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Episode 14: April Reese - Environmental Journalism

April Reese is an environmental journalist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, though her reporting has taken her all over the US, and around Australia where she drove clear around the continent. April explains the challenges of maintaining professional distance from subjects that impact all life on earth, and we discuss why it seems to be so difficult to get people to care about the one issue that matters more than anything else... the environment. Be sure to check out April's recent piece in...


Episode 13: David Vrabo - Mexico

I caught up with David in Tijuana after his vehicle was taken away by the Mexican authorities upon crossing the border from California. We talk about pretty much everything you’d want to know about Mexico, from the stories he heard from migrant laborers while he was working as a press translator, the disappearances and mass graves scattered throughout Mexico, the complex realities of narco-trafficking and corruption in Mexican politics and law enforcement, and his 4,000 km bike ride from...


Episode 12: Matt Derrick - Squat the Planet founder

Matthew Derrick is the founder of Squat the Planet, an "online community for misfit travelers". Starting out as a personal travel journal StP has evolved into an online community of anarchists, travel punks, train hoppers, and people from all walks of life connected by a commitment to "travel by any means necessary". Matt and I talk about his travels and what he envisions for the future of StP. Also be sure to check out my appearance on the Squat the Planet Podcast.


Episode 11: Jade Saab - Canada, Class Consciousness, Communism & Fascism

In the second half of our conversation Jade and I talk about the politics around being a "passport baby" in Canada, and the framing of immigration and citizenship in Canadian politics. Then we dive into political philosophy, discussing classical liberalism, various forms of communism, class consciousness, fascism, and some of the common distortions and misperceptions around these concepts. And Jade provides a reading list. Be sure to check out his TED talk on the post for this episode at ...


Episode 10: Jade Saab - Lebanon (1 of 2)

I speak with Lebanese political writer, Jade Saab, about growing up in Lebanon, the country's struggle to balance institutionalized sectarianism with democracy, post colonial history, the Civil War, the 2015 garbage crisis, notions of direct democracy, and more. In the second half of our interview (episode 11) we'll discuss Jade's recent move to Canada, the framing of immigration in Canadian political discourse, and I try to understand how Communism and Fascism work. Jade Saab's...


Episode 9: Cornelius Vango- Anarchist Librarian of Slab City

Cornelius Vango, is a traveler, musician, artist, and the genderqueer anarchist librarian of Slab City. Cornelius recently finished hitchhiking across Alaska with their dog Satan, and I caught up with them in Fresno, during the last segment of their long bus drive back to the Southern California desert. Latitude Adjustment website (with links to podcast platforms) Cornelius Vango YouTube channel Squat the Planet


Episode 8: Shanil Samarakoon- Sri Lanka, Malawi, Australia, Energy Justice

Born in Sri Lanka to Sri Lankan parents, Shanil spent his early childhood in Malawi, before moving to Sri Lanka as an adolescent. He’s currently pursuing his PhD in Energy Justice in Australia, while bouncing between Malawi and Sri Lanka for his nonprofit work with Empower, an organization that helps local communities form cooperatives to take the lead in determining their development priorities, especially around sustainable energy use and solar power. We also discuss the legacy of Sri...


Episode 7: Ndeye Ndao - Senegal & USA

Ndeye and I cover a lot of ground in this episode, from her initial impressions of American culture as a 19-year-old international student, changes in Senegal since she left to pursue her education, civil rights in the US and Senegal, religion in her life and in Senegalese culture, why she wants more African Americans to visit and connect to Africa, the differences between racism, bias, and passive support for racist systems, her feelings about being a woman of color and an immigrant in...


Episode 6: Aram AlSaed from Syria to Berlin, Part 2 of 2

In this second of a two-part interview, Aram & I discuss the process of his arrival in Germany, his family back in Syria, his thoughts about the use and abuse of the term "refugee" and his complex relationship to this word, and the differences in how religious identity is discussed and inhabited in Syria and in Germany. And some thoughts on the role of religion in contemporary political culture around the world.


Episode 5: Aram AlSaed from Syria to Berlin, Part 1 of 2

Aram AlSaed was a paramedic and a student of fine arts before he left Syria in 2015, traveling by bus, plane, boat, and by foot to reach Germany, stopping along the way to provide medical and translation support for other refugees. In this first of a two-part interview, I speak with him about life in Syria before the war, when things began to change, his work as a paramedic in Syria, when he realized that it was time for he and his brother to leave, and his journey up to the German border....


Episode 4: Clara de la Torre - Pro Boxer, Firefighter, Traveler

Clara is one of those people who just seem programmed from birth to dive into life with both feet and to experience as many things as possible along the way. And aside from stints as a professional boxer and a wilderness firefighter, she's seen a lot of the world from some unusual vantage points. I met Clara in New Mexico about 9 years ago, before I started my own long stretch of solo travel. Aside from discussing her travel and her career paths, we also talk about growing up as hyper...


Episode 1: Andrius & Lithuania & Turkey & Travels

For this first episode I talk to my buddy Andrius in Vilnius, Lithuania. We met each other in Istanbul in 2015 and hit it off over beers and politics. He shares his experiences growing up after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, his experiences traveling in Western Europe as an Eastern European, learning to let go of certain things in Asia, Lithuanian Reggae, and reflections on culture and politics from his years living in Turkey. There's some naughty language at the end.


Episode 3: Yousef Aljamal - Gaza, Palestine

Check out the supplemental videos and reading suggestions for this episode at Yousef and I met in Gaza in 2013. In this long-format episode we discuss life in Gaza under 11 years of siege imposed by Israel and Egypt, his travels and his personal losses, the ongoing Great March of Return Protests, solidarity with indigenous communities and movements, and we take a critical look at internal Palestinian politics, the stigmatization of mental health treatment,...


Episode 2: Tara Todras-Whitehill, Photojournalist

I met Tara in Cairo in 2012, and then again in Washington DC. She's been on the move for a long time, both as a veteran Middle East photojournalist with Reuters and AP and now with her own production company which helps humanitarian nonprofits tell their stories through mixed media. We discuss her intense first day on the job in Beirut, how she got into photojournalism, the challenges and advantages of being a woman in her field, work-life balance in a notoriously demanding profession, and...


Latitude Adjustment Pre Launch Introduction

Welcome to Latitude Adjustment and to your journey around the world through conversation! This will be an interview-format show, but for this initial teaser episode I'll be introducing myself and offering some reflections from my years of solo travel across the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Europe, and the US-Mexico borderlands. Also, why it's our moral and civic duty to be curious, the formula that is used to manipulate populations into committing acts of violence, and an...