New York JFK Airport ILS...


APG 340 – The A pg 340 Show

NEWS [56:13] Unmanned Airport Control Tower Installed In Northern Colorado [1:04:24] American A320 at Fort Myers on Aug 30th 2018,approached wrong airport and went around [1:15:16] Piper PA-28 Student in Distress - Right Main Gear Wheel Fell Off the Aircraft on Departure [1:28:29] Pilots Eject After Air Force T-38 Talon Jet Veers Off Runway, 4th Talon Loss In 10 Months [1:32:50] Korean Speaker? FEEDBACK [1:35:18] Christian - A380 [1:38:42] Sam - Is this you captain Nick? [1:41:19] Andrew -...


APG 339 – Defective Flux Capacitator

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons PART ONE NEWS [19:32] Utah Department of Wildlife drops fish from plane for 'extreme restocking' of lake [23:21] Hawaiian Airlines Flight 23 emergency landing: Pepper spray, airdropped photo [27:16] Reporter Hilariously Pranked By Pilot FEEDBACK [30:10] Ed - How to Interest Future Pilots? [35:38] Liz - Brownies Launch Badge for 'Future Pilots' [38:55] Texas Charlie - Guy Hacks Hundreds of Planes from the Ground [45:17] Deanna - Has had "never again" moments...


APG 338 – Passing Gas

NEWS [34:55] Capital Airlines #JD5759 damaged while landing attempt at Macao [45:22] Corrosion, Metal Fatigue Cause Wide-Body Freighter Landing Gear Collapse [48:05] UPDATE: US-Bangla pilot was mentally stressed and reckless FEEDBACK [1:00:45] Bryan - Project Loon [1:06:19] James - Woman and her Cello Kicked Off AA Flight [1:12:50] Stuart - New App Allows Passengers to Report Uncomfortable Cabin Conditions [1:21:23] Shawn from Portland (not Maine) - The RAT [1:32:07] Chris - Autonomous...


APG 337 – The Smell of Dirty Socks

Photo Credit: TORLEY (Flickr) NEWS [34:01] Accident: Xiamen B738 at Manila on Aug 16th 2018, runway excursion on landing [44:09] Helicopter/Quadcopter Near Miss [46:46] Accident: Express Freighters B733 near Canberra on Aug 15th 2018, loss of cabin pressure, first officer incapacitated [56:09] RAAF warplane's engine 'destroyed itself' during attempted take-off, resulting in $120 million fire [1:01:44] Laser Beam Attacks Bedevil U.S. Military Pilots in Mideast [1:07:53] A federal air marshal...


APG 336 – Stolen Horizon Q400

Photo Credit: Bill Abbott (Flickr) NEWS [28:22] Crash: Horizon DH8D at Ketron Island on Aug 10th 2018, Stolen Aircraft Crashed into Forest [1:27:46] Jet Airways Boeing 777-300 at London on Aug 30th 2016, Unsafe Departure [1:40:56] Berlin Airport Evacuated after Police Mistake Sex Toy for a Grenade [1:45:56] Small plane makes emergency landing on I-580 in San Leandro FEEDBACK [1:47:50] Deanna - New Listener - Airplane the Movie? Why do Airlines use Callsigns? [2:08:39] Plane Tale - Fighting...


APG 335 – Never Again

NEWS [38:12] AeroMexico Incident - Durango - July 31, 2018 [45:04] Moment Ryanair Passengers Escape on Emergency Chute after Phone Explodes Minutes Before Take-off [51:23] Police: Man Tried to Steal Plane for Concert [54:51] TSA Considering Eliminating Screening at Smaller Airports [57:51] American Woman Dragged off SFO-Bound Flight from Seoul [1:01:06] Several Dead after Small Plane Crashes in Swiss Forest [1:05:28] 5 Killed When Small Plane Crashes in California Parking Lot FEEDBACK...


APG 334 – Aluminum or Aluminium?

Photo credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain NEWS [46:42] Flight attendants to be deported over turtle-smuggling operation [50:12] Mary Ellis, the Last Female Second World War Pilot, Dies Aged 101 [54:57] Red Arrows RAF Scampton air base to be sold off - BBC News [58:41] Drone to be used by British military breaks flight record [1:01:54] B.C. man arrested after inflatable sex toy sent into Vancouver air space [1:04:27] UPDATE: SA Express can fly two planes again but 19 remain grounded...


APG 333 – Farnborough 2018

We had a little "incident" before we started our recording. One of the microphone stands "somehow" toppled over and knocked over TWO bottles of beer... all over the table and my MacBook Pro! So far, the laptop is still working. Fingers crossed. Here's the video if you'd like to see the mayhem! (Click on the image to see the video of the Great Beer Spill!) NEWS [56:14] French air force get their colours wrong in Bastille Day mix-up [59:50] American Woman With Grenade Causes Panic at Austrian...


APG 332 – RIAT 2018

NEWS [18:59] Transatlantic Flight Ushers in New Era in Aviation [21:56] Pilot challenges EU age restriction on commercial pilots [32:53] Dog owner's emotional letter to airline that saved pet's life [37:20] Alaska plane crash [41:58] MAC CVLP at Pretoria on Jul 10th 2018, engine problem [49:52] 'Vaping' pilot caused Air China plane to plunge 6,500m [55:40] Delta Passenger Forced to Pay $9,118 for Diverting Flight FEEDBACK [57:52] Mike - The Ancient Art of Navigation [1:11:23] Christian - The...


APG 331 – Beware the Naked Man

NEWS [34:40] Man in Underwear Jumps onto Wing, Bangs On Windows of Delta Jet [41:31] JetBlue Pilot Accidentally Triggered a Hijacking Alert. D'oh! [46:55] UPDATE: ‘Smelly Airline Passenger’ whose ‘stench’ Caused Emergency Landing Dies of Tissue Necrosis [51:21] Korean Air B777 - Hard Landing Caused failure of right main gear axle (Video) [55:29] Boeing, Embraer Forge $4.75 Billion Commercial Jet Venture [58:52] EgyptAir flight MS804: French investigators says fire likely cause FEEDBACK...


APG 330 – Stranded in a Parking Garage

NEWS [23:43] Man who shone laser pen at police helicopter flying over Manchester is jailed [26:06] PSA Computer glitch grounding 2,500 flights could take days to sort out, airline says [28:22] DOT's Inspector General Will Audit FAA's Oversight Of Southwest Airlines [30:22] Passengers file lawsuit against Southwest Airlines over fatal engine explosion [34:17] USAF, Boeing Agree To KC-46A Tanker Delivery Schedule [41:25] China Airlines B744 at Chicago on Jun 21st 2018, touched down off the...