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Cruise expert, author and writer Gary Bembridge provides hints, tips and advice about all forms of cruising and ports in this series of short and helpful shows. For more visit and look for his books "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook", "Essential Cruise Tips" and "River Cruising: Essential Tips".

Cruise expert, author and writer Gary Bembridge provides hints, tips and advice about all forms of cruising and ports in this series of short and helpful shows. For more visit and look for his books "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook", "Essential Cruise Tips" and "River Cruising: Essential Tips".


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Cruise expert, author and writer Gary Bembridge provides hints, tips and advice about all forms of cruising and ports in this series of short and helpful shows. For more visit and look for his books "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook", "Essential Cruise Tips" and "River Cruising: Essential Tips".




Cruise Lines Go On The Attack In USA (Podcast)

Cruise Lines in the USA have gone on the attack and offensive towards the CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention) after almost 6 months of not speaking out against them. I review what they have said and why they are saying it now. I discuss what Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises CEOs have said on record on the cruise suspension and the CDC Check out my T-Shirt range: FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA TikTok: @garybembridge Twitter:...


Cruise Lines Pull Most Cruise Ships Out Of USA (Podcast)

In another of my cruise update series, I look at why cruise lines have pulled the vast majority of cruise ships that are usually sailing in and out of USA ports and waters, and what it means and could signal about the timing and plans for when cruising is allowed to start up again out of the USA. At the time of the shutdown there were just over 120 ships operating in and out fo USA waters, at time of recording this has been reduced to just 32, with 18 leaving in the last few weeks. What is...


CRUISE CABIN UPGRADES : 8 Best Ways To Get one ! (Podcast)

What is the best and easiest way to get a cruise cabin upgrade on your next and future cruises? I discuss the 8 things that I do that ahem led to me getting a cruise cabin upgrade on my cruises, and things that I have seen work for others using these cruise cabin tips to get an upgrade. So, why not discover how you too can get a cruise cabin upgrade in a proven and easy way?


CRUISE UPDATE: More Lines Return. Some New Rules (Podcast)

In my 10th cruise news update, I look at the latest news and what it means for cruisers like you. As lines like MSC Cruises and Carnival's Costa and AIDA begin sailing again this month, I look at 7 trends emerging including some new rules and protocols that these cruise lines resuming service have put in place which, based on discussions on my channel and other cruise forums, many cruisers may dislike and see as a reason not to cruise. What do you think? Are these at least a way to be able...


Holland America For Your Caribbean Cruise? (Podcast)

Is Holland America a good choice for your Caribbean cruise vacation? I explore the pros and cons of cruising on a Holland America Line ship in the Caribbean. Holland America has been sailing for well over 140 years, but are they a good cruise line for the Caribbean? I look at the good and less good aspects to help you decide if a Holland America Caribbean cruise is right for you.


Latest Cruise Covid Outbreaks : What Really Happened? (Podcast)

Just as cruises started to resume around the world, cruising had a set back with a series of Covid-19 outbreaks on a number of ships like Hurtigruten Roald Amundsen, Ponant's Paul Gauguin and also among crew of Costa and AIDA lines. I explore what actually happened, what caused the outbreak and what mistakes and errors were made to make some of the cruising covid outbreaks more widespread than others. What we leant and what impact it is having on cruises and resumption of cruising


Cunard And Princess Cancel Cruises Into 2021 (Podcast)

In my 12th cruise update, I discuss the shock news that Cunard, followed by Princess, have joined other lines cancelling their 2021 World Cruises - and how Cunard have also cancelled all Queen Elizabeth's scheduled cruises to the end of 2021 and delayed resuming cruises for their entire fleet until the end of Q1 2021. I discuss why they did it, what will actually happen, when each ship will start sailing in 2021, what it means for Cunard and Princess cruisers and what you should be doing...


Norwegian Fjords Cruise Tips (Podcast)

Norwegian Fjord Cruise Tips: the 6 Things You Need To Know About cruising Norway Fjords. A Norwegian Fjords cruise is one you should have on your cruise bucket list. I share my tips for doing a Norwegian Fjords cruise including the best time to do a Norway cruise, the itinerary options and best to do, watch outs and excursions tips for a Norwegian Fjords cruise.


Is It Now The Right Time To Book A 2021 Cruise ?

Is it now the best and right time to book a cruise for 2021? Cruise travellers ask me if booking a 2021 cruise is something they should be doing now. I share my 2021 cruise booking tips and tricks, and explore 5 things to consider before you do, and if you decide to then book a cruise for 2021 the 4 things you must do when booking. Are you booking a 2021 cruise, and if so why?


Caribbean Cruise Watch Outs. 7 Things The Brochures Don’t Warn You About

Cruising to the Caribbean is great. However, there are a number of watch-outs and things I discovered on my various Caribbean cruises that the brochures and websites did not always warn cruise passengers about. I discuss the watch-outs that I think will help travellers make the best choices and be well prepared for a Caribbean cruise.


Cruise On-Board Changes ALREADY Agreed Due To Covid-19

I explore the on board cruise ship changes already put in place due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cruise ship changes that are already in place with cruise ships sailing around the world, in Europe, French Polynesia, Iceland and parts of Asia, and also those announced as in place by the mainstream cruise lines ready for when they are allowed to start cruising again. These are changes on board cruise ships that we will have to get used to.


How Do You Get The BEST CRUISE CABINS in Any Category?

Tips on how to get the very best cruise cabins in whatever cabin category you are cruising in: inside, Oceanview, balcony or suite. In every cruise cabin grade there are good and bad cabins. Make sure you get one the best cabins ion your next cruise by using these well-proven tips I use to ensure I always get a great cruise cabin every time


6 Clear Signs Ocean Cruising Won't Start Until 2021

In this big cruise update, there are 6 clear signs and indications that ocean cruising will not resume until 2021. I have observed 6 big indicators and barriers to cruise ships being able to and allowed to start sailing and cruising oceans around the world in 2020, and it will only be some time in 2021. Discover what these are and see if you agree.


9 Cruise Port Day Essentials. Don’t Leave The Ship Without These.

There are 9 key things you need to pack and take out with you in every cruise port, whether you are self-touring or going on an excursion or tour. I take a look at the 9 essential items to pack for your day out in a cruise port to cover eventualities and everyday things you will face off the ship in a cruise port. Do you have any to add?


6 Reasons USA CDC So Against Cruising Resuming

In this cruise update I look at the 5 main reasons the United States is against cruising resuming from USA ports and in their waters anytime soon. The CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention) are the body that decides if cruises can start up and they have 6 reasons they do not want to let cruising resume for some time. Find out what they are and why they think this way.


PRINCESS CRUISES DIFFERENCE : 5 Unique Differences You Need to Know

I explore the Princess Cruises differences to other premium cruise lines they compete with, like Holland America, Cunard, Celebrity and P&O Cruises. I discuss the 5 unique differences I believe set Princess Cruises aside from those other lines. Every line has things is does differently, and these are the 5 Princess Cruises differences. I also discuss what Princess Cruises does the same, or very similar, to those other cruise lines


10 Laws You Could Unwittingly Break Cruising

There are at least 10 laws that you could very easily, and unwittingly, break when you head back cruising when you are able to. In different ports, places and regions you cruise to their are a raft of sometimes little-known laws and customs that, if you break, could get you into very serious trouble. This could include prison sentences for some. I look at laws in some parts of the cruising world that you need to know about, including the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Just because some...


What Makes CELEBRITY CRUISES Different To Other Cruise Lines ?

What Makes CELEBRITY CRUISES Different To Other Cruise Lines that they compete with, such as Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Cunard and P&O Cruises?


CRUISE UPDATE : Some Big Cruise Ships Resume Cruises

Some of the Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Group owned cruise lines made 12 key changes which have enabled some of their big ships (2,000 to 4,300 passenger cruise ships) to start sailing out of Germany. These changes are laying the template for more of their brands to start sailing across different regions of the world. I explore the 12 key changes implemented by these two large cruising corporations to their cruise brands based and operating out of Germany, as why they discuss...


SEABOURN CRUISES : Standout Differences You Need To Know About !

What are the 4 Biggest and most unique Differences You Need To Know About Seabourn Cruises, and what do they do similar to other ultra-luxury cruise lines they compete with, like Silversea and Regent Seven Seas. I discuss the on-board facilities, features, dining and others aspects of Seabourn cruises to reveal what I think they Seabourn Cruises do best and different to other lines