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Two Bros Driving - Episode 26: Sonobana Sushi

Get your grub on with the bros - AND BACKSEAT BRO #2 - as they head to Sonobana Sushi in Nashville. Join the bros and their longtime friend Trent as they discuss old college memories, favorite sushi places, and much, much more on this HALF YEAR MARK for the Two Bros Driving Podcast. Also, COULD LOGAN SURVIVE THAT ASSASSIN? FIND OUT HERE! Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving)!


Two Bros Driving - Episode 25: Nashville Sounds Baseball

Take us out to the ball game! Join the bros as they load up and head into town for a Nashville Sounds' baseball game! Enjoy their sports chat and...A NEW SEGMENT! Listen as they callback to an old challenge, and set the ground rules for a way to test it, too! Find cool extras on Instagram and Twitter (@twobrosdriving).


Two Bros Driving - Episode 24: Sam's Sports Grill

Head south with the bros as they venture once again into the neighboring city of Murfreesboro, TN to check out Sam's Sports Grill! This dining spot is a hit for its late-night treats, hand-breaded chicken, and the ever-favorite fried pickles. Listen as the bros drink a RESPONSIBLE AMOUNT OF ADULT BEVERAGES and talk about their good buddy Matt.


Two Bros Driving - Episode 23

Hop in the boat, we're going fishing for catfish at Uncle Bud's! Come along to this awesome Nashville fish house and also listen to us talk about new shoes - MAXIMUM EXCITEMENT. Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving)!


Two Bros Driving - Episode 22 - Marathon Village

Get ya' seat belts on, the bros are headed to the Marathon Village in Nashville, TN! Join John and Logan as they explore the distilleries, chocolate shops, boutiques, and attractions that this unique little area has to offer. Also, feel free to drop in on another session of Watch of the Week and Zero-to-Sixty (a daring round of it, if I may say so myself). Look for cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving). Be sure to check out our sister podcast, Joyous Eclectic:...


Two Bros Driving Episode 21

Let's heat things up with a trip to Bolton's Hot Chicken in Nashville, TN! Join the bros as they hit on one of their favorite topics - fried chicken covered in hot, hot spices - and discuss the fallout from the Potatoff. Hear the first new Road Reddit in a while and play along in a mighty uncomfortable round of $20,000 Question! Find cool extras on Instagram and Twitter (@twobrosdriving)! Be sure to check out our sister podcast, Joyous Eclectic:...


Two Bros Driving Episode 20 - Trader Joe's and the Potatoff

IT'S POTATOFF TIME! Ride along with the bros as they smack talk on their trip to Trader Joe's in Nashville, TN. Find out what cool groceries they pick up in addition to the Potatoff necessities. Also, prepare yourself for some HOME BASE ACTION. Logan and John record the results of the Potatoff at their Independence Day party in a unique experience for Two Bros Driving listeners. Find cool extras on Instagram and Twitter (@twobrosdriving)! Be sure to check out our sister podcast and audio...


Two Bros Driving - Episode 19 Dino's

Hop in and prep your stomachs for the best fries in the city as the bros head to Dino's, a hot little dive bar in East Nashville! Join the bros as they head to a place they love to indulge in some "Joe's Style" fries and delicious, quick, cheap treats. This hidden gem is fantastic for anyone looking for some late-night post-drinking grub, or a place to grab a beer and enjoy some greasy, amazing food. Also, listen as the bros discuss DREAM DESTINATIONS IN TIME. Find cool extras on Instagram...


Two Bros Driving - Episode 18 - Nashville Airsoft

Looks like the Chatty-Wagon is a little full this week! Join the bros and their SUPER SPECIAL BACKSEAT BRO - Matt Rawls, from their sister podcast Joyous Eclectic! Ride along with all of the bros as they head to Nashville Airsoft to participate in a few rounds of pew-pewing plastic beads as a team! Also check out the first featuring-a-guest segment! Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving)! Be sure to check out our sister podcast, Joyous Eclectic, too!...


Two Bros Driving - Episode 17 Coco's Italian Market

Ride along with the bros as they take a quick lunch to Coco's Italian Market (not Cafe Coco's despite how many times they'll call it that)! This west Nashville restaurant is a staple for the bros, featuring some of the finest Italian food you'll ever sink your teeth into - at a fair price, too! Listen as the bros talk about what restaurants they'd pick for a Dream Destination and as they hit each other with another session of Zero-to-Sixty. Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram...


