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#16: Colton Smith and Tommy Steward, Five Seasons of Rock the Park

I sit down with Colton and my brother Tommy Steward in our hotel room in Pioche, Nevada to reminisce on the past five seasons of Rock the Park. We talk about the good moments, the not so good ones and some of our take aways. It's a fun conversation!


#15: Sensitivity

To revive the podcast, I talk about how I've come to identify as a highly sensitive person and how that impacts the way that I see the world. Emotions seem to want to take the steering wheel of my life all the time. In this episode, I outline the ways that I choose to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of overwhelming emotion.


#14: Greg Piken, Good Grief

I sit down with my friend Greg Piken and discuss the topic of loss and our need to grieve these losses. We talk about some healthy ways to cope in these difficult seasons as well as some of the unhealthy ways. Greg is also the pastor of community life at Journey of Faith church in Manhattan Beach and Torrance, California. If you live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles and are in need of a faith home, check it out.


#13: Stuck in a Rut

Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a rut? Maybe you feel like you've lost that passion for life. Or maybe you feel like you've never had that feeling before. Jack talks about the steps that he has taken in the last few months to get out of a rut and recapture a sense of confidence, identity and excitement for life.


#12: Dane Lawing, The Modern Nomad

I sat down with my friend, cinematographer Dane Lawing to discuss the complexities of the modern day nomad. What drives us to travel? Is it a sense of romanticism? Adventure? Or is it escapism? We dive into into these questions as well as our own anxiety and fear to help make sense of this powerful drive inside of us.


#11: Mark Olson, The Power of Wilderness

Today, we’re having a conversation with Mark Olson, a veteran of the United States Army and a student of Wilderness. Mark shares his perspective on the human need for wilderness and wild places and the humility that it takes to allow nature to run it’s own course. Mark also discusses the difficulties that face veterans when they return home from combat and how nature can be a place of healing and purpose for those who’ve seen combat. We chatted under the stars in the backcountry of...


#10: Brokenness Part 2

Jack continues to discuss the topic of brokenness - this time focusing on how to understand our shortcomings and why we do things we aren't proud of. He then dives into another truth discovered in his search for purpose: the importance of serving others.


#9: Brokenness Part 1

In the wake of the tragic losses of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, Jack discusses the topic of brokenness, especially as it relates to anxiety and depression. It begins a journey to discover ways of battling your own sense of worry and fear by looking at your own situation through someone else's eyes.


#8: 100 Episodes of Rock the Park

The guys celebrate an incredible achievement: 100 episodes of Rock the Park! They talk about the past, present and future and give insight into some of the most impactful moments on the show.


#7: Rob Smith, Regional Director at NPCA

Jack and Colton celebrate National Park week! They begin by discussing their favorite national parks and why they mean so much. The guys spent some time recently in Olympic National Park helping out the National Park Conservation Association with an annual beach clean up. They talk about the importance of giving back and discuss their own shortcomings when it comes to the issue of giving up plastic. Rob Smith, Regional Director for the NPCA's Northwest Regional Office joins the guys on the...


#6: The Healing Power of Nature, Special Guest: Tommy Steward

Jack and Colton discuss the healing power of nature and the impact that the national parks have had on their own lives. Colton brings up the recent news of an enzyme that was discovered that will actually "eat" plastic. They discuss the potential pros and cons of relying on such an enzyme to rid the ocean of plastic. Jack's brother, Tommy Steward comes on the show to talk about their shared passion for shooting video and gives some insight into the creation of Rock the Park and more. Jack...


#5: Joe Stone, Paragliding and Perspective

The guys discuss the power of the "solo" adventure experience as Jack shares how his first trip alone to Death Valley National Park changed his life. They debate the decision to raise the entrance fees in select national parks before welcoming their fried Joe Stone to the show. Joe talks about the thrills of paragliding and how he has learned to be a smarter pilot. Rock the Park's signature tag line: "If we can do it, so can you" is dissected as Joe offers some perspective. Finally, Jack...


#4: Maudie Jordan, Ultramarathon Runner

Colton is now an official resident of southern California and the guys talk about the misconceptions that many people have about Los Angeles. They discuss various outlets for outdoor adventure that are seemingly everywhere in the state of California. Maudie Jordan, an ultramarathon runner comes on the show to talk about the process of running races of 100 miles or more! They talk about the physical toll on the body but also the incredible strength that comes from the sport. Finally, the guys...


#3: Adam Beard, AT Thru-Hiker

Jack shares a few stories from his recent trip to New York City. Afterwards, the guys tell the story of a chaotic adventure that unfolded in Katmai National Park after cameras had been put away. One of their good friends, Adam Beard shares some insight and stories about his experience while hiking the entire Appalachian Trail with his girlfriend. Finally, the guys discuss the difficulties of making travel plans in Alaska.


#2: Heidi Ruen, Showrunner of Rock the Park

Jack and Colton talk about urban adventure as Jack prepares for an upcoming trip to New York City. They dive into the mysterious and controversial Jean Lafitte, who is the central character of their recent episode in New Orleans. The legacy of the late Stephen Hawking is celebrated before the guys dive into a discussion on how to generate funding for the national parks without sacrificing the many incentives to visit these important places. Rock the Park’s very own showrunner, Heidi Ruen...


#1: Cayman Islands, Facing Fears and Embarrassing Moments

For the very first episode of Those Park Guys Podcast, Jack and Colton talk about their plans for the series. They begin by talking about the recent episode of Rock The Park in the Cayman Islands and facing your fears. They move on to discussing avalanches and popular parks, then reminisce on the best moments of season four of Rock the Park. To cap off their first episode, the guys talk about the most embarrassing moments on the road and answer a couple of questions from fans.