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Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!

Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!


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Join hosts Beth, Emily and Vanessa as they talk about their favourite place: Disneyland Paris. You'll hear guest interviews, trivia quizzes, virtual tours and much, much more!




Episode 144 - Partner Hotels and More

This episode sees Emily, Vanessa and Beth taking on a big topic: off-property stays. When visiting Disneyland Paris, there are great Disney-owned options, of course. But what if you are looking to save money, need more space or other special accomodations? Staying off-site just may be for you! The D2DLP team looks at several different options, rates them and gives you the information that will help you know what might be right for your DLP holiday stay. The lodgings discussed are: Ace...


Episode 143 - A Disney Valentine's Day

Current circumstances may mean a quiet Valentine's Day for most, but we can still dream! This month's episode finds Emily, Vanessa and Beth discussing their top picks for romantic moments at Disneyland Paris. They cover where to stay, what to eat, where to shop and more. Remember to check out the D2DLP Facebook page! There are lots of fun discussions to be had with fellow DLP fans there.


Episode 142 - Amateur DLP Imagineering

Attractions, snacks, music and shows have come and gone at Disneyland Paris over the years. Which would you like to see brought back? What fab attractions do you think should be brought over from other Disney parks around the world? These questions and more occupy the minds of Emily, Vanessa and Beth as they discuss their imagineering ideas for DLP. Be sure and check out the discussion on the D2DLP Facebook page. Our listeners have a lot to say on the subject!


Episode 141 - We're Home!

After a long time away, D2DLP finally made it back to Disneyland Paris! Join Vanessa and Beth as they go into detail about their recent park trips: where they stayed, what they saw and most importantly, what they ate! (And Beth just might mention the Newport Bay Club Compass Club one or two times. ) Enjoy the show.


Episode 140 - Venturing Adventureland: Part 2

Can't get to your favourite Disney park? We have you covered! Our virtual tour of DLP continues as we have a look at the rest of Adventureland. Come along as we wander around in the caves of Adventure Isle, ride on PotC and check out the fab spots for snacking. As always, we are present on our Facebook page and love hearing from our listeners!


Episode 139 - Venturing into Adventureland

Emily, Vanessa and Beth continue their virtual tour of Disneyland Paris with a walk on the wild side- right into Adventureland! This heavily themed area is one of the jewels of DLP and has so much to cover. In fact, this episode includes only the first half of the land, as the discussions of Colonel Hathi's and the Temple of Peril ended up being quite involved! So, join the ladies for an in-depth look at the first half of Adventureland...and then be sure and catch the next episode to get...


Episode 138 - Exploring Frontierland (Part 2)

Five Disney theme parks around the world have a Frontierland. They all have something special, but the Disneyland Paris version is the largest and most elaborately themed of them all. That's why Beth, Emily and Vanessa devote two whole episodes to this beautiful and beloved area of DLP! What makes our Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so special? Is the food at Fuente del Oro good? Is the Pueblo Trading post ever open? Tune in to this installment of the Virtual DLP Tour and find out!


Episode 137 - Frontierland : Part 1

The virtual tour of Disneyland Paris now heads into Frontierland. Vanessa, Beth and Emily discuss the pros and cons of Fort Comstock, peek in at the Lucky Nugget and go for a ride on the Molly Brown. And no visit to this area of DLP is complete without a visit to the Phantom Manor! Even if we can't all be at DLP, there are ways to keep the magic alive! We hope you enjoy these episodes and can use them to help spark your own happy Disney memories. Be sure and join us on the Dedicated to DLP...


Episode 136 - #Stayhome Disney Quiz

Emily prepared a fab Disney quiz challenge, covering your favourite songs, films and theme-park details. Listen and play along at home as Beth and Vanessa try to beat the clock...and each other!


Episode 135 - Meeting Up in Central Plaza

Our continuing series now takes Vanessa and Beth to the Central plaza for a rendezvous with their co-host Emily. The three enjoy a stroll around the area, discussing stage shows of the past, pin collecting, popcorn and ear addictions. And they remember to stop in for a milkshake at Victoria's! Wish YOU were at a a Disney park right now? Come along with us on our imaginary journey!


Episode 134 - Walking Down Main Street USA

Want to go buy souvenirs at the Emporium or choose some sweets at the Boardwalk Candy Palace? Join Vanessa and Beth as they explore the shops and restaurants of Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris. The park is closed, but thanks to faith, trust and pixie dust, the magic is still alive! Join us for this multi-episode series exploring DLP through a virtual tour. Also- don't forget to stop by our Facebook page!


Episode 133 - A Virtual Tour of Town Square

Since we can't go to Disneyland Paris, we are keeping the magic alive by our imagination! Join hosts Vanessa and Beth as they continue their tour of DLP. This episode takes them to Town Hall and all around the charming Town Square that is built around the central Bandstand. The next installment will find them heading into the many shops and restaurants of Main Street. Remember to check out the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris page on Facebook!


Episode 132 - A Virtual Visit of Fantasia Gardens

We could all use a break from stress and worry! How about a visit to our favorite place? Sure, DLP is closed right now, but why not join hosts Vanessa and Beth for a virtual exploration? Section by section, they'll take you around DLP, discussing favorite attractions and fun facts. This episode covers the beautiful Fantasia Gardens. It will be followed soon by a visit to Town Square. Please join us on our Facebook page and join in on the fun over there. #disneymagickeepers


Episode 131 - A Look Back at 2019 in Disneyland Paris: Highs and Lows

2019 at DLP had its ups and downs. If you want to hear about them all, join hosts Beth and Vanessa for a look back at the year that was. It was late on a Saturday night when this was recorded, and the opinions expressed in this show are DEFINITELY not officially associated with the Disney company in any way, shape or form. Lol. Remember to check out the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Facebook page and to join us on Twitter! We love hearing from our listeners and seeing your pictures from...


Episode 130 - November News from DLP and a Special Guest Interview

November has started and that means Christmas season has arrived at DLP! Join Emily and Beth as they discuss dining options in the parks during November, Bonfire Night festivities in Disney Village and other topics. The highlight of this episode is an interview with a special guest: Jeff Kessler. Jeff is long-time US Disney park fan who just recently visited DLP for the very first time. He gives his perspective on what Disneyland Paris gets right...and wrong. If you would like to hear more...


Episode 129 - Unpopular DLP Opinions

One of our recent posts to the D2DLP Facebook page garnered a huge response. Over 100 fans spoke up and shared their own "unpopular" views on Disneyland Paris. One admitted to disliking Phantom Manor, an attraction beloved by many. Another confessed feeling that Armageddon was fabulous. In short, there was no shortage of controversial statements! In this episode, Emily, Vanessa and Beth sort through these entertaining comments and then give their own takes on the subject. They also discuss...


Episode 128 - Special Edition: A DLP Trip Report, Featuring Staycity Aparthotel, an Annual Passholder Event and Arendelle Aqua

D2DLP Staffer Vanessa is just back from her latest Disneyland Paris trip and has so much to share that we decided that her adventures deserved their own podcast episode. She was lucky enough to be one of the very first guests to stay at the newest hotel near DLP: Staycity Aparthotel. Her review will definitely get you thinking about giving it a try for your next trip! She also attended the September 13 Annual Passholder party, which promised numerous meet and greets with special...


Episode 127 - The Lion King and Day Trips to DLP

The D2DLP team has been through a lot since the last episode: hospital stays, broken computers and all kinds of crazy events. But we are back again and ready to discuss our favourite Disney resort: Disneyland Paris! We will talk about the Lion King and Jungle Festival and also how to make the most out of your time if you only have one day to spend at DLP. Then Beth chats a bit about her trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort and how it stacks up against DLP. At the end, we ask for your input: Do...


Episode 126 - The New Show - Hello & Welcome!

April 2019 sees the relaunch of the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast. Hosts Emily, Vanessa and Beth are the Disney fans behind the many posts to the D2DLP Facebook page these last few months. In this inaugural episode, you can hear their take on the latest DLP news, including the opening date of Phantom Manor and the refurbishment it has undergone. They also discuss the recent changes to the Annual Pass prices and perks. Join in on the discussion over on our Facebook page. The...


Episode 125 - The Final Show - Thank You & Goodbye

I think the title of this one is quite self-explanatory, so have a listen, thank you, and goodbye…from the podcast