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The view from MY side of the cockpit door. Aviation news and commentary from an active captain flying for a major US legacy airline.

The view from MY side of the cockpit door. Aviation news and commentary from an active captain flying for a major US legacy airline.
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The view from MY side of the cockpit door. Aviation news and commentary from an active captain flying for a major US legacy airline.




APG 324 – Resting On Our Laurels or Yannies?

Meet-up with Grant McHerron in Rome in June NEWS [38:39] Blue Panorama B734 at Havana on May 18th 2018, lost height shortly after takeoff [45:33] In flight scare on KLM flight caused by Lithium Ion Battery [48:30] ASN Aircraft accident Airbus A321-231 TC-JMM Istanbul-Atatürk International Airport (IST) [1:04:27] Sichuan Airlines - Plane forced into emergency landing after cockpit window rips out at 32,000ft [1:23:22] Man who ignited midair brawl on Seattle-to-Beijing flight sentenced to 2...


APG 323 – I Hope They’re Not Stuffing Them Too Tightly

[20:15] Meet-up with Grant McHerron in Rome in June NEWS [25:29] Pilot forced to make emergency landing on Devon beach [30:02] Air Canada flight delayed by Raccoon FEEDBACK [33:45] Ralph - Southwest Airlines Passengers Thought Death Was near as Plane Attempted [42:00] Liz - After Chaos, Port Authority Sets Storm Rules for Planes to JFK [50:23] Shawn - Uber for Airplanes [58:26] Silviu - Docs in Public Domain and Question for Steph/Dana [1:04:04] Nicnacjak - Enjoying the Binliner [1:06:19]...


APG 322 – More Cracked Windows

NEWS [26:01] Case against two ‘drunk’ pilots arrested at Glasgow Airport collapses [31:20] Vietnam Airlines flight #VN7344 mistakenly landed on a non-operational runway [35:56] FAA Expands CFM56 Checks To Newer Blades [38:19] Wasaya DH8A at Thunder Bay on Apr 23rd 2018, knocking on cockpit's door [40:47] Runway Lights Baffled Pilots on Night of San Francisco Near-Miss [44:25] Nine Dead After An Air National Guard WC-130 Hercules Plane Crashes In Georgia [48:08] Southwest B737 near...


APG 321 – How to Land a Plane

Photo Credit: John Wardell (Flickr) Show notes will be updated soon! NEWS FEEDBACK VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. ATC audio from Intro/outro Music, Coffee Fund theme music by Geoff Smith Dr. Steph's intro music by Nevil Bounds Capt Nick's intro music by Kevin from...


APG 320 – There is a Hole, and Someone Went Out

Image from Wikipedia Video of Captain Jeff's barber singing at LaGuardia NEWS [47:32] FAA AD may severely limit ETOPS of some RR-powered 787s [55:15] UPDATE: easyJet pilot fired after mid-flight Snapchat images were leaked [1:03:25] Southwest B737 engine damage takes out passenger window [1:45:37] Delta jet makes emergency landing as smoke pours from engine [1:49:14] F-22 Raptor skids across runway at Navy's Top Gun School FEEDBACK [1:55:42] Jonathan - What's next for Capt. Jeff? [1:58:18]...


APG 319 – Unconsciously Incompetent

NEWS [50:22] FAA Procedures for Addressing Odors, Smoke and/or Fumes in Flight AND Spirit A319 Fumes on Board [1:05:46] Mad Dog Runway Overrun at Sioux Falls, SD [1:09:29] Accident: Mega AN26 at Kuajok and Wau on Apr 5th 2018, cow strike on takeoff, left main gear collapse on landing [1:11:15] Scottsdale plane crash: Six confirmed dead in Arizona crash [1:12:53] Algerian Military Plane Crash Kills 257 [1:13:50] European air traffic warned over Syria strikes FEEDBACK [1:19:57] Rob - (Video)...


APG 318 – Exotic/Extreme APG T-shirt Contest?

NEWS [36:44] Drone Collides with Light Aircraft in NZ [48:33] Delta B752 at Atlanta on Mar 29th 2018, hydraulic failure, wheel fire after landing [51:56] Plane crashes at Warbirds opening [55:11] NASA Hires Lockheed Martin to Build Quiet Supersonic X-Plane [1:00:38] Thunderbird #4 Killed In F-16 Crash Near Creech AFB [1:01:51] Embry-Riddle student pilot, FAA examiner killed in Daytona Beach plane crash FEEDBACK [1:09:51] Will - Amusing YouTube Video - Air Travel in Real Life [1:11:51] FO...


APG 317 – We Just Have Different Body Parts

NEWS [41:19] Airline Worker Busted With 9 Pounds Of Cocaine Taped To Legs [43:16] EasyJet pilots suspended over mid-flight Snapchat clips [49:41] Travellers left stranded for three days following arrest of drunk plane pilot [52:26] Flat-Earther's steam-powered rocket lofts him 1,875 feet up into Mojave Desert sky [56:22] Flight attendant who fell from Emirates Boeing 777 at Entebbe committed suicide, police said [58:16] Boeing hit by WannaCry virus, fears it could cripple some jet...


APG 316 – Captain Upgrade Advice

NEWS [28:09] U.S. Air Force C-5M Super Galaxy Performs Nose Gear Up Landing. Again.. [30:28] Fighter pilot blamed by Russia for downing Malaysian Airlines plane found dead [34:36] BBC News: Red Arrows engineer killed in RAF Valley jet crash [37:57] United Suspends Pet Cargo Flights After Recent Problems [40:05] UPDATE: Crash: Saratov A148 at Moscow [41:34] Shoreham air crash: Pilot Andy Hill to be charged over deaths FEEDBACK [46:58] Steve - Questions for Dana on his conversion to Captain...


APG 315 – Pets on Jets

NEWS [35:56] Five People Killed in Helicopter Crash in East River Off Manhattan [47:52] UPDATE: Aseman ATR72 [54:10] Dog Dies After FA Forces Passenger to Put Carrier Overhead [1:01:14] Dog mistakenly sent to Japan by United gets a private jet home [1:07:12] Accident: US-Bangla DH8D at Kathmandu on Mar 12th 2018, landed across the runway and fell down slope [1:23:35] Accident: Smartlynx A320 at Tallinn on Feb 28th 2018, runway excursion after bad touch and go [1:27:58] Accident: Emirates...


APG 314 – What Makes a Pilot Better?

NEWS [35:38] Jetstar flight forced to turn around after ground crew forgets clipboard in cowling [38:42] Russian Military Transport Plane Crashes in Syria, Killing 39 [42:11] American Airlines pilot arrested in Brazil for 'assaulting co-worker' [54:24] UPDATE - Crash of Iran Aseman ATR72 [55:31] Passenger stripped naked, watched porn and attacked airline crew during flight [1:00:42] United Express first-class passenger declares 'I am God,' tries opening plane door mid-flight FEEDBACK...


APG 313 – Emotional Support Casserole

NEWS [28:15] Crash: Iran Aseman AT72 near Semirom on Feb 18th 2018, impacted terrain [33:54] UPDATE - Pedestrian on Runway at LAX [AUDIO] [42:22] Incident: Southwest B737 at Salt Lake City on Feb 26th 2018, engine shut down in flight [49:49] Panic as bag bursts into flames on plane [52:16] Accident: Ryanair B738 near Fuerteventura on Feb 10th 2018, passenger injured by stopped descent FEEDBACK [1:04:27] Capt Troy - Delta Is Adding A Button That Lets The Pilot Know You Want The Plane To Go...


APG 312 – Airing Your Dirty Laundry

PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Lawrence, Flickr, NEWS [30:08] Naked News? [35:05] Elk downs Helicopter [36:59] Superjet defended after spate of unreliable-speed events [39:52] Incident: Transavia France B738 at Paris on Feb 8th 2018, IAS, AOA and ALT disagree [42:26] Incident: United B772 over Pacific on Feb 13th 2018, engine cowl separated in flight [46:50] Dana MD83 at Port Harcourt on Feb 20th 2018, overran runway by 400 meters [53:04] Ghanaian Pilot unleashes hot gas on...


APG 311 – Love is in the Air

NEWS [31:40] Russian jet crashes after Moscow take-off [45:49] Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash [49:02] EASA Emergency directive re: 320/321 NEOs [54:38] Man Arrested After Jumping Fence at LAX and Running Toward Plane, Setting Off Alarm [1:01:07] London City Airport closed: All flights cancelled after unexploded Second World War bomb discovered [1:05:58] Southwest resumes Chicago operations after third de-icing blunder FEEDBACK [1:08:24] Steve - Runway Incursion Hong Kong [1:15:25] Kevin -...


APG 310 – Big Green Egg Cocktail Shaker

NEWS [40:08] Frontier A320 near Tampa on Feb 3rd 2018, LiOn fire on board [54:22] Incident at Singapore Airshow: Flight display jet crashes at show [57:01] FAA Investigating Video of Drone Flying Dangerously Close to Airliner [1:13:09] A US flat-earther finally tried to fly away. His rocket couldn't get off the ground [1:17:18] FAA Issues Emergency Order of Revocation Against TapJets, Inc. [1:21:40] IATA developing turbulence database FEEDBACK [1:30:35] Col Jeff - Pegasus 737/QFE [AUDIO]...


APG 309 – Manky and Covered in Grot

NEWS “Emotional support peacock” barred from United Airlines plane At least 60 airplanes to do Super Bowl shuffle to St. Cloud runways FEEDBACK Adam - TPA Glen - Crazy Soviet Airline Tricks Jake - Boeing 747-400 Crosswind Landing in Cockpit view Alex - Boeing Hater Lucas “Flying Kiwi” - How Do You Stay Fit? Plane Tale - Fighting High Demons Clinton - LA to Vegas Glen - BAe 125 struck trees after crew mis-set altimeter Colin - Acme West Jr. John - APUs in Small Jets Steve/Fabian - What...


APG 308 – Fish Urine

NEWS [37:23] Red Arrows ejection seat firm guilty over RAF Scampton death [44:49] Nico - PEGASUS 737 Trabzon, TURKEY [48:04] Free Beer When Flying Between NYC and Chicago on AA FEEDBACK [50:42] John - Are Flying Cars Coming to the Skies? [57:08] Mary - San Jose Crash [58:58] Captain Robson - JFK Airport ATIS 1-5-18 "Grayson" [1:04:20] Mat - Seniority after airline merger question [1:10:33] Phil - Question for Dana [1:19:10] Dave - Watch Me Closely! [1:22:41] Captain Ryan - Feedback...


APG 307 – Emotional Support First Officer

NEWS [24:40] Pegasus B738 at Trabzon on Jan 13th 2018, runway excursion [35:23] Instagram post by TSA • Jan 11, 2018 at 8:34pm UTC [37:48] Passenger turned away from two flights after wearing 10 layers of clothing to avoid luggage fee FEEDBACK [43:44] Ross - Merry Christmas [49:33] Ben - Human Remains Transport [59:31] Andreas - Passenger dies during flight [1:07:54] Derek - Do You Know Who You're Flying With? [1:17:43] Ralph - More Feedback !!! [1:33:55] Ross - ATC in the sim? [1:42:00]...


APG 306 – Compass: Unusable

NEWS Aeromexico B738 at San Francisco on Jan 9th 2018, lined up for wrong runway on landing Jet Airways Pilots Fired WestWind Certificate Suspended Drone vs Airliner Window Study FEEDBACK David - 747 Boneshaker Frik - To feed or not to feed.... Philip - Starting the Journey! Nick - A former ramper's thoughts regarding ground/flight deck communications during pushback/startup Louisiana Steve - The NERVE! Steffen - Feedback about diversions with a recent experience report on my Type, the...


APG 305 – It Was Cringeworthy

NEWS [42:51] Hard A321 landing led Germania to limit manual flights [45:38] Insufficient MRO led to hard-landing A321's return flight [48:23] Snap Out of It and Fly FEEDBACK [1:07:39] James - Gear Strut Weight Sensing Systems? [1:14:23] Steve - Flight 1549 - Loss of Both Engines? [1:18:06] Tom - 787 RR Engine Issues [1:19:31] Aussie Pilot Trev - PEDs on Alaska [1:24:22] Col. Jeff - 737 HUD and Autoland [1:36:03] Carl - Success Story! Airbus Pilot Guy! [1:39:39] Captain Steve - Uniforms...


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