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APG 431 – Class Bravo No!

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:33] NEWS [00:04:35] Planes Wedged Together after Collision at Airport - BBC News [00:11:47] UPDATE: Crash: PIA A320 at Karachi on May 22nd 2020 [00:28:09] 80-year-Old Pilot Speaks Out After Harrowing Plane Crash at Upland Airport Captured on Video [00:36:10] Virgin Australia to Fly Again with New US Owner Bain Capital - BBC News [00:38:06] GETTING TO KNOW US [00:56:21] Andy Crossley - Aeromedia [01:05:03] COFFEE FUND [01:07:04] FEEDBACK [01:07:56] Tom...


APG 430 – Danskundervisning

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:02:59] NEWS [00:03:17] Families, Survivors Sue Collings Foundation over B-17 Bomber Crash [00:07:00] MEDIA ADVISORY: Fatal Atlas Air Flight 3591 Cargo Plane Crash Subject of Board Meeting [00:10:59] Incident: Vietjet A321 at Ho Chi Minh City on Jun 14th 2020, Runway Excursion on Landing [00:18:03] UPDATE - Drone Sightings at Gatwick [00:22:47] Accident: Dynamic B762 at Fort Lauderdale on Oct 29th 2015, Fuel Leak Results in Engine Fire [00:36:48] Airlines ban...


APG 429 – Tacos, Toques, and Toboggans

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson and Taco Plummer [00:03:49] NEWS [00:04:22] Accident: Sichuan A319 near Chengdu on May 14th 2018, Burst Windshield [00:25:33] UPDATE: Accident: PIA - Crash Karachi [00:26:44] Accident: Aviastar T204 at Norilsk on Aug 24th 2016, Hard Landing at 3G [00:42:43] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:13:18] COFFEE FUND [01:15:01] FEEDBACK [01:15:11] Texas Anla'shok - Reaching for the Stars [01:25:42] David - Overload for Pilots in Busy Environments? [01:37:23] Justin - Names of...


APG 428 – Shite Beach

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:04:12] NEWS [00:04:46] Private Aircraft Lands at Closed RAF Base to 'Go to the Beach' [00:15:50] Beechcraft 200 Super King Air Final Report [00:35:54] Bulgarian Charter MD82 at Lourdes on Jul 16th 2018, go around without thrust change [00:52:46] Fatal Snowbirds Crash May Have Been Caused by Bird Strike [00:55:47] Hand Sanitizer Warning [00:59:54] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:35:00] Armchair Airshow 2020 [01:40:16] COFFEE FUND [01:42:00] FEEDBACK [01:42:13] Brent -...


APG 427 – Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Photo Credit: Mike Karrels/Nick Anderson [00:04:56] NEWS [00:05:30] Accident - Pakistan International Airlines Crash in Karachi [00:38:23] Panels on Tail of 737 Missing [00:48:06] Incident: Delta B772 near Moncton on May 21st 2020, First Officer Incapacitated [00:55:34] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:36:00] Markus Völter's new book: Once You Start Asking [01:48:49] COFFEE FUND [01:51:19] PLANE TALES - The Ian Palmer Interviews, Part 3 [02:13:47] FEEDBACK [02:13:56] Dr. Geoff - Gravity [02:24:03]...


APG 426 – Coming Unstuck

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:55] NEWS [00:04:28] Latvian Drone Fueled for Days Goes Missing, Restricting Airspace [00:11:03] American FedEx Pilot Imprisoned for Breaking Quarantine Order in Singapore [00:14:25] Drone Nearly Hits Blue Angels During Flyover [00:22:41] F-22 Crashes Near Eglin Air Force Base. Pilot Ejected Safely [00:25:15] Canadian Forces Snowbirds Jet Crashes in Kamloops, B.C., Killing 1, Injuring Another [00:31:06] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:01:43] COFFEE FUND [01:03:03]...


APG 425 – In Memory of Capt Andy Anderson

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:04:04] NEWS [00:04:55] The Impact of COVID-19 on US Commercial Passenger Airline Fleets [00:07:09] Delta Air Lines to Retire Boeing 777 Fleet as Coronavirus Crushes Demand [00:08:59] Coronavirus: Branson to Sell Galactic Stake to Prop up Virgin [00:10:47] World's second-oldest airline, Avianca, driven to bankruptcy by coronavirus [00:12:36] British Airways Pilots Could be Seconded to the RAF For Up To Four Years [00:17:19] United Updates Social Distancing...


APG 424 – I Wear Fishnet

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:32] NEWS [00:04:06] Boeing-Embraer Deal Collapses [00:08:59] BA and Virgin May Not Reopen at Gatwick Once Pandemic Passes [00:17:50] Coronavirus Uncertainty Forces Cancellation of EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh 2020 [00:20:33] Disgruntled BA Employee Under Investigation Incident in Hangar [00:26:58] Part Falls From B-52 during New Orleans Flyover Salute [00:29:43] Harrison Ford Crosses Runway without Clearance [00:38:14] Parked Qatar Airways Planes Collide In...


APG 423 – Down the Hatch

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:36] NEWS [00:04:09] Jets from bust airlines set to flood the aviation market [00:12:11] Incident: Titan A321 Engine surges, Engine Stalls Due to Overdose of Fuel Treatment [00:31:39] Airbus Develops anti-Spill Cover to Protect A350 Centre Pedestal [00:35:38] Keeping Watch on 5G Impact on Aviation GPS [00:38:36] Boutique Pilatus PC-12 Crashes north of Mesquite Airport [01:03:01] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:04:35] Steph flying the Pipistrel [01:30:32] Jett Fuel...


APG 422 – Frogfurter

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:48] NEWS [00:04:22] Covid - 19 News [00:32:03] Plane Lands on Highway Near Quebec City [00:38:36] Hall of Famer Halladay Performed Stunts and Was on Drugs Before Fatal Plane Crash [00:45:26] Southwest 1910 ATL Flames from Engine Spotted [00:49:20] Incident: Emirates A388 at Moscow on Sep 10th 2017, Go Around From about 400 Feet AGL 8nm Before Runway [01:00:37] Accident: Aeroflot SU95 at Moscow on May 5th 2019, Aircraft Bursts into Flames During Rollout and...


APG 421 – Caution: Whale Turbulence

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:35] NEWS [00:04:09] COVID-19 News [00:13:55] Accidental Ejection [00:27:14] Air France A330 Grounded With Bullet Holes in Fuselage [00:32:23] Conquest Cargo CVLP near Miami on Feb 8th 2019, both engines failed, forced landing in sea [00:38:04] GETTING TO KNOW US [00:58:53] COFFEE FUND [01:02:14] FEEDBACK [01:02:27] Matt - Passenger claims Aer Lingus staff pulled her from toilet with pants still down [01:07:49] Chris - Drop in Aircraft Observations Could...


APG 420 – The Stimulator

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [03:25] NEWS [04:09] Crash: Conviasa AT42 near Puerto Ordaz on Sep 13th 2010 [18:18] Crash: Santa Barbara ATR42 near Merida on Feb 21st 2008 [27:33] Accident: Shanghai B738 at Shanghai on Jan 3rd 2020, Tail Strike on Landing, Captain and First Officer Swapped Seats in Flight [35:01] Corona Virus Disease 19 (COVID-19) Related [51:25] GETTING TO KNOW US [1:03:08] COFFEE FUND [1:04:53] FEEDBACK [1:05:10] Dan - Small Bladder [1:17:34] Ahmad - Drones for Preflighting...


APG 419 – We’re Not Dead Yet!

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [3:40] NEWS [4:14] Collings Foundation B-17 Crash Update [11:49] Serve Air Cargo Boeing 727F Rolls Out Of Control After Emergency Landing [27:14] RJ Engine Run-up Flips Hangar at KSBP [30:25] ASN Aircraft accident IAI 1124A Westwind II RP-C5880 Manila-Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) [35:46] ASN Aircraft Accident Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604 TC-TRB Shahr-e Kurd [51:25] GETTING TO KNOW US [1:27:22] COFFEE FUND [1:30:43] FEEDBACK [1:30:52] Sean -...


