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Washington, DC travel tips and hacks hosted by tour guide Rob. In-depth interviews with local experts will help you plan your visit to the nation's capital.

Washington, DC travel tips and hacks hosted by tour guide Rob. In-depth interviews with local experts will help you plan your visit to the nation's capital.


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Washington, DC travel tips and hacks hosted by tour guide Rob. In-depth interviews with local experts will help you plan your visit to the nation's capital.








Where to Stay When You Visit Washington DC

When you’re planning a trip, where to stay, which hotel, and what area, is a big decision. It’s why one of the first things I did after I started Trip Hacks DC was create a where to stay guide. In this episode you'll learn about all eleven recommend areas. What are the pros of each area? What are the cons of each area? And what are some solid hotel choices in each? Plus, what are the areas where you don't want to stay? The don'ts are podcast exclusive content so stick around until the end of...


Newer and Lesser Known Monuments in Washington DC

When you visit Washington, DC you will almost certainly check out the major monuments and memorials on the National Mall. Over the past few years, several new monuments have opened around the city. These are monuments both to former presidents and to major wars. Because they opened during the pandemic, their ceremonies didn't have much fanfare. In this episode Rob is joined by guest Carolyn Muraskin to discuss these new sites, as well as a few other lesser-known memorials they think you...


National Cherry Blossom Festival in 2022 and Beyond

For the first time in three years National Cherry Blossom Festival events are back in person. This is an exciting development after years of missing out on one of the most anticipated events in Washington, DC. However, it's important to know what's changed and how. In this episode Rob is joined by Diana Mayhew. She is the President of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the nonprofit organization that organizes and implements festival events each spring. Diana has some important tips if...


Insider Travel Tips from a DC Tour Guide

When is the best time of year to travel? What's the best process to choose a hotel? How do you find the best tours and experiences in a destination? In this episode Rob takes the mic to tackle all of these questions and more. He brings his decade of experience as a tour guide and applies it to how he travels. It's a different perspective than you'll hear from a frequent or professional traveler, but hopefully valuable nonetheless! Full show notes for this episode are available on the Trip...


Is Washington DC Tourism Coming Back?

Are travelers coming back to Washington, DC? Is the tourism industry recovering? The answer is yes. But also no. It's complicated. The only way to properly explain it is to walk through what 2021 was like month by month. In this episode Rob takes the mic for a solo podcast. He talks about how Trip Hacks DC tour business fared in 2021 and what the experience was like to own a Washington DC tour business and try to come back from a devastating 2020. Full show notes for this episode are...


Use this Travel Hack when You Visit Washington DC (or Elsewhere)

How do you book your airfare, hotels, and tours? What websites do you use? What would you think if I told you that the websites you use to book your trip could make or break your travel experience? This is an important topic whether you're traveling to Washington, DC or elsewhere! In this episode Rob takes the mic for a solo podcast. He covers a topic that very few tour industry insiders will publicly discuss - why booking direct is a superior option to booking travel on a third party...


Tips for Moving to Washington DC

Trip Hacks DC is primarily a source of travel content for Washington, DC visitors. But once visitors get here, especially when they sign up for a Trip Hacks DC tour, they have a lot of questions and curiosities about what it's like to live in DC. If you're planning to move here, hopefully you'll find plenty of useful information in this episode. If you're just visiting, hopefully this episode helps satisfy some of your curiosity. Rob welcomes John Coleman to the podcast. John is a real...


How to Plan the Best Washington DC Trip

At the time of recording there are nearly 200 Trip Hacks DC YouTube videos and dozens of podcast episodes with travel tips galore! But how do you tie all of those tips together into a tip itinerary? This episode's guest walks you through how he took the tips he learned from Trip Hacks DC and designed an itinerary around them. Rob welcomes Doug McKnight to the podcast. Doug is a fellow podcaster and co-host of Rope Drop Radio, a podcast by two dads who love Disney. He is an expert on...


Secret Washington DC

Washington, DC visitors all know about the major sites - the monuments, memorials, museums and historic places. But there is so much more out there! There is an entire "secret" side of Washington, DC that many visitors, and even some locals, never truly discover. A new book tells the stories of some of the places. In this episode Rob welcomes Washington, DC based author JoAnn Hill to the podcast. JoAnn is the author of the new book Secret Washington, DC: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful,...


Eating Well & Supporting Black Owned Restaurants in DC

Travelers have a plethora of restaurant choices when they visit Washington, DC. Everyone wants to eat well but many travelers also want to know how to support the businesses that are rooted in the local community. The reality is, if you want to sample some of the quintessential DC foods you need to check out some Black owned businesses while you're here. In this episode Rob welcomes Washington, DC based food blogger Anela Malik to the podcast. Anela is a Black food blogger, former...


The Best Washington DC Tours & Activities

There are so many fun things to do when you visit Washington, DC that the options can feel overwhelming. You might wonder: are free tours any good? Is it worth it to splurge on a private tour experience? Is the best mode of transportation to see the monuments by foot, bike, Segway, or bus? In this episode we tackle all of these questions so you can pick out the best Washington DC tours when you visit. Travel industry veteran and world traveler Shane Whaley joins Rob for this conversation....


Washington DC Hotel Tips

In this podcast episode you'll learn about a great areas to stay (and avoid) on your Washington DC trip. Plus what amenities to look for in a hotel, how to do your research, and a few tips for finding the best deals. Chris Raney from Yellow Productions joins Rob for this conversation. On Chris's YouTube channel, he produces travel videos that are fun, informative and entertaining. You can also keep up with Yellow Productions on Instagram and Facebook. Full show notes for this episode are...


Stories from Presidential Inaugurations in DC

Covid-19 has significantly disrupted the 2021 inauguration. Unfortunately that means the excited crowds, the parade and parties from past inaugurations won't really happen this year. Instead, we rounded up some of our favorite stories from past presidential inaugurations to give you a sense of what a more typical inauguration is like. Some of these stories are pretty wild! In this episode Rob is joined by Aaron Killian from Historic America. Check out the Historic America website and see...


Washington DC Travel Tips During & Post Covid-19

After months of closures and travel restrictions, some are starting to get back out and explore. Washington, DC is slowly but surely reopening tourist sites and attractions. However, it's extremely important to set realistic expectations and research every detail of your trip. You don't want to be disappointed or caught of guard once you arrive the nation's capital. In this episode Rob is joined by Mark and Jocelyn Wolters. They are half of the Wolters World traveling family. Keep up with...


The Future of Trip Hacks DC

2020 is a rough year for the Washington, DC travel industry. Halfway through the year, it's clear that tourism is not going to be the same because of Covid-19. As a result, it's time to discuss the future of Trip Hacks DC. In this episode Rob takes the mic for a solo podcast. He takes a behind-the-scenes look at what the decline in tour revenue has meant for the company. And what the future holds for the Trip Hacks DC podcast, YouTube channel, and tour company. Full show notes for this...


Washington DC Movies to Watch Before Your Trip

Whether you're looking for something to watch during the 2020 quarantine or trying to get inspired for an upcoming trip, these Washington, DC movies will provide hours of entertainment. Washington, DC doesn't have nearly as many movies set here as New York or Los Angeles, but there are still plenty of gems. In this episode Rob is joined by Ronald Young Jr. He is the owner of OhitsBigRon Studios and the host of the Leaving the Theater and Time Well Spent podcasts. Follow him on Instagram...


How Washington DC Tourism Evolved over the Years

What is Washington, DC tourism going to look like post COVID-19? We don’t know! No one does. Rather than guess wildly about the future we thought it would be more useful to look back for lessons from how things changed over the past few decades. How did 9/11, government shutdowns, new sports venues and Uber change the way that visitors experience Washington, DC? In this episode Rob is joined by Tim Krepp. He is the author of Capitol Hill Haunts and Ghosts of Georgetown as well as a veteran...


Coronavirus & the State of DC Tourism

The Washington, DC tourism industry is upended because of Coronavirus. In fact, that's true every where in the world as there is currently nowhere that safe for travel. There were many hints that a crisis was coming, but the damage happened quickly and painfully. In this episode Rob takes the mic for a solo podcast. He describes the first three months of 2020 from the perspective of a small tour company owner. He also talks about what happens next and what COVID-19 means for your own trip...


Airbnb: the Good, Bad and Ugly

Accommodations is one of the most important decisions that travelers make. Airbnb and other home rental websites like Vrbo offer an alternative to standard hotel stays. Are they better? What do travelers need to know before they book one? We've got a few Airbnb tips to share. In this episode Rob is joined by Jocelyn Wolters. She is a member of the Wolters World traveling family. Keep up with their travels on YouTube, Facebook and their website. Or follow Jocelyn and husband Mark on...


National Parks near Washington DC

Washington, DC visitors spend a lot of time on the National Mall, a National Park Service unit that gets more yearly visitors than Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, combined! Park enthusiasts won't have to spend all of their time on the Mall. There are plenty of other great National Parks near DC. In this episode Rob is joined by Danielle Jacobs-Erwin. She is the host of Everybody’s National Parks, a podcast dedicated to family adventure in our national parks. Full show notes for...