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Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!

Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!


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Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!




Episode 156 - Interview: DLP's David Duffy

Our gift to our fellow DLP fans this month is a real treat! We got an exclusive interview with Disneyland Paris' charming and talented Vice President of Entertainment David Duffy. He shares with us his extensive background with the Disney company, as well as insights into how the entertainment for the 30th Anniversary was developed and put in place. You won't want to miss this! As always, we have some park news for you, as well as random assorted silly DLP chat. A good time was had by all,...


Episode 155 - Forensic Reporting and a Rectangular Fox

This episode, we are giving you the latest DLP news and then treating you to a VERY detailed breakdown of what we saw, ate and did during our recent three day park trip. Every aspect of the 30th Celebration gets discussed and completely over-thought. (Plus, you'll get to know Cooper, the large, quadrilateral mascot of Campanile hotels- IKR???) Be sure to keep listening until the very end, as this month we have an added bonus feature: a 20 minute live recording from Disneyland Paris that...


Episode 154 - Road Trip & Boat Slip

Vanessa, Emily and Marq disccuss the DLP 30th anniversary art work, Disney's plans for their new "Storyliving" community and much more. The main segment features a full trip report from Vanessa's February park trip. Thanks fo listening. Remember to follow Dedicated to DLP on Twitter, IG and Facebook, as well as our website.


Episode 153 - Worst vs Best Case Scenario

This episode will catch you up on the latest about park merch, the new Vaccine Pass and also important dates for your DLP calendar. There is even an exciting bit of breaking news that shakes the foundations of the DLP world. Your phone will never be the same! A new segment called Feed/Back debuts, followed by a discussion of Beth, Vanessa and Marq's favourite DLP moments of 2021. They also talk about what fans have been promised for the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary celebration, which...


Episode 152 - Christmas 2021 Trip Report

Disneyland Paris at Christmas is pure magic: Mickey puts on his holiday best, a giant tree dominates town square and festive tunes fill the air. Luckily, our Vanessa was there to see it all this year and she is ready to spill all the details on snacks, parades, decor and more! As an added bonus, she even stopped in at the Art of Marvel Hotel and has lots to say about it! We here at D2DLP wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Let's all meet again in 2022 for more...


Episode 151 - Halloween 2021 Trip Report with Marq

Wondering what Halloween season at DLP is like in 2021? Luckily, our newest team member just recently visited the parks and is ready to tell us all about it. Spooky treats and shows, as well as stunning decor and special meals are all on the menu for this detailed trip report. Don't forget about the D2DLP Halloween Photo contest, where you can win cool prizes. Just snap away and remember to post on IG or Twitter with the HallowD2DLP hashtag. Also- be sure and follow us on Facebook,...


Episode 150 - DLP Ambassador Event and Other News

On Sept 15, 2021, DLP announced their new park Ambassador and D2DLP was lucky enough to attend the event and get an up-close look at the process. This episode explains the history of Disney Ambassadors, what they are and, above all, who they are! There is also park news, general park chat, a review of The Cheyenne Hotel, a look at the Art of Marvel Hotel and even a guest restaurant review (Thx, Darren and Katie!). So, there's something for everyone. Have a listen! Remember to check out our...


Episode 149 - DLP at Home

Can't get to Disneyland Paris but want to feel like you are are there? Vanessa and Beth have gathered up their fave ideas for bringing that DLP feeling right into your own home. Remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Twitter and, of course, Facebook. For more DLP info, check out the website:


Episode 148 - Disney Premier Access and Other News

DLP dropped a bomb this week when they announced that Disney Premier Access is arriving in the French parks. This paid service will replace the free paper fastpass system and has everyone talking...and that includes the D2DLP team. Join Beth and Vanessa as they discuss this game-changer, as well as the very latest news about food, attractions and annual passes at Disneyland Paris. As always, you can find D2DLP on Twitter, IG, Facebook, YouTube and their website:...


Episode 147 - Paris Parks Reopening Review

Disneyland Paris officially reopened on June 17, 2021 and of course D2DLP was there. In fact, we were even there BEFORE that, at the Annual Passholders' pre-opening days! Want to hear about our first impressions of the parks as they navigate a new era? Have a listen as we discuss our week-long trip to Marne-La-Vallée, as well as some of the latest news coming out of DLP. You'll hear about sanitary measures, Cars Road Trip, Captain America, fussy hotel guests and more. Remember: you can...


Episode 146 - Top Luxury Travel Specialist Talks Disneyland Paris

Vanessa, Emily and Beth chat with their special guest, travel counsellor Sarah Clarke. She shares the latest Disney travel trends and important tips for making sure your holiday is picture perfect. There is also plenty of DLP news, as more details have been announced about restaurant closings, hotel openings, and annual passholder perks ... or the lack thereof. Be sure and check out for further updates. You can find the fabulous Sarah Clarke and all of her contact...


DLP Reopening News Update

Disneyland Paris is opening again on June 17, 2021 and there is a flood of information arriving right now about how to reserve, where to stay and how the parks have changed. Luckily, Vanessa, Beth and Emily have been keeping up with it all and are here with a roundup of all the latest news. You'll hear about: park reservation systems, sanitary measures, Disney Village news, new hotel experiences, updated attractions and more. For further info, check out the D2DLP website and, of course,...


Episode 145 - Disneyland Paris on a Budget

Visiting Disney parks can get expensive and Disneyland Paris is no exception. Luckily, Emily, Vanessa and Beth are here with their top tips and tricks for making your DLP stay more budget friendly. They cover travel options, lodging, food and general advice about planning and preparation. Be sure and visit the newly rebuilt D2DLP website for Disneyland Paris news, reviews and features . Also- for more theme park news from around the world, check out our friends at Theme Park Portal. And...


Episode 144 - Partner Hotels and More

This episode sees Emily, Vanessa and Beth taking on a big topic: off-property stays. When visiting Disneyland Paris, there are great Disney-owned options, of course. But what if you are looking to save money, need more space or other special accomodations? Staying off-site just may be for you! The D2DLP team looks at several different options, rates them and gives you the information that will help you know what might be right for your DLP holiday stay. The lodgings discussed are: Ace...


Episode 143 - A Disney Valentine's Day

Current circumstances may mean a quiet Valentine's Day for most, but we can still dream! This month's episode finds Emily, Vanessa and Beth discussing their top picks for romantic moments at Disneyland Paris. They cover where to stay, what to eat, where to shop and more. Remember to check out the D2DLP Facebook page! There are lots of fun discussions to be had with fellow DLP fans there.


Episode 142 - Amateur DLP Imagineering

Attractions, snacks, music and shows have come and gone at Disneyland Paris over the years. Which would you like to see brought back? What fab attractions do you think should be brought over from other Disney parks around the world? These questions and more occupy the minds of Emily, Vanessa and Beth as they discuss their imagineering ideas for DLP. Be sure and check out the discussion on the D2DLP Facebook page. Our listeners have a lot to say on the subject!


Episode 141 - We're Home!

After a long time away, D2DLP finally made it back to Disneyland Paris! Join Vanessa and Beth as they go into detail about their recent park trips: where they stayed, what they saw and most importantly, what they ate! (And Beth just might mention the Newport Bay Club Compass Club one or two times. ) Enjoy the show.


Episode 140 - Venturing Adventureland: Part 2

Can't get to your favourite Disney park? We have you covered! Our virtual tour of DLP continues as we have a look at the rest of Adventureland. Come along as we wander around in the caves of Adventure Isle, ride on PotC and check out the fab spots for snacking. As always, we are present on our Facebook page and love hearing from our listeners!


Episode 139 - Venturing into Adventureland

Emily, Vanessa and Beth continue their virtual tour of Disneyland Paris with a walk on the wild side- right into Adventureland! This heavily themed area is one of the jewels of DLP and has so much to cover. In fact, this episode includes only the first half of the land, as the discussions of Colonel Hathi's and the Temple of Peril ended up being quite involved! So, join the ladies for an in-depth look at the first half of Adventureland...and then be sure and catch the next episode to get...


Episode 138 - Exploring Frontierland (Part 2)

Five Disney theme parks around the world have a Frontierland. They all have something special, but the Disneyland Paris version is the largest and most elaborately themed of them all. That's why Beth, Emily and Vanessa devote two whole episodes to this beautiful and beloved area of DLP! What makes our Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so special? Is the food at Fuente del Oro good? Is the Pueblo Trading post ever open? Tune in to this installment of the Virtual DLP Tour and find out!