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Nottingham, United Kingdom






Looking Foolish While Geocaching - OBGCP102

On this weeks show... Featuring special guest Mr Scott Berks of The Geocaching Podcast, with an exclusive announcement. Song mention at the start of the conversation Geocaching by MC Binery Miss Watto and I were recently doing a virtual cache in Loughborough (GC7B956 War Memorial #388 - Loughborough Carillon Tower by sixxdoguk). Without giving too much away the cache required us to count the number of letters on the memorial plaques at the cache location. Mid-way through counting it...


The Return - OBGCP99

This week on The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast... Mark reintroduces the show, giving a bit of an update on why. Nothing exciting really in this episode. It's good to be back. Contact the Show... E-mail - Twitter - @Ohbeepgcp


Geocaching £24k Drug Bust - OBGCP101

On this weeks show... A newspaper story about two Geocachers who found £24k of heroin in Dundee, Scotland. Source: Dundee Evening Telegraph Also, a sort of retro discussion on using a mobile phone or a GPSr for Geocaching. The Geogearheads show this week will be covering this topic in more detail. Listener Questions... Two from the boys over at The Talking Crass Podcast. What the hell is geocashing? Beat and I are intrigued!! What is your best find? GC13089 Cretehawser by...


From Illinois to Nottingham & Back Again - OBGCP100

Way back in March 2016 Scott Berks (of Geocaching Podcast fame) released a little Fisher Price man in to the world, its mission to wing its way to me in Nottingham. Check the little feller out here. The original mission was: "Originally trying to get to Nottingham" Well he made it to Nottingham, after a 2.5 year 21600 mile journey. Now its my turn to return him. Contact the show: Email -


Moan-A-Lots 16 Geocaching Rants - OBGCP98

This Week.. Moan-A-Lot joins us to share some of his Geocaching rants. Rant 1. People who don't log their finds on the listing site. Doctor D finally moves on the Evil Feathers TB. Ask Doctor D.. From Docfirewoman How do you get your Geocaching mojo back? Rant 2. Lamp post Geocaches in the UK compared with the USA. Rant 3. Doctor D's poor attempts at Geocache maintenance. Doctor D goes on strike, again, due to lack of quality Geocaches. Rant 4. We all hate multi's, but all our...


Danno Pugatch Interview - OBGCP97

This Week... Dannon, from Team Pugatch, joins us for discussion about Geocaching, his youtube channel and beer. Plus a lot more. Check out Danno's Youtube channel, Get Lost! with Team Pugatch Danno did a brilliant video advertising his appearance: Follow Danno on Twitter at @dannopugatch Ask Dr D or share your feedback Please connect with us iTunesFacebook PageTwitter


Geocaching Podcast Profiles: Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast - OBGCP96

Back in October 2013 the GeogearHeads podcast ( did an episode about the History of Podcasting ( This episode featured Rob Walch, from media hosting site Libsyn. Without the above podcast episode there would be no Oh Beep! After hearing it, we had a "we can do that" mentality. To take things full circle. Back in April 2016 DarrylW4 conducted a series of interview with geocaching podcasters. Profiling each one and why...


Dr D v The 8 Stage Multi - OBGCP95

Another out and about episode. We attempt an 8 stage multi geocache, with the aid of the Geocaching Buddy app. The Geocache: GC3MZRH Jubilation by kitty baily. Ask Dr D or share your feedback Please connect with us iTunesFacebook PageTwitter


Look Mom No GPSr - OBGCP94

This week's show is recorded entirely out and about, whilst we're geocaching. Doctor D was given the task of find three geocaches using only screenshots from Google Earth. First Geocache GC6GNJB - VS #635 Castle Donington A cache by rr300tdi Second Geocache GC5W2KD REALLY SideTracked - Castle Donnington A cache by stuarthowe11 Third Geocache - GC5JVPZ Little Bridges #394 - Gloucestershire Homecoming by Teamtriplet Ask Dr D or share your feedback


Pokemon Go and Oh Beep Invade Turkey - OBGCP93

This Week.. Geocaching in Turkey Pokemon Go Last Week.. Geocaching in war torn Turkey The geocaches GC5E5DH - T Kara N Kierons Olu Deniz Beach by blokiebloke GC58WPV - Kieron N Karas Living Statues Fethiye by blokiebloke News.. Georgia man gets lost while 'geocaching' in the Everglades (from Ask Dr D.. Geocaching or Pokemon Go? Dumb Stuff Oh Beepers Do.. What country were we in? Negotiations with market stall owners Feel the wrath Dr D’s Facts of the...


Dr D Returns From The Hole - OBGCP92

This Week… Dr D shares his feelings about people with no pens Live recording of Dr D tasting his number one rated hot chocolate Last Week.. Geocaching with StaticJay and Moan-A-Lot: GC5CRB6 Molten Glass Arrangement A cache by KaosCL GC66CQA Prestwold Amble by PlasmaWave The series consists of 27 caches in total including two mystery bonus's Also attempted the Gravely Hollow series and StatocJay attempted GC32REK Cold War Cache by jacaru: GC50YGN Gravelly Hollow #01 Bright Eyes A...


Poppycock Across Canada

The weeks show features Dave DeBaeremaeker, worldwide geocaching legend and Canadian. We discuss his road trip across Canada. Check out his blog Only Googlebot Reads This Blog at Dave defines the Canadian phrase hoser Bob & Doug, ice rinks, depression siphon New Top Gear or old Top Gear - has to be old for Dave. Discussion about Dave's photography during the trip. The zombie geocache: GC3DYQY Z.E.S.T. Discussion about Lego minifigs Relevant...


Superheroes & Ladies Who Geocache - OBGCP90

This Week.. Whereigo in Nottingham Dr D thinks like a lady Last Week.. Found our 900th geocaching GC5R2HJ Pandora's Puzzles #1: Magic Box by kelex Whereigo GC5T15F Robin Hood Adventure by SkyBluesBazza & Spire67 News.. How to Build an Active, Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Kids also the book "Bomb" in the tree turns out to be Geocache (From Feedback.. From Seb Mya Hi! I...


'Sup Internet, My Name Is Scott Berks - OBGCP89

This Week.. Geocaching and zombies Scotts geocaching bag tips BananaSource does something dumb with an “archived” geocache Last Week.. Scott warned us that after so many episodes podcasting would become a chore. After so many episodes it wasn’t podcast that became a chore, it was geocaching. Very little of note is happening in this space anymore. How can you tell? News.. Geocaching mentioned on IZombie Everett Geocache Hunt Finds Explosives (From...


Tips for Travelling and Geocaching Abroad - OBGCP88

Intro… StaticJay rant about Moan-A-Lot Moan-A-Lots new FB group Countries we’ve experienced? Before you go - In date passport - Miss Watto’s ran out before we went to Ireland Do you even need a passport? Think about what you wear when when travelling, it can cause an inconvenience at the airport. Mobile data - after breathing and a passport, the most important thing for most modern travellers. Jamie got a good deal on his. I used EE...


Doctor D Is Too Good For Geocaching - OBGCP87

This Week.. Daleks and geocaching Cache or trash Facebook live Last Week.. 2:51 Dublin baby. Check out for our review. Also GC43 GeoTours & Winter Insanity a blog post by Sarah Murphy for her take on the weekend. Feedback.. 3:42 Thank you to listener Mike Pacholik I hope you guys have received your package. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the show. I listen on my way to work and on my way home from work. My drive is around 1 1/2 hours. I have never...


Geocaching In Ireland - OBGCP86

StaticJay and BananaSource relive their experience of Geocaching in Dublin and Bray (where they did Europe's First Geocache) Dumb Stuff Geocachers Do.. Forget to ensure GPSr before leaving home, BananaSource's found that his Garmin was bricked when he tried to use it in Ireland. Main Discussion.. Miss Watto has a mishap in Bray 5 Favourite Geocaches of the Weekend 7:15 Multi - #3 - A History of Bray: The Victorian Promenade Letterbox -...


Whats Happening In 2016 - OBGCP85

Ey Up Me Duck Challenge.. 4:25 Hi Mark, So how many of the 12 Challenges did Oh Beep manage to achieve? How many of the caching resolutions you made last January did you manage? Can you remember what they were????? The ones below were ours: If you are continuing with challenges this year could listeners send in ideas and you and Sam could chose the one to do???? Happy New Year to you all - hope it's a good one Denise (and Ady) Challenge Doctor D.. 17:31 Doctor D is...


Conversation With CacheZilla - OBGCP84

CacheZilla returns for our Christmas special. She helps BananaSource with accents and answers WashKnights 20 Geocaching Questions - check out his blog at Below are the questions: 1) When and how did you get into Geocaching? 2) Do you remember your first find? GC17AGB CW #2 Calverton/Woodborough circular by ken.brown66 3) What device(s) do you use for locating caches? 4) Where do you live and what is your local area like for geocaching? (Density/quality/setting...


Muggles Galore - OBGCP83

This Week.. Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge Muggled while NOT Geocaching A Moan-A-Lot exclusive Climb a mountain from your armchair Last Week.. GC5YEGQ - KIKUCHIS KASTLE KACHE by Kikuchis. Periscope video: (Doctor D manages to insult ‘muricans) GC3H3TD - Phooning in Derby by Grant & LisaX GC5DR7B - Off Beam by TeamSummers1. Periscope video: (More offensiving) Discussion about How To...