Two Bros Driving - Episode 16 Whiskey Neat Barbershop

Load up in the Chatty-Wagon and prepare for the best haircut you've ever had! Join the bros as they head over to the Whiskey Neat Barbershop in Nashville. Logan's getting his hair cut all fancy-like! A whiskey with your haircut? What an amazing idea! Listen as the guys discuss the things they've been watching on television and as they throw another $20,000 question at each other. Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving)!


Two Bros Driving - Episode 15 Musicians Corner

Get your ears ready! The bros take a trip to Musician's Corner in Nashville, TN - a FREE music concert in Centennial Park! Listen to the bros discuss music tastes and talk about some of their favorite artists, including Natalie Prass, headliner of this edition of Musician's Corner. Be sure to check out Natalie Prass on iTunes! Find cool extras over on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving)!


Two Bros Driving - Episode 14 - Farmer's Market, Night Market

Yee-Haw! Ride along in the Chatty-Wagon with the bros as they take a visit to the Nashville Farmer's Market special event - THE NIGHT MARKET. Hosted every third Friday of the month, the night market is a great place to get fresh fruits and veggies and absorb some awesome food, live music, or specialty homemade goods! Also, listen as they talk about their watches of the week and hit each other with another Zero-to-Sixty session! Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving)!


Two Bros Driving - Episode 13 Opry Mills Mall

Tag along in the Chatty-Wagon as John and Logan hit up one of the most iconic spots in Nashville - The Opry Mills Mall! This GIGANTIC mall has tons of stores, shops, and eateries for guests to explore. Which one was the MVP for the bros? What did they buy? Do you remember KB Toys?! Listen here and find out! Check out cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving)!


Two Bros Driving Episode 12

Come join John and Logan as they venture to Little Donkey and Frugal McDougal has they start Cinco De Mayo early. This week we grab some tasty Mexican food and grab some liquor for our Cinco De Mayo party.


Two Bros Driving - Episode 11: Donut Country

The bros hop to the next town over in search of a sugary breakfast! Join them as they hit up Donut Country in Murfreesboro, TN for a treasure chest of delicious, circular treats. Listen to amazing pastry talks and hear what the guys have been watching this week. Feel the excitement of a live technical difficulty! Hop in the Chatty-Wagon and get ready to ride! Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram (@twobrosdriving).


Two Bros Driving - Episode 10: Big Al's Deli

The most important meal of the day, eaten at Big Al's Deli in Nashville. This little hole-in-the-wall is home to some of the most fantastic breakfast foods that the bros have ever eaten! Listen as the bros discuss breakfast trends and favorites while on their way to one of Nashville's hidden gems. We've saved a seat in the Chatty-Wagon just for you! Find extras on Twitter and Instagram! @twobrosdriving


Two Bros Driving - Episode 9: Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

Join the bros as they attend a staple of Nashville events - The Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival! Ride along in the Chatty-Wagon as the bros experience their first-ever taste of this Japanese culture festival right in the heart of Nashville! Yummy food, cool trinkets, and street vendors abound! Also, come listen as the guys go Zero-to-Sixty again while questioning each other and hear about their desired international Dream Destinations! Find cool extras on Twitter and Instagram...


Two Bros Driving - Episode 7

John and Logan head to Nashville's treasure trove of used books, movies, and music - McKay's! Ride along with your favorite bros in the Chatty-Wagon to discover what gems they unearth! Additionally, take a listen to another set of Top Down answers and another discussion triggered by Road Reddit! What are John and Logan's favorite films? And will they ever say the title of a segment at the same time again!? Find out! Bonus photos of the event can be found on Instagram and Twitter...


Two Bros Driving - Episode 6: Slow-Burn Hot Chicken

It's gonna be a hot one, folks! Hop into the Chatty-Wagon and come with John and Logan as they discuss the finer points of Nashville's hot chicken scene! In addition, hear two NEW segments - Watch of the Week and Zero-to-Sixty! One's informational, the other is personal, but they're both incredibly fun! Hop in, buckle up, and get ready for a hot chicken extravaganza.