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#10 - SOOO Many Influencers (ft. Jetset Christina, Roamaroo, The Offbeat Life, and Venture & Eat)

Welcome to weird and wonderful world of travel influencers! In this episode, Angelina hears stories from side hustlers and professional travelers, as they describe their journeys navigating this newfound career path. Along the way she learns about how they got started, what they’ve learned, and how you make money as an influencer. If you want to know how to become a travel influencer and how to get paid to travel, this one’s for you! Special thanks to the travel influencers that we...


#9 - She Just F***ing Moved to India

Tina was your average 20-something, with a good job and living with her parents in the Bronx. Two weeks later she's living alone in India with no plans and no return ticket. Oh, and she didn’t even speak the language. In this episode, Angelina tells Tina’s story and dives into the world of solo travel and what motivates people to pick up their lives and move to somewhere they’ve never been. There’s a wedding, a possible kidnapping, and a ton of travel motivation. Stay til the end for a...


#8 - Does It Take Two to Travel?

Traveling the world with your significant by your side. That’s the dream, right? The stats don’t lie, couples that travel together, stay together. But things aren’t always that easy. So, how do you not only survive traveling with our partner but actually use it as an opportunity to grow closer? In this episode, Angelina talks with renowned psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig, and finds out how to build a healthy relationship through wanderlust. Along the way, we hear crazy stories from...


#7 - New Year, New Orleans

Topping everyone’s list as the top travel destination of 2018, New Orleans is the perfect place to ring in the new year. In this episode, Angelina takes her boyfriend Michael to The Big Easy to celebrate New Years Eve and learns a thing or two about what makes for a great travel partner. Along the way they have a sentimental moment in an iHop and relive their first date somewhere special. Share Unmapped with your friends! Just click the link, it’s super...


#6 - Surprise! Travel! (ft. Lillian Rafson from Pack Up & Go)

What if you headed to the airport but had no idea where you were going? Lillian Rafson from Pack Up & Go is banking on people doing just that. In this episode, Angelina talks with founder, Lillian Rafson, about how she started the successful surprise travel startup. Check up Pack Up & Go. ----- Visit audibletrial.com/unmapped for your FREE audiobook from Audible. ----- New episodes of Unmapped come out every other Wednesday. Subscribe to automatically receive every new episode as soon...


Top 3 Moments of 2017 [Bonus]

In this minisode of Unmapped, Angelina celebrates the new year by sharing her top podcast moments of 2017. New episodes of Unmapped come out every other Wednesday. To learn how to subscribe, visit unmapped.show/subscribe.


#5 - The World’s Most Famous Christmas Tree

With the world’s most famous Christmas tree 30 minutes away, Angelina and Adam visit Rockefeller Center and talk to visitors from around the world. They meet travelers from Texas to Scotland, and discover what makes the tree THE holiday destination. We also meet the legendary New York City tour guide, Sibyl Groff aka “The Spirited New Yorker,” and immediately fall in love with her. Special thanks to Sibyl Groff. Check out her book "A New York Christmas: Ho-Ho-Ho at Gothamtide!” on Amazon....


#4 - Travel like a Rock Star (ft Danny Duncan)

How do rock stars travel? Danny Duncan of the platinum-selling band, We The Kings, and the popular YouTube vlog, DLV, sits down with Angelina to discuss his adventures touring the globe. She hears all about hilarious and insightful stories from road. From his first tour with WTK to being popular vlogger and plans for his newborn son, Danny and Angelina explore how travel changes your perspective. /dannyduncan@wethedan@dannyduncanhttp://WTKFestivalMusic.com----- New episodes of Unmapped...


#3 - Hometown Thrills: Coney Island

Angelina finds herself seeking adventure in her own backyard and finally visits Coney Island. Despite being a lifelong New Yorker, this is her first trip to the American institution. So she gathers a group of pals and takes on crazy coasters, tricky carnival games, and the legendary Coney Island freak show. All this and more in the name of seizing the day and finding adventure whenever and wherever possible. Special thanks to Caroline and Michael for joining in the fun. This episode was...


#2 - One Life to Travel (ft. Ashley Fern & Lindsay Silberman)

Angelina explores her own motivations for seeing the world and how she started writing for Elite Daily. Joined by Ashley Fern (Haute Living Magazine) and Lindsay Silberman (Town & Country Magazine), Angelina learns how getting out of your comfort zone can be the key to living a life of adventure. lindsaysilberman.com This episode was sponsored by HomeAway. Visit HomeAway.com and vacation your way. ----- New episodes of Unmapped come out every other Wednesday. Subscribe to automatically...


[Bonus] Beaches, Mountains, & Man-Eating Fish

Today we’re bringing you a quick, bonus episode with some tips for traveling to Greece, specifically the beautiful island of Santorini. New full episodes of Unmapped come out every other Wednesday. Episode 2 comes out 11/8/17. Subscribe to automatically receive every new episode as soon as it’s published. To learn how to subscribe, visit unmapped.show/subscribe. Send us your travel stories in an email or voice memo to stories@unmapped.show If you’d like sponsor Unmapped, send an email to...


#1 - First Stop: Greece

In the very first episode of Unmapped, Angelina experiences her first taste of wanderlust as she takes an impromptu trip to Greece. From the ruins of Athens to the beautiful beaches of Santorini and the "interesting" local cuisine, Angelina soaks up the Mediterranean country for all it’s got. Joined by her cousin, Amanda, Angelina recounts the thrill of travel and how this vacation changed her perspective on how she wants to live her life. New episodes of Unmapped come out every other...


Coming Soon

Coming soon from Uncover Studios, “Unmapped" is a travel podcast about getting off the beaten path and discovering new experiences near and far. In "Unmapped," millennial travel blogger Angelina Zeppieri takes you along on her adventures, and sits down with global nomads and fellow wanderers around the world. The listener will get inside Angelina’s head as she narrates her honest thoughts and experiences throughout these journeys.