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Episode 267 - Adventure of the Seas Canada & New England listener cruise review

Taking a Royal Caribbean cruise to Canada and New England is a route Matt has never done, so this week, James joins Matt to talk about what it was like to sail this itinerary. James reviews his Adventure of the Seas cruise, what he did in port, and how Royal Caribbean compares to Disney Cruise Line.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope: @therclblogEmail: matt@royalcaribbeanblog.comLeave a voi


Episode 266 - Freedom of the Seas listener cruise review

Freedom of the Seas recently repositioned to her new homeport of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she offers 7-night cruises to the Southern Caribbean. On this week's episode, Jose reviews his recent Freedom of the Seas sailing and shares what he thought of the ship and the islands he visited.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope: @therclblogEmail: matt@royalcaribbeanblog.comLeave a voicemail:&nb


Episode 265 - First time cruise tips

In searching for that "just right" first cruise, you've followed all the rules -- researched cruise lines, examined possible itineraries and read all you can on You've booked your ship, selected a stateroom and picked an itinerary. So what's next? You'd be surprised at how many factors remain to be considered, such as packing, getting to the ship and life onboard. This week, I’m sharing some general first-time cruise tips that will help you get started in planning your


Episode 264 - Royal Caribbean vs Norwegian Cruise Line

Inevitably I get a lot of folks who are interested in taking a Royal Caribbean cruise after trying another cruise line and want to know how it compares. Likewise, some that have cruise on Royal Caribbean are curious how the competition stacks up to their cruise experience. This week, I wanted to tackle the comparison of Royal Caribbean versus Norwegian Cruise Line and share some experiences with folks who have done both. It’s an in-depth look at the cruise experience on both lines,


Episode 263 - Wheelchair accessibility on Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is known for many things, including being one of the most wheelchair accessible cruises line out there. On this week’s episode, I’ll be discussing the important tips, tricks and secrets to going on a Royal Caribbean cruise if you or someone in your group is using a wheelchair. Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope: @therclblogEmail: matt@royalcaribbeanblog.comLeave a


Episode 262 - Mariner of the Seas listener cruise review

Royal Caribbean’s $120 million makeover of Mariner of the Seas is turning heads and getting more people than ever taking a weekend getaway cruise on this fabulously updated ship. There is a lot to love about what Royal Caribbean added to Mariner of the Seas and so this week, we are talking about what was added and what stands out about Mariner of the Seas. Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope:&


Episode 261 - Becoming a Pinnacle Club member in Crown and Anchor Society

Regardless of your status in Royal Caribbean’s Customer Loyalty Program, it’s hard not to dream about someday reaching the uppermost level of Crown and Anchor Society, Pinnacle Club. Being a Pinnacle Member means you are among the few that have cruised on Royal Caribbean the most and also have the opportunity to take advantage of some pretty great perks. This week, we have on the podcast with me someone that recently became a Pinnacle Club member and we will talk about what it ta


Episode 260 - Booking another cruise onboard

It’s not hard to imagine being on a Royal Caribbean cruise and enjoying an incredible family vacation when suddenly you have the epiphany that you ought to do this again. And again. And again. Booking more cruises comes hand in hand with having a passion for cruising, and this week, we are going to talk about Royal Caribbean’s NextCruise program, which offers some incentives for rebooking onboard. We will talk about what the program offers, how to take advantage of it, and what you need to k


Episode 259 - Cruise etiquette

We are treading into the murky waters of cruise ship etiquette this week, and talking about the do’s and don’ts of how to act on a cruise ship. We are definitely not dictating how everyone should act on a cruise ship, but it is an opportunity to discuss the expected behavior and social norms you should expect on a Royal Caribbean cruise.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope: @therclblogEmail: m


Episode 258 - Majesty of the Seas cruise to Cuba review

Perhaps no destination has gotten as much attention in the last couple of years as Cuba. With Royal Caribbean offering cruises to this once off limits island, I couldn’t help not booking one myself and on this week’s episode, I’ll review my recent 5-night cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas to Cuba and the Caribbean. It’s not only a look at what Cuba is all about and my experience in old Havana, but also my first time trying a ship the size of Majesty of the Seas.Share with