APG 418 – We’re “Online Influenzas”

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [0:04:10] NEWS [0:04:43] MDW Chicago Midway ATIS - ATC Zero! [0:11:03] ATC Zero at SLC - Earthquake! [0:19:22] American Airlines Reunites Passenger With Father Just Before He Passes [0:22:36] GETTING TO KNOW US [0:51:18] Clip of Hillel on his "throne" [0:55:30] COFFEE FUND [0:57:13] FEEDBACK [0:57:22] Andre - Survey for Pilots on EFB for His Engineering Student Son [0:59:34] Larry - 737NG Blacking Out [1:07:37] Richard - Flaps Warning at Short Final [1:15:38] Sean...


APG 417 – Petticoats and Parachutes

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:06:23] NEWS [00:06:57] Fokker 50 crash crew ignored multiple alerts during take-off roll [00:15:29] Pilot of Crashed Turkish Pegasus Flight Did Not Understand Guidance: Report [00:24:24] Trans States Airlines to Cease Operations March 31/2020 [00:25:32] College Cross Country Team Buys Plane Ticket to Get Lunch from Airport Chick-fil-A [00:28:15] GETTING TO KNOW US [00:53:57] COFFEE FUND [00:55:44] FEEDBACK [00:56:18] Dave - Funny [00:57:23] Moshe - Acme Israel...


APG 416 – Tailwinds to Headwinds

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:04:41] NEWS [00:05:17] Accident: Gazpromavia AN74 near North Pole on Apr 4th 2015, hard landing [00:13:23] Crash: MyCargo B744 at Bishkek on Jan 16th 2017, Impacted Terrain on Go Around [00:27:55] Accident: Veteran B742 at Abuja on Dec 4th 2013, Overran Displaced Runway End and Collided with Trucks [00:35:53] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:09:16] FEEDBACK [01:09:25] Jason - Spirit 320 NEO Incident [01:15:35] Tanya - Part 2 - Oral History Excerpts of NASA's Dick...


APG 415 – A Legend Turns 50

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [03:31.200] NEWS [04:05.643] Flybe: Airline Collapses Two Months after Government Announces Rescue [12:29.981] Preliminary Report on Coulson C-130 Crash [15:30.967] Accident: Jetsmart A320 at Puerto Montt on Feb 21st 2020, Severe Hard Landing at About +3.6G [19:04.952] Woman ‘Bit Pilot’ in Cockpit Clash over Pushchair (Stroller) [27:19.335] GETTING TO KNOW US [47:32.369] Capt. Al's 50th Birthday Celebration [1:21:41.005] COFFEE FUND [1:28:52.736] FEEDBACK...


APG 414.5 – Cue the Rickets – Miami Rick is Back!

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:00:00] INTRO [00:46:14] INCIDENT: Air Conditioning Hose Sucked into Engine at FLL [00:49:33] Accident: THY A321 at Istanbul on Feb 27th 2020, Dropped Both Nose Wheels on Landing [01:12:10] OUTRO VIDEO ABOUT RADIO ROGER “Radio Roger” Stern has been a TV and Radio reporter since he was a teenager. He’s won an Emmy award for his coverage in the New York City Market. Currently you can hear his reporting in New York on radio station 1010 WINS, the number one...


APG 414 – FU2

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:02:45] NEWS [00:03:18] Botched Float Plane Theft Leaves 3 Aircraft Damaged in Vancouver Harbour [00:07:42] 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dies After Crash-Landing Homemade Rocket [00:12:17] MH370’s Mass Murder Suicide Theory Should Come as No Surprise [00:14:40] TSA Shutting Down [00:17:22] GETTING TO KNOW US [00:42:42] COFFEE FUND [00:44:25] FEEDBACK [00:44:35] Michel - VV Vertical Visibility from the Bureau of Meteorology [00:50:18] Mike - Help With the New Phonetic...


APG 413 – Drone Dome Blown!

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:14] NEWS [00:03:48] United is Starting its Own Flight School to Help Recruit 10,000 New Pilots Amid Global Shortage [00:11:51] Air Traffic Controllers Honored For Saving F-16 Pilot [00:14:34] Woman Jailed for Trying to Open Stansted Plane Door Mid-Flight [00:21:39] Passenger plane almost shot down over Syria [00:28:57] Drone Defence System [00:31:52] Delta Thank You Plane [00:34:04] India A321 at Pune on Feb 15th 2020, tail strike because of runway...