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#23: The Absolutely Essential Japanese Music Starter Pack w/ Taka

Our good friend Taka introduces us to the world of Japanese music by giving us a taste of a few select, diverse tracks. Here are the songs we listened to if you would like to check them out: – Selfish Love by Miyavi: – Omega by Crystal Lake: – Luv(sic) Part 6 (feat....


#21: I Came To Japan For AKB48 – Confession of An Indonesian Student In Japan

*CASUAL EPISODE* Edwin from Indonesia joins the Bento Bureau team to discuss how he was inspired to come to Japan because of his admiration for idol groups. Please excuse the audio quality this time around as we were limited to using a portable microphone. Some of the topics we mentioned: – Edwin’s background – Idol...


Ep. 11 – The Inside Japan Podcast – University Teacher Ben – Saving for Retirement in Japan

This week University Teacher Ben from Retire Japan drops in to share his wealth of knowledge about the very important, but rarely talked about topic of preparing for retirement while in Japan. Enjoooy. (Apologies for my mic dropping out for about 45 seconds at the 19:00 minute mark. Consider it an Easter Egg.) Right-Click...


Ep. 10 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Dispatch Company HR and Training Manager Philip

This week Philip from the dispatch company Wing drops in to take us through his path from teacher in Taiwan to HR manager in Tokyo. Enjooooy. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 [Check out Wing and Philip: Wing | Philip’s Facebook] [Follow the Show: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube] [Find a...


Ep. 9 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Job Fair Common Mistakes w/ Peter from

This week Peter from goes through some of the common mistakes he sees job seekers make at Job Fairs that throw themselves right out of the running for landing ANY job. Enjooooy. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 Photo Evidence of just some of the points Peter brings up: [Check out JobsinJapan: Find a...


Ep. 8 – The Inside Japan Podcast – David Sweet from FocusCore

This week David Sweet from FocusCore drops in to outline his path through Japan. David started as a JET, and now works for his own company in Tokyo. He’s also an author. Enjoooooy. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 [Check out FocusCore: Website | Facebook | Twitter | David’s Book| [Follow the Show: Twitter |...


Ep. 7 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Brian from Link Japan Careers Inc.

This week Brian from Link Japan Careers drops in to walk up through his epic path through Japan, which even includes sitting in on the meeting where Interac decided to give the whole ALT thing a try… Enjoy The Sim Card for JETs Brian mentions can be found here- > Right-Click to Download...


#18: Cafe, community, and conbini – Casual talk about life in Japan with Buzz, Long, and Ly.

This is the newest Bento Bureau Podcast format! Last week, we sat down on a rainy day and had a small discussion about life in Japan. Some topics we talked about were: (1) what have we been doing? (2) Buzz’s trip to a cafe in Tokyo; (3) Our small community in Saitama; (4) Buzz’s experience...


Ep. 6 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Tourism Consultant/SNS Marketing Manager – Victor

This week Victor from Frame of Travel drops in to walk us through his career in Japan, which did not start with a teaching gig as it does for so many of us. Listen and Learn. Enjoy. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 [Follow Victor: Frame of Travel | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter] ...


Ep. 5 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Fixing the JET Program – Daniel Ussher

Following up on his presentation at JALT International Conference entitled, “JET 30 Years On: Still Meeting Needs?”, this week Daniel Ussher from L2Education drops in to dig deep into how the JET Program can and needs to improve in 2018 and beyond. Enjoy. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 Optional Pre-listening Homework: What is...


Ep. 4 – The Inside Japan Podcast – From Interac to Tech – Jordan

This week Jordan drops in to regale us with his tale of making the jump from Interac Teacher to his position in the Tech field. Enjoooy. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 [Follow the Show: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube] [Find a Job:] [Discuss the show: Discord] [Support: Patreon] Some of the...


Ep. 3 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Simon from Modern English – Eikaiwa Teacher to Eikaiwa CEO

Simon from Modern English drops in this week to share his tale of going from Eikaiwa Teacher to CEO of a Eikaiwa Franchise Company (and a lot more). Enjoooy. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 More of Simon -> Modern English – Happy Valley – MELearning – Linkedin [Follow the Show: Twitter | Instagram |...


Learn Japanese Pod 18: How to say “must” in Japanese

Download Podcast | Just The Dialogs | PDF Show Notes | iTunes Subscribe | Android | All podcasts In this podcast, Ami and Alex from Learn Japanese Pod teach you how to say you must do something in natural fluent and easy Japanese. Enjoy!


Ep. 2 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Adam from Housing Japan – Eikaiwa to Real Estate

Adam from HousingJapan drops in this week to tell the tale of his journey from the Eikaiwa Teaching World to the Real Estate World in Tokyo. Follow Adam-> LinkedIn | Housing Japan (High-end) | Real Estate (Average-end) Right-Click to Download the Mp3 [Socials: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube] [Find a...


Why do Japanese people wear masks?

n the latest Fun Friday podcast Tomo Akiyama is back by popular demand. We mostly talked about various aspects of Japanese culture including the question “Why do Japanese people wear masks?”. This discussion came up through the questions people most commonly ask about Japan on Google. Therefore we took a stab at answering this popular query. We...


Ep. 1 – The Inside Japan Podcast – Peter from

Peter from joins the first episode of The Inside Japan podcast to share some of what he’s learned from his long history in the Japanese working world. Right-Click to Download the Mp3 [Socials: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube] [Find a Job:] [Discuss the show: Discord] [Support: Patreon] Some...


ALTI161: A New Beginning – The Inside Japan Podcast

This week I talk to you about the big change, and some of my favorite moments from the past 162 episodes. See you on the other side. Right click here to download the MP3 [Follow james/ALTInsider: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Discord | Patreon] Links to Click: Fighting the Tape...


ALTI160: Matt vs Japan – All Japanese All The Time Spiritual Successor

This week I talk with Matt from Matt vs Japan all about why All Japanese all the Time is the best way to learn Japanese. As in life, there are no shortcuts in learning a language. Do it right. All the time. Right click here to download the MP3 [Follow james/ALTInsider: Twitter | Instagram...


ALTI159: Stonewall Japan – LGBTQ Community in Japan

This week I talk to 3 great people from Stonewall Japan a community providing support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) people in Japan. Bit different from the normal show, but one that I am happy to have on the site. Enjooooy. Right click here to download the MP3 [Follow: Twitter | Instagram...


Learn Japanese Pod 16: What to do when you lose your wallet in Japan

In this podcast Ami and I talk about what to do if you lose your wallet or other personal items when in Japan. The good news is that Japanese people are generally very law abiding and honest. Therefore, if someone finds your lost item, there is a good chance they will hand it in to...