Episode 257 - Alaska cruise review

We’re back from an amazing cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas and I got to share this 7-night Alaska experience with my friends from This week’s episode was recorded live onboard Explorer of the Seas, and we shared our experiences visiting Alaska.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope: @therclblogEmail: matt@royalcaribbeanblog.comLeave a voicemail: (4


Episode 256 - How to learn everything about your ship before you sail

The internet is a wealth of information and one of the best means to research pretty much anything, including your upcoming Royal Caribbean cruise. As soon as you book that Royal Caribbean cruise, very likely you are going to want to learn about what you can do onboard, where you can eat, what you can eat, what’s included and not included and much more. The answers to all these questions and more can be found around the internet and this week, I talk about my favorite ways to learn everything


Episode 255 - Explorer of the Seas cruise preview

It is hard to beat that feeling when you know your cruise is just days away, and this week, I’ve got that loving feeling again because my next Royal Caribbean cruise is coming up and I will preview my upcoming adventure on Explorer of the Seas to Alaska. In this episode, I will discuss my plans for the cruise, why I picked this ship and talk about the many friends that are joining us for it.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royal


Episode 254 - Analyzing the Perfect Day at CocoCay offerings

Royal Caribbean recently unveiled all the details and pricing for what we can expect to find at Perfect Day at CocoCay. The massive upgrade to Royal Caribbean's private island in the Bahamas means big changes and this week, we discuss the pricing and policies announced and how it will impact a day spent on the island.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope: @therclblogEmail: matt@royalcaribbean


Episode 253 - Should I upgrade? (Take two)

At some point in planning a Royal Caribbean cruise, you may reach a proverbial crossroad where which stateroom to book becomes a more complex decision than you experience in the past. Upgrading yourself to the next category stateroom can be very tempting, and inevitably you may be wondering, “is it worth it” to spend that extra money. Back on episode 210 we went through this exercise of debating what was worthwhile, and we had so much with it, I thought we’d come back with a fe


Episode 252 - Listener Emails

I’ll open up the inbox this week and answer more of your questions, including: Vision of the Seas, Crown and Anchor Society, future Royal Caribbean Blog group cruises and more.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribbeanblogPeriscope: @therclblogEmail: matt@royalcaribbeanblog.comLeave a voicemail: (408) 6ROYAL6You can subscribe to the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or RSS.Sh


Episode 251 - Crown and Anchor Society Overview

Feeling like your hard earned money is being spent on a vacation where you get the sense that you are welcomed is what every customer expects, especially on vacation. Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society is tasked with offering repeat cruisers incentives and recognition for being Loyal to Royal. This week, I’ll provide an overview of what the Crown and Anchor Society is all about, what you get, and how it all works.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter:&nbsp


Episode 250 - Cruising solo on Royal Caribbean

We often talk about Royal Caribbean cruises in the scope of a fantastic family vacation, but going on a Royal Caribbean cruise is just as enjoyable (if not more so) when you travel alone. Taking a solo Royal Caribbean cruise is a kind of experience that should not be shyed away from, and this week, we are talking all about going alone and how to take advantage of this sort of experience.Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...Twitter: @therclblogFacebook: /royalcaribb


Episode 249 - Royal Caribbean wedding review

Have you ever dreamed of getting married on a Royal Caribbean cruise? After all, combining the memories of a wedding with the backdrop of a Royal Caribbean cruise seems like a match made in vacation heaven. This week, we talk with a Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast listener who did just that and had her dream wedding onboard Harmony of the Seas. We talk about why she chose to get married onboard, what her experience was like, and what other soon-to-be-weds should consider.Share with me y


Episode 248 - What you need to know about taking a cruise to Europe

Royal Caribbean sails 25 of the world’s most innovative cruise ships to the most popular destinations around the world. Often, we focus on cruising from North America but so many of us often look to the other side of the Atlantic for new opportunities and adventures that await in Europe. Taking a European cruise is different from cruising in the Caribbean, so this week, I want to share what tips and advice you need to know before taking a Royal Caribbean cruise in Europe.Share with me your...