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We help Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members get the most out of their memberships by learning about other member's perspectives, experiences, and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism.

We help Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members get the most out of their memberships by learning about other member's perspectives, experiences, and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism.


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We help Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members get the most out of their memberships by learning about other member's perspectives, experiences, and personal preferences. We all do Disney differently. We're a positive show with a healthy dose of realism.








116 A DVC Blogger & Podcaster Walk Into a Bar: A Conversation with David Mumpower, OKW Owner Since 2013

David Mumpower is a powerhouse blogger in the DVC community. He's written for almost every major site. You can read his most recent work on DVC Resale Market's Blog. David writes the weekly parks and news updates for DVC Resale Market.


115 The Addonitis is Real! A Discussion With Caleb Allison

Caleb Allison is back with a case of addonitis. What started as a post for thoughts and advice in the My DVC Points Patreon Producer's club ended up being a podcast episode as Chad and Caleb discuss options for adding on.


114 Everything You Need to Know About DVC Member Cruises

DVC Member Cruises are the most sought after cruises in all of DCL. You have to be a DVC member who purchased points through Disney direct to set sail on a member cruise. (Part of the reason I bought more than the minimum points for a blue card from DVC was so that I would have points that I could use on a member cruise). Brian Flock from DCL Duo podcast and I discussed member cruises, and we decided to produce a joint show on DVC Member Cruises. We recruited Jonathon Hile and Cindy Leichner...


113 Grand Floridian Prices Rise But Still a Great Buy

Andy Berry joins us for our monthly DVC Resale Market monthly update. Disney exercised Right of First Refusal on 22 contracts in August 2020. We're back to pre-COVID resale prices. August was a banner month for sales and inventory is slightly low.


112 DVC New Member Education Series: Is DVC Right for Me?

First episode of a podcast series focusing on New Member Education. If you're a new member or researching becoming a member, we're creating a podcast playlist just for you. Our panel will be made up of experienced DVC members that are very active in DVC facebook groups.


111 “We Were Only Supposed to Go Every Couple of Years” Dan and Holly Austin’s DVC Addonitis Story

Dan and Holly Austin explain that they've been to Disney about every other year since their Honeymoon in 2012. In 2018, Dan started looking at the rising costs of a Disney vacation and bought into DVC thinking they would go every other year. However, once they acquired annual passes and stayed in deluxe studios and one-bedroom villas, addonitis quickly set in. In today's show, we get to know our neighbor's Dan and Holly Austin as they share their DVC story and Disney family memories.


110 Nick Cotton on Returning to the Parks

Nick Cotton joins the show to return to the parks, unique opportunities we have to enjoy the parks during COVID, deals on discounted DVC points, and an update on the DVC rental and resale markets.


109 Becoming Member After Staying at Wilderness Lodge

In Episode 109, we meet Heather Knecht. Heather transitioned from off-property to renting DVC points to becoming a member at Wilderness Lodge. In this process she provides a wonderful testimonial story for DVC Rental Store, DVC Resale Market and Monera Financial.


108 Resale Prices Rise in July with Strong Market

Jodi Gross from DVC Resale Market joins the show to provide a market update for July 2020. Resale prices rose almost across the board, and the average price is back up to the same point as last year. The market is leaning towards a slight seller's market. While Disney did not exercise their Right of First Refusal in July; however, before we could edit the episode, Disney started a buying spree.


107 Interview with Dan Cockerell Former VP of Magic Kingdom, Author, Speaker and Consultant

Dan Cockerell, former VP of Magic Kingdom, joins the show to discuss his career at Disney, answer My DVC Points Community member questions, and discuss his new book, "How's the Culture in Your Kingdom?"


106 Buying Mom’s Favorite Resort with Willie Herrera Owner at PVB and CCV

Willie Herrera grew up in Miami and making regular family trips to Walt Disney World. After getting out of college he decided to invest in DVC so that he could help continue the family tradition of going to Disney with his immediate family and have a means of affording Disney vacations for years to come whenever he starts a family of his own. In the episode we hear about family, buying his two favorite resorts which are the Polynesian and Copper Creek. He also discusses the joy of buying...


105 Some People Are Worth Matching Shirts For – Meet Jeremy Mobley Owner at PVB

Jeremy Mobley joins us for a conversation about his DVC story. Jeremy's passion for Disney didn't hit until later in life. Jeremy thinks that he's one of the few people who bought DVC based on a conversation with an advanced sales associate in the park kiosks on one of his first few trips to Disney. They ended up buying a small contract at the Polynesian resort and have added on twice. Throughout the interview, you'll see Jeremy has the heart to spend time with family members and share the...


104 The Ears Must Match the Dress – Meet Mandie Malinoski – Owner SSR Since 2014

Mandi Malinosky grew up Disney and is now raising a Disney family. Owner at Disney's Saratoga Springs since 2014, Mandy typically spends about 40 nights a year at Walt Disney World. She loves spending quality time with her family, creating Disney inspired dresses and ears, and coordinating the entire family's Disneybounding outfits. Many of the hidden gems Mandy discusses at Walt Disney World involve live performances and parades.


103 June 2020 DVC Resale and Rental Market Monthly Analysis

Andy Berry is back to provide a monthly recap for June 2020. For the third month in a row, DVC Resale Market had zero contracts bought back through Disney's Right of First Refusal (ROFR). Andy commented that DVC is taking longer than usual to waive their rights. Chad thought it was incredibly ironic that DVC is taking up to 50 days to say we're not buying it back and we haven't bought anything back in the last 90 days.


102 Home Park Disneyland, Home Resort Disney World – Meet Gina Grotsky Owner at Copper Creek since 2017

Go behind the scenes at My DVC Points and get to know our Community Hall Live show and Mouse Quiz show producer Gina Grotsky. Gina considers her home park Disneyland; however, she ended up buying at Copper Creek.


101 Transferring DVC to the Next Generation: Estate Planning, Trusts, Titles, and Multiple Contracts

Chad, Christy, Alicia, and Vicky discuss their experiences deeding and titling their DVC contracts and estate planning as DVC members. The fundamental question of estate planning is what happens to my stuff when I pass on? DVC markets this product in a fashion that you can leave this deeded estate product to your heirs. However, to do that, you should probably learn a few terms before hiring your estate planning professional in your state.


100 Favorite Disney Memories with Dads

Episode 100 celebrates being at Dad at Disney. Jim Mason, Ryan Kennedy, Rob Midiri, Chad Pennycuff, along with Jakob and Evie from our DVC Kids Panel join the show to share their favorite memories with their dad at Disney and/or their favorite memories as dads at Disney. Spoiler alert, when we asked the kids about their favorite memories with Dad, both of them picked a time at the beach resorts!


099 DVC Newscast: Disney World Reopening

Shannon Ford recaps DVC Reopening news and rumors in the light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


098 Community Hall Live: Team Bay Lake Tower vs Team Riviera Resort

What resort is your favorite place to stay? Bay Lake Tower or Riviera? Which would you own? Join the conversation in Community Hall Live by My DVC Points as discuss these awesome resorts in our summer resort shootout series. Tonights hosts Chad, Roxanne, Caleb, and Brian Flock from DCL Duo.


N000 – Show Introduction, Backstory, Values & A Casting Call

Chad introduces Shannon Ford as the host of DVC Newscast and discusses the backstory of the show, our values at My DVC Points, our vision for the show and we discuss requirements for joining the DVC Newscast team.