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STT 065: 10 Tips for Experiencing New Orleans

If you know anything about your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements, you know she loves New Orleans! On this solo travel podcast episode, Astrid gives 10 top tips for visiting and experiencing New Orleans. Plus, Astrid explores the spirit of New Orleans by going over some of the nicknames that New Orleans is known by. We love sharing the most innovative and informative content to get you out there solo. Astrid, your expert Solo Travel Advisor-- has an amazing packing list available for...


STT 064: Solo Travel on Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Vegas, baby! You might be in Las Vegas for a vacation, to see a show, for a conference, and your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements wants you to know there is more than meets the eye with Las Vegas—and specifically Fremont Street. On Astrid's recent trip to Las Vegas, there was plenty of sightseeing among the business part of her trip. Las Vegas might not strike you as a real solo travel destination, but there is plenty to see, do, and experience. Fremont Street is renewed, revitalized and...


STT 063: Lovely Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale

It’s a tony destination within Ft. Lauderdale—Las Olas is more than restaurants, more than shops… and your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements is going to explain it all. Can a specific street or district give you a new way to view a city? Las Olas Boulevard is a case study in becoming a center of activity. Listen and hear how a district can be distinct and build community, while maintaining a luxury feel. We love sharing the most innovative and informative content to get you out there...


STT 062: Miami Architecture and Cultural Touring - Alexandra Bassil

Miami is a top tourism destination, but it also has a rich history and a vibrant architectural preservation movement. Alexandra Bassil is a Certified Heritage Tourism Guide in Miami and she joins us on SOLO TRAVEL TALK to give her insights and insider scoop as a second-generation Miamian. Your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements knew that Alexandra was the right person to tell us all wonderful Miami. If you only think of beaches when you think of Miami, this is the episode for...


STT 061: Innovative Products and Travel Trends for the Solo Traveler

Your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements hit the International Travel Goods Show—a world class show for travel products, hosted in Las Vegas. As a solo travel expert, Astrid was on the scene to scope out travel products, travel trends, and to connect with the people and businesses that want to improve the experience of travel. On this solo travel podcast episode, Astrid covers new products and innovations that the avid solo traveler might want to incorporate. If you travel frequently and...


STT 060: Musee de l'Orangerie

In the Tuileries Gardens, next to the Place de la Concorde in Paris, lies a gem of a museum. The Musee de L’Orangerie holds impressionist and post-impressionist works, most famously Monet’s Water Lilies. Your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements suggests you include this museum on your list of sights to see for your next Paris solo travel adventure to enjoy this culturally rich destination. Visit the museum online: Musee de l'Orangerie We love sharing the most innovative and informative...


STT 059: The Seine - Soul of Paris + Dinner Cruising

Winding its way through Paris is the Seine River. Is it too much to say that the Seine is part of the soul of Paris? Astrid Clements, your solo travel advisor, investigates how the Seine historically played a role in the founding of Paris and what a visitor can expect of the Seine today. Plus, Astrid enjoyed a dinner cruise on the Seine and discusses how to not only plan evening activities, but also how to balance "touristy" things with "authentic" experiences. We love sharing the most...


STT 058: Live from The International Travel Goods Show

The International Travel Goods Show is happening right now in Las Vegas, Nevada. Your Solo Travel Advisor Astrid Clements is there looking for products that are just right for the solo traveler and you know she’s keeping an eye out for products that also say affordable luxury (of course.) We speak to Caroline Marchionna of Travelon and Aaron Zar of Silent Pocket. If you want to learn about travel trends and safety features in travel gear, this is the show for you. Mentioned on the...


STT 057: Off the Beaten Path New Orleans, by Neighborhood

You might know that Astrid Clements, your solo travel advisor, is a lover of New Orleans, but did you know Astrid also advocates New Orleans as a TOP solo travel destination? On this episode of Solo Travel Talk, Astrid is going to give you some New Orleans highlights, that might not be the usual places you hear about when considering New Orleans travel. Get ready for a fabulous tour, that is inspired, and is sure to make you want to go off the beaten path in New Orleans. We love sharing...


STT 056: New Orleans Tricentennial

Happy Birthday to the Crescent City! The pearl of South Louisiana, New Orleans, turns 300 this year. Older than the United States itself, NOLA has a rich history, a vibrant culture, and according to your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements, New Orleans is a great destination for the solo traveler. On this solo travel podcast episode, you'll learn all about the wonderful commemorative events that could be a part of your New Orleans Tricentennial travel. We love sharing the most innovative...


STT 055: Avenue Montaigne

Right in Paris' 8th Arrondissement is an enclave of luxury that may find no equal anywhere else in the world. It’s Avenue Montaigne and it’s quite an experience to behold for the solo traveler. Be prepared to be swept away to this paragon of opulence on this episode. Your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements shows why this street needs to be on your itinerary for a Paris trip, explains what to expect, how long to spend there, where to dine, and even gives you her tips for making this a peak...


STT 054: 5 Planning Ahead Tips for Solo Travel Success

We've been hearing it; you might be saying it-- a lot of people want MORE TRAVEL in their lives this year. To help you achieve that goal, your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements has lots of tips and guidelines for planning ahead to make sure you get out there and get the best trip you can plan for. On this episode of the solo travel podcast, we're going to go from how to prioritize travel this year, down to the micro level of things like when to time buying plane tickets, when to book...


STT 053: Elegant Parisian Lounges Not to Miss

Parisians have a philosophy: life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. You can see this philosophy in action in some of the elegant lounges and bars of Paris. On this episode of Solo Travel Talk, your solo travel podcast, prepare to enjoy some of the finer things as Astrid profiles five lounges that are of the highest caliber and are all solo-friendly. You won't want to miss this episode that feels like a wonderful travelogue. Mentioned on the show: Bar 228Hemingway BarGeorge IV Le BarLes...


STT 052: Hotel Regina, Affordable Luxury Gem in Paris

The Hotel Regina in Paris, France is a phenomenal hotel, a gem of a place to stay, and a fabulous example of affordable luxury. It was also the lodging of choice of Astrid Clements, your solo travel advisor on her recent trip to Paris. We profile the 5 Star Hotel Regina not only to share this wonderful find, but also to explore affordable luxury-- what constitutes affordable luxury, and how solo travelers can get more affordable luxury in their travels. You will be transported by this...


STT 051: Pick Your Paris Theme

Last week, Astrid Clements shared her recent trip to Paris and told listeners that her trip had a theme of Style and Fashion. On this episode of Solo Travel Talk, Astrid delves deeper into the theme of her trip, detailing exactly what activities made up the adventure. We hope you find the details of the trip interesting… and maybe even inspiring, but also to give you a sense of scope to how you can bring a theme to your Parisian travels. Mentioned on the show: Le Studio Parfum...


STT 050: Your 2018 Solo Travel Planning Guide - Paris

Ooh la la! Get ready for a Parisian excursion on this episode of your solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk. If you have not put Paris on your 2018 destination list, you probably will after this show. Astrid is back from a trip to Paris that she says ranks in her top trips ever. (And when someone travels as much as Astrid, a "top trip" should make you sit up and listen!) You'll learn why Paris is so amazing for both tangible and intangible reasons and some tips for making Paris super solo...


STT 049: Art Routes San Miguel de Allende

Art Routes is back! In coordination with The Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and Astrid Solo Travel Advisor, Art Routes will be going to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Tucked in the eastern side of the state of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende is a renowned art colony and is home to world-class galleries, sights, food and accommodations. The tour is set for June 1-7, 2018 and is sure to be an amazing, enriching experience. Listen to this show and discover if this trip is for you! The...


STT 048: What the Smart Solo Traveler Has - Travel Insurance

You might not think of it, but travel insurance is something the smart solo traveler has. On this episode of your solo travel podcast, Solo Travel Talk, Astrid Clements goes in depth on travel insurance and why you might want to consider it for your next trip. PLEASE NOTE - Disclaimer: Neither Astrid Clements nor Astrid Solo Travel Advisor LLC are licensed insurance agents or providers. This program is for informational purposes only. Astrid references Allianz for travel insurance - Astrid...


STT 047: The Solo Travelers’ Wish List and Astrid’s Travel Essentials

So very merry! This time of year welcomes gift giving and what better time is there to discuss lovely items that should be on the solo traveler’s wish list. In addition to having some fun talking about gifts, we are also pleased to announce that Astrid’s marketplace has launched! You are in for a treat as your solo travel advisor Astrid Clements takes you on a tour of her Astrid’s Essentials. Mentioned on the show: Astrid's Travel Essentials Bandolier Longchamp We love sharing the most...


STT 046: Table for One (Dining Solo Rebroadcast)

It’s December... the year is soon coming to a close and we’ve been doing some reflecting on 2017 here at Astrid Solo Travel Advisor. Solo Travel Talk launched in 2017 and we love bringing you innovative ideas about affordable luxury for the solo traveler. In that spirit, we revisit one of Solo Travel Talk’s most popular episodes: dining alone as a solo traveler. Astrid still hears so many people ask about this topic. After hearing this show, you’ll be able to banish any by-yourself eating...


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