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Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!


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Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!




173: Picking Up The Mouse Droppings

A lot of Mouse business in this episode, Marq, Vanessa and Beth discuss the latest breaking news from Disneyland Paris and from across the pond, because what gets dropped in Florida has repercussions for the whole Disney World. This is bookended by DLP top tips at the start and a review of the Disney 100 exhibition in Munich by Vanessa in the second half of the show. Subscribe to the Dedicated to DLP podcast to get the latest show in your player every two weeks, and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our website


172: Sassy Raccoons + Fans of Wonder: Arvid

In this episode we welcome Arvid from Travel to the Magic in our ongoing Fans of Wonder series, celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary. Arvid's an avid traveller who together with his wife has been to all the Disney Parks around the world, so a great way to get his opinion on how Disneyland Paris stacks up against the rest. Before that we bring you the latest DLP news which includes spicy rangers and sassy raccoons, even there where you wouldn't expect them. Join Vanessa, Beth and Marq every two weeks for the Dedicated to DLP podcast by subscribing to the show on your favourite podcast or streaming platform, and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our website


171: Dreams! Gala! Action! + Fans of Wonder - Stuart

If you're looking for an introduction episode to the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast, this would probably be a great one to start with. It's a whole journey starting with Beth, Marq and Vanessa actually meeting up live at Market House Deli on Main Street U.S.A., discussing that very special Gala Dinner event for DLP and D23 fans on the 12th of April 2023, followed by the return of Disney Dreams! And if that wasn't enough to fill your ears with Disneyland Paris magic, we've also got a wonderful conversation in our second Fans of Wonder series, this time with Stuart from Disneyland Paris Tips for Irish! If you don't already, you can follow his excellent advice on Instagram or Facebook @disneylandparistipsforirish or the website A shoutout to NC Conciergerie where we booked our accommodation in nearby Serris, @ncconciergerie on IG or a call away at +33 645 39 20 52. Sustenance on our first evening ordedred at Nonna & Nonno Val d'Europe via Ubereats or directky at +33 1 61 10 53 46. Love what you hear? Leave a review, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and check out our website


170: Fans of Wonder - Capturing Disney Parks Niels

As you know Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and Team Dedicated to DLP want to mark this in our own way by chatting with other Disneyland Paris and Disney fans about their connection with the parks, the community and the company. And here it is, the first installment of our Fans of Wonder series, which kicks with a very special guest indeed. Niels from Capturing Disney Parks and co-host of the Air Magique podcast joins Vanessa and Beth to talk about what it means to be a Disney and specifically an avid DLP fan. Before that Marq and Beth discuss the latest news, and it's all leading up to our trio's first collective trip to DLP for the 31st anniversary (or the 30th Grand Finale), and 5th year of Insidears! Love what you hear? Leave a review, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and check out our website


169: Do You Want to Build a Theme Land

Does the idea of a new land (or two!) at Walt Disney Studios make your heart sing? If so, that's music to our ears, as the D2DLP team is here this episode with some ideas about the future of that big space at the back of the park. As always, there is a bit of recent news, including the visit of Disney company brass to the French parks. And we also mark the passing of Disney Legend Rolly Crump. Crump was featured in episode 1 of "The Imagineering Story" on Disney Plus and has written several books about his time with the company. And why is April 12, 2023 a day to watch out for? Listen and learn.... and follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The website features reviews, news and more DLP fun at


168: A DLP Walk on the Mild Side

Feeling not so fast and not terribly furious? We have you covered! This episode, Beth, Marq and Vanessa discuss how to enjoy a Disneyland Paris trip at a more leisurely, non-thrill-seeking pace. We all know people who won't or can't go do loops on Space Mountain but there is no reason for them to forgo a fab trip to DLP! The team gives suggestions for attractions, locations and shows that deliver fun without delivering an over the top adrenaline rush. There are also tips on which rides seem mild, but actually have some alarming surprises. You'll also find a bit of park news, along with a shout out to one of our lovely listeners. If you'd like to hear your own name on air, all you need to do is write a positive show review on Apple Podcasts, Google, or wherever you listen. Please follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And remember- the podcast is out twice a month now, so there is more to love! Our website is:


167: All Day Chakalaka

Big news on the restaurant front at Disneyland Paris these days and Marq, Vanessa and Beth are here with the latest info. There is a lot to get through, from a new menu at Hakuna Matata to the total transformation of a classic Disney Village dining spot. Luckily , this episode they have help from a very special "guest". If you enjoyed this installment, please leave a review/stars for it on your podcast app. It helps feed the all-important algorithm and steers other DLP fans this way! Also please remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And why not pop over to the website at:


166: An Avengers Campus Valentine

New merch, new food and a whole new Avengers show at DLP means that this week we have, well, NEWS! Even better, there is a full trip report from Vanessa, complete with on-site audio (listen until the very end so you don't miss it!) Also, Beth is here with a bit of Disney film trivia and a discussion of Valentine's Day, past, present and future, at Disneyland Paris. Then Marq weighs in on all things romantic, as well as dead cats and furries. So there's that. In short, a good time is had by all on this- the first of the D2DLP new generation of fortnightly shows, which have NO connection at all with FORTNITE (TM). As always, we are on Instagram (featuring glittery sickers!) , Twitter and Facebook. The website is


165: The 2023 DLP Guide

The long days of winter call for an extra dose of Vitamin D(isney)! It's 2023 and Vanessa, Marq and Beth are here with your guide to the fun that lies ahead in Europe's top theme park this year. And buckle up for a big announcement concerning the future of the podcast, as well as a short, but fact-filled feature about a recent, surprising trip Beth took in search of Disney parks history. Remember to follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. As always, the website is


