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Episode 26 - Mission Possible with Ash Dykes

Today I talk with Ash Dykes; British explorer, two-time world first record holder, and the author of Mission Possible: A Decade of Living Dangerously. In this episode Ash talks about some of his early travel experiences. Which include training and competing as a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand, as well as working as a scuba diving instructor around the same time. He also shares the incredible story of how he made it into the record books by completing two world firsts. He was the first...


TBR 07 - A Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer

Someone had asked me recently, "What was a typical day like for you while living in a third world country?" This question referred to my time living in The Gambia as a Peace Corps volunteer. Well it just so happens that I once wrote a blog post that addressed this question, and this post is titled, A Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer. So I thought I'd share it for this episode of The Blog Readings! One day while living in my Gambian village, I took notes of the events that...


Episode 25 - Travel Hacking 101 with Kamelia Britton

Today I chat with my friend and fellow travel blogger, Kamelia Britton. Kamelia is the founder and owner of The Hackerette. A travel blog created to inspire and to teach others to travel the world on a budget that's affordable. And she does this by sharing her stories and her tips on travel hacking. A skill that she's honed throughout her own travels, allowing her to visit multiple places at unbelievable prices. This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to because Kamelia...


TBR 06 - First World Privilege with Ray Benedetti and Matt Sams

Today I share an episode that I was recently interviewed for on the OutrageoU.S. Podcast with hosts Ray Benedetti and Matt Sams. In this one we talk about first world privilege and how we take so many things for granted in the U.S. I talk about my experiences while living in The Gambia as a Peace Corps volunteer and a lot of the challenges that I had to face. Many of which are things that most people probably don’t know. As I haven’t really talked about them very much before. But I decided...


Episode 24 - Shred America with Mike Kosciesza

In this episode I talk with skateboarder and documentary film-maker, Mike Kosciesza. This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to because Mike had this incredible, and quite unique, story to tell. Back in 2008, Mike teamed up with a few friends in Chicago and they hit the road to head towards New York City. Though they didn't use a car, or a bus, or a train, or any other form of motorized transportation. They decided to make the long journey on skateboards! At the time...


TBR 05 - Getting a Free Lunch in The Gambia

In this episode of The Blog Readings, I read one of my earliest posts, titled; Getting a Free Lunch in The Gambia. I was inspired to read this post after having a chance to reflect on my service as a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia earlier this week. I was interviewed by Ray Benedetti and Matt Sams from the OutrageU.S. podcast. And during our talk they asked me about my experience for an upcoming episode that they will be releasing. Now I won’t spoil anything, but our conversation...


Episode 23 - The Wellness Journey with Paige Harker

My guest today is Paige Harker, a world traveler and avid beach enthusiast! She is also the creator of the travel blog, That Blonde Bikini Girl. A blog through which educates her readers on solo travel, how to travel on a budget, as well as how to stay fit and healthy while on the go. And the last one is what she and I discuss in this episode. For health and wellness is something that she’s very passionate and has made it a lifestyle. And not only has she found ways to make fitness both...


TBR 04 - The Best Self-Defense System For Travelers

For this 4th episode of The Blog Readings, I share a blog post that I wrote recently titled, The Best Self-Defense System for Travelers. I started writing more posts relating to travel safety after conversations with some of my friends. Most of whom liked the idea of traveling, though they were afraid to. They would hear about so many crazy and awful things that were happening around the world and they were concerned about their safety. This was something that I was also concerned about....


Episode 22 - Strengthen Your Connections with Ryan Michler

In this episode I had the honor to talk with Ryan Michler, the host and founder of the Order of Man podcast. Which is a show that is simply about becoming a better man. Helping men improve their relationships, their businesses, their health, and in other areas of life. All things that Ryan himself has worked to improve on. And a critical component to doing so was surrounding himself with the right people and building strong connections. Since starting Order of Man, he’s traveled...


TBR 03 - A Scary Tale From My Home

In this episode of The Blog Readings I share one of my personal favorites! I'm a big fan of scary stories, so I decided to share one of my own from when I was growing up. This post is simply titled, A Scary Tale From My Home. Now the timeline for this post is a little bit weird. I wrote this during Halloween of last year, but the story itself takes place during the winter months in my hometown in Michigan. Seeing that the snow has fallen pretty heavily here, I figured it was high time to...


