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Curating the Magic of Membership

Curating the Magic of Membership
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Curating the Magic of Membership








023 McNair Wilson Former Disney Imagineer Part 2: Tower of Terror, Meeting Walt, Insider Stories of Imagineering

In episode 023 we resume the interview with Craig McNair Wilson, former Disney imagineer and recap some of the key stories of his Disney life. From meeting Walt, Claude Coats, X, Harper Goff and working with Joe Rohde on Adventure's Club and Animal Kingdom.


022 McNair Wilson Former Disney Imagineer Part 1: History of Streemosphere at EPCOT

Rare interview with C. McNair Wilson, former Disney Imagineer and creator or Streetmosphere, Hollywood Hotel Tower of Terror and the person who created the name Downtown Disney. McNair shares some of his favorite stories as an imagineer and takes us behind the scenes of some of the most loved attractions at Disney.


021 Member Interview Anneliese Galczynski Owner at PVB

In episode 021 we meet our neighbor Annelise. She has been an owner at Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows since 2016. She bought into DVC after her third visit to Disney. She explains that raising a family and going to Disney took a lot of planning and saving and other life events came up.


020 FrankenResort 2 Member Competition Armchair Imagineering New Resorts

We invited four listeners in for some DVC resort armchair Imagineering. We asked them to create a resort so desirable, that a DVC member would be happy staying at this resort for the remainder of their contract. We need you to vote on their proposals. The winner will advance to the final round that will have a celebrity judge. McNair Wilson, former Disney Imagineer will be judging the final round.


019 Member Interview Andrew Darden Owner at AKV OKW BRV & CCV

Andrew joined Disney Vacation Club in 2008 by purchasing at Animal Kingdom Villas. Shortly after buying in addonitis kicked in and the Darden family purchased a second contract from the resale market at Old Key West. Later on Disney cruises, he added on at Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek Cabins and Villas. Andrew discusses problems with multiple DVC Use Years and his "leap-frogging" solution and two vacations that are on most members bucket lists: Cascade Cabins at Copper Creek and 14 days at...


018 Member Interview Russ Clark from Owner at SSR AUL and PVB

Episode 018 - DVC Member Interview with Russ Clark, Owner at SSR, AUL and PVB. If you've ever used Google to search for information about DVC, you can almost bet that you have surfed over to Google ranks the site highly for all things DVC. You've read the pages, but what do you know about the people behind the site? Join the conversation as Russ explains his DVC journey and share a lot of great tips on DVC RCI Exchanges!


017 Member Interview Jim and Joanne Quicksell Owners at OKW, HHI, SSR and AKV

The only interview I've done where the DVC members did NOT say, "I wish I had bought in sooner." Meet original owners at the first DVC resort who bought in during construction phases of the resort.


016 Member Interview Ella Porter Owner at BLT, VGF & AKV

In Episode 016, we meet Ella Porter, DVC owner at BLT, VGF and AKV. We discuss BLT and fixed week contracts. This is one of our most highly rated interviews.


015 Member Interview Chris Salata Owner at SSR Host of Behind the Ears Podcast

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Salata from Behind the Ears Podcast at a fundraiser supporting Give Kids the World Village at the Disney Indy meetup in 2017. Behind the Ears is an award winning podcast. Chris and I have a common theme in our podcasts in that we focus on how everybody does […]


014 DVC Member Interview Chris Malek Owner at SSR and Host of The Dub Dee Dub Revue Podcast

I have the pleasure and honor of interviewing my good friend Chris Malek. Chris has been an owner at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa since 2011. Chris is also the host of one the most popular Disney podcasts: The Dub Dee Dub Revue. If you like our show, you'll love his show. It's a variety […]


013 Meet the Magic Maker Rob A. Lott Theme Park Entertainer

Episode 013 is the first interview in our “Meet the Magic Maker” series. As DVC based interview-based podcast, we normally ask member's to share their stories and their personal opinions. However, there are countless unsung heroes behind scenes and some on center stage who also have a unique and interesting perspective they can share. Disney calls […]


Member Interview Curt Stone Owner at BLT Host of Geekin' on WDW Podcast

Disney Vacation Club owner Curt Stone from Geekin' on WDW Podcast joins today's show to discuss his DVC history. Curt has been an owner at Bay Lake Tower since 2010.


011 Insider Interview: Nick Cotton DVC Resale Market Backstory

In episode 011, we meet Nick Cotton, founder of #1 Disney Vacation Club resale agency: DVC Resale Market. Nick shares his backstory as a former Disney cast member in industrial engineering and his work as a guide for Disney Vacation Club. Nick studied industrial engineering in a college. A college professor set the career in motion when they shared a recruitment video from Disney's industrial engineering program.


010 Franken Resort - Member Mashup Competition - Create a New DVC Resort

Have you ever had a conversation that goes along these lines? We love this resort, but we wish it had the pool from Beach Club, the monorail from the Magic Kingdom resorts and the room layout of Old Key West. Episode 010 is a tribute to Mary Shelly's literary classic from 1818 classic: Frankenstein. Just as Dr. Frankenstein brought something to life from bits and pieces, we originally tasked four DVC members to create a brand new resort by incorporating elements from other resorts. Thus the...


009 DVC Member Interview Donna Bickert Original Owner at Boardwalk Villas

Today we talk with Donna who has been a DVC Member since 1998. Donna is an owner at Boardwalk, Beach Club, Animal Kingdom Kidani, and Vero Beach. Her family’s Disney history goes back into her own childhood. The love for Disney has even impacted Donna's daughter, who is a current Disney cast member at Animal Kingdom.


008 DVC Member Interview - Tom Vose from Welcome Home Podcast

008 Member Interview Tom Vose - Owner at Bay Lake Tower since 2013 and host of the Welcome Home Podcast. In this episode, we get to know Tom and learn his family's backstory of buying into DVC.


007 DVC Member Resort Review Copper Creek Cabins and Villa's at Disney's Wilderness Lodge - Part 2

Chad Pennycuff, Terry Weaver, Shelby Russell, and Valerie Fairnington reunite for a Resort Review of Disney's Wilderness Lodge Restaurants, Pools, Transportation and Why Own Here?


006 - Member Resort Review Copper Creek Cabins and Villa's at Disney's Wilderness Lodge - Part 1

Experienced Disney Vacation Club members gather for a resort review of Copper Creek Cabins and Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. The size of villas let members rank them at the bottom of DVC options; however, the resort makes up for any shortcomings.


006 – Member Resort Review Copper Creek Cabins and Villa’s at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Part 1

The marvelous members assemble! We have Shelby from episode 001, Valerie from episode 002 and Terry from episode 003. My wife Laura also joins in on the conversation to add a little more mom factor to the show. First up is resort vibe and theme. The resort is beyond immersive. It will take you away […]


005 History of Disney's Copper Creek Cabins & Villas at Wilderness Lodge With Disney Historian Jim Korkis - Part 2

Disney's Copper Creek Cabins & Villas at Wilderness Lodge with Disney Historian Jim Korkis - Part 1. Former cast member and tour guide at Wilderness Lodge takes us on a journey through the lodge discussing the back stories behind the resort.