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#5 - Where is the Lamb Sauce

Gordon Ramsay is arguably the most famous chef alive today. But, how did an injured footballer from Scotland become the TV star and world renowned restaurateur he is today? In this episode, we look at the life, success, and famous insults of the legendary Gordon Ramsay. - Gordon Ramsay’s Insults (Uncensored) - “Cooking Art History” by Maite Gomez-Rejon - Antonio Scappi - Franny Cradock - Julia Child - Paula Deen - Bobby Flay - Gordon Behind Bars - Gordon Ramsay radio interview -...


#4 - Living in the Matrix

There are some very influential people who don’t think the world we live in is real. But, do their theories make sense? In this episode, we look at what’s known as “Simulation Theory” and the arguments for and against it. - The Butterfly Dream (from Legion) - The Matrix, Welcome to the Real World - Plato’s Allegory of the Cave - Alex Gendler - René Descartes - The School of Life - The Matrix, Pill Scene - Nick Bostrom on the 3 possibilities - Elon Musk on Simulation Theory - Scott...


#3 - Really Funny People

There are some really funny people out there, and many of them are stand-up comedians. But, why are these guys so funny, and what makes them so successful? In this episode we look at the stuff that makes comics the hilarious people they are. - The benefits of humour by Psych Today - A Complete History of Stand Up Comedy in America by Stu Melton - Bob Hope - Rodney Dangerfield on The Ed Sullvian Show - Don Rickles & Pres. Reagan - George Carlin on the planet - Chevy Chase & Richard...

#2 - Why You Like Disney Movies

It seems like almost everyone likes watching a classic Disney move. But, why? In this episode, we look at the history of Walt Disney Animation Studios and why the films they make are so iconic. - 1936 Walkthrough of WDAS - Walt Disney on the making of Snow White - Walt on the dwarfs - Alan Menken’s fantastic Disney medley - Alan Menken on his Oscar wins - Genie Medley with Menken and Iglehart - The Anatomy of a Song with Alan Menken - Evolution of Disney by Todrick Hall - After Ever...


#1 - Most Jobs Are Pointless

Are most jobs really worth doing? And do most jobs really need to take up 40 to 50 hours of your week? We look at Dr. David Graeber and his theory of "bullsh*t jobs." - Interview with Dr. David Graeber - Bullsh*t Jobs: A Theory by David Graeber - Reddit Thread - Gavin McInnes’ take - YouGov Poll on Meaningful Jobs - 80/20 Rule - Netflix work culture - Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker Have a comment for the show? Email it over with your first name and general location in the world....