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Learn Spanish through Spanglish while following my adventures throughout Mexico.

Learn Spanish through Spanglish while following my adventures throughout Mexico.


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Learn Spanish through Spanglish while following my adventures throughout Mexico.




Food & Cognates in Guadalajara - Travel Spanish

We're going all over Guadalajara w/Jessica and other friends to experience food and drink on all different kinds of levels throughout Guadalajara, Mexico. From corner restaurants to street food to fine dining to cantinas to barhopping. Experience it all in this episode. --- Music: Songs - Buen Dia; Me enamoro cuando...[con Apache O'raspi] Album - Collage Artist - Colateral Soundtrack Origin - Guadalajara, Mexico Song - Balam Album - Eclipse 2016 Artist -...


Connor's Solo Adventure in Guadalajara

Connor commandeered the GoPro to amble around the city with. Let's see what he get's into. *Hint*: he likes music and beer.


Spanish Cognates @ Hospicio Cabañas in Guadalajara, Mexico

Now that we're in Guadalajara, we're going to take you to Hospicio Cabañas, a neoclassical unesco world heritage site constructed as a hospital and orphanage in the late 1700s. In this episode, you'll learn more Spanish cognates and some tips for using them, as well as learning some along the way during our exploration of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. --- Music: Song - Sinaloa Album - Colmillo Artist - Ray Coyote Origin - Guadalajara, Mexico Other Music by...


Learn Spanish Cognates In Guadalajara

We're on to our second destination: Guadalajara! Crossing half the country for just about $40, we met up with our Couchsurfing host, Jessica, and started exploring together. This is the first episode in a series that will introduce you to new Spanish cognate words--or words that are similar in both English and Spanish--through the use of Spanglish in the midst of our adventures. Cognates will be the language theme of Guadalajara before we move into specific parts of speech in future cities....


How Much Does it Cost to Live in Mexico?

How much does it cost to eat, rent, and go out in Mexico? Get a good sense of the cost of living in Mexico in this episode, which is also our last one in Monterrey for now, before we move on to Guadalajara. --- Music: Songs - Boom Bap, Mari Musicians - DJ Blunt & Grifo Crew Origin - Monterrey, Mexico --- Video Version: --- Links:


History of the Mexican-American Border

Did you know that the entire southwest used to belong to Mexico? The United States took the land from Mexico after the Annexation of Texas and the Mexican-American war. These events in history still impact us today in major ways, so it's important to know their history. This is a balanced look at the history of the exchange of this land and the conflicts involved based on my research that included reading documents from the time on both sides, and in both English and Spanish. --- Music Song...


How I Learned to Trill the Spanish R

In this brief episode, I explain how I learned to roll my Spanish Rs with the beautiful scenery of the mountains outside of Monterrey in the background. --- Music Song - Qué Pena Artist - Eva Ramírez Santana Album - Dos Caras Origin - Guadalajara, Mexico


Mezcal in the Mountains of Monterrey

Ernesto, Victor, Connor and I have reached the Ernesto's rancho in the mountains and get to meet Eduardo and his son. We are enjoying Mezcal, cerveza, hot peppers, spiced chicken and ate w/cheese, but most of all the conversation and the fresh and uncivilized mountain air. --- Music: Artist - Eva María Album - Dos Caras Songs - "Dos Caras" - "La Carta" - "No Vale la Pena" - "Qué Bonito" Origin - Guadalajara, Mexico


Into the Sierra Madre Mountains Oriental

Ernesto gave Connor and I an exhilarating opportunity: To join him and Victor (from Venezuela) for a trip into the mountains outside of Monterrey to visit his ranch, and stay the night. It took us three hours to get there, and we saw some of the most amazing views of our lives while breathing fresh mountain air and getting caught up in homemade mezcal that we bought from an old couple in a town along the way. --- Music: Artist - Voadora Album - Tokio3 Song - "Ranchera" Origin - Spain...


Why You Should Travel to Mexico - Tim Spotlight

Have you ever thought about traveling somewhere in the world--especially Mexico--but held yourself back? Whether it's a fear of the danger, of unfriendly people, or lack of funds, Tim is a world traveler who's been doing it on a budget, and had almost exclusively positive experiences. He's going to dispel some of the myths about travel, and discuss some of the opportunities, as well as highlighting his experiences traveling throughout Mexico. Traveling is truly an adventure, and a worthy one...


Parque Fundidora, Paseo Santa Lucía, Tim & Sofi

Join Connor and I as we meet a fellow traveler from the United States named Tim and local Monterreyan Sofi to explore Monterrey, Mexico's gorgeous parque fundidora and waterway on foot, and with a drone. Then we'll go to an underground bar to meet up with another Monterreyan, Cristhian, to have some drinks and laughs and to sing Mexican songs! --- Music: Big shoutout to Monterrey artist, Buba, for providing the music!: Song: "Pásame ese gallo" Album: Consumo Personal Check out more of Buba's...


How To Roll Your Rs In Monterrey, Mexico

Learn how to roll your Rs / the trilled R in this video! It's never too late to learn, but the sooner you do, the better. You'll be able to pronounce Spanish, Italian, and Russian words with confidence, and even do the most difficult part of a Scottish accent! Filmed in Monterrey, MX. YouTube Version: Special thanks to Vestron Vulture of Monterrey, Mexico for providing the music from the album, "Streets of Vengeance"--song: "Rip":...


Spanish Vowel Pronunciation

Learn the most important aspects of Mexican Spanish pronunciation, and avoid years of headaches! In this video, I cover vowel pronunciation, and make mention of the Spanish rolled 'R'. YouTube Version:


Travel Spanish In Monterrey, Mexico

Learn Spanish as Connor and I meet our couchsurfing( host, Ernesto, eat barbacoa, and experiencing the beauty of the gorgeous city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. YouTube Version: --- All music was locally sourced by artists from Monterrey, Mexico, so special shoutout & thanks to you guys!: -Vestron Vulture ("Not Leaving Tonight", "Amber" & "Deep Red"): -Dirty Wolfs ("Stare at Me"):...


Road Trip To Mexico

My cousin, Connor and I decided to pack up our things and head to Mexico via a classic road trip--all the way from Washington, D. C, stopping in Houston, TX on the way to sell my car, and then taking a bus toward Monterrey, MX from there before traveling throughout Mexico. This is where the adventure begins. Special thanks to Victoria for buying my car, taking us to a cool hipster bar, and being an awesome person, in general--and Michael Swan for making fantastic music. Your song has a...


Intro to Creolio Spanglish

Welcome to the Creolio Spanglish podcast! I'm going on an adventure through Mexico in search of learning more about the language and the culture and I'm bringing someone with me! Watch the YouTube version: Music: "Stomp it Away" by Unknown "Fire Breather" by Unknown "Western" by Dave Depper: