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Cruise expert, author and writer Gary Bembridge provides hints, tips and advice about all forms of cruising and ports in this series of short and helpful shows. For more visit and look for his books "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook", "Essential Cruise Tips" and "River Cruising: Essential Tips".

Cruise expert, author and writer Gary Bembridge provides hints, tips and advice about all forms of cruising and ports in this series of short and helpful shows. For more visit and look for his books "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook", "Essential Cruise Tips" and "River Cruising: Essential Tips".


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Cruise expert, author and writer Gary Bembridge provides hints, tips and advice about all forms of cruising and ports in this series of short and helpful shows. For more visit and look for his books "The Cruise Traveler's Handbook", "Essential Cruise Tips" and "River Cruising: Essential Tips".




How To Meet The Most Interesting People On A Cruise (podcast)

Who is the most interesting person I have met on a cruise ship? A Celebrity? One of the crew? The captain? Or someone else? I talk about what I think is one of the best, enjoyable, revealing and life-changing part of going on a cruise..and why


You're Paying More Than You Need To For Cruises (Podcast)

You are almost certainly paying more for your cruise than others in the same grade of cabin in the same place on the ship. Cruise passengers often compare how much they paid for their cabin and cruise, and I will show you how to be the person that paid the least for the same. These are how I make sure that I never pay more than I should when I am on a cruise.


My Proven Way To Solve Issues On A Cruise (Podcast)

I share how I stumbled on the best way to solve issues and problems on a cruise - tested this a number of times and always works


5 Things That Make NO Sense On Cruise Ships (Podcast)

Discover why some things seem to make no sense on a cruise ship, and the reason on why it has been done that way. I look at things I have seen on cruise ships that seem a bit off, and share what I found out about why things that don't seem to make sense on a ship do, when you know why.


What Are The Greatest Cruises In The World? (Podcast)

What Are The Greatest Cruises In The World? Find out in this latest episode if Essential Cruise Tips


Anything To Be Gained From Paying Your Cruise Off Early? (Podcast)

Should you pay your cruise off early, or are there benefits to be gained by paying it off before the final due date?


9 Cruises You Must Far In Advance (Podcast)

There are 9 cruises that you need to book way in advance to avoid disappointment later. Do not end up kicking yourself later by not moving fast and early enough to book any of these 9 cruises


Cruise Add-Ons and Extras Worth Paying For (Podcast)

What are the extras and add-ons available to you that you should splash out on or skip?


7 Easily-Made Cruise Mistakes That Will Cost You BIG! (Podcast)

7 Cruise Mistakes That Will Cost You Dearly if you are not careful. I discuss 7 easy-to-make and common cruising errors that cruise passengers make that ends up costing them money that could be spent on better and more enjoyable things. Many of these cruising slip-ups I learnt the hard way. Learn how to save money on your next cruise


6 Cruises To Now Steer Clear Of (Podcast)

6 cruises to avoid and steer clear of, when you next go on a cruise again. Don't waste your money on these 6 cruises I am going to warn you about. When choosing a cruise to go on, you need to pick one where you will have the greatest chance of having an incredible experience, for all the right reasons. Some of the cruises to avoid you may be surprised with, as they are often being touted as giving you bragging rights or as ultimate must-do cruises. But they are not, and I will tell you why.


6 Cruise Cabin Mistakes To Avoid (podcast)

Cruise Cabin mistakes and screw ups to avoid. Choosing a cruise cabin is much more important than any cruise passengers think. Not all cabin are equal, even in the same grade. Many cruisers say to me that a cruise cabin, or cruise stateroom as some cruise lines call them, is not that important as they do not intend to spend any time in them. Discover why this is a mistake that so many cruise passengers tell me they got wrong, along with other cruise cabin tips I have learnt (mostly the hard...


Royal Caribbean Need-To-Knows (Podcast)

Royal Caribbean is the world’s second largest cruise line (based on number of passengers). I explore what you need to know and some key watch outs if you are considering cruising with Royal Caribbean. I discuss things like what a Royal Caribbean resort cruise ships is like, what their best and worst features are, who they are best for, what sorts of cruise cabins and suites you can expect, their destinations and ports and more. The most important things you need to know about Royal Caribbean...


Norwegian Cruise Line - 7 Things You Need To Know (Podcast)

I share the 7 things you need to know about Norwegian Cruise Line. The things that make Norwegian Cruise Line different or unique to other cruise lines, and what they offer cruise passengers. The 7 things Norwegian Cruise Lines does that you need to know including looking at their on-board cruise experience, facilities, cabin options, which Norwegian Cruise Line best suited for and more


USA CRUISE UPDATE: USA Cruising Restart Now Seen In A Totally New Light (PODCAST)

In this latest cruise news update, I dive into a USA Cruise Update looking at why the restart of cruising is being looked at in a totally different way, despite what the CDC said recently about the Framework For Conditional Sailing about how cruising can resume in the USA - and what impact it has on when cruises can start in the USA.


Who Will Be Banned From Cruising When Restarts? (Podcast)

Discover the 9 ways you can be banned from cruising. Cruise lines ban a surprisingly large number of people from cruising. And you will be surprised at how you too may be unwittingly, and easily, added to that cruise ban list. A cruise ban list that has also just longer due post-pandemic cruising rules.


Why Cruising Not Being Unfairly Treated (Podcast)

I explore why cruises have, and are, being treated differently to other travel? And look at if there really is a double standard, if cruising is being treated unfairly, or just about right based on what cruises and cruising is and is not. And why it may help cruising return and bounce back


Cruise Update: Cruise Return Takes Big Step Forward. For Some... (Podcast)

In this latest cruise update, as news broke that 8 lines were cancelling their cruises into June and July, along came unexpected and truly remarkable developments that look to be (at last) game changing on restart dates. Although in what remains a roller coaster ride, as all that excitement built, Disney threw a wobbly ball into the mix for USA cruise passengers, and Cunard made a huge decision about 2021 Video playlist refered to:...


Big Cruising and Vaccine Questions (Podcast)

What is the latest on cruising and vaccines? Cruising vaccinations is a hot , and divisive, topic. Will you need to have a vaccine to cruise? What about people who do not want to be vaccinated to go cruising? There are 6 key questions that you should be asking and need to know about when it comes to cruising and vaccination. I explore what you should really be asking, what we know and what the answers are - and those that are still uncertain


CRUISE UPDATE : Cruise Lines Are Changing Plans Fast (podcast)

In this latest cruise update, I look at 5 news and trends that confirm that the best-laid plans by cruise lines and cruise passengers for the rest of 2021 are unravelling and changing. What is happening and why will it continue, making lots of changes to cruise schedules and plans.


Latest River Cruise Update. Will They Sail - Or Not? (Podcast)

I discuss the 6 latest updates on river cruising, focused on European river cruises but also looking at USA, Asia and Africa. What is going on and the outlook for European river cruising this year? How many ships will return to service and when? What is complicating the return of river cruises?