Episode 21 - Finding Fulfillment with Rachel Walla

In this episode I talk with Rachel Walla, who is the creator of the travel blog, A Map to Anywhere. This was a conversation that I was really looking forward to because Rachel’s background is quite similar to my own. We’re both small town kids, both the second oldest of four children, and we both had dreams of visiting London when we were in high school. And we both have been there a few times now! So her story begins in a small town in Montana, but eventually she heads out to explore the...


TBR 02 - How World Travel Can Affect Relationships

In this second episode of The Blog Readings I share another one of my more popular posts! I wrote this one a while back after receiving an inquiry from one of my readers, and it's titled How World Travel Can Affect Relationships. And by relationships I'm referring to significant others and how world travel could have an adverse effect. It was a post that I got some mixed feedback on, as what I talk about is personal and slightly controversial. Either way I hope you all like it!


Episode 20 - Lessons Learned Abroad with Chris Oldfield

My guest today is Chris Oldfield, a world traveler and the creator of Lessons Learned Abroad. A travel blog through which he educates his readers on ethical travel, how to travel on a budget, as well as other lessons that he’s learned along the way. He's also the Community Manager for Nomadic Matt. Along with that he is soon to be a first-time author! And will be releasing his book titled The Dogs of ‘Nam later this year. In this episode Chris shares some of his most challenging and...


TBR 01 - How I Afford To Travel The World

Welcome to the debut episode of The Blog Readings (TBR)! Which is a little bit different from my regular show where you hear stories from myself and my guests. In this show I'll be reading my blog posts, both past and present. Sharing some of my travel tips, recommendations, ranking lists, and more. I know many of you are strapped for time, and you might not be able to read my blog. So I decided to start doing them in a podcast so that you can have them on the go, while doing chores, or...


Episode 19 - 35,000 Kilometers with Ed Miller

My guest today, Ed Miller, is a high school teacher from England who recently decided to take a year off work to do some traveling around the world. During this time he set out on an incredible journey in which he went from London, England all the way to Brisbane, Australia. And he did this without the use of an airplane! It was an endeavor that took him months to complete, and he did it in support of the Oddballs Foundation. Which is a charity that’s committed to raising awareness for...


Episode 18 - Seafaring, Parenthood, and Entrepreneurship with Joshua Nussbaum

In this episode I talk with world traveler and serial entrepreneur, Joshua Nussbaum. Joshua is the president of RevLabs, a supplement company based out of San Diego, California that’s committed to bringing you high quality supplements to help you reach your fitness goals. But before embarking on the path of entrepreneurship, Joshua set out on a different journey. One that led him to visit multiple counties while circumnavigating the globe during a semester at sea. In this episode he talks...


Episode 17 - Live YOUR Life

It's my birthday today! Turning a year older today has led me to reflect on my life so far. And so far I'd say that I've accomplished quite a bit! Though to some people I haven't accomplished very much at all, and there's reasons why they think that. In this solo cast I talk about some of those things. Along with that I also discuss why you should choose to follow my own path and how you can live the life that you want.


Episode 16 - Explore. Experience. Evolve. with Rachel Berg

In this episode I talk with my friend and fellow travel blogger, Rachel Berg. Rachel's story begins in a small town in Michigan, but eventually leads to the fashion capitals of New York City and Milan, Italy. After coming down with the travel bug, Rachel found herself going out and exploring new places and seeking out experiences that she's never had before. A passion that recently brought her to the wilds of Iceland, and will soon lead her to multiple countries around Africa. In this...


Episode 15 - Snuff Out Problems and Beat Procrastination

In this episode I share a very riveting story from my Peace Corps service in The Gambia. A story about a time when action needed to be taken before serious damage was done... literally. Tying it to helpful tips and ideas that can help you face problems in your life and beat procrastination so you can succeed with what you set out to do.


Episode 14 - Escape Into Nature

In this solo cast I talk about the benefits of being in nature. And why you should impliment mindfulness activities in your life in order to help your mind recover.


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