Episode 164 - DLP Christmas Pub Fun

Christmas is nearly here and it's the perfect time to finish wrapping your gifts as you listen to Beth, Vanessa and Marq talk about the latest Disneyland Paris news involving upcoming changes to Disney Village. They also give a few predictions for 2023, as well as some fervent wishes for improved food offerings in the parks. Happy holidays to all and we'll see you in 2023! Remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram and to visit our website at


Episode 163 - Advent Bobshell

Christmas is a magical time at DLP and Beth, Vanessa and Marq are getting ready for it by opening the doors of their virtual DLP Advent calendar. Besides the expected holiday fun and an upcoming park trip, you'll get a somewhat deep dive into the recent, very dramatic, surprise leadership change at the Walt Disney Company. What could it mean for our beloved Disneyland Paris in the future? Well, the team have a few ideas.. Be sure and follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As always, our website is


Episode 162 - Live from the Halloween Party 2022

In this special on-location episode, two foolish mortals of Team D2DLP meet up, for the first time, during the Halloween Party held at Disneyland Paris on the 29th of October 2022. Marq brings us along on some of the scary rides with his family, and Vanessa expresses her invariable glee and gloom about this year's first of two ticketed halloween soireés. A special mention goes out to the host of Vanessa's excellent lodgings, NC Conciergerie in nearby Serris, a short walk from the park. Marq will discuss his hotel in a future episode, as there were issues we do not wish to bore you with now. Don't forget to follow Dedicated to Disneyland Paris on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Our website is:


Episode 161 - Halloween Party Preview 2022

The spookiest season is upon us and what better way to start it off than an overview of DLP's Halloween parties? Beth and Marq talk a bit about previous years and give you all the info and tips you will need to make the most of the 2022 events. Special characters, Haunted Zones, shows, snacks, themed meals and more! Even if you can't make it to this year's parties, you'll enjoy getting a dose of the chilling, creepy and fun magic of Halloween at Disneyland Paris! Don't forget to follow Dedicated to Disneyland Paris on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Our website is:


Episode 160 - Cocktails & Bin Liners

This month's episode includes news about a brand new upcoming attraction at DLP, Eurostar shenanigans and a trip report from Vanessa, outlining her big birthday trip to the parks. Both cocktails and bin liners are featured and do not disappoint. So join Emily, Beth, Marq and Vanessa for some Disneyland Paris magic! Also-remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on our website:


Episode 159 - MAC Preview/Review and Best/Worst DLP Queues

The D2DLP's own Fab Four are together again! Join Emily, Beth, Vanessa and Marq as they discuss current DLP news and go over the results of our listeners' poll of Best and Worst Queues. Of course, Beth gives the details of the recent MAC preview weekend she attended. Is Avengers Assembled all it's cracked up to be? Is WEB Adventure any good? How is the food? All this and more is discussed, as well as Vanessa's strong feelings about spiders of any description. As always, you can get your DLP fix at, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Episode 158 - Hot Tips for Staying Cool at DLP

Beth and Marq are here with ideas on how to keep cool on those long, hot (but very fun!) days at Disneyland Paris. They also have a movie review, a book recommendation AND some very big news about a very special event coming up in July. PLUS, you'll learn all about how crafty wildlife can help YOU with your travel planning. Sounds mysterious? Well, you'll just have to have a listen to find out what we mean! Remember to follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the lastest news and fun from Europe's number one vacation attraction. Our website is


Episode 157 - Marvel Avengers Campus: Date Revealed

Marq and Beth are on their own this episode and the main subject is the big news of the moment: the summer opening of DLP's Avengers Campus. The second half of the episode takes a turn, as they discuss their personal fave and no-so-fave aspects of Disneyland Paris. Remember to follow D2DLP on Twitter, Facebook and INSTAGRAM! The website, which is full of great DLP info, is at


Episode 156 - Interview: DLP's David Duffy

Our gift to our fellow DLP fans this month is a real treat! We got an exclusive interview with Disneyland Paris' charming and talented Vice President of Entertainment David Duffy. He shares with us his extensive background with the Disney company, as well as insights into how the entertainment for the 30th Anniversary was developed and put in place. You won't want to miss this! As always, we have some park news for you, as well as random assorted silly DLP chat. A good time was had by all, so why not have a listen? Remember to follow D2DLP on IG, FB and Twitter and to check out our website at


Episode 155 - Forensic Reporting and a Rectangular Fox

This episode, we are giving you the latest DLP news and then treating you to a VERY detailed breakdown of what we saw, ate and did during our recent three day park trip. Every aspect of the 30th Celebration gets discussed and completely over-thought. (Plus, you'll get to know Cooper, the large, quadrilateral mascot of Campanile hotels- IKR???) Be sure to keep listening until the very end, as this month we have an added bonus feature: a 20 minute live recording from Disneyland Paris that lets you feel like you are right there in the hub, experiencing the fab new "Dream and Shine Brighter" show. As always, don't forget to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our website is and there you will find news, polls and practical guides to planning your next Disneyland Paris trip! Thank you for listening.


Episode 154 - Road Trip & Boat Slip

Vanessa, Emily and Marq disccuss the DLP 30th anniversary art work, Disney's plans for their new "Storyliving" community and much more. The main segment features a full trip report from Vanessa's February park trip. Thanks fo listening. Remember to follow Dedicated to DLP on Twitter, IG and Facebook, as well